Yang Zhi Adds Comic Relief in Coronavirus Locked Down China By Showing at Airport In Full Medical Regalia

I never thought I would muster a laugh right now around the coronavirus global outbreak but C-actress Yang Zhi totally took overboard into new levels of overboard. Yang Zhi was spotted at Ningbo Airport wearing a full regalia of self-quarantining items. She had a face mask, a hat with another face cover, a giant puffer coat, all topped with a yellow plastic outerwear that you see a doctor performing a particularly gruesome autopsy might wear to stop the splatter. I’m glad she’s taking her health and safety so seriously but goodness girl just wash your hands and a simply face mask would suffice lol.


Yang Zhi Adds Comic Relief in Coronavirus Locked Down China By Showing at Airport In Full Medical Regalia — 9 Comments

  1. There was an article about a Vietnamese socialite taking a flight back from Milan via London and transferred the Coronavirus to 7 Brits so no, it ain’t overboard. Young people don’t seem to be affected by this virus as much as the elders so if anyone has a relative above 70 it’s best to be safe then sorry. The whole of Europe + UK might be in lockdown soon!

  2. simple face masks don’t protect against anything and i don’t blame her for going overboard to protect herself and potentially her livelihood. I wish most governments in the world were going overboard like her. We are about to go through a tough few weeks and probably months here in the US because our people are not taking this virus seriously enough.

    • And stupid WHO just claimed it pandemic now while everybody already knows about that (when it should have been claimed 2-3 weeks ago). WHO are bunches of corrupted people, waiting for Chinese to slowly recover. What the motives on this? So that Chinese government can get away from the blame.

      • Let’s not go there. Playing the blame game is what is making racism against all Asians in the West spike.

  3. I cant say its overboard especially that head wear over the mask since i saw way too many non-official videos from china in these last months :/

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