Kim Soo Hyun to Cameo in Crash Landing on You to Support Screenwriter Park Ji Eun

I love top star cameos in dramas. It’s super fast, no skin off anyone’s back, makes fans happy, and earns plenty of karma and kudos. There’s going to be a huge cameo coming up in hit cable drama Crash Landing on You with Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, already headlining two A-list stars. Fellow A-lister Kim Soo Hyun will be making a guest appearance in the drama as a favor and thanks to screenwriter Park Ji Eun who worked with him in Producer and You From Another Star.  I loved him in both dramas which were radially different roles, genres, and concepts. It shows that Park Ji Eun must’ve loved him in YFAS to bring him back for Producer and he was the sweet soft rookie soul of that drama. I’m so excited for Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo in Crash, please give him a chance to do a scene with both leads!


Kim Soo Hyun to Cameo in Crash Landing on You to Support Screenwriter Park Ji Eun — 14 Comments

  1. Maybe he will play the brother of one of the soldiers. The cool one that got 2 finger hearts from Seri. They look so alike down to their deep voice. 😉

  2. I remember he was an north agent in his movie, so probably, he will be one of the agents. The cameo list in this drama jinjja daebak. Maybe next, park shinhye… ha jimin etc will be the next cameo lols. I really enjoy watching this drama and can’t wait for the next episodes.

  3. Yes i hope he comesback with same writer. She gives him best roles. I want a successful comeback! Imagine him n jjh casted again.

    • It was mentioned by HB and SYJ that their last filming date was on the 31st of Dec. If KSH cameo is an addition, then maybe it’s intended to be a promo for his upcoming drama. Otherwise, why would they wait for firm indicative high viewership or that a drama is a hit, just like his cameo in Hotel Del Luna. If the cameo is used to build viewers interest then, he’s probably be in the first 4 episodes when the drama is still building up both storyline and viewership.

  4. Wow! Maybe it’s a la secretly greatly character?? Here’s hoping jjy make a cameo too, but maybe that would be too awkward since she and hyunbinnie dated b4. Ok writernim, i’ll settle for lmh after Do Manager appearance i guess?

  5. Yay! I hope it’s a hilarious scene – and involve the 2 leads. If he’s going to play a North Korean too- it will be like seri why go back to South Korea – there are too many hotties in NK , stay there haha

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