Kim Yoo Jung Posts Sun Lit Selfie From California Photo Shoot for New FILA 2020 Collection

The lunar year finished on a fun note for K-actress Kim Yoo Jung as she appeared to have spent it in sun dappled California. She posted a selfie last week from the sunshine state sporting a FILA t-shirt as she’s been a spokesmodel for the youth-oriented sportswear brand since 2017 in South Korea. She was in Cali to shoot for the new 2020 Spring/Summer collection and I love the long and winter colder hued light hair color she’s sporting. The selfie is gorgeous with the sun in the background though I can’t tell if its a sunrise or sunset, lol. I’m looking forward to the new collection pictures especially since recent shoots have been indoors in a more retro vibe, see below for some prior collection samples.


Kim Yoo Jung Posts Sun Lit Selfie From California Photo Shoot for New FILA 2020 Collection — 28 Comments

  1. I want to know if it’s a go for the JCW drama so if anyone knows please sing out. I’ll be chuffed if she does confirm though.

    • Ji Chang Wook will be happy to eat out her young lips like Yoon Gyun Sang did. I hear that webtoon contain many adult scene on it. Expect it will be more erotic than her cradle kiss with YGS.

      • Omg. It’s so hot. I don’t if she and KSH are former popular child stars. They are at the right age now, and they are free to do what adult people usually do.

      • Ahjussi are the best kissers because of their experience. They already know how to make someone happy. Also, KYJ is already an adult. She can already do what she wants as long as she does not hurt other people.

  2. And when i said she has cfs some idols fans started saying she has no cfs lmao. She is cf queen like since 2016 but we dont see media play like seolhyun who claimed she earned 30 million usd in endorsememts( just hialrious )

      • She has many endorsements lmao just bcoz she doesnt appear in every cheap cf hmshe has top brands and yes she is cf queen . Some actresses like to be exclusive

      • Keep on dreaming girl. Even majority South Koreans will not support your delusion. It’s okay to be a fan but it is more okay if we also check the realities.

      • How many is many? There is no even reliable data to support your claim that she’s CF Queen indeed. Suzy feels ashamed. Hahaha

      • Oh u must be idol worshipper. Woozie didnt appear in kobaco list either. She has lost endorsements over the years n the way her flop career is going will br finished by 30!
        I dont need to provalr anything to idol worshipper. She is cf queen n u r a crybaby

      • Cory suzy isnt even most in demand endroser right noe . It is not 2012 anymore. Her drama sflopping n she lost lots of brands. Cf queen is jjh who shot 20 cfs while on hiatus for 4 years

    • How many does she have that she can be called a “CF Queen” so easily lol. She doesn’t even appear on KOBACO like the “mediaplay idols,” so what is backing up that title?

      • Even suzy didnt appear. Lee min ho shot 60 cfs in 2014 and also 60 om 2015. 120 cfd. Necer appeared in cf kist. Do fck off

  3. Confirmed KYJ and JCW drama – it’s on for those of you waiting patiently. Thank you K DramaGods you just rock mammothly if that’s a word. Now waiting for news if Kim Soo Hyun n Seo Ye Ji are locked down for their drama. ❤️

  4. JCW and KYJ confirmed to be together in a drama.. Age difference is not a problem because they are both adults.. I’m so happy because I love them both and they look good together.

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