Song Joong Ki Signs With Starup Agency History D&C After Leaving Blossom Entertainment

A new year and a new agency beginning for K-actor Song Joong Ki, who is probably relieved to put the tumultuous 2019 behind him. He didn’t renew his contract with longtime agency Blossom Entertainment last month and this weekend a new startup agency called History D&C announced that Song Joong Ki had signed with them. The agency is by veteran agency manager Hwang Ki Yong who oversaw the production of dramas Nice Guy, Tree With Deep Roots, and Will it Snow for Christmas hence the connection with Song Joong Ki. His performance in these three dramas were foundational in his career though less high profile than his later works Descendants of the Sun and Arthdal Chronicles. I hope he goes back to his roots and drops some darker and meatier fare going forward.


Song Joong Ki Signs With Starup Agency History D&C After Leaving Blossom Entertainment — 27 Comments

  1. A very smart move from his side. Rather than multitasking in one man agency. Its better for him to simply focus on his acting. It’s cherry on top that he signed with the person who knows what is abilities as an actor is, though dots was his biggest hit, but he already was A list through his golden project like innocent man, Deep rooted tree and were wolf boy. Good to see he is going back to his roots.

  2. When everyone busy talking about him to make his own agency with hyung. and talk a nonsense story about him and his family. but now the reality is he join another agency not the agency that everyone talking about. i wonder what stories will they make again after this happen? anyway, all the best for him !

    • So true, he literally put an end to all those rumors about his family without saying anything. I hope he sue all those anti who were spreading fake rumors about his brother financial problems. Her fans really tried hard to downplay his family by spreading so many fake rumors about his brother and his agency which doesn’t even exist, but ultimately truth prevailed.

  3. Congratulation Song Joong Ki, I like your role in cinema projects such as Nice Guy, Tree With Deep Roots, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and A Werewolf Boy.

  4. Brilliant move and belated Happy New Year Mr SJK! Trust that your filming for Bogotá over in Columbia goes well too. Always nice to read up on your work endeavours too. Best wishes and peace always. ❤️

  5. So where are her fans hiding now? Probably embarrassed that their fanfic turned out to be fake. Literally so many disgusting stories were cooked by them saying how sjk and his hyung wanted shk to help him financially with his agency, sjk requesting yoo ahin to leave her agency and join his brother agency. Its good to see sjk gave them tight slap without doing anything. Shockingly all of her fans are silent now, but when blossom announced about not renewing their contract with sjk They were rejoicing because they thought all those rumors about his brother were turning out to be true. Glad sjk proved everyone wrong and shut their mouth.

  6. Best of luck to him. Fans of his ex wife were rampantly spreading rumors that he was in deep financial trouble and was asking her to invest in a new talent agency with his brother. This puts that bad piece of fanfiction to rest. He’s an A lister, he is by no means poor. Those fans are really something

    • From what iv seen many comments from knetz mentioning that him and his bro set up an agency even bfore he got married. Maybe it didn’t push tru because of financial problems. Those comments are in naver with many upvote comments tho. Lets also add the rumors in weibo.

      • Nope there’s another top comments that says its assets management company which was formed in 2011 before he started filming innocent man. Infact her fan use all the data about his brother to fuel this rumors. In the end they all fell flat on their face. That is why many of his fans want him to sue all those gossip mongers.

      • All those rumors were spreaded by Her fans. In fact a korean fan of sjk said long back that he is going to sign exclusive contract with new agency,which turn out to be true. Her fans must be embarrassed now to see their hoax rumors turn out to be a joke. We have been known this from Day 1 that all of them are spreading rumors about his family and glad that sjk proved his anti wrong.

      • It’s very easy to spread those rumors. Her fans are known to be nasty anyway. His contract with blossom expired on 31st Dec and his new agency was announced 3 days later. It simply means sjk and his new agency had made plans long time back. And sjk comes from well financially family plus his own income and his house which is worth 8million dollars. It won’t be huge problem for him to form one man agency with his own money. And how come sjk can be part of his brother agency as executive director when he was in active contract with blossom since last 7 years years? Doesn’t that make his contract with blossom invalid? Obviously it was all lie since there is zero evidence about his brother agency.

      • His fans spreading rumors against her. And her fans spreading rumors against him both fandom are toxic. U know the saying The pot calling the kettle black.

    • It’s not small company, it’s news agency created by former member of Sidus HQ. His new agency has two department one is management and the other is production department. His new agency is producing new drama Sandbox staring Nam joo hyuk and suzy, which by no means its small. They must be quite financially strong to produce drama staring popular actors like suzy and nam joo hyuk. With so many scandals about rookies in blossom, blossom doesn’t have any good build reputation. Even many jung sumin fans didn’t wanted her to sign contract with blossom because of many of their scandals.

      • Don’t think it will cost much to cast NJH & Suzy. Suzy does not command ratings and she is used to bring in sponsorship money although I am not sure if she can still do that while she has dropped in CF hotlist.

    • so what’a wrong if he want to move on another small company? i think it’s not problems. let me throwback on the past. when innocent man has a good respond korea and the he choose to move from sidushq to blossom (a news and small company) at that time.

  7. Good moves from SJK side. As an actor , he really has potential. Always tries different things unlike so many A-listers. I personally think his personal life affected his professional life too much after dots hype. Be it the war between the fandom or media politics, he really needs a fresh start both as an actor and human being. So, best of luck sjk! Put your faults to bed, you can be king again.

  8. This comment maybe a little bit late, considering the supposed to be divorce issue was a year ago. I love Song Joong Ki. I love all his dramas and movies and he was such a good actor. His greatest asset is his eyes. he can project emotions only through his eyes. Please don’t put the blame on Song joong ki alone. Marriage is a decision by two persons. And for a man to announce divorce by himself alone required much courage to do so. Even I couldn’t believe and what entered my mind is how deep the hurt or the error that was committed in order for a man to decide to end such relationship. Let’s pray for healing to both parties and let us not condemn any ….we can’t afford to lose such a talent. May they both find peace.

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