Ha Ji Won Picks K-movie Opposite Ryu Seung Ryong as Her Next Project by Director of Miss Baek

K-actress Ha Ji Won is trading her chef apron from Chocolat for a microphone in her next project. She’s going back to the big screen for the movie Rain Light (Bi Kwang) by the director Lee Ji Won who directed Han Ji Min to tons of awards for the movie Miss Baek. She’s playing a singer who used to fly high but is now resorting to playing gigs for money and is married to Ryu Seung Ryong in the movie. It’s the story of a couple struggling to regain what they’ve lost so it’s a human redemption tale with plenty of fodder for acting grit. The movie will film in 2020 with an airing date in 2021.


Ha Ji Won Picks K-movie Opposite Ryu Seung Ryong as Her Next Project by Director of Miss Baek — 30 Comments

  1. Brilliant. Already heard Ha Ji Won sang the special track of You and I from Chocolate drama. A duet with Yoon Kye Sang. They recorded their vocals separately though. Would have loved to see them together in the recording studio. youtube.com/watch?v=Fy5GZfbC9uM

  2. I love her voice. Looks naturally beautiful too without make-up. Can’t wait for her to show off her singing skills too. Literally the most versatile actress in SK in terms of range of different roles. Action, comedy, disaster, melo, drama, saguek. Horse riding, archery, motorcycle riding, table tennis, piano playing, stitching up fake skin, aerobic dancing, gun shooting, traditional dancing, sword fighting, cooking, singing. Is there anything she hasn’t done yet?

    • Here we go again. Trolls coming out like clockwork for every single HJW article in this blog. Why bother reading or commenting on any of her news if she is not your cup of tea? Seriously these “fans” dragging HJW or HJM or any other actress connected with that actor except their bias, buzz off.

      • I don’t think they are trolls. Her acting is really hard to watch in Chocolate. Bad is my assessment.

      • I watched all the episodes and I thought she gave a beautiful nuanced performance. Never saw anyone say so little but yet so much with eyes alone. ???

  3. I do hope she will do a lot of voice lesson, she can sing though try get the high notes..looking forward for that movie..she’s better on strong character .Ha Ji won I think the most love actress internationally…

    • Ha Ji Won did great in Chocolate — perhaps the comments above meant they didn’t like the script. An actor or actress does what the director and the script tell them to do. I’m also looking forward to this next new movie of hers. We’ve all heard her sing. She has a sweet voice. I hope people realize she is not a professional singer, so everyone please give her some slack. I’m sure she’ll give us her best in whatever she is required to do.

  4. Anyone who posts negative comment on her acting on chocolate must sit down. She’s portraying who is chae young on that drama, her eyes alone are giving superb acting. And come on, aside other k actress when in comes to acting no one moves me like Hajiwon.

    • Super agree! Those people just don’t like Cha Young character. HJW really put Cha Young really well. She is great actress indeed!

  5. I absolutely agree. Some people probably prefer to see a strong, fighting, kick-ass HJW but in chocolate, she gave a subdued nuanced performance called for the role and the story.

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