Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Lead Successful Drama Wrap Party for Crash Landing on You

Lordy is there a pile of warm and fuzzies in my heart from Crash Landing in You. I agree the ending left could have been completely satisfactory rather than two weeks out of the year but perhaps the OTP will find a way to spend every day together once they have babies because you know these two are having their twins come what may based on their intertwined fates. It’s a major congrats to Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Jung Hyun, Seo Ji Hye, and the talented and sprawling supporting cast of the drama. The production team gathered for their drama wrap party which was also the final episode watch party and it looked like everyone has so much fun! Thank you CLOY for making me look forward to every weekend and giving me equal parts laughter and tears.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin Lead Successful Drama Wrap Party for Crash Landing on You — 21 Comments

  1. This show is win win situation for not only leads as well as second leads, supporting cast, Little but tall kim soo hyun copy bagged lead role, second female lead finally bagged one and second male lead will too soon because he is great. Ofcourse i didnt like the ending but in the end good show to watch and successful one. Studio dragon is bagging all top actors. They are producing upcoming kim tae hee show, lmh show etc. They are ready to pay. smart moves i must say. I wont be surprised son ye jin n hyun bin both get another drama offer from same studio and lol that flower thing. I thought son ye jin was wearing weard dress down there haha

  2. I love the ending!!! ❤️❤️❤️ It’s the most plausible ending because if Jung Hyuk defects, his parents will be killed or sent to concentration camp. Otherwise, North & South will have to unify for the couple to live in Korea. I just have to tell myself that it’s dramaland.

  3. Other than gu seung jun’s death, i am okay with the ending but of course i prefer the wedding with the twin version, who doesn’t right? i mean, who knows when can we see them again on the same frame unless of course they give us certain awaited announcement though i won’t be counting on that as much as i along with delulu’s would love to. hahaha

    • Looks like HB’s agency is denying dating rumours again according to an article in Soompi yesterday. I lost count already, lol. They are both nearing 40, if they are really dating, they are secure enough to announce it now after the drama has ended.

      • @Kimchi ajumma vast ent can deny all they want. haha. but since we had another denial, i don’t think they will confirm anything soon if they are indeed dating – that is. nways, i’m just happy we have CLOY we can always re-watch and do we even have to mention those stills and bts?

      • @anaa, anything to do with HB’s dramas, BTS and stills have a very very very long life span. Lol. They are almost a specialised industry itself and Olympic level sporting event taken very seriously by Binnie’s army of fans hence his undying popularity. Even when he is a grandpa, he will still be damn popular. Watch Reply 1997 to see Jun Eun Ji’s portrayal of Sung Shi Won’s obsession of HOT’s Tony.

  4. I really love this korean drama, Hyun Bin is one of my favorite korean actor. He’s so charming and very handsome.,i hope that hyun bin have another project this year..one of the best korean drama i ever watched…

  5. I am a certified K Drama addict but so far CLOY was the best K Drama for me. I didn’t want the series to end yet but nevertheless, i like the way it ends. And i love the whole cast also.

  6. First drama l watched from start to end.
    Stellar cast with exceptional leads. Look forward to watching both the lead actors in upcoming drama…
    Ka mau te wehi!!!

    • Crash landing on you is the best drama series I ever watch, I love the love team of hyun bin and So Ye Jon wish they have another drama series together,

  7. Yes agreed, this is indeed one of the best kdrama i hv ever watched, n though been hoping they both united happily ever after. But nevertheless, the whole crew casting, acting are so good that make you want to rewatched it again.. Hope all of them get awards. And hoping Hyun Bin n Son ye Jin will hv another great drama again please.

  8. its almost a week and still most searched names are the cast of CLOY. The Cast including new faces. The story might have historical impact globally. hoping that NK and SK would be unified as one nation. They are all Koreans after all. For the cast and crew KUDOS, it was a lovely story. They might have portrait surreal characters, like is there a real Captain Ri nowadays ? if there is let them step up, and show themselves and battle corruption. And if there is a Real Seri then let them shine and battle out Capitalism. That Love Conquers all. They may be in the wrong train, but there is always the right destination. Falling in Love with the right person on a perfect timing.

  9. Great show..Perfect ending
    If they are dating all the best of
    Luck and happiness to them
    They make an outstandingly beautiful

  10. I still haven’t found a new Kdrama to float my boat after this one ended. I hope I find another one soon to fall in love with because I am getting a bit depressed about it.

  11. …not practicing my Pivot exam, rarely browsing Employment Law and still confuse on computing the weighted mean, aging the data, drawing the market and pay lines in Compensation – CLOY still won. I did not get good scores but I am extremely happy to finish all the 16 episodes. Outstanding casts! Hope more projects for them…

  12. I enjoy happy ending and CLOY made and still makes my dull day pass with smile. It is for me a perfect movie of a love story that does not happen in real life(and that’s why it is called fiction), but offers hope on the possibilities of realisation. Scripts and direction are excellent and the actors/actresses from the very minor role to the top characters are superb. But what is most uplifting for me is the unfolding of the story within and around the highly sensitive political arena. Viewers are able to appreciate the humanity of people in both countries divided by political ideology. Capitalism and communism are delivered within light and unpatronizing dialogues without losing their essential meaning. The film motivated me to learn more about Both Koreas. The chemistry of Hyun Bin and Son YeJin was as perfect as the characters supporting them. This is my perfect movie for years to come. Lastly, I have become a ‘teenager’ swooning over Hyun Bin.

  13. I hope and wish that our “binjin” will make it till the end… I mean “tie the knot for real” if they are really destined for each other and if this will really happen.. the union of these TWO will be like a ” BREATH OF FRESH AIR” and “GLIMMER OF HOPE That true Love really stand
    the test of time, after COVID19

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