Yoo Ah In in Talks with Train to Busan Director’s Next Movie The Hell

K-actor Yoo An In seems to be content staying in movies and it’s currently a new renaissance in Chungmuro thanks to the global level success of Parasite. Up next for Yoo Ah In is likely to be the supernatural thriller movie The Hell by the director of Train to Busan. It’s based on a webtoon by the author of Awl and tells the story of humanity faced with a supernatural phenomenon and the man created hellscape to deal with this situation. Sounds creepy and scary and totally suitable for a taut 2-hour run time K-movie.


Yoo Ah In in Talks with Train to Busan Director’s Next Movie The Hell — 6 Comments

  1. I watched him in secret love affair and he was amazing. Train to busan was amazing so looks like it can be well made. Will watch it
    And i disagree. korean movies were doing fine even without parasite phenomenon.

    • @adyjunjihyun Yep yep Korean and Asian movies in general were always fine well before Parasite but so happy that Parasite won accolades and recognition at Cannes and the Oscars etc but let’s not forget the exceptional films prior that pioneered this recognition. I could spend days fondly recalling the Asian movies that have changed my cinematic experience.

  2. YAI before taking on the role in T2B part 2 any news on him and PSH sci fi thriller film that they filmed last year? He’s such a chameleon in the acting roles he takes. Secret love affair definitely one of my favs top Noona dramas and the sageuk film The Throne gosh he was fantastic in both.

  3. Love all of Asians and Koreas movies they have great movies.Secret Affair was so amazing watch it about 20 times and still watching cry some but his acting is outstanding.

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