Top Actor Ha Jung Woo Under Investigation for Propofol Abuse Under Another Name at Beauty Clinic

Well this certainly isn’t good, sigh yet another bad news to report. A-list top movie actor Ha Jung Woo was revealed to be the “top celebrity” that was being investigated last week in a group of 10 rich and famous people by the South Korean police for propofol abuse. Last week it was leaked that a top actor had been injected with propofol numerous times and under the name of his younger brother. Ha Jung Woo’s agency released a statement that he went to the beauty clinic to get laser scar removal on his face and the doctor determined he should be put under with propofol, and he did the treatment a total of 10 times. He gave the name of his younger brother when asked and did not realize it would be used on his medical chart for privacy concerns. His agency said the actor is in full cooperation with the investigation and has the documented communications to back up their explanation. Good luck Ha Jung Woo, hope this is all legit because I hate to have to cancel you too.


Top Actor Ha Jung Woo Under Investigation for Propofol Abuse Under Another Name at Beauty Clinic — 33 Comments

  1. This article is so weird. It says the drug was injected at a beauty clinic in preparation for a procedure. I don’t understand why a patient was being investigated?

    People have to be reminded that even paracetamol is a drug. Anti-depressants medications are drugs and antibiotic medications are drugs and addictive if used on a long term basis.

    • It’s weird. I don’t trust Korean media with this type stuff. Maybe police got word shady business was going on so who knows, but I wish they wouldn’t release names until they figured out if it was legit.

    • The drug doesn’t need to be injected for a simple beauty treatment such as scar removal and he used a false name to get the treatment which is illegal. Which is why he’s being investigated.

      • Yah right easy to pretend behind the screen. Even what you claimed is true, you got to be one of those brained by mob pharma companies.

      • I work in medical field, antibiotics are not additive, BZNs, opioids are. abx face resistance problems, but resistance is a different term far away from addictions

      • @Ta You are totally correct. I know this is an entertainment blog. But spreading false information must be correct. Thanks.

      • Who said pharma antibiotics are not addictive? They are prescription drugs. Even cough syrup is addictive.

        Petrol, gasoline, rugby adhesives are even addictive.

      • Some cough syrups contain alcohol. Mouthwash is addictive because some contain alcohol. But antibiotics are not, antibiotics does not contain alcohol. It’s not who said what. It is science and clear evidence.

      • Ask your doctor to prescribe you some Penicillin. See how long you can take it before you get diarrhea. I am a MD and I know.

      • @Joury You are correct. Lay people do not understand the risk of resistance, but most will feel the diarrhea and GI sx if take for long. My point is no one will be addicted to antibiotics, no one!

    • @MistyEyes stop spreading incorrect info, potentially addictive pharma drugs are addictive because they have a “desirable effect’ eg painkillers, cough syrup, appetite suppressants make you thinner, muscle bulk (steroids), opoids etc.

      Antibiotics can upset your stomach or cause resistance to them, that’s not a ‘desirable effect’ or something people want. The problem with antibiotics is developing resistance to them like @Ta said, that’s a completely different type of problem and not addiction.

      • Those claiming to be medical experts here, seriously, its embarrassing. Expand your research, for goodness sake!

  2. Laser scar removal needs 10 treatments? What kind of quack is that? Propofol is not required for local laser Tx. What kind of practice is that?

    • I don’t think people here realize how strong of a drug propofol is, it’s sedative hypnotic agent used to put patients under general anesthesia. And going under GA is such a big deal each and every time.

      The issue is isn’t that he could be addicted to propofol (if so he needs help and consideration from his fans), but that he is committed a felony using it under a false identity (his brother’s name) and if so the doctor is complicit too.

      Now if every plastic surgeon in South Korea says that going under GA is standard for the facial scar removal laser process then he should be cleared, but I’m highly doubtful that will be the medical opinion among the medical community.

      • Exactly, these medical practitioners should be the one being investigated not the patient. If this certain drug is illegal in Korea, how come such thing is available at the clinic?

    • Thanks blogger Ockoala. Great clarification on the intent of this article. To add to this, we use Propofol in MAID (medical assistance in dying) at a much higher dose under strict criteria and legal implications of course. Propofol is not to be used casually in simple cosmetic procedures. Physicians need to be fully responsible. Remember the case of Michael Jackson? I disagree that this article is mean. It reflects morality and everyone should be aware. Using false identity is also a crime. No physician should put falsified patient information on the charts.

    • Propofol is not illegal, but physician using it in minor local cosmetic procedures is inappropriate. HJW as a patient using a false identity is wrong. Both parties are at fault.

  3. Such a mean article, and ffs stop with “canceling” people!
    He didn’t harm anyone, if he abused drugs he needs help and not judgement.

    • Honestly if he did then it’s wrong and he should face the legal consequences of using his brother’s name but if I stayed a fan of Park Shi Yeon after her propofol scandal, I won’t cancel him for this either.

      • I don’t think there was a false identity in PSY case but she has done some dramas in recent years after her propofol scandal died down a bit.

  4. I understand drug use is illegal in Korea…I don’t know much about propofal ..Is it a pain medication?Isn’t this used by the idols that gets caught in a “drug” scandal? I dobt think them using should be canceled. They need rehab.

  5. Propofol is what killed Michael Jackson. It is an extremely strong sedative and you will become resistant to it, thus needed more and more to get the same effect.

    The public cannot get access to it except through medical professionals.
    If someone is using it “recreationally,” they are playing with poison.
    Other K actors were found guilty of abusing this drug and had prison sentences/fines passed down. They never served, but it is very serious.

    Not a marijuana level drug!

  6. I first saw HJW in The Chaser then The Handmaiden Tale. Adore, love, respect him as an actor and really don’t give af to what he’s doing with this drug taking issue as long as he continues to grace the screen with his presence then all power to him. I’m a fan of Hwang Bo Ra and she goes out with HJW brother and this frivolous piece of news has impacted on her too as she didn’t attend the press con for Hyena. My thoughts and support to her and HJW during this time. ❤️

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