Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun Do All the Swoony Rom-com Things in Second Teaser for The King: Eternal Monarch

Man, screenwriter Kim Eun Sook has so much to work with and still digs into her classic well of rom-com tropes. The second teaser for SBS drama The King: Eternal Monarch drops a hard hug, tons of staring, girl tying her hair in a ponytail as man gazes on warmly, and even an actual white horse galloping around. Don’t get me wrong, this second teaser continues to stoke my excitement and leads Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun look so gorgeous separately and together in their visuals. With more people cooped up, who know’s maybe the full prime time audience will finally be back and this is the drama to bring back the heyday of the 30% to 40% ratings. One can dream, much like summoning an King from another dimension who rides a white horse.

Second teaser for The King: Eternal Monarch:


Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun Do All the Swoony Rom-com Things in Second Teaser for The King: Eternal Monarch — 47 Comments

  1. This has really all elements to become a huge hit. And they really look good together and there was chemistry ( i was doubtful at first) . Kim go eun role looks much better than goblin and lee min ho looks majestic and really prince charming. And they look so good together. His voice is so raspy.. This drama will become a massive hit imo not only in korea but overseas, i feel (. I hope it works for everyone involved . You can call kes writing cliche but she knows how to write a script lol. ( before someone drag lotbs it still averaged 18% and reached peak of 21%, did well overseas too. just didnt create buzz of dots n gob who were massive. We cant expect every drama to dominate lol )

  2. Kim go eun is so beautiful. I dont know why people dont find her beautiful but she is looking breath taking here without any work done. I find her one of best looking korean female celeb from 90s gen onwards. This year looks like year of monolid trio actresses. Noone minds it considering all 3 are fantasic actresses

    • because she’s not a classic or traditional beauty. i also find her the most gorgeous among 90s actresses. beauty is really subjective I guess since everyone raves over Kim So Hyun, for example, but I just find her average.
      not a fan of lee min ho, but he is looking really good here and i’m always impressed by his on-screen charisma.

      • @kdramaaddict Actually, that’s opposite. Kim Go Eun is the definition of classical beauty because she has monolids of the same beauty standard from Chosun dynasty.

        If you look at East Asian history, back then, monolids are the beauty standard. After the white colonization in East Asia, the beauty standard changes to European beauty standard – double eyeslids, tall nose bridge.

      • @bailey thanks for the info. i should have written that she isn’t considered the ideal beauty for modern korean standards. like you said, they prefer double eyelids, tall nose bridge as seen from the recent article on here about the top 10 hallyu beauties.

      • KGE is actually prettier than all the top 10 goddesses. She is natural and not plastic surgery. Nothing wrong with having ps done, but if you gonna put someone who is natural down by comparing her to those that have jobs done are not considered beautiful. To me all the Korean godesses and now actresses all look the same. Which makes KGE more unique and attractive.

    • Kim Go Eun body is so propotional! I eny her. I really love her body, just like Han Groo. Can’t stop watching her wearing so many good clothes in cheese in the trap. All look matching and sexy on her. She is a beauty too… Look classy when wear white collar shirt or something

  3. The teaser is really good, background harmony is also good. Chemistry looking good. Waiting for this drama. I hope it really does good.

    • Dont Hope İM SURE DRAMA İS Ecellent. Because Mega Star Lee Min Ho Play Rule Man On. All The World Knowing KDrama With Lee Min Ho & His Beautiful Dreams *Boys Over Flowers *. Min Ho Fighting ❣️?

  4. 30-40% is pretty high, it will be amazing if this drama can reach that. The trailer looks interisting, scenery is beautiful, but why LMH sound like he’s reading the script.

  5. I just want the script to be on to it! LMH will do wonders there is no doubt about that. IMO (and that is in caps all so please no nasty replies) I’m not on board with KGE as her visuals for me are distracting and that I just stay focused on LMH. Yes she is an exceptional actress but it’s going to take a lot to prove that she and LMH are a visual match made in heaven because I’m not convinced. I did raise this in the early days so I am being consistent. Jung Eun Chae did a coffee ad with LMH years ago and they were a gorgeous pairing back then.

    • Idk about Lee Min Ho. His acting is still the same as ever. There is nothing change about his acting skills. Same as Boys Over Flowers.

      And the line from KGE about “not the type to believe the Earth is round” throw me off. Like, so KGE is dumb as rock? Who doesn’t believe the Earth is not round?

      • I wonder how are you able to be so judgmental about his acting, u may have seen all of his dramas regardless of your hatred toward his acting, which I think quite mindblowing.
        I wouldn’t even bother to watch the actor I don’t like I’d pick another drama

      • @ju

        Lol, all I said was LMH acted the same as ever. Nothing has changed, which is my opinion.

        If you feel pressed simply bc my opinion, then how do you survive in reality? Or in a workplace? You must be mad irl at everyone for giving opinions.

      • @bailey you know what will be good for you, don’t watch it, some of you are just pressed about the guy success so you say he can’t act, for your peace of mind don’t watch it

      • @ Bailey

        Maybe KES is a member of the Flat Earth society to write that line?

    • Exceptional is so OTT to describe Kim Go Eun’s acting. She was horrible in Goblin. Instead of portraying a cheerful carefree high schooler, she made Eun Tak appeared retarded. No comment on her look. Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder.

      LMH is always LMH in every dramas but I think he did a great job in LOTBS. Unexpectedly, he outshined JJH.

      • Ohhh oq vc disse sobre ela em Goblin ?
        Senhor do Céu ela foi ótima dramática fofa quando era pr ser.. A personagem dela era extamente como era pr ser!
        Quem lhe disse qe tinha qe fazer uma estudante “alegre ” vc assitiu ao msm dorama qe eu?
        No início do dorama ela passou por mts coisa ruim a história dela e dramática por si só .. Nao tinha como ser diferente.

  6. I am so excited for this. My boy(or my king) is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The directing, chemistry, story line are all look good.

  7. Reactions on naver are great and after he donated 350 million won, his image has become even better infront of knetizens.

  8. My Lee min how is back is driving me crazy I love this guy my eyes candy I can’t wait for this drama my only favorite from kdrama just seeing him keep me smiling my drug lee min ho love ? goodluck welcome back to dramaland God bless and protect you: I love and admire kge beauty kind of unique love her in chess in the trap good luck to her

  9. Lee Min Ho İs Great Asia Actor. I Know This Drama İs İmazing. I Really Waiting For İT Oppa. Please Be Safe & Strong And Dont Forget Minoz Always Support U ❣️İm İnternational Fan From İran & Love You Oppa. Fighting Oppa.

  10. Hello haters say what you wanna say but this drama will become huge success because it is KES drama – the biggest deal ever. You guys can dream that your bias will also casted in a KES drama like LMH and KGE!

  11. If Korean people want to talk natural beauty than Kim Go Eun is the only one. She is so beautiful without even trying. Her beauty is not your topical Korean godesses everyone praise, but they all look the same.

    She’s a great actress. Well watch this for her.

    • KGE stand out among all the Korean actresses including all the top beautiful goddesses. They all look the same that’s why I never think there is one that is so gorgeous. I’m glad she don’t go into changing her appearance. She is beautiful no matter what people say about her… She is the only Korean actress I see that is truly beautiful. Hopefully she won’t ever consider changing her appearance in the future. People hate her acting in Goblin but I love her in their. She’s so cute and radiant. She made JET characters adorable and fun to watch.

    • I agree to maximum of percentage.. i like her alot alot… every thing is nice on her. Even in chesse in the trap. Her fashion are all owsome perfect. She looks good in all dresses. And most of all her real is even pretier than in the movey or drama…

  12. OMG Mega Star Lee Min Ho Come Back Finally ?Oppa Fighting & Sarangheyo We Always Support U & With You. Fighting Kpop King Min Ho Ssi❣️❣️❣️From İran ??

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