Jeon Ji Hyun Signs on For Kingdom and Signal Screenwriter’s Next K-drama

One top goddess is coming back to the small screen and in a one-two punch way. Jeon Ji Hyun will be appearing at the end of the upcoming Kingdom 2, taking on what will likely be an important role even with a short screen time. It was setting the stage for her real comeback which is in the new K-drama by the Kingdom and Signal screenwriter titled Mount Jiri (Jirisan). Mount Jiri is the tallest mountain in mainland South Korea (second only to Hallasan on Jeju Island) and one wonders what tale the screenwriter will weave around the famed mountain. Her landing Jeon Ji Hyun as the female lead is a coup for sure and I’m super excited about this collaboration coming in the second half of 2020.


Jeon Ji Hyun Signs on For Kingdom and Signal Screenwriter’s Next K-drama — 15 Comments

  1. Kingdom 2 cameo, kingdom 3 rumored. I guess this was the drama instead of kingdom 3. And a great writer.
    She is exclusive actress. And her last movie won her best movie actress award at grand bell and various nominations. Sold over 12 million tickets.i hope to see her back to movies after this drama. Thankfuloy she isnt going on her best friend and senior actress lee young ae route after jewel in palace and blockbuster movie. Still 4 years break is long enough. But she always have her endorsements to live. Shoot those endorsements and events like 1 or 2 months a year and earns tens of millions. And today her husband become ceo of aplha management company where his father or jjh FIL is majority shareholder and assets are worth nearly 300 million dollars. Her life seems perfect. Well better to cry in ferrari than toyata lol. Anyways she doesnt need his money when she owns nearly 70 million usd real estate ( we dont know other investments )and has highest salary for drmaas and movies as well as endorsement rate for female artist in korea.
    She will come back with project which is up to her level and this look likes one.

    • Also good to see when dramas are written around women . Anyways she doesnt need money and can retire today if she wishes. Lives on rental income in millions from her various real estate properties but she still wanna work when she feels its the right time. Who doesnt want such position in professional as well as personal life. She has such power to decide whenever she wants to comeback. She can get such projects after long hiatus in industry where u r replaceable and approaching 40s. That is what sets such S tier actresses apart from mediaplay ones

    • Yes, her life is deemed as perfect – good looks, successful acting career, handsome rich loving husband, 2 sons (though I hope she can have a gal too) and wealth. Together with Rain-KTH couple, these 2 pairs are certainly the envy of many.

  2. She rarely did sageuk (have she done any?), so I am all excited ovee this news, though I was actually hoping she will make her comeback picking a movie.

    • Don’t think she has done any but she did appear in hanbok in LOTBS period shots and she looked absolutely beautiful.

  3. Will it be a Kingdom spin off or extended universe? Thay would be so cool. I’n actually hoping its a Netflix drama not a tv one. Bigger budget and more creative freedom.

  4. Agree that HB will be a good match with JJH. Really excited over her comeback! Hope that the drama is of the mystery-suspense genre which will showcase strong woman traits and capitalize her sassiness.

  5. Quren is coming back big. After ending contact with amore pacific, she landed now lg deal with s:um 37 . Incredible after 20 years she still keeps landing high end deals

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