jTBC Cancels Next Week Airing of Mon-Tues Romance When the Weather is Fine to Give Staff Filming Break Due to Coronavirus Fears

This is the smart thing to do right now at the height of a panic regardless of whether it’s a bit overblown. jTBC announced that it will not air next week’s episodes of Mon-Tues drama When the Weather is Fine (I’ll Come By When the Weather is Good) which would have been episodes 5-6 in order to take a break from live filming. Gatherings of people is cautioned right now in parts of South Korea where the coronavirus spread is centered but the entire country feels on edge and nervous so I can see it being worrisome to work on a drama set during this time. Not sure if the one week break may end up extended but I feel this will happen to more live filmed dramas and maybe even postpone the filming start of upcoming dramas. It’s alright, use the time to catch up on older dramas you’ve been banking for a rainy day.


jTBC Cancels Next Week Airing of Mon-Tues Romance When the Weather is Fine to Give Staff Filming Break Due to Coronavirus Fears — 22 Comments

  1. Park Mn Young was in Milan, it’s why they postponed the filming.

    It’s so frustrating. This drama is slow but I really want to know more about the characters. The Mum is back and we have to wait for their reunion >_<

  2. Yea. Im kinda annoyed that she went for that fashion thingy in the middle of filming. Grrr….even though its probably planned for a long time and shes just caught im bad situation and timing, fact that the production crew has to wait out her quarantine period sucks. All that said… im really liking the drama. Its charming and the slow build is helping build the chemistry between SKJ and PMY. Its good so far… argh. First CLOY noe this. Wait and wait

  3. I just read up about the reason of the shooting postponement. It’s should be a lesson learned for actors. They should focus on acting. They should not do any other activities in the middle of filming. That is why I find it so funny when someone talks about being A-lister just because they have CF and appearances. These CF and other commercial engagements are actually a hindrances, that is why real A-list actors don’t do much CF and commercial appearances.

    • Every actor esp A list stars do many cf and commercial appearances. Often times it overlaps with other work commitment, it’s in the contract. Dramas can take up to six months of filming, more often than not, cfs and brands can’t wait that long for their actor to be avail. There is not one main lead star that doesn’t do other activities within filming a movie/show. No one in Hollywood, Bollywood, chinawood or koreawood lolll even in ordinary people’s life, people multitask.

      It’s not a lesson to be learned, this is facts of life. It’s no one’s fault that coronavirus made life troublesome for people. Don’t blame others for their misfortunes.

      • Hi misty, I don’t follow song kang ho, so I don’t know his situation but it’s just like what adyjunihyun said, chasing/doing cfs or not is not a criteria of an actor being an a lister or not. That’s not a fact acknowledge by most people in the entertainment industry.

      • I agree with MistyEyes that not all A-list like commerical appearances especially the very top movie stars SKH, Don Lee. The point is not on whether or not one should take a side job to make quick cash while filming. It is a common sense of work safe. One should not enter a city with Level 3 travel restriction and expecting to return home to continue regular job. Since both Milan and South Korea are at Level 3, does it mean PMY can expose citizens in both cities with the same fear? My conferences in Milan have all been cancelled. One needs to exert clear judgement if the benefit of doing CF outweighs the risk of affecting the whole drama filming team. Contract can be broken anytime due to legit circumstances and a Level 3 travel restriction should be one of them in a lawful situation. This is not a misfortune, this is definitely a misjudgment. The person deciding to go to make fast money should be blamed because this decision affects the whole team. She may even need to pay for lost revenue. Who is now paying for the crew staff who expects work payment while having no work for 2 weeks? Do the other staff get paid?? Most staff depend on the pay for a living. We have discussed this at work and basically are told NO PAY for the 2 weeks of self quarantine. Therefore no one wants to leave our country for conferences if unsafe.

      • Well said, I agree with you Jennie. If it’s in regard of work safety I agree, but if it’s about a-listers not being able to multitask and do multiple things at the same time, I disagree. Park min young team made a huge blunder. I agree. They should had cancelled or postpone her appearance.

    • Cfs contacts are planned in such ways that they dont clash with their acting schedule. Most a list actors who r cf stars manage it well and we never see their dates clashing. It is PMY and her agency’s fault that they messed up their schedules.
      By that logic the top A list actors and actresses r not real actors just bcoz they do tens of commercials ? Sorry i disagree.. they are A list real actors as well as cf kings and queens. Thats why PMY isnt considered A list today comoared tot gen

    • PMY is not A lister. Her agency should be aware of the quarantine courtesy especially for what’s happening in Milan. She has messed up big time.

  4. Blunder here blunder there when the facts were most of the celebrities pmy,IU, Lisa and few others went there before Milan was declared as not safe. If by that logic, shouldn’t all people in SK quarantined themselves too. They couldnt trace all the members of the church where the case first appeared. Those members roam freely among the public. By that logic, anyone is at risk

    • Yes you are correct. Everyone is at risk. Close all schools, close all business, close all restaurants. Everyone stays home, like in China. Hand washing is the most important for health hygiene. Can you do it? One cannot work without health.

  5. Of course its sad to hear, coz the story has just gotten interesting but it’s okay,as long everybody is safe, esp Kangjoon,that’s more than enough,& besides it can be resumed anytime.

  6. The korean economy is at risk. K Drama and its celebrities need to take a back seat as other priorities are in play. Korea is also being isolated with travel bans to most countries now as the country continues to be more isolated on a financial and travel level.My heart goes out to them.

  7. Havent watch the drama yet
    Its just like she is doing the same,being the same in her previous dramas
    hope she makes a change, sth like Healer is all she needs (I wonder if I ever get over that drama!).
    I really like her and I think she deserves better than this.
    Ive seen her shine on screen and if she has done it before,Sure she can do it again.

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