North Korean Officer Hyun Bin is Officially the Hottest Drama Version of Him

Okay, I’ll concede this post has no educational or informative value but for Hyun Bin fans it’s got nutritional eyeball value. After the closing scene of the most recent episode 6 of Crash Landing on You, when North Korean officer Hyun Bin secretly tails his super crush lady love South Korean heiress played by Son Ye Jin while riding a motorcycle and wearing fur collar lined army fatigues it was a glorious moment that needed permanent slo mo. I’ve loved Binnie since Ireland, before his career making My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and way before his career elevating Secret Garden, and in between there have been Snow Queen and World’s Within, and most recently Hyde, Jekyll, Me and Memories of Alhambra. So I’ve seen ALL of Binnie and IMO his Crash character and visuals are the hottest I’ve ever laid eyes. It’s like the screenwriter, PD, and stylist have collectively mind melded to make the most of their raw material. He was too young in Ireland and MNIKSS, too scruffy in SQ and too downer in WW, too skinny and neurotic in SG, too schizo in HJM, and too unrelatable in Memories. So the drama gods left a little flaw on the table for each of his previous roles so we know what perfection is when I see it and I see it. Thank you Park Ji Eun!


North Korean Officer Hyun Bin is Officially the Hottest Drama Version of Him — 33 Comments

  1. I have followed him since Kim sam soon- but I absolutely agree. We have been saying he ages well but this drama absolutely is him at a visual peak and I also feel just sublime acting too – I really like his interpretation of the role – understated yet so impactful
    Episode 6 last minutes was just glorious like you said. I hope this drama is hot in Korea , in the age of sweet young things and young (and younger) male leads, if they can’t appreciate Hyun Bin at this stage omg it is such a travesty

    • Never understood why people like Hyun Bin… until this drama! I am looking forward to anything related to Hyun Bin! I love him more than my husband OMO

      • hahahahah OMG your comment is so related to me. I have never fell for any kdrama actor and now here I am, comment and look for any Hyun bin news … I love him more than my husband too.

    • How can someone be so cute, lovable, handsome and sexy at the same time? He is really GGW ?

      Pls come and see your fans in Singapore pls!

  2. Never understood the allure of Hyun Bin but after that motorcycle scene with the hair swept up, coming from behind to rescue his lady love, I actually stood up from the sofa … OMG, this man is so hot! Kudos to this drama, the writer, & a special mention to Son Ye Jin for revealing this side of HB.

    • Count me in as a new swooned fan. After 15 years too and watching almost all his dramas save the last 2. Sooo hot… please watch negotiation. That one screams sex on every scene.

    • He’s just drop dead gorgeous in all episodes (6 so far)
      I wish him all the best with his acting career
      Another huge fan from Melbourne Australia

      • I love it everytime u post something related to Hyun Bin. Just like most people, I saw him in kim sam soon, so i do agree that this role is his hottest so far…

        That third picture though ???

  3. I’m totally ga-ga over Crash Landing on you. Hyun Bin was my second oppa in kdrama since early days. I have Secret Garden, that time I don’t find him sexy or attractive But he do standing out as an actor. Now Binnie in Crash Landing on you..I’m drooling.

  4. He’s just drop dead gorgeous in all episodes (6 so far)
    I wish him all the best with his acting career
    Another huge fan from Melbourne Australia

  5. I like HyunBin since My Name is Kim Sam Soon days. I like him alot in Secret Garden.. and more like him in World Within drama… head over heels in Hyde, Jekyll, Me… and now, I love Hyun Bin in Crash Landing On You. Can’t wait fro another episode.

  6. Is anyone seeing what’s going on on naver. The actor version of the burning sun scandal. All the top actors are in the chatroom.

    • Actors like Joo Jin Mo, Jang Donggun, Hyun Bin, Lee Byunghun, Song Seung Hyun are under scrunity for aduldery/sex scandal… jjm screenshot of talk with other got leaked where they’re talking about sex with prostitutes.
      Waiting for full clarification.

      • His name was just mentioned by jdg that he’s golfing with “bin”. So for now let’s not jump to conclusions.

      • How on earth would Hyun Bin and SSH be involved in Adultery? These guys are not married.

        So what is wrong with male actors talking about sex in the chatroom? Hackers, along with anyone spreading malicious comments, should be condemned and should be jailed.

    • I’ve read comments on netizenbuzz and I’m quite curious about what all the ado is about. No word on any English translated sites: Soompi, Allkpop and even Koreaboo are curiously silent about this news. Is it serious?

      • It’ll be brushed under the rug in the next few days so even if it is serious I doubt it’ll ever see the light of day. Some netizens said Lee Jungjae and Jang Donggun could be involved which for sure means this controversy will die quickly and quietly.

  7. Lol I laughed but totally agree. He has actually more expressions in his scenes. Compared to previous dramas.

    Not because he couldn’t act but because the role here called for it? I am so happy with the writer right now. I actually like the male here compared to some other dramas.

    So to like the character, then have Hyun Bin looking the best he’s ever been looks wise just absolutely makes my day.

  8. I thought exactly the same thing when this drama started! I was like OMG, how can a drama role as unique as this one suit this guy so well? It is sooooo him! His look, his hair, his voice, his accent, it is as if this North Korean is who he is actually is. I love all his dramas but this one is something else. He brought it and himself to the next level. I wonder if the North Koreans are hearing of this drama and are dying to watch too. He would be their fav actor after this. Most gorgeous man in North Korea.

  9. While I agree he looks the best overall in CLOY. I think the buffer version of him suits him better. However, if you look just the chest up, he looked amazing and best in Jekyll and Hyde.

  10. Yes, he is gorgeous. He takes unsuitable roles, though. I hated Hyde Jeckle Me and Memories of Alhambra. He is meant to be a romantic hero, like in Secret Garden, not an action doll. If he did solid romances, I would die happy.

  11. Lol this post is great! I’ve been watching Binnie since Kim Sam Soon and he ages like fine. I 100% percent agree on that motorcycle scene. HOT DAMN.

  12. OMG!! Yass! this is my Hyun Bin Experience!! SAMEE!!!! I CANT EVEN WITH ….THIS POST!! AMENNNNNNN ADMIN!! AMEN!!! Couldn’t agree more! well written !!

  13. Totally agree. I cant even understand. When I see him in this drama, i couldnt believe he is Hyun Bin that I know. I know him since SG but i have never found him this attractive and handsome. I am just like what on earth his beauty has been hidden..

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