Park Bo Gum to Make Cameo in Final Episode of Hit jTBC Drama Itaewon Class

Another Park is joining Itaewon Class and it’s a very high profile special appearance. Park Bo Gum will be making a cameo guest role in the final episode of jTBC drama Itaewon Class which airs this Saturday on March 21st. Park Bo Gum and male lead Park Seo Joon are two of the top young actors of the same generation so it’ll be a treat to see them in the same screen because it’s unlikely these two will work together, perhaps other than in a high profile movie with multiple male leads. Itaewon’s ratings heading into the final weekend’s last two episodes are at 14% so it’s not going to challenge Sky Castle but will definitely end as the second highest rated K-drama on jTBC.


Park Bo Gum to Make Cameo in Final Episode of Hit jTBC Drama Itaewon Class — 53 Comments

  1. It is already averaging over 11%. One of 6 cable dramas to average over 11% for whole season and second jtbc drama to do. I hope it joins 12% club with other 5 in average ( no cable drama averaged 13% )
    Happy for psj to get another success but dami is the best thing came out of drama. She is just fantastic actress and landed big cosmetic deal under lvmh. I m happy for her. such a show stealer but psj has payed his character to perfection. It is just understated role compared to dami’s explosive one. And supporting cast is amazing. A well made drama. PBJ drama might be airing on jtbc. Maybe thats why the cameo.

      • Still not 13%. That is my point. So we have yet to have 13% cable drama. Anyways 11% on paid cable is equal to 22% on free public channel. So it is massive success. And mr sunshine had like 24 episodes to make average more better.

      • I have my reading skills in check. U tried ti be icersnart. I was clear with mt ooint. U need to get yr facts clear oversmart abc

  2. Bogummy! The park brothers together wooohooo

    Is it too much to ask for yoojung to make an appearance as well? Lolz

    • Ewww. KYJ is irrelevant these days, and not to mention, not as big as PBG. PBG deserves co-stars at par with his popularity like KTR, BS, IU.

      • Stars don’t need to be at same popularity level to work together. That’s a dumb rule. In love in moonlight, Yoojung was more well known than bogummy. Yoojung helped made bogummy become more popular and vice versa.

        Don’t be jealous, Yoojung is a better actress than the ones you mentioned.

      • KYJ is a better actress than Suzy, IU who are both singers, so that’s not much to brag about lol. But IMO, KTR is a better actress than KYJ despite the latter having acted since childhood. KTR has both talent AND popularity over KYJ, while Suzy and IU are more popular than KYJ.

      • lol, as a PBG fan, I beg to disagree that KYJ helped hime to become popular. That’s the biggest lie I ever heard. LITM became a success because of PBG. If you ask people, 99% of them will say that they watched LITM because of PBG, which means that KYJ’s character is not iconic nor unforgettable to people’s mind. In other words, LITM will have the same success even without KYJ.

      • Lols! The star status of KYJ did not change. She’s still not well known outside Korea unlike PBG. It’s PBG which catapulted by LITM into top stardom. So, better stop your delusion girl. You look pathetic here.

      • Lols! KYJ never helped PBG to reach superstardom. Neither PBG helped KYJ because if so, she will be as big as PBG now. Her star status is still the same. Not to mention that her contemporaries already surpass her popularity. It’s a fact that she’s not the most well known actress of her gen. I don’t wanna name names because it will probably trigger you. Hehe

      • IU has HDL. I disagree with @kdramaddict that KYJ is better actress than IU. They are at most equal with IU being more popular because she is in both acting and singing. I cannot see KYJ able to act in roles like IU in MA and HDL. KYJ has not proven herself in acting range. Many actresses have done pretend male characters like PSH in You are Beautiful when she was 19. Nothing special about KYJ, being able to act as a child actor is not surprising. I have seen lots of those who fade away when they act as adults.

      • That’s is lame comparison. It takes two to tangle! Yoojung got plenty of recognition and acclaim and awards after her strong work in moonlight.

        Maybe Yoojung is not as popular as bogummy but it takes two to tangle. There’s no way the show would had been as successful if the female lead wasn’t interesting or good. Everyone was praising their chemistry. Their chemistry is what hold the show together. Just because you’re jealous that sohyun copycat ruler failed doesn’t mean you have to downplay the success of moonlight and how it cemented Yoojung stardom. Sohyun doesn’t have a single mega hallyu hit, love alarm doesn’t even count. So drown in your tears of jealousy.

        Yoojung acting in cleaning with passion and her appearance in the music video from last year demonstrated how much potential she has and what a good actress she is despite the limited scripts. She can do comedy and melodrama as easy as counting sheep.

        IU is an okay actress in comparison who’s just lucky to be cast in good projects. Her acting improved in hotel but she could never fully execute the character. Her character should had been more ethereal and more outer worldly for someone who is a thousand year old but nope she acts like a modern person despite the time period she is in. She just mugs and pouts around the show for the most part. It’s just to see her in pretty outfits in the show but that’s the only thing going for her. Song hye kyo or jun ji Hyun should had played her character instead.

        @ Maca
        Sulli? That’s such an exaggeration

        I see the majority of you are jealous, so you all have to fabricate facts. There’s no stats or polls that says sohyun is more well known than Yoojung

      • What a delulu. Hahaha. Love Alarm is a hallyu hit and a hit bigger than LITM. AND IT’S A FACT! Kim Jojo character is more recognizable overseas over KYJ’s character in LITM. And for the record, LITM is not a mega hit you want it to be. It’s nowhere in DOTS and MLFTS level to be called as such. KSH is the hallyu face of her gen. KYJ will always be a second rate in terms of hallyu presence.

      • @Moonlight

        “IU was lucky” this can be applied to any actor or actress
        people are so bitter, IU developed as an actress and their cant accept
        most of these girls in their 20 years wish an acclaim performance like IU in My Ahjussi
        or carry a drama like HDL, definitely the most popular character of 2019
        People cant even say that she depends on their male counterpart.

        Also IU will grow more and more in Korea, her problem has always been her acting career which is now taking new directiosn
        still salty everybody.

      • @chastise
        Love alarm is not a hallyu hit. Where you get such info? It got mediocre reviews. Look at the ratings it got on mydramalist.

        Moonlight doesn’t have to be on the same level as descendants and goblin and etc to be qualified as a big international hit. Who made you the rule maker? It’s fact that both actors won numerous of rewards and got lots of cfs and attention due to success of moonlight.

        Do you have access to polls and stats? Nope so don’t say things as facts when you don’t have such evidence. It’s all in your mind.

        well it’s true you can apply that to every actor but also it’s true that there are better actors/actresses that can make the role even better if cast. IU was lacking in hotel del luna, she did better than normal but still wasn’t good enough. Shk and jjh would had ace that role and made her character more mysterious and ancient-feeling unlike IU who prances around like a 21 century walkway model in a supernatural music video .
        If it weren’t for certain competent directors Skillfully withdrawing her few strengths as an actress, she would had plunker.

        IU is better a singer than an actress, you’re just upset at honest opinions.

      • Lol. LA is a sure hallyu hit. Remember, it is shown in over 190 countries thru Netflix, and was one of Netflix’s 2019 top releases. So, what’w the relevance of the MyDramaList review. Lol. As if it was reviewed by experts. Hahaha. You have such low standards for thinking it is reliable. Well, I don’t wanna argue with you because people’s opinion here against you is sufficient for me to believe that you’re stupid and a delulu. KYJ will really be disappointed to you.

      • @Moonlight

        sad that “competent directors skillfully” cant do the same with Kim Yoo Jung and her fad career ^^

    • @moonlight yoo.
      You must really love KYJ for you to mention her name in most of the koalas post, even if the article isnt about her. and you want her to do cameos in PBG and PSD project and now in IC.

      KYJ is lucky to have a fan like you.

      • No way moonlight drama won’t be the same w/o yoojung. Where you get that stats from? It’s sad you have to fabricate information.

        They help each other become more popular. That’s fact.

      • She’s a delulu for always commenting in every post that KYJ is the best in fucking everything. LOL! Girl, if that is so, you must not be doing the things you’re doing right now. It looks like you thirst for validation. KYJ is only popular in Korea, she will never be as popular as KSH around Asia. And that is a fact!

      • Don’t be butt-hurt, more people love Yoojung in one leading project than Sohyun half a dozen leading project combined. That’s how impactful she is.

        What are you, some stat wiz? Don’t conjure up fake info so you can comfort yourselves. Yoojung is popular in many countries.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Lol. This moonlight yoo is still living in 2016 when everyone has already moved on. I’m telling you girl, your idol’s performance wasn’t even remarkable. It’s been done better by yeh, psh, pmy and even sulli. Stop dragging KYJ!!!

      • You have been stuck in the desert for too long so all you see is mirages and delusions. Yoojung is worthy of cameos and more. Honestly most dramas and movies would had been better if she taken over the female lead roles. That’s how talented she is, she brings extra to the table unlike some who act like they’re reading from a teleprompter.

      • KYJ has never received any cameo offer. Moonlight Yoo is the one stuck in 2016 and cannot get out. LOL.

      • What do you know? Are you Yoojung or her agent? She recently cameo in golden slumber, the movie that came out in 2018. The director was grateful to her in an interview.

        Do your research and stop making guesses about things you have no access to.

      • hahaha. I must be in a deep slumber that I slept through the whole thing. I don’t dream of KYJ like you Moonlight Yoo. Wait til she has more memorable cameos than a slumber movie. Rated 5.8/10 in IMDb, a bare pass. LOL.

      • Congratulations ??? your delusions has reached it’s peak. It’s a KYJ fans especially you moonlight who has inferiority complex and insecurities smh.

        There’s no proof that KSH is more popular than KYJ? I’m a follower of their igs. The 5.1M discrepancy in their followers sure is enough for me to consider who is more popular between these two.

        And for the nth time, stop living in 2016 it didn’t make YJ hallyu popular as much as you want to believe. But who knows, maybe this project with wookie will be a hit. So until then, i suggest you wait and stop annoying the commenters here.

      • @ joker What does ratings In the project with the cameos yoojung is in has to do with anything? Someone claimed she isn’t offered cameos and I refuted it with facts. Surely she’s offered more guest roles and turning them down without us knowing. So mature. Are you a fly in her shoulder? She still shines despite what role she’s given. Salty people.

        @ maca Lolz I already explained to another disillusioned poster that ig following means very little. Yoojung could had made her account later or maybe there are periods where she was inactive on her account. There’s so many unknown factors. So don’t be smug.

      • Your assumption that KYJ can have made her social media account later is enough for us to believe that you’re the one doing guesses. Hahahaha. Just be honest taht you can’t think of any valid defense that will dispute the fact the IG following is a measure of hallyu popularity. Well, keep being annoyed because KSH’s 8 million IG following is something that KYJ can only dream of. Finally, KSH is also a CF queen of her gen. She had endorsed top products such as Samsung, Hanyul, Pocari Sweat, Domnino’s Pizza, Peripera, Skono, Soup, and a lot more.

      • @troika
        I’m being a scientist and saying that multiple options and possible outcomes must remain on the table. All the scenarios I gave mean that sohyun having more ig followers does not mean she’s more popular than Yoojung. Its not foolproof and there’s lots of room for error. Use some critical thinking skills please. You’re just jealous that your evidence has potential flaws and I call out on it.

        Please Yoojung have many endorsements over the years as well but out of the two, it’s only Yoojung that consistently get credit for strong sales for her products unlike sohyun with only maybe one or two products that does well.

      • And what is your basis that KYJ is credited to the increased sales of her endorsements? Hahaha. What a delulu. KSH has many CF achievements. One perfect example is Pocari Sweat, one of the most sought after endorsements in Korea. She’s the only celebrity who had renewed a contract with Pocari after Son Ye Jin. And that’s big deal, girl.

      • The only flaw i see is you being a delulu. lol
        Give as solid defense filled with facts first only until then i’ll believe KYJ is the more popular, the prettier, the best in acting blah blah blah all those thing that you claimed KYJ is. Lol
        so for now ill stop engaging in your nonsense and delulus. Bye felicia

      • It’s not her fault the writer brain went missing therefore she had to make-do with awful scripts but despite that, she still gave remarkable, winning performances unlike sohyun who couldn’t shine with the bad scripts in ruler. A true, great actress shines no matter how bad the material is.

      • Lol. What winning performance? Please provide proof. KSH won a lot of awards in her role for Ruler. One of which is the Hallyu Star of the year

      • @troika be prepared for the stats of those endorsements. Last time i mentioned only her impact to her current endorsements, but their only refute is that game endorsement and the other one was her being part of forbes list of 2017? And also As if forbes was accurate. Lol

        @moonlight you don’t know how many times you made me laugh with your bs and nonsense replies. You’re saying this and then to accommodate your delusion you will change your argument re script, ratings, among other things. Make up your mind!

        And please stop arguing when the only drama you have seen of KSH is ruler. Because even if she mentioned that even herself didn’t understand the script (w/c btw the writer apologized to her, ha!) her performance was way better than some of your faves.yes , unlike you i didn’t limit myself to watching only 1 project, to make judgement. And IN MY OPINION, Go Eun Byeol>>>>> Ra On.

        We all have faves here. If we are In 2012 i might agree with you that YJ is more more popular. But it’s 2020 now, so wake up!

      • @ ma

        I hope you save some laughs for yourself because you’re just upset that I found many flaws on your arguments and that your so call third party resources are not infallible and not 100 percent flawless.

        My counter arguments have potential and credibility and raises realm of possibilities. It may not all be 100 percent fool proof but all the scenarios I presented are possible and reasonable.

        I also watched multiple clips of sohyun in other dramas. She’s a try hard and fails. Yoojung acts effortlessly.

  3. Oh I watched ep 1 of IC and not really like it. But looks like I need to give this drama second chance.
    Anyway, Its good seeing PBG did cameo, usually Its just his name that did cameo lol. IC PD is the same PD from LITM, not sure if he the same PD who sent truck for Seobok. But yeah PBG did cameo for him. Hope they can work together again

    • IC is really good. i just tried watching for i had nothing else to watch since im shying away from watching rom com.
      i tried episode 1 and i did like it. I can say that i”m hooked. The whole cast is awesome. story is good and phasing is fast.

  4. IC started out strong in first few episodes then mostly nonsense over revenge and 2 strange women fighting for who can win over Sae Ro Yi. First love is selfish and coward. New lass is rude & a bit crazy. Didnt really show how food businesses are really. All kinds of misfits form Danban but they arent very interesting people.

  5. IC is an interesting drama. Fictional based on a webtoon. People trying to rationalize its plot are doomed for disappointment. Its storyline is a bit crazy like a roller coaster ride which I totally enjoy. Cast is great, everyone can act. What more can you ask for in entertainment nowadays in midst of all the viral crisis and lockdowns.

  6. most of the dramas done by yoo jung were extremely popular except for clean with passion with that annonying ugly middle aged man, whose face is not worthy to be a leading man.

    Her new project with Ji Chang wook which will be shown in June 2020 is expected to be big hit. we fans, expect its ratings to even surpass Lee min hos new project. their chemistry wil be awesome.

    Kim yoo jung is the best and prettiest actress that this generation could ever have.. they should be embarrased when they sit next to the Godess Kim yoo jung. they are nothing and they have nothing as compared to her.

    and i agree with all the comments of Moonlight Yoo

    • Rofl more than lee min ho who has 4 dramas over 20% and one with 30% and other 2 which also reached double digit. It is lee min ho with kim eun sook. U r overconfident lmaoo

      • Don’t mind them. They are delulus. They are a disgust to the KYJ fandom. JCW is nowhere in the level of LMH. He’s a pretty boy with no big hallyu hits.

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