Gong Yoo, Tang Wei, Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Yumi Cast in K-movie Wonderland

Oh wow, I think we have a new leader for most star-studded K-movie cast. K-ent dropped the big surprise this midweek hump day with the news that the K-movie Wonderland will be a veritable wonderland of big name stars. Signed onto the cast is Gong Yoo, Park Bo Gum, Choi Woo Shik, Suzy, Jung Yumi, and toss in top Chinese actress Tang Wei just for kicks. Like, really? It’s also kinda like “one of these things is not like the others” and she’ll probably coast and hopefully rise to the occasion with the right role. But we’ve got award winners, box office winners, critical darlings, and one CF queen all in one movie which is set in a future world where people can interact with loved ones in a simulated reality. Tang Wei and Gong Yoo are a married couple, Park Bo Gum and Suzy are another young couple, and Choi Woo Shik and Jung Yumi play tech whizzes behind the wonderland technology. The movie will be directed by the director of Last Autumn.


Gong Yoo, Tang Wei, Park Bo Gum, Suzy, Choi Woo Shik, and Jung Yumi Cast in K-movie Wonderland — 38 Comments

  1. Yaya gong yooo. Loved him in train to busan and yumi is great. Choi woo shik i liked him in parasite and he is building great resume in movie land. Park bo gum and suzy both having easy ride banking on bankable movie stars.
    Suzy love easy rides where she can depend on male leads to sell tickets like her useless role in ashfall. Didnt her movie where she was to carry it sold less rhan half million tickets lol? Well every movie needs a showpiece and flowerpot and she perfectly fits it. Because likes of kim tae ri or park so dam or kim go eun etc will do roles where they have something to do. Suzy cant carry s project on her own shoulders. Sje just needs bankable stars so kater her fans cam boast look how popular our cf queen is. Lmaoo

      • My english skills are not going to improce wooden woozie’s acting skills. Lmaoo. U got my point . Thats why u got so butthurt

      • @Anonymous17 Ignore her. She’s always so triggered over Suzy, it’s actually hilarious at this point lol. She acts as if her fave Lee Min Ho is popular for his acting talent when he’s all about Kris Jenner visual.

    • @marue is a triggered plastic monster fan and is herself pathetic usubg kris jenner to insult lmh. Ge is still better than ur plastic woozie n remains more populat. She will become has been

    • @mariw is transphobic ad well as homophobic as everyone know kris jenner is used to insult like that. How pathetic marie is! Ur eoozie wishes he reaches his statud bcoz currently her level is going down. He still looks mile better than plastic monster woozie

  2. This will mark Park Bo Gum’s second time working with Gong Yoo, and their first film hasn’t even been released yet. I wonder if he’ll join SOOP after his contract with Blossom ends, seeing as how most of the cast here is from SOOP (aside from Tang Wei).

  3. SOOP have scored the trifecta with this line up for this (with the exception of Tang Wei and PBG). Anyway it does read like you’ll be crying buckets. I’m not keen on watching it even though my PBG is in it, The story just doesn’t grab me enough to want to watch it. Keep me posted though.

  4. I guess park bo gum will be enlisting this year or next year before 28th birthday as by new roles. Thats why 2 movies quickly . I hate this army service thing. Ruins the momentum. So if he goes on high, good for him

  5. I love all the cast except Suzy. The girl was horrible in ashfall. If the story will be melo then Suzy will ruined it.

    • suzy will be saved because of 5 talented people in movie. Its not like director will give her much screen time. They want flowerpot and who is perfect for it? suzy . she is a perfect showpiece in such movies

      • PBG better doing well in his part. He need to stole the scene, so people will focus to him and not suzy bad acting. Just saying.

      • Lol stealing scene from woozie is not a tough thing to do lmao.? Even in his coma he will steal the scene by laying down when woozie will try to cry with glycerine .

      • Awww, it must be so boring as a Seolhyun fan that you have to obsess over everything in Suzy’s career. Suzy was the first actor to be cast in here and was chosen by the director himself. It was further emphasized in the recent report that “Suzy will play a large role in Wonderland”. But keep on trying to convince yourself that Suzy isn’t desired by top directors, writers, and actors.

      • Suzy is the fist one who confirmed for the drama, but Jung yumi is the first one who get the offer, other actors need time to confirm because the script is not ready yet. The PD kept rewrite the script. And now when the script is ready, he offers it to gongyoo. You know, gongyoo is very picky.

      • She was average in vagabond, bad in early episode. But vagabond PD can cover bad acting. So when she change the PD, she end up become bad again, just like in ashfall and UF.

      • suzy acting in while are you sleeping and uncontrollably fond is so good,suzy is not good in acting fight scene but she tried her best yet you people is so judgemental??

        ps: her role in vagabond is not average she is the leading lady there??

    • Lmaoo seolhyun is bad actress and never claimed to be great lol
      Suzy has 4 mpvie roles in ten years. Only one movie was blockbuster thanks to ha junf woo and lee byung hun and another one had esemble cast where han ga in was main lead and havinf her career best year im 2p12. Her only movie where she was to carry it flopped
      And take that mediaplay articles with u . She said yes first to project bcoz she loves to ride on male shoulders. Gong yoo choi woo shik are top mpvie stars and bo gum is already bigger star than her. Yeah she is fave for directors for doing useless roles in decadr old career. Lmaooo. Na it doesnt suck. Flowerpot and decorations are good for nthng and 4 movies is nothing to boast of! Worry aboit her upcoming flop drama. No big male lead to save her. After vagaflop disaster and her dropping cfs

    • U thibk he casted her first before his wife? Lmao. She said yes first bcoz she doesnt get many movies expect decoration in movie. She knoes she will easily ridr on male leads and she got it. Others took their time simple
      4 movies in ten years without much acclaim is nithing ti boast of woozie fans are embarrassing. Even after 10 years they say she is improving
      And nope i dont claim seolhyun ti be great nor i m her fan. But she is much hotter than ur plastic monster anyday

  6. Yumi and Gong Yoo again, are we sure they’re not an item? Hahahahjk pretty supportive to each other and loves working together

  7. did you watch while you were sleeping and uncontrollably fond? suzy acting there is so good,
    suzy is not good in acting fighting scene but she tried her best yet you people are so judgemental ??

  8. Suzy antis can stay pressed over the fact that she is still Korea’s IT girl, the biggest female hallyu star of the 20s group, and will continue to be offered quality projects such as this unlike some of their actress faves lmao.

    • No capable actress will take small flowerpot role. Just count how many lines she has in Ashfall. Suzy is the Korean brand wallpaper who can never sell overseas. Her CF contracts now is less than KYJ.

    • Ashfall useless showpiece is useful role? Bagaflip role is useful? Doing a esemble movie riding in 5 costars is useful? Lmaooo.

  9. @Tiani Can’t reply to your comment above, but no, Suzy was not just confirmed first, but chosen first by the director. This was reported since the beginning and reiterated again even in Gong Yoo’s casting news.

      • Only when it comes to Suzy does being cast first equal “choosing the wallpaper first before deciding on the most expensive chandelier”. The logic in that statement… I know it’s tough accepting the reality that your faves could never dream of being cast in a Kim Tae Yong film let alone being his muse, so you have to resort to downplaying the one who’s living their dreams. ?

      • Anonymous is quite Hilarious now. Wallpaper is cheap and you can get it anywhere. Suzy has no job now so no wonder she is the first to accept. What a filler Suzy is!

  10. Super, dooper excited for this movie. Can’t imagine the collaboration of GumZy. I totally love it. Just watching fanmade videos make me so happy. Wonderland hwaiting.

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