Crystal Liu Dazzles in Gold Gown at Hollywood Premiere of Mulan to Positive Reviews

The show must go on and Disney is going ahead with the scheduled March 2020 premiere of it’s highly anticipated live action Mulan movie. Starring Crystal Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li, Gong Li, Yosan An, and Jason Scott Lee, the movie adapts the hit animated film from the studio but without tiny dragon Mushu and also all that singing. The movie was predicted to make gobs of money in Mainland China but alas all movie theaters have been closed since February to keep people from social closed quarters gatherings so the Chinese premiere has been postponed. But the US premiere red carpet night was this week and the entire cast attended with a rare Asian dominated star studded night. Love Crytal’s dress and love even more the positive and strong reviews from critics and industry insiders who watched the movie at the VIP premiere.


Crystal Liu Dazzles in Gold Gown at Hollywood Premiere of Mulan to Positive Reviews — 33 Comments

  1. Crystal dress is indeed ravishing.

    It’s just so conflicting to support this actress although it’s unfair to the other cast members since the film was done before her brain went offline and started to open up and share her callous opinions. Also I don’t like the reason behind why they remove sheng from the movie. It’s ridiculous.

    I want to watch it but at the same time I know I will feel guilty watching it. What to do!?!

    • What did Crystal Liu say about Mulan?

      Also, if she is in China, they would’ve photoshopped the hell out of her face. Her nose looks so flat in Hollywood, whereas in China, they would’ve made her look good.

      • I didnt like her opinion about HK incident and probably i will not watch this.

        But what wrong with flat nose? Is flat nose less beautiful or what? 🙁 sorry, as someone with flat nose i think your word is hurtful.

      • cacausians have toucan like big nose so,east asian want small , compact and cute nose ,flats or not ;so they wouldn’t mind.

    • Voicing against the beating up of people by the hk-rioters for holding a different opinion is a callous opinion? so it’s right to beat me up because I hold the opinion of supporting hk police against the rioters that brought the once economical power house of hk to its knees over some foreign instigation ?

      • I’m from HK and you couldn’t have said it better. There is no nothing wrong with supporting the police for doing their jobs to protect the general public from mob violence and more recently bomb threats. The means do not justify the ends, however noble the cause might be.

        I’m totally watching this movie because I just love the Mulan story. It’s a classic Chinese story about love and filial piety.

      • Of course there’s no side where’s one is completely pure and white like light but geez, you need to do more research before spouting out nonsense.

        My friends in china, they told me the media there only paint Hong Kong in negative light, no impartiality at all. They tell me most citizens have no idea of what’s happening lol

        Police are doing more than just their jobs… pls do research.

  2. One word about her dress – wow! Not sure why Disney want to go ahead in today’s situation with the corona virus spreading all over the world especially US and Italy the whole country in lock-down. Even the new Bond movie was postponed till later.

    • @ Kimchi Ajumma

      I said the same thing in the Mulan’s previous article. This is such a wrong timimg to release this movie. Who wants to see this movie now? People are avoiding crowded areas because of the virus.

  3. I am highly anticipating the movie and can’t wait to watch it! Liu YiFei should make a phenomenal Mulan with her experience in dance and martial art movements! With a strong Asian cast like this, I need to go show my support!

  4. As a fellow Asian, I was so looking forward to this movie and supporting Asian artists. Too bad LYF had to give her unsolicited opinion on HK predicament and showed her stance for Communist China. By supporting her would be no doubt indirectly supporting Communism brutality. Thanks, but no thanks.

    • What’s wrong in supporting China being a chinese?
      So she did wrong supporting the anti riot protester who was tied and beaten up for holding a different opinion ?
      Communism is far superior and caters to the well being of civilians than a democracy in which the corporates and the elites have their way.

      • Really? Are u still in china? Or ur out of china? If you’re out of china, how is the feeling of enjoying the freedom brought about by democracy? Don’t b a hypocrite. The world thrives as a result of capitalism, admit it or not. Unfair? Yes, to a certain degree. But i’d rather be that than be ruled by communism where only the upper 1% feels the ‘good’ difference. Whether u like it or not. How is the feeling of being able to voice out your feelings without fear of retribution to u and ur family? The world sees china in a different way. NO matter how hard the government gloss up the surface to make them look good to the outside world, we know and understand the real story. So don’t @ me and the rest of the world who sees china differently these days. You support who u support. We will continue to believe what we believe is right.

      • Do you even hear yourself?? What a joke you are if you truly believe Communism is better than a free democracy and that Communism caters to the well being of civilians. Let me know one Communist country where the government does not thrive on the bloodshed and suffering of its citizens. If anything, the “elites” that you speak of thrive even more when you’re part of the Communost party while the rest of its citizens remained stomped under their feet. You yourself know the true reasons why HK turned out the way it did, so don’t play the innocent game. When someone public like LYF outright support brutality like how police treated HK citizens, then she deserves the backlash that she got. There is nothing wrong with groups of people speaking up about oppression and doing something about their freedoms being stripped away. What is alarming to see and what is not right is having a Tiananmen Square 2.0 happen right before our eyes and everyone turning a blind eye to it.

      • @alex I’m not living in china right now but I’ve stayed there for business for many years and it’s a heaven for fast business,safety and convenience of average civilians.
        What concept freedom is in your head that you are talking about?What freedom isn’t there?Do you believe chinese aren’t happy and live in cages?
        FYI,chinese enjoys far more legitimacy over fellow chinese and can hold any one accountable for their failure in their duties,chinese enyoys far more safety chinese also enjoys greater employment opportunities as long as one works hard.China only don’t want foreign instigated activist to start revolt within china thus ruin the growth,stability and unity of the nation,is that so wrong?Criticising gov is a concept of US,wherein totally different culture prevails,the leaders in china are selected by corporates based on how well they “act”,but in china, leaders are selected based on their success in administering a region.No other system selects better leader than chinese system.So,facts speaks for itself,it needs no noob to criticize,public can take their demands to their representatives and they act accordingly,and no gov acts more swiftly to public demands than ccp ,so what the fk is there any need for “criticism”.That’s just an excuse for instigating revolt in china.

        The poverty is reduced by record margin,over 1 billion people is out of poverty.
        Income and wages has increased by record margin while wages growth are are nil or dropping,unemployment increasing in other so called democracies.So,countries like the US that can’t compete needs a scapegoat to blame and divert attention of the public by drumming up anti china propaganda.The people that never even went to china see china differenly because their gov and media vilifies china and that’s all.

      • @truce what bloodshed are you talking about ? CHINA is a safe heaven for civilians,according to US congress china has 1433 political prisoners in total,but according to Washington post 1900 people were shot dead in the US by cops without any trial.There will be bloodshed only when foreign entities instigates riots and revolts after forcing their own culture and opinion on chinese region,like in hk .

        Also ,it seems you can’t read ,LYF didn’t support police brutality(it’s a concept for out of control US cops) ,she supported the vivtim who was tied and beaten up for holding a different opinion and by criticizing LYF over that you are basically supporting the beating up of people for having a different opinion ! how democratic and righteous is that!!!

        Please ,US or no outsider should have the audacity to force their culture and political system on a different country.The seer arrogance of West and their branwashed parrots is something

      • @maggi, too bad I stopped reading your response halfway through due to the excessive non-coherent blabbering consisting of nonsense like “leaders are elected based on their success in administering.” Xi Jinping most see himself as the most supreme ruler there ever is and is doing such a bloody great job that his Communist party removed a President’s term limits and paved the way for him to be President for life. They are non “elected,” you brainwashed Communist, they do not give people a choice and elect themselves. That’s really as far as I could comprehend from the nonsense that you were spewing, and could not continue further at the risk of busting a blood vessel from trying to comprehend such brainwashed rhetorics. If you think China is a safe haven, then by all means try going online in China and post the truth about the Communist government (ie: hiding the truth about Corona virus -because you know, they act so “swiftly” notifying the world about it) and see what happens. You want to bet that you will not get the same treatment in a free country vs China when you do something like that?

  5. Since Crystal voiced out her opinion about the HK incident I have decided to not watch Mulan, although it was one of my favourite Disney movies when I was a kid.

  6. Looks like a great movie but alas I’m not watching it because Crystal Liu gets my goat up yeah I’m not happy with her past HK comments I’ll stick with my Disney animation Mulan DVD instead. Sorry I do love Nikki Caro though but I gotta go with my conscience.

  7. Y’all wanna watch a movie about a girl defending China but when she actually defends China, y’all can’t seem to hack it

  8. Is Disney so desperate to earn some cash that they don’t care about the health of people? The Coronavirus loves a crowd of people. A crowded cinema with air con is the best place to spread it.

    • US is a mess right now with the virus. Public group gathering is discouraged. This movie won’t open well in the box office. I’d rather stay home and rewatch my original Mulan DVD. LOL.

  9. I don’t watch it because whatever she said in the past was inappropriate to me. I love Mulan Disney animation but since all of my friends are from HK and my belief aligning with them, watching her movie means I betray my friends and my belief.

  10. Lmao, A freedom country where there suppression of right to Access info.
    There is no bloodshed where there are thousands of educated people, students got killed in the past… wowwww.
    Wow, it is such a nice country and successful regime to hide the spread of viruses until it can’t control it anymore lmfo. From SARS to coronavirus, had to bride the stupid WHO to delay the pandemic statement so it can get away with the blame.

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