TW-actor Mike He the First Scandal of 2020 Caught Embracing Woman Late at Night with Michael Zhang as His Wingman

I can’t muster up much interest in this story but of course there will be the first “scandal” to start the new year. TW-actor Mike He is all over the island tabloids on this first day of January 2020 after being caught on December 14th late at night coming out of a KTV with fellow actor Michael Zhang and an unknown woman not his wife. They got into a car, Michael driving and Mike and the woman in the backseat. She was dropped off in the Shilin area and the two were caught embracing and maybe even kissing before she went inside. Mike’s agency released a statement today that the two are just good friends and never crossed the platonic friend line, and the friendly gestures were because the group was out drinking and celebrating. Yeah right, I’ll leave it to Mike’s wife of two years and mother of his child to sort out.


TW-actor Mike He the First Scandal of 2020 Caught Embracing Woman Late at Night with Michael Zhang as His Wingman — 14 Comments

  1. This is not the first time in the actors two year marriage that he was caught fooling around with a woman. He was also caught with social media personality Bobo Jane. Mike is a player it seems, and also a botty bandit, I heard. His wife can do better.

    • Whether he touched her or not is besides the point. He is a married man. He should have let his friend walk her to her place. If Micheal Zhang was sober enough to drive, he should have accompanied the young lady, not Mike. Michael Zhang was also with Mike when Mike was behaving intimately with Bobo Jane. Mike is not his tv characters. I have heard from reliable sources about many affairs involving Mike. He also loves to go bye bye.

      • Is Mike Zhang married?I don’t know enough about these two guys..howeveperhaps it is his cousin? It is only a picture of them hugging…At least it is not a. Pic of them doing the deed in a hotel room like or a video of their car rendevous that got leaked ….. It is between him and his wife so let them decide what their relationship is.

  2. It is easy to say it is between Mike He and his wife. I Guess it was between him and her when he was all over No o Jane a year ago. Wait a minute!!!. I Guess he was drunk and celebrating in the Bobo Jane sutuation and all the other situations that I happened to hear of. The man is an all rounder who gets around, plain and simple. I Wonder what his “darling bestie” Joe Cheng has to say about this.

      • What is happening in Taiwan. All this crazy news. Now Ming Dao’s brotrher killed his family and then committed suicide.
        #curious, no indication dick j is jealous of Xiazong and his wifey. Your’s was a strange comment

  3. I agree that the word retarded should not be used lightly, so that should tell you something. Yes, Mike’s “drunkness” excuse was more than likely fabricated, but the fact that his fans seem to want to brush off his closeness to these women is beyond drunk thinking. So Yes, I’d say a lot of people are drunk.

  4. At the end of the day both mike and his wife should realize that the kids are going to read all of this one day and they will judge because this hurts them the most.

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