Tense Poster and Previews for MBC Next Mon-Tues Drama 365 Repeat the Year with Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun

MBC still hasn’t found the ratings mojos that some of the other networks have managed to scrounge back and I’m not sure this next Mon-Tues drama will bring in tons more viewers even if it’s good. I’m totally watching 365: Repeat the Year because I love both leads Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Joon Hyuk, and knowing these two likely won’t have a love line since this is a what-if fantasy drama about life choices and consequences. The two leads along with 8 other people get a chance to travel back in time for exactly one year and each agrees for their own reasons, only to find that the repeat loop also has terrible consequences. A glitch in the matrix and also the reality that one cannot just wish away unfortunate situations, what must be faced head on will always need to be addressed properly. The drama airs on March 23rd and will be the first K-drama back in that slot after Welcome 2 Life in 2019 summer and then MBC paused dramas for that time period..

Teasers for 365: Repeat the Year:


Tense Poster and Previews for MBC Next Mon-Tues Drama 365 Repeat the Year with Lee Joon Hyuk and Nam Ji Hyun — 27 Comments

  1. I am excited about for this drama and will def watch it. I am hoping there is at least a tiny romance in the storyline.

  2. Wow. I liked Lee Joon Hyuk since City Hunter but he hasn’t had any shoes that caught my attention afterwards. Cannot wait for this! And Nam Ji Hyun is such a natural actress. Hoping this will be good!

  3. Will watch because of Nam Ji Hyun. Simply adore her. Good to see her tackling a different genre. Moving away from her child actress status to become a fully fledged grown up actress.

  4. I loved Nam ji hyun in 100 days my prince , SKL and suspicious partner. Im excited to see her again, after 2 years of waiting, in this drama. Hope this drama is still fun to watch even though it’s a mystery thriller.

  5. Nam ji hyun and lee joon hyuk are both good actors. so i am excitedly and patiently waiting for this drama. i’m excited to see their characters and to see how they will portray their roles.

  6. Nam Ji hyun is one of the korean actresses that i really like. ive been a fan since queen seondok days. hope to see more of her this 2020 and the yeats to come….

  7. Like her in SKL the best. Want to see her more in dramas. Congrats to her getting her psychology degree. Talented beauty with brains.

  8. she has a lovely personality thats why i like her. i hope to see her in melodramatic drams.
    Goodluck to all the Casts of 365 a year of defying Fate. Fighting!!!!

    • Agree, I would love to have her as my daughter-in-law, lol. If I have a son who is an actor, I would say to him, go date her quick smart. She is a keeper. Kind, low key and humble, not attention seeking.

  9. Ive been following Nam jo hyun on her IG and im happy that her followers have been steadily increasing. Soar high nam ji hyun. Do your best in every project given to you. we will always cheer you on.

  10. Nam Ji Hyun will rock as Shin Ga Yun. excited since this is a new genre for her. Hope this drama is a success. lobe both the lead stars.

  11. we will be cbeering for you Nam ji hyun. you are a good actress. we know that you can potray your role well as Shin Ga Hyun
    Cant wait to see you again. ??????

    wishing you all the best Nam Ji hyun! my one and only favorite K actress. ???

  12. I really loved 365 Repeat the Year, it was a good drama. The acting performances of the lead actors Nam Ji Hyun and Lee Joon hyuk were brilliant. The Direction, Cinematography and editing were good. Each episode was worth watching.
    Nam ji Hyun displayed a different level of performance here. I loved her role and how she portrayed Shin Ga Hyun.

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