K-singer Chungha Self Quarantines After Two Staff Members Test Postive for Coronavirus After Returning from Italy Event

Everyone and every country is taking the coronavirus Covid19 outbreak seriously, thank god, but for those who subsist on Asian entertainment it’s having increasing impact on industries. China last month already halted all C-drama filming but K-dramas went on business as usual. I don’t know how long that will last because on Saturday February 29th South Korea recorded 800 new cases, bring the total to over 3,100 cases since the count took off two weeks ago. Today came news that K-singer Chungha, who recently went to Italy along with her staff, is self-quarantining after two of her staff members tested positive and is quarantined. Chungha tested negative but has announced she is self-quarantined out of an abundance of caution. At the same time, filming was halted for the day on tvN drama Hi Bye, Mama! after a crew member fell ill and is being tested, with results to be released in another day. Oy, this is really really concerning.


K-singer Chungha Self Quarantines After Two Staff Members Test Postive for Coronavirus After Returning from Italy Event — 8 Comments

  1. They should pull a China and halt all filming until the outbreak is controlled. Celebs aren’t super human they are more at risk of falling sick.

    • SK is not as rich as China. There is no pre production money for most K-dramas. Staff and cast won’t get paid. It’s not easy to say halt especially when some staff rely on the income. SK does not subsidize on food and supplies as yet during this virus outbreak ?

  2. Might just be me but I am so intrigued in this covid-19 virus…. because you can see the origin and the spread of it, as well as the rate of it spreading..

    Not like the flu because we are used to the flu…

    Anywayzzz, stay safe everyone!!!

  3. Korean ban extended to over 50 countries. BtS tour in trouble. They wouldve grossed nearly 300 million dollars. And i feel they might shift to west for time being. So tour doesnt suffers

    • That’s fake new right there. When you removed part of the sentence and interpreted it your own way. Fake news and you’re laughing.

  4. I got this from the Business Insider Australia that 813 new cases were reported in SK on the 29 February and the majority of them from Daegu city. Up to 17 people have died as a result. SK has the largest number of those infected outside of China at 3150.

    “According to the Korea Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC), 657 of the new cases were from southeastern Daegu city, and a further 79 from the nearby province of North Gyeongsang.

    Daegu city is home to the Shincheonji Church of Jesus – a doomsday church at the heart of South Korea’s coronavirus epidemic.

    The KCDC believe that a 61-year-old member of the sect, known as “Patient 31,” triggered a “superspreader” event at the church’s Daegu branch after refusing to be tested in hospital despite presenting symptoms, and coming into close contact with over 1,000 churchgoers at several tightly packed services.

    Members of the Shincheonji church were meeting in Wuhan, China – where the virus began – until December”.

    Reading this makes my blood boil because it shows the arrogance and downright foolishness of that church member. I hope the SK government enforce a lockdown on their gatherings and monitor their every move. They should be stripped of their civil liberties because they are a threat to the national security. Look at what they have caused due to their stupidity and lack of conscience.

    NZ had its first confirmed case but the patient is currently in hospital under quarantine. However he arrived back from Iran. So yes the threat is real and vigilance and good health practices is what will get us through this catastrophe. Please keep safe everyone.

  5. Korea needs to postpone all korean productions and focus on the crisis at hand. The korean economy is currently at risk.

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