IU Springs into Spring 2020 Fashion for W Korea with Echoes of Her Stylish Character in Hotel Del Luna

K-drama Hotel Del Luna was one of the highest rated and buzziest shows last year and don’t we all miss the relatively sanity of 2019 now. Female lead IU hasn’t picked her next project since but why rush when she can still soak in the success of a great role and a solid performance from her. Another win for her thanks to the drama is becoming a true fashionista, she’s always been petite and it’s harder to pull off couture with our Asian frames but every outfit she wore in Hotel was gorgeous and eye catching thanks to her swagger and style. For the April edition of W Korea she’s wearing plenty of Gucci couture and looking like she’s straight off the runway.


IU Springs into Spring 2020 Fashion for W Korea with Echoes of Her Stylish Character in Hotel Del Luna — 317 Comments

  1. She has next project. An upcoming movie with top director who has biggest hit domestically hit movie in 2019 extreme job
    It is opppsite park seo joon. That is big way to debut in movies.

    • She is on her way to outrank KYJ. But KYJ will remain no. 1 in 90s gen because of her drama with JCW. Remember, JCW is LMH level or even more. So that drama will be the biggest hit of 2020 along with The King.

      • oh no. @deluna im a fan of JCW so please do not drag his name into this toxic thread.

        Dear all, pLease do not take this bait. This is Flaming/Baiting

      • @ady

        Are you scared that KYJ is the unbeatable actress of the 90s gen. IU is just the flavor of the season but she will fade soon if she can’t maintain strings of successful projects like Yoo Jung.

      • Scared ? Lol ksh fans say i m jealous of kyj fam. Kyj fans say i m scared if she tops it. Lmao. I rather take these actresses at top than idols. Jeez. Seriously. I just dint get why ti create mess here

      • @delune
        Kim yoo jung will remain no. 1 in the next 30 years or so. The best actress of South Korean and Asia Yes. her next drama, because its A listers Cast, will the biggest SBS drama of 2020 because of the Quuen Kim Yoo Jung.

    • @ deluna
      You have rocks for brains if you think IU will outrank Yoojung. That’s fantasy world. Drink medicine.

      Lolz jcw is not on the same level as lee min ho or more. What you being drinking? He’s a good actor but he has been in many bad dramas lolz while lee min Ho has been in many huge hits.

      Stay jealous and salty.

      • @marie

        It’s not their fault that the writers of their show is bad. They still show powerful acting despite bad scripts unlike sohyun in ruler and iu in scarlet heart.

      • @Moonlight Idc about Sohyun and IU. My point is that neither KYJ nor JCW have the star power to elevate their dramas. There are plenty of bad dramas out there, but if they were true A-listers, it wouldn’t have gotten as low as 1% LMFAO. For your sanity, that store drama better perform at least average or they will continue being on the downfall lol.

      • @ Marie

        Oh Please both of their last dramas brought high ratings on early episodes until constant bad writing lower the ratings dramatically. You’re just salty and jealous so you have to fabricate facts.

        A listers can’t always bring high ratings if the drama writing is awful. It’s like giving a doctor a children set of hospital tools and expecting them to save and heal people with toys lolz

      • LMAO keep trying to justify that 1% rating boo. No A-lister would get that low of ratings no matter how hard you try to justify. 2-3% maybe if the drama is an utter train wreck, but 1%?? lmao.

      • Just saw the CWPFN premiered in the 3% range and MMS in the 2% range. Didn’t know that is considered “high ratings” lmao.

      • Yes that is high for a small channel esp during that time period. So calm your tush lolz

      • @ marie
        KYJ is an A lister. the best actress of her generation.
        wait her drama in june 2020. vieweship rating will hit 30% watch out for it. it’s an all star cast. it will be the most buzz worthy series in 2020. k netz and international fans are already anticipating its broadcast.

    • @ Marie
      You’re just upset that I’m good at common sense unlike you, therefore you had to resort to digging your heel in a pit of stubbornness .

      Also cleaning was in a smaller channel network and not public channel. So 1 point something would easily be like 4 or 5 percent in a public network.
      Use your brain please, it’s not an accessory lolz

      • Nah you normally double the cable channel rating to get the public channel rating. So 1% on cable is equivalent to 2% on public channel. So high!! lmao.

      • Lmao everyone knows you double it, not quadruple it LMFAO. 1% cable doesn’t equal 4% public. Continue living in your own delusional world “lolz”

      • Lol. Stop pretending. You, Moonlight Yoo, Joane and Ginger Crunch’s comments are out of place. Such a delusional jerk. Be ashamed of it!

      • Mikey jeez u r the one who is acting like a donkey here and u r one hell of a creepy guy. I dont need mids like u idiot. A creepy disgusting piece of sht u r

      • @mikey ashamed of what lmao? Correcting some online idiots like u . U should be ashamed of spreading crina bcoz u r a virus urself

      • @Mikey Ah good one!! Honoured to have my name mentioned but hey we are separate beings me, ady, moonlight yoo and joane, but do try again. How about you get a full time job on Paranormal activity as a psychic you would do wonders and get it right more there then here. Gosh,seriously I’ve been gone a few weeks but I’m etched in your memory, heart and soul, now that’s definitely obvious.

      • @ ginger crunch

        Oh finally hypocrite showed up. Hi hypocrite. Wouldn’t be surprised if you just stay silent in the shadows all this time. Go join your toxic sisters like @ moonlight. At least she’s upfront on her hate unlike you.

      • @Xuan I love how you are still on your band wagon discrediting me so much you had to jump in on Mikey’s post but then again you can’t help yourself. You can’t find anything else to rant on and I must have got the better of you in some previous articles/comments that’s why you’re still hanging around. I gave a reason for my absence but since you can’t read past your nose it best you go further down the thread to find out. Keep your hi but bye stalker.

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  3. IU Star is shining brighter and brighter! Brighter than miss Kim Yoo Jung. @moonlight yoo I read your past posts how dare you put down IU so you can lift up your god kim yoo jung. She’s like a mediocre actress playing the same role over and over again unlike IU who plays multi-dimensional roles and have many hits in her name. Just look at this magazine shoot, she’s prettier than your god.

      • @ royal

        It’s none of your beewax. You’re the jealous jerk, you’re entire family is a jerk.

      • Moonlight Yoo is the true jerk because she came from a family of jerk. Even her idol is a jerk.

    • @ Michelle

      You must have woke up on the wrong end of the bed, you delu. I repeat IU mugged her way around in hotel del luna and strut around like a peacock in a supernatural fashion show music video. That role wasn’t challenging for her. She did what she does all the time in photo shoots and music videos. Stay jealous that Yoojung is a better actress and prettier actress than her and that she done more diverse roles. Your iU joins the mediocre actress club with parkshinhye, kimgoeun, and sohyun. She’s one step away from joining the awful actress club with the president kim hye yoon And Vice President Suzy. Stay jealous.

      • @ Royal
        I’m tired of her bashing so many people so I’m returning what she loves to do. I’m sick of it.

        @ moonlight

        You’re the one that needs eye transplant if you think kim yoo jung is prettier and more talented. There’s a reason why she keeps playing the same cutesy roles again and again because she knows she is limited in talent. You have dog mush for brains.

      • @ Michelle & Royal

        @ dimlight yoo
        She’s already proof that kim yoo jung fandom is one of most toxic fandoms. Ever since this dim light appeared, most of the vocal yoo jung fans stayed silent on their mountains and watch her says all sorts of things that they would normally condemn other fandoms of supposedly doing and would cheer and root for her quietly. Cough cough @ ginger crunch, she has been conspicuously quiet. The Lord of Hypocrites. I wouldn’t be surprise if she uses a new username now.

      • @ Michelle
        Stay jealous! You’re making up and fabricating lies to comfort yourself. Keep on deluding yourself delu. iU was given so many chances because she’s a famous singer. She was so bad in dream high and that lame historical drama she was in that lost to love in the moonlight. Yeah that right, she lost to Yoojung. Stay pressed and jealous lolz


        You’re just being a salty jealous baby. Your sohyun fandom is the toxic, corrupted one.

      • IU is good in Dream High, Suzy is the weakest one there. Scarlet Heart won LITM by millions of miles internationally. Are you still hiding underneath in your well?

      • @ joker

        Your exaggeration is no joke lolz moonlight is a bigger in most countries. iU lame show was only very big in China because it’s a remake of its famous show. Chinese loves korean culture and of course they’re going to flock in droves to watch a korean remake of a beloved show in China. Everyone hated the writing of the remake and the ending. So stay salty

      • @moonlight
        IU is the epitome of talent and hard work itself, u should appreciate it instead of trying to lift Ur “talentless” actress up

      • @ serenity

        i u is only talented in singing, I give her that. But you’re just feeding yourself delusional candies if you think Yoojung is talentless.

        iu should enroll to acting school and bring sohyun with her. They can be roommates because they’re both awful. Birds of the same feather flock together. I doubt even acting school will help them. They will probably be at the bottom of the class much less bottom of the entire school lolz

      • @Xuan Not just IU and Kim So Hyun, but that user literally thinks all 20s actresses including Kim Go Eun are below Yoojung when all are more popular than her. She really makes a bad name for her fandom.

      • @ moonlight Yoo

        im thinking if you are really a fan of Kim yoo jung or a fan of someone else from her gemeration.
        i am also a fan of an actress from her generation but i dont dare say the name of my fave actress on my post so as not to create fan war and elicit hate comments.
        but what are you doing? you are going BERSERK all the time. you are angry all the time. you get hyper everytime you hear KYJs name.
        Im not her Fan, i have not watched any of her dramas and i have no plans of watching any of her projects in the future. BUT i feel sorry for her to have a fan like you, you say nasty thinks to other fans just to prove your point.
        Just saying.

      • @len
        Well it’s true, Yoojung is a better actress than most actresses in their 20s. Stay salty. You’re just jealous that they can’t hold a candle to her. Her grace and beauty is out of this world. Yoojung is the korean version of Audrey Hepburn, Zhang Ziyi, Yang Mi, and Grace Kelly.

        One country. Whatever. So what if it got views over there, the majority of viewers hated her acting in the show. So stay press.

        At least I watched one sohyun drama in it’s entirety. That lame ruler before I made a judgment unlike you who is missing out on Yoojung awesome acting and ethereal presence. So what if there are fan wars. Life’s a competition, like it or not. Of course I like to Hype up Yoojung because she deserves it unlike sohyun bad acting skills and lack of screen presence and charisma. She’s lucky that she has enough followers who likes watching mediocre dramas/movies, that’s why she still is working.

      • @Moonlight Yoo

        You’re a delusional jerk. LITM is only a domestic hit. It never stood a chance against Scarlet Heart which won by miles the international audience. Scarlet Heart is sold at freaking 400k dollars per episode, making it the most expensive drama ever sold. So, stay pressed and delusional because you can’t back up your lies that LITM is bigger overseas. LOL!

      • @ Mecca
        Again you have to fabricate the success of scarlet heart, more like black heart. It sold well because it’s a remake of a famous Chinese drama and not because of quality. Most people thought the drama was bad. The show is so forgettable now. And most didn’t like IU acting in that show. So stay mad and salty lolz

      • @Moonlight Yoo

        The production of SBS reported that Scarlet Heart was sold at 400k dollar per episode which is higher than DOTS 250k/episode. So, you better swallow the bitter pill because Scarlet Heart is more successful by miles than LITM. LITM is only a domestic hit. Stop dreaming that it has wide recognition across the globe.

      • @Xuan -Cough cough just cover your mouth please! I’ve been quiet cos where I am I’ve got a fulltime job to cover as an ‘essential’ worker here in NZ and so got to be on call so haven’t had the luxury to respond but again another one with your twin Mikey calling me out. It is nice to be referenced so often. But is that what you’re good at? Calling me a hypocrite and two faced? Play the game not the player but I guess you wouldn’t know how since you’re coughing and spluttering all over the place.You wanted to make your post about me and making it personal you really don’t have an idea do you? I couldn’t give 2 hoots about your name calling me because it does show you up to be quite junvenile.Keep this flowing like I said previously because these posts give me and my workmates a good laugh and you attribute to it.

      • @ ginger

        Laugh because you’re a delulu that masquerade as a good and kind poster. You’re just mad that people caught in your hypocrisy. What a laugh, such an opportune time for you comment now when your fellow Yoojung fans goes wild throughout every blogpost. At least moonlight is honest about her intentions unlike you pretending to be a pure lily. Acting so sensitive when people criticize kyj but watch in delight when your comrades are the offenders. Lord of hypocrite is your rightful name. Don’t pretend you don’t give a hoot. Laugh. My laugh is at least genuine unlike like your bitter laughter.

      • @Xuan – See you gotta keep going aye and what’s with ‘pure lily’ and ‘comrade’ what are you a poet from the Cultural Revolution era? You are too dry with your lame as comebacks. You made your replies about me and you got personal because you couldn’t provide a rebuttal and then the name calling on top of that yet I am expected to sit back and take it. Oh no sireee that is not going to happen because you can’t wait to name drop me at any given opportunity. Get with the programme for once. I meant it when I wrote play the game not the player!Go back and re read KYJ articles I was actually very fair and calm in my replies yet I got ruthlessly savaged and figure out from that how I am supposed to be 2 faced and hypocritical – your favourite buzz words of the day. Either that or you have justification in your mind to keep stalking me for perhaps another article that I called you out on when you were parading under another ID. Well anyway don’t lose sleep over it. Keep healthy and safe during these times. Ciao @ Xuan breathe in love and breathe out hate. Laters 🙂

    • @michelle
      how dare you say that kim yoo jung is a mediocre actress? KYJ is the best and not to mention the prettiest actress of her generation. IU, Suzy, Kim So Hyun, Nam Ji Hyun, Kim Hye Yon and KGEs acting are incomparable to QUEEN Kim Yoo jung. Kim Yoo jung is the Best, shes the real QUEEN.

      You better wait for her new project for its domestic viewership rating will cross 20%.

      • KYJ is not mediocre but she is not the best either. This time I am not joking. Why do people like to call a girl “Queen”? To me, the Queen is Queen Elizabeth Her Majesty. All others are FAKE.

      • @joane
        Amen sister! Yoojung is the best and haters are going to hate. All those actresses mentioned are serfs compared to queen Yoojung.

      • Surely, this Moonlight and Joane are just one person. Both are delusional. Hahahha.

        If all your statements are all true, can you show us your sources that:

        KYJ is prettier than the ladies above?

        KYJ is more popular overseas?

        Because as a fan of those girls, I can say that they are prettier and more popular than Yoo Jung.

        Yoo Jung is a limited actress. She keeps playing the same roles. That’s why her dramas are either a hit (LITM) or a miss (CWPFN). This without saying that she heavily depends on the popularity of her male leads. She can’t carry and sell a drama overseas at all. And it is a fact.

      • @saint
        What a fake. If you watched her entire filmography you would see Yoojung playing all kind of roles, so stop lying. And it’s not true, she can lead dramas on her own. Cleaning only bomb due to bad writing and not because of her performance. The first couple episodes got high ratings because of her power , so stay salty lolz

        It’s my opinion that Yoojung is prettier and more popular but you also don’t have any sources that back sohyun as more prettier and more popular. So sit your tush down. It’s only blind people who can’t appreciate talent and mistaken mediocrity as good.

      • I don’t need to watch KYJ’s filmography because one clip of acting shows how limited she is. She can’t portray various roles like KSH. That’s why K-media named KSH as the Queen of Child Actors because of her phenomenal acting abilities.

    • @ Xuan
      KSH fandom is the most toxic fandom.
      Stay salty and jealous as KYJ is the next Hallyu star. she is immensely popular both dosmetic and international She has the beauty, class, poise, brains and superb acting abilities.

      I cant wait for june, the broadcast month of her new projecr/drama Watch out haters, for this will be an enornous hit. this will be the best drama of 2020.

      • @Joane No, they’re not. I don’t see them bashing the 90s gen actresses the way KYJ fans have. Sorry, but both KSH and IU more popular than KYJ domestically and internationally. Their SNS followers and success of recent dramas say so. It’s not 2016 anymore. KYJ lastest drama even hit 1% range. What are you receipts to show she is bigger? lol

        And let’s not be delusional. Convenience Store will not be biggest drama of 2020. That is definitely going to The King Eternal Monarch. Kim Go Eun will continue her reign as 90s gen actress with biggest k-dramas.

      • @len

        Are you harping about that talentless goeun? She doesn’t have chemistry with any male actor. Look at her last movie and goblin. She would fail in chemistry class. The drama may be a hit soon but her acting isn’t a hit. Lee min Ho will be doing the most work, making up for her lack of acting. Convenience store will be one of the biggest hits in 2020 even tho not the biggest. So haters are going to have to shut up in June.

        Don’t pretend, toxic sohyun fans badmouth Queen Yoojung all the time. It’s because they know she’s the heir to shk and jjh and their jealous that their bias stardom will not last long.

      • Nobody here is hating, salty, jealous and toxic only you two. If anything, we have nothing against your “queen” except her fans.
        Have some class.

      • @Moonlight Heir to JJH and SHK??? You are too delusional haha. At her age, JJH and SHK were already pioneers of hallyu and queens of their own country without having to rely on male co-star popularity. They never had a drama record 1% range like KYJ. No one from 90s gen are their level when JJH and SHK are still the top. I’m a fan of 90s gen actresses, but I’m not delusional like yourself.

      • i agree with @moonlight yoo that the ethereal, brainy, witty, smart and stunning Kim yoo jung is the sole heir to SHK and JJH. She will be the biggest and brightest star and no one else.
        so exited and eager to see her project in June 2020. this will be a smash hit. Congrats in advance Kom yoo jung

      • @ Len
        Stop with the lies and fabrications, Yoojung doesn’t need to depend on male stars. She’s a big reason for success of moonlight and cleaning passion only did bad due to bad writing not because she’s a rating dud. Stop being jealous and making stuff up to defend mediocre iu and sohyun.

    • oh no michelle, im not blaming you-but why did you have to mention KYJ name on this post. this thread is now getting out of control.

      How i wish the discussion would focus on IU since this koalas post is about her. (wish)

      • @ jc
        I’m terribly sorry but I just got so frustrated and I lost patience sitting and watching her open her ridiculous mouth. I’m really tired of crazy yoojung fans like her. Their hypocrisy and lack of manners drove me bonkers. I couldn’t help myself :((((((

    • @len

      not being delusional, but wait until KYJ drama airs. it will be a big time hit. the biggest hit of all SBS dramas in 2020.
      Kim Go Eun? naaaaaah. i doubt her acting abilities specially in Goblin. she RUINED goblin for me. and i had to skip all the scenes that she was in and yet you are saying that she is reigning actress of her generation? LMAO. 6is this in south korea? shes just an overrated k actress.
      Kim yoo jung is the reigning best actress of her generation.

      • @joanne

        I too skipped her scenes. She felt out of place in that drama. Did she black mail the writer? Is that why she is in this drama with lee min Ho? I don’t get it. She was the weak spot in goblin

  4. I didn’t think this kind of style would suit her but her doll-like face goes very well with the 60s-style clothes (mainly the blue trousers/jacket and the black and white minidress).

    She might not be the greatest actress but she’s good, and in some roles very good. She’s in a great spot professionally, as a singer she’s the Korean public’s darling and her recent acting projects are successful and well-received too.

    • She’s currently the biggest all-around entertainer with balanced successful career in both singing and acting. It’s hard to be listed in Top 10 of Gallup and government hallyu surveys like the annual one from KOFICE in both categories, but she has. I’m so proud of her. Obviously she has much to learn in acting, but I know she is extremely passionate about it and has actually shown improvement unlike some others.

      • Thanks for the sane and sensible reply, I agree she has a lot to learn as an actress but at least she’s shown some evidence of being able to play a role well.

        Meanwhile it looks like everyone else here is drunk and stir-crazy.

  5. From my observation as a quiet reader, delulu fans tend to drop off and fall flat on their faces when the artist continues to disappoint with flop dramas. Suzy has zero fan now. KYJ has one left so far.

    • @jean

      Oh please, Yoojung has many fans. The few handful of sohyun fans just lounge around mostly on this blog or make multiple accounts. The only thing I agree with is Suzy, people who like her are crazy.

      I’m one of the more vocal Yoojung fans, and I speak for the majority. Stay jealous and stay quiet.

      • @moomlight yoo

        They’re just envious of Kim Yoo Jung They will get more jealous and envious of her when her new drama gets broadcasted in June 2020
        Expecting more haters to come, specifically fans of former Female leads (Park min young, Yoona, Nam ji hyun, Won Jin A) of her male lead in her current drama.

      • @ Joane
        It’s a given. That’s why they mad and yelling lolz

        Park min young: last three dramas proves that she can only play the same role. Current drama is bombing in ratings.
        Yoona: haven’t heard of her in forever. I hope she quit acting, because her acting is in same level as Suzy.
        Nam ji hyun: can’t stand her acting, she’s almost as bad as kim hye yoon. Her current drama is bombing in ratings.
        Won jin a: she damaged melting softly drama, she dragged jcw. Good thing jcw has a good costar now in Yoojung.

      • @moonlight yoo
        why are you dragging Yoona, PMY, kim hye yoon, won jin A. into this toxic thread. they are far better actors than your fave Kim Yoo Jung especially Kim hye yoon. You are just bitter. because Kim hye yoon is now more popular than you favorite, whats her name again?

      • @ John
        You lost any sense of credibility when you said kim hye Yoon is a better actress than Yoojung. She’s one of the worse actress out there, she turns her characters into caricature and silly people. Over-acting and over dramatic. You can’t feel sorry for her in sad scenes because it feels like a parody. Kim Hye Yoon is just flavor of the month. Even many posters here on this blog agrees, even the writer of this blog thinks she’s a bad actress.

        Drink medicine for your delusions lolz

    • Why am I jealous? I am only stating my observation. I want all to know a quiet one has been reading and really cannot keep quiet anymore. You talk too too much. I admire your courage to speak for the minority, not majority, KYJ has only one fan here.

      • I talk as much as I want. Please Yoojung has many fans here, silent majority. Sohyun fans just makes multiple of accounts here lolz most are fakes. You’re jealous because your bias can’t compare. The real Delu is you. I would be surprised if each sohyun fan has at least 3 usernames here lolz

      • @ Jean

        Drink medicine for your delusions. I’m not ginger crunch. You’re pathetic.

      • @Jean For God Sakes I am separate to Moonlight yoo and Ady and Joane what part of the English language of that don’t you blind as bat imbecile can’t read and comprehend? Far out glad that I left an impression on all these sad as readers who think that I, Ginger Crunch is parading under different aliases. For the millionth time I run solo and have no trouble in showing my love and support for Kim Yoo Jung and it’s like it’s criminal if you express admiration for her you’re immediately deemed toxic. For those of you that constantly harp on about me it’s actually worrying because I’ve been gone a few weeks yet I still make it here on the threads! Hilarious!!

      • Glad that you are back. Your imposters are not holding up the Forte as well as you did. It is a mess here. I am only a quiet reader!

      • @Jean Really after all of us who you claim are one -me alone you still can’t accept that fact. Ady is in India and I’m in NZ you know what just go google the countries and you’ll find that we thousands of miles apart as for Moonlight Yoo and Joane unsure where they are based but it seems that you are seething that there are those of us that actually defend KYJ here and I guess that’s the underlying root of your angst. @Moonlight Yoo I don’t know how many times we have to tell these Arthur’s and Martha’s we are different users. It is getting repetitive. They won’t accept it. Sigh.

    • Stay pressed while Suzy keeps getter move and drama offers than that low-class convenience store webcomic adaptation lmao. Nobody jealous of your fave KYJ who gets 1%-rated dramas. She’s indeed queen… of low ratings.

      • @ Marie

        You lost credibility if you think Suzy is a good actress. 99 percent thinks her acting is wack. It shows how bad your tastes are. Maybe stop eating sour and bitter things until your tongue tastebuds heal lolz please Suzy has lots of bombs and many think her acting is awful.

        No wonder while you were sleeping bombed. Suzy and sohyun were both in it, playing sisters. Casting Suzy wasn’t bad enough they also had to cast sohyun? Lolz In real life they are sisters of bad acting.

        Please it’s just one drama lolz and I already told you that it isn’t her fault that the writing is bad. Stay jealous and bitter Lolz

      • @marie
        it’s fascinating how you drag a drama that doesn’t even exist down to buy some credit for your bias.
        is CSSB such threat to you?!
        whats with the low class high class thing lol
        if u wanna defend your fave by bringing others down(which I consider so pathetic) at least choose a drama that has been cast already!
        all this prejudgement (sigh)

      • @ Artemis

        Leave Marie alone, you low class clown. You don’t care when moonlight Yoo is vocal with her hate for so many people but you nick pick on something small like that? You kim Yoo fans are hypocrites from earth to heaven. It reeks.

      • @Artemis I guess what some people here are saying about KYJ fans staying quiet when their toxic fan downplays others but gets all loud and sensitive when others point out FACTS (1% ratings) is true lol.

        @Moonlight No one’s jealous of convenience store, don’t worry. Idc what you think of my Suzy, it’s your right and opinion. You’re overly sensitive over MY OPINION though lol lighten up. It’s a FACT that Suzy is getting better movie and drama offers being the favorite of PHR and being casted first for Wonderland biggest blockbuster movie of next year. “Stay jealous and bitter lolz”

      • @marie
        all respects to actresses mentioned here. IM NOT a fan nor hater of any of them! so chill
        let CSSB release and then if you didnt like it, no ones gonna attack you for that. its your opinion and people have different opinions!
        dont misunderstand me here

  6. I wasn’t overly impressed by her performance in HDL, it was more about the clothes that interested me. But she did really well in My Ahjussi. She’s now shown to her detractors that she is improving her craft and choosing well her future projects. Good for her.

  7. I came here to admire the pretty pictures but i trapped with a fanwar..
    Are you guys paid to bash some celebrity or promote them?

    • To all the Fans (except IUs fans/haters- since this article is about her), you have to wait for your bias/ favorite article to come out. Dont get too excited. Wait for your fave turn

      • @ John
        Who make you king? People can talk about whoever they want whenever they want lolz

        @ joker

        You’re the malware.

  8. Guys why you hate IU?
    he doesn’t do anything to you.
    why don’t you like it?
    you don’t have to bush because you don’t do any of these actresses or K-pops if you don’t like them you just don’t have bush tsss

  9. i know the clothes he wears and the things he does in the movie hotel del luna thank you because he chose you as the CEO of Hotel del luna i miss her so much he’ll be back at the Hotel blue moon

    • @joker
      no not drunk. probably native speaker of a language that doesn’t have seperate pronouns for male and female.
      the commenter is not good enough in english so I guess blueming is using google translate or sth like that. when blueming types in her/his own language and talks about IU the tanslator couldnt identify whether IU is a he or a she in english and because of automatic selection of translators he is prefered as a pronoun to unknown name.

  10. It was michelle who ruined this thread. Ganging up on moonlight bcoz he or she has a opinion is going on for ages. Kudos to u moonlight for standing up for urself and not let bullies take u down . U r entitled to ur opinion

    • No one likes you and your fave shk is horrid at acting that’s why she’s barely in any projects although she has bern acting for a long time. Stiff face in most dramas and her movie career is non existent because most of them failed. She only has her beauty. She should be model only.

    • @chi and i dont want some random people on this blog to like me either. I am not here to please u by sugar coating ajything. I say what i feel!u r non dxistent for me to dislike u lmao
      Shk stays queen for 2 decades and will have another decade at top
      U wanna know her impact? Sk president took her in team for china talks. Ur fave will never get such chance. Beat that

      • @ adj

        Blah blah blah all I hear is whining and hypocrisy. Good thing song joong ki dumped her lolz he couldn’t stand her fake ness. Fake queens have fake followers.

        Wow that’s such an achievement. Not. You’re just upset her career is dying out rofl She hasn’t done anything since encounter. Park bo gum saved encounter. She was stiff like Botox Queen.

      • @chi she was the ine who kept her endorsements whereas joongki lost his lmao and second they can dleep or divorce anyone they want. I dont care about celebs personal lives unlike u who needs ti get laid so u could stop caring about who fck whom

        And using blah nlah wont change the fact sk president took queen DHK with him not ur faves. And she will come back with drama whenever she wants. She is in that ppsition to refuse hyena and select which show she wants to comeback with. That is queen

      • Making excuses for your fake queen. Last I heard song joong ki has 3 movies line up and a drama sequel. What does she have ? Nada. Go cry rofl

        U guys accuse song joong ki of many fake things which turned out to be untrue. Fakes and flakes

      • @cbi rofl i never bashed sjk on this blog or any site. What r u talking about? I m not idiot like u who hibk he or she wons his oppas personal live. He or she can fck anyone they want. I dont give a damn unlike u

      • @chi rofm i m not a idiot like u who thinks who knows anything about their faves personal life lmao
        And yes she evaded tax and paid for it. U r the one who will defend their oppa for murdering not me

      • There goes fake ady telling lies again. What a baby. Mommy must have forgotten to change your diaper.

        What kind of fan don’t care about personal life of the actress they like? Lies lies. Baby bottle warming up for you.

      • @chi there goes an idiot who thibks she has a say in oppas life. U remind me of those bts fan girls. And i have my life to bother about. I dont give a damn with whom they sleep!
        And third its u eho is baby who thibks she has any say in oppas life
        And 4th u need to get a hobby. Ur obsession with me is creepy. Get laid or something so that u get rid of ur entitlement in oppas life

    • @ady right it wasnt moonlight that started this fan war. she was called on into this by @michelle at first place. Im not a fan nor hater of any of actresses mentioned here but I like it how she stands for her opinion
      once a fan always a fan

      • @artemis i see he or she as passionate fan and might criticize others but these people attack him or her first n then when she replies in same tone, suddenly she or he is labelled as bad person. If attack personally what do they expect in reply lmao?

      • @artemis

        Didn’t hear a single peep from you in all the other blog posts when moonlight Yoo went on a rampage and started drama. What a whiny hypocrite. Quiet down, your mommy is telling you lights out and go back downstairs in the basement to sleep rofl

      • Ady

        You think you’re a know it all when you’re the one who stars fan wars all over the blog.

      • Ady

        You think you’re a know it all when you’re the one who stars fan wars all over the blog.

      • @ch8 btch i wasnt the one who did in this thread. If u bash my fave i eill bash back urs. Simple. I am not a hypocrite like u btch

      • You were mess queen in most topic posts in this blog. Come at me!

        You are bitter I tell truth that shk is nothing without good male leads. Most people gave credit for encounter to park bo gum rofl go cry. Boo hoo.

      • @chi
        cause im not KYJs fan
        im a JCW fan. go seek his articles and youll find me there.I show up when you mention his name or his projects

      • @chi who r most people? Bunch of pressed haters like u lmao. U dont count in grand scheme of thing and crying? Lmao why would i? All my faves has biggest projects lmaoo. Shk rejected hyena. She is that ppwerful Its u who is crying inside

      • @ady
        exactlllly they call on her and then blame her for what she didnt even started!UNFAIR!

      • @ Artemis

        Whatever you say. You’re a toxic jcw fan. I don’t care what fan you are, you’re just toxic. Go marry fellow toxic ady and toxic moonlight Yoo

      • @ ady Who cares if she rejects hyena. That wasn’t a big project anyways. It doesn’t make her unique for turning down projects, most actors turn down stuff too. You lose boo Hoo.

        You can marry fellow Artemis and moonlight Yoo.

      • And i never defend it. She paid fine for that action so ur point? Unlike u who defend their oppa if the mirder someone i dont defend wrong actions!

      • @ ady

        Please you pomp up shk likes she’s the best human in the world when she gets into scandals and dates people who are known not to be good in the industry. Keep eating lies. It’s good you finally accept that she has flaws. Boo hoo

      • @chi r u shaming women for dating? Pathetic mentality lmao
        And third i dont defend my faves wrong doing. Unlike u who will defend oppa for any crime. Difference bwteen mindset!
        And nope she is human with human faults. I dont care about peoples personal life unlike u!

      • And you’re basing this off of what? What groundless accusations. Unlike shk, song joong ki was never in a scandal. She rich but she greedy and try to keep more money for herself. Shows what kind of heart she has. If song joong ki does bad, I will disown him unlike you still embracing tax scandal queen.

        Faker don’t pretend you don’t care about personal life of shk and other people. Bad toddler. Lying is wrong.

      • @chi everyone wants money. Wht is ur fave in this business then lmao?
        She did wrong and paid double the fine. Fair punishment
        And nope u r oppa fangirl who will defend anythjng.two people divorced but u slt shamed her . U slg shamed her for dating many men. That is pathetic. Women r not slaves to ur standards. We can date anyone or fck anyone we want. U r not paying their bills. Slt shaming is pathetic

      • You’re a ding dong for saying the same lies about me over and over again. It shows that your heart is as black as shk. No wonder you’re her fan. Makes absolute sense.

        I never slg shamed her, never said women is Slave. Never said any of your lies.

        You are a slave to your lies. And that’s the truth.

      • @chi calling shk black hearted and ur oppa is innocent angel? U oppa fangirl r disgusting. I might bash suzy but i dont call her black hearted or anything.
        But u sjk fans r disgusting who shame women when ur oppa is the one who tried ti defame her

    • @cgi it is i who needs ti get a hooby if u get inetersted in actors perosnal life. Its none of my business whom they r riding or fckng. I have my life to bother about.
      And i have notjing to prove to u lmao who thinks she has a say in her oppas life. Reminds me of those idols fans

      • @ady

        Liar liar pants on fire. Most blogs talk about personal life of actors on this website and you comment on many. Fake fake.

      • I never commenetdd on sjk and even i never comment on jy faves dating life. Its u who is lying
        I know u r obsessed like an idol fangirl who thibks she owns her fave life and shame women for dating. U r creepy
        And i have nothing to prove to u. I m bored. Try something new. U repeat same thing. Lame

      • Liars only deflect and deflect.

        Shk must be real happy to have a lying fan like you rofl Her acting is as bad as your lying. So horrible

      • @chi after slt shaming and showing ageism u cant even stand on ur words. U r really a big time hypocrite. Oppa isnt going to give anything inside u. He is busy with models or others. Get over it

      • If you can keep saying the same lies about me I can keep bringing up her tax fraud. So cry.

        Now you’re making lies about song joong ki. Liar is too weak of a word for you.

      • Rofl keep doing it. I dont bash him fir his personal life. And fact remains u slt shamed her for her choices. U r ageist fat pig.

      • You lie again, you made false scenarios about song joong ki because you’re upset that there is real dirt on shk and therefore you’re unable to argue back properly because he’s clean at the moment. So sad. So the only thing you can do is lie. Better a pig than a liar.

      • @chi firat i never defended her tax evasion and she paid double the price? So ur point?
        Second i said u r going to defend everythjng for ur oppa if he or she ever do something. U r one of those fangirls which is truth
        Third u made slt shaming comments on her u r just a disgustinf pig.
        U feel entitlted in ur oppas life. U r noone for him lmao

      • Whatever song joong ki cares for me as much as shk cares for you. Which is none for the both of us.
        So cry. Your comments are so juvenile and unprocessed.

        Go and have a love line with shk. You act too clingy and act like a wannabe suitor.

      • @chi i never said she cares for me but i dont act like entitled hormonal fangirl who acts like she has any say in oppas life u r acting like one passing ur oppa as some sort of an agmngel fhat jow evil shk treated him bad etc. U slt shamed her fir her choices.
        U r the one who is acti g like a brat

      • But you do act like an entitled fan. You accuse me then I accuse you back with same accusation. Shk will never love you.

        You lie and you try to shame song joong ki with falsehoods. I can shame shk because she actually done bad things like being greedy.

      • @rofk u started this and then putting t on me? U started blamong her for divorce shamed her and i gave u what u asked for. Ur oppa is jot some angel who does nothing wrong. U r a pig who blame women for everything. Divorce between two adults is none of our business but if u gonna shame her, then ur oppa will be shamed too
        Being money minxed isnt evil. Fhen ask ur oppa to stop acting if he doesnt want millions for himself

      • So silly, where’s the proof song joong ki did bad things? At least there’s proof that shk did bad things like tax fraud.

        Wow you’re really lost rofl you don’t even understand the proverb, the root of all evil is money. Sad.
        She’s the one who steals money unlike him. She greedy for money although she’s already rich. She only pay back so that she can salvage her career. He’s rich but he didn’t commit tax fraud.

      • @chipig dont twist words. She evaded tax and paid double the amount. So it is solved?
        U act like ur fave doesnt want momey. Why is he in acting then not some company? He love his millions equally. Remember how he greedh became after dots signing every cheap cf deal. Thay is one hell of a greed

      • That is a whopper of a lie.

        At least he makes his money honestly unlike her who steals and cheat the government.

        Her career would had been over if she didn’t pay the fine.

      • @chupig if and what diesnt coints. She paid the fine and did the right thing. Ur oppa is as greedy as any other celeb. Thanks goodness his eyes must be on her assets when they divorced. He wanted her real estate thankfully her lawyers did better!

      • There you go again with your lies like him eyeing her assets. Proof? None. That’s all you can do is lie. She’s a proven thief. He’s not. He’s greedy because he makes lots of money? So lame trying to find faults on him.

        She steals money, he earns money legally. What a loooooseeer

      • Did the right thing? You made her sound like a model citizen.

        She shouldn’t had stolen money in the first place and second she wants to protect her career. Duhhhh

      • @chi shea earns money legally too amd paid the fine. U r boring n lame for same thing
        Lmao she is way rich tha hin. I guys can shame her dor her dating and spread rumors but got hurt when teuth is thrown at ue face.
        Ir oppa is the one whot brands not her. That is what industry think about ur oppa

      • She paid her due and that is what ciunts. Double the money. She is not perfect nor is anyone.
        Ur oppa is not some angel either. He is the one wjo lost his deals. That is what they thibk of him lmaooo

      • And i love syj too. All my faves r winning. Using blah blah not gonna change fact how.president toom her in team. My faves stays winnig. I have nothing to be jealous of lmaolo

      • She is face of biggest high end cosmetic brand. Ur faves will necer get that lmaoooo

      • @ ady
        That’s good, I hope she gets more and more endorsements so it will take away her time from doing dramas/movies since she is a horrendous actress. She’s a good cf model but a bad actress.

      • @chi ur opinion doesnt matters. She will come back with another high profile drama and will start third decade at top.
        Bigger the brand bigger the star power. So u lose there!

      • @ ady I see you’re losing brain cells. Drugs are bad for you. What a delusion. You need help rofl

      • @chi that is ur comeback. It is lame. She is biggest brand’s face. That shows her standing
        Truth hurts and u will keep crying when she cimes with another nug project lmaoo
        Atleast i m not taking hormonal oppa fangirl drug

      • I don’t care about brands. Stop shoving that in my face. Her male leads carry her, not her plain acting skills. Delulu ahjumma get treatment or therapy. Most of her projects, the male leads gets most of the credit. She just grabs in coat tails.

      • @chi rofl you dint care abour brands will not change the fact that top bramds go to top actors! Facts doesnt care about ur feelings and lmao sure

        Not gonna change the fact that these actors wanted to work with queen from sjk to pbg to even lmh wo wants to work with queen. So nope she is that queen. Truth hurts!

      • Yawn. Blah blah blah

        It’s because she’s popular not because her acting is good. Just like Suzy. Duh they want to work with her to gain popularity. It’s call smart career move. Also it allows them to shine working besides a horrid actress. The worse the actress, the more they shine. Brilliant.

    • And she paid for it and it was well deserved punishment. I m not going to defend my faves blindly unlike u who thinks her oppa is more than perfect and even if he beats a woman or kill one u will blame the woman not oppa. Difference lmao
      And i r lame with samr comeback. Atleast try somrthing new. U r boring

      • When song joong does those things I’ll drop him unlike you who still embraces greedy shk. Keep crying and lying. That’s all you’re good at. Hypocrite .

      • @chi no u will never u r delusional hormonal oppa fangirk. U slt shamed shk for her dating. Showed ur mentality. I never bashed them for divorce bcoz it is none of my business. She did wrong and paid for it. And yes u wilk dgeend ur oppa. Oppa is ur life as u dont have a bf in ur life. So u see oppa as ur husband

      • “Hormonal”oppa girl? Wow wow baby trying to fight by starting with a fib? Shame.

        Well she dated many people who has play-boy reputation. So hmmmmmmm. Follow the bread crumbs gretal.

        Ending your paragraphs with lies about me. Not surprised at all. I caught you making lies about not caring about personal life of actors when you comment on almost every blog post here. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

      • I comment on bad acting of people and bash them. But i dont bring their personal lives. U r the one who is lying. And yes h r hormonal oppa fan girl
        She dates playboys so what? She isnt answerable to u or anyone.
        U r so mad that 2 people divorced but u keep shaming her . That shows how u r obsessed with ur oppas life
        Pathetic mindest

      • @ady

        Lying is not good for your skin. You’ll look like 100 at age 40. You comment not just bad acting but also on looks and on behaviors. I read so many of your comments. Hypocrite flake.

        So what if she dates play boys? See you’re the one who will defend her no matter what. Bad ahjumma.

      • @chi i m of suzy’s age btw but if you thibk using old age as some sort of mockery. U proved u r just pathetic ageist btch nothing else!

        Looks is part of their profession. Ur point? I dont comment on who they fck or not btch!

        And u will be the one who will abuse women for dating men. Bad hormonal fangirl. U will nevee get ur oppas dck anyways.

      • Ahjumma you act like a toddler but nag like old gossip women. You could pass for a preteen with your behaviors rofl

        Reading skills is bad. I said when you are 40 you’ll look like 100. Did I say you’re around 40 at the moment? Wow you must be in primary school, can’t read well.

        See you just admit you’re a liar, that you comment more than just acting skills. Finally a little honesty. Good job ahjumma keep going.

        Your last paragraph. As expected from a preteen ahjumma rofl

      • @chi u r just a ageist sexist pig who uses such words to insult people her3 and slt shame women.
        Lying? If u act like a product endorser ur looks will be judged. How is it lying lmaooo
        And i know who u r hypocrite. Atleast develop guts to come with real id

        And shaming womem for aging and seleeping around. U r just a oig. Ur oppa is not going to give his tool inside u. Lmao

      • Ady

        Majority of people here on the website knows you’re a drama queen and a liar. Im blunt and telling you this. I’m not afraid of telling it to your face that you’re a 2 face bug that needs a time-out and a ten year shower to clean your mind and tongue of filth.

        You’re the one going r rated , so it shows how classless you are. Ahjumma preteen, it’s time for nap, you’re cranky due to lack of sleep rofl,

      • @chi u think u did something here lmao. Atleasg i dont need fake id to make sexist and agesit commenymts. Hypocritical btch
        And i said people can think anything they want. I will ppst mh opinions.
        U cant bully mr idiot. I can handle likes of u easily

      • I never made such comments but as expected from a tax evasion fake queen fan. When people can’t argue back properly, they can only lie. That’s you in a nut shell, liarrrrr.

      • Jeez u r liar like ur fave. Aftwr slt shaming her atleast stand on ur own words fat pig. Disgusting oppa fan girl

    • Rofl says the one who slt shamed her for dating and tax thing is repetitive as j never defended it oppa fangirl! Si not gonna work!
      U r lame like ur fave

      • You’re defending her by still being her fan although she committed a huge crime. Hypocrite.

      • @chi i dont defend her wrong doing and she paid for it.
        U r slt shaming her for dating and shows ageism. U r nothing more than a fat pig

      • When did I shame her for age? What a liar.
        I shame her for dating certain bad people.

        That’s the best comeback? A fat pig? You’re sounding more and more like a 5 year old. Your brain needs deep washing.

      • U slt shamed her and made ageist comments here.
        Jeez fat pig u r lame. I m bored seriously. Lame

      • Not true not true. When did I say that she is a loose women who sleeps around? Never. You’re a liar. However, I did say that she dated bad people. Go back to school and improve your reading skills.

        Ageist comments? Where? Another lie.

        That’s all you’re good at. You’re upset because I catch you lying so you just keep doing it because you’re a little baby who can’t admit they’re wrong. What a shame.

      • And she married one too i guess if she dates bad people right?
        Yes it is shaming and twisting it not gonna change it. Why it concerns u whoever she dates? More than half of population in world lives miserable lives bcoz of wrong choices. Shamkng them for it is disgusting and oigs like u who thibks she has a say in oppas life r creeps
        And yes u made ageist comments here
        And shame is u think u can billy me but i m not the one who takes anyones crap. I eat u like dinner

      • Please he’s the clean one in the relationship. She got tired of good boys and prefer bad boys, that’s one of reasons relationship fell apart.

        Blah blah blah all I hear is the sound of a little baby trying to speak their first words. You can’t eat me, you have no teeth, not even baby teeth rofl.

      • @chi rofl she made bad choices like marrying one. I dont judge voth for divorce but if u gonna pass her as evil and ur oppa as some sort of an angel then well ur oppa is the one wjo lost all of his cfs and pds inteoduced clauses in contracts.
        How it concerns u whoever she dates.
        Get over ur entitlement. U dont have any say in ur oppas life

      • Rofl nice fabrication . Making theories of her dating ch8nese sponsor etc to shame her. U oppa fangirls can stoop to any level to shame women just bcoz they divorced

      • Yeah she made a bad choice marrying. She’s not ready for any marriage.

        At least he has a bright acting career and can actually act unlike her blowfish stiff acting.

      • Where did Chinese sponsor came from? So random. I never even mention it. What a low life. You need therapy ASAP.

      • Hahaha lying again. I never shamed her for being divorced. I did say that she’s at fault.

        You should be ashamed for lying and exaggerating the truth.

      • @chipig u said she gets bored of gpod bpy and fall for bad boys to shame her. And now u act innocent. I said u r one of those to make rumors about her like u did here.
        And yes we saw how his last drama fared and what a big budget disaster it was lmaoo

      • How is she at fault? Why u think ur oppa is some innocent angel? Why pass a judgement on her? And think ur oppa has no fault in it? That shows ur pug mentality

      • Oh sure moral queen wannabe.

        If it’s such a bomb why are they making season 2?
        I’ll pay for dry cleaning for your brain rofl

      • He’s the one who went to court with divorce papers first. She didn’t comment after he told her not to lie or he will reveal what really happened. So she stay silent.

      • @chi divorcing reason can be anything. They must not be happy with each other. Maybe he got bored ? How u pass it as fact where u put all blame on shk? It takes two to tango. Your misogyny is apparent here.she was the one who removed ring and he was the one who tried damage control. So looks like she wanted it First. Its better to divorce than staying in unhapoy marriage. Dont out blame on her wihout any proof. Fingers can be pokbted at ur dead oppa too

      • That’s the only good thing you shk fans are good at, pointing fingers and making lies. Most rumors were proven false against him. Shk fans accuse him of having affairs and all sorts of things. But nope, he’s clean.

      • @chi i didnt make any claim about his affair begore u made this cheap comment that how she got bored of ur good oppa and like bad boys. How did j make such cheap claim without any proof? Dont shame women if u dont like it same for ur oppa. We all know what cheap rumors sjk fans made about her.

      • We already know she’s guilty by default when she stayed silent. And she has a history of wrong doing, so it’s better to trust someone with clean slate than a thief.

      • @chi she stayed silent because she has grace unlike her ex who tried to defame her. But in the end he lost endorsements not her in a countey where misogynistic people like u r apoarent. So yeah we all can see who won and lost. S

      • Your logic is so bad. It’s because people started to make lies about him during that time but over time it was proven false. Her grace? If she was so graceful and so kind, she wouldn’t had stolen money.

        His acting projects are rolling in big money. She can have her endorsements and act less. The world doesn’t need her on screen with her shoddy acting.

      • @choi u shaming her for dating is logical but actual logical result happening isnt? In the end u guys tried to spread rumors around her and they are truth for u. But your innocent oppa is an angel
        And world doesnt care for j. She has millions of fans all over asia to wait for her drama and pds know that

  11. @chi
    its not about ady or moonlight
    if people attack you here and call on you then blame you for what you say I wouldve been there to say the same words for you if I were online
    im saying fair words here and I announce Im not taking side of any specific commenter here
    it was yesterday or day before ady and I had disagreement about KGE. so what?! doent mean we have to kill each other for that. I may diagree you here and then like your opinion on another article!CHILL

    • You have never done that in the past when moonlight Yoo and ady started going wild and initiated the wars and started attacking people left and right. So stop being a fake gentleman. No one needs that. She may not started this time but she is going all wild here and started dragging a million of other actresses. So that’s that.

      • I will criticise whom i find bad. I dont need ur permission. Funny cmng from u who is bashing women for dating here
        And u dont own this blog to ordwe other people around.

      • @ady no one wants you as moral police. You cant tell difference from right to left.

        No one is bashing women dating. I’m bashing “one” lady. Shk. She deserves it hehehe

      • @chi i m not moral policing oppa hormonal fangirl like u.
        And yes slt shaming shows ur pathetic mindset. I will never change urs mindset bcoz u r too much into my oppa is my life thing.

      • @ ady

        Improve reading skills cause I only shame her for dating people with bad reputation not s… shaming. Lying again and again. You’re friends with Pinocchio ? Sad. Bad ahjumma

      • @chi funny if u r using that as an insult. So u were slt shaming and now u r ageist too. Terrible mindset. Pathetic mentality will never be changed. U think women should be slaves. Its 2020 not 1820. Move on

        And yes u slt shamed. Twist all u want!

      • Nope. That’s your words. Lie lie. Your nose must be longer than the Eiffel Tower.

        What a try hard. Making a bunch of fake accusations. Fake. Jealousy and bitterness does not look good on you.

      • Jealousy of whom? Lmao.my faves careers r doing fantastic

        And truth is u r just a pig eho sly shamed women for dating. U r ageist pig nothing else

        U thibk ur oppa is so innocent and eceryone is evil. Oppa isnt interested in u

      • @ ady

        What a delu, you’re just upset that her acting career is slowing down. And jealous that her acting is not as good as others.

        Lying is all yours good at. At least song joong ki is more innocent than shk. Money is the root of all evil rofl

      • @chi exposing ur pig mentality isnt lying rofl
        K do what i do from one id and have stdong opinion
        But u r just a diagusting creepy pig who insult women for living their life on own terms!
        U r just a hypocrite nothing else

      • Living their life on their own terms?
        Dating bad people and committing tax fraud is living their own life? What low standards you have.

        If I have a pig mentality, you have the mentality of a rock. Nothing, just solid nothing rofl.

      • @chi dating bad people and marryinf one is none of ur cocnern
        And she oaid for tax thing. Lmmao u repeat same thing iver n over
        U shamed her for her choices. Ur oppa life is none of ur business

      • It’s none of your business what is someone concern or not concern. Hypocrite, don’t pretend you don’t care about people private life. Your behavior here proves otherwise.

      • @chihypocrite pig i gave u ur won dose of medicine. If u gonna shame her for her dating and divorce, theb ur fave isnt going to be spared either.

  12. cause im new here
    i found the blog when i was looking for JCW news.my first comment there.
    so I have no idea about fan wars here before
    not interested in being in fan wars being called on into fan wars or any of that.
    so I hope we have better time with each other on other articles next time

  13. The comments section here seriously needs to be shut down temporarily. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, including Koala’s. Too much free time on hand due the stay-home notices.

    Stay healthy everyone!

    • I kind of agree lol….this comment section became deranged because people are now stir-crazy, it’s fanwars left and right now but at least IU is a topic of discussion ?

      • IU fans barely on this site because we know some people here are overly fanwar-thirsty and delusional. It’s pointless to engage. We stick to our twitter bubble.

  14. One of the exes cheated on his pregnant wife and the other two are close to JDG and JJM..not saying they’re guilty of anything..but I’m glad she has nothing to do with them anymore. Lol

  15. One of the exes cheated on his pregnant wife and the other two are close to JDG and JJM..not saying they’re guilty of anything..but I’m glad SHK has nothing to do with them anymore. Lol

  16. @Chi SJK applied but SHK suggested the divorce first. Months prior to the announcement. They agreed to get divorced but he went behind her back when she was out of the country. Regarding the cheating rumors, you do realise he can always take a legal action, don’t you? At least SHK had the guts to proceed with a legal action against those who slandered her. Even the Youtuber who accused her of having a sponsor retracted his statement. What’s funny is the same trash Youtuber is currently facing an allegation. Lol

    Oppa is clean and innocent? JDG also looked like a loving husband and father. Guess what happened to him.

    • And before you accuse SHK of being greedy, her accountant made a mistake with her tax so when she realized about it, she paid everything including the penalty. She took full responsibility and apologized. Not once was she trying to deny. She paid before the issue was reported. Why would she risk her career for a few millions? The money she could afford not to have. She’s been spending millions on donations. The guidebooks alone costed her over 1 mil US dollars. Greed and SHK should never be written in the same sentence. A greedy person wouldn’t have let go of a drama payment, a greedy person won’t be selective with her acting projects and CFs and a greedy person certainly wouldn’t have rejected CF contracts due to her principles.

      • Go read the Chinese articles and korean articles that are even posted on this site about many rich celebs not paying taxes. Lame excuses.

      • I don’t have to. SHK paid the penalty, admitted her mistake and suffered the consequences. The moment she was notified, she paid everything. And that happened a couple of years before it hit the news.

      • That’s a lie. They reveal they were investigating her in the news. She got caught twice , in different years. So she had to pay 2 different fines.

        If she didn’t pay the fine, she would had lost her career.

      • You should be embracing that wisdom yourself. Hypocrite defending thief and ego-inflated bad actress. Go find common sense, pray hard.

      • My common sense is fine tho. Why is it bothering you that SHK has fans to defend her? I’ve been her fan for so many years..do you think I won’t know that she’s not perfect. She’s aware of that too.

    • One more thing, Chi..SHK is at a level where she has the luxury of rejecting offers. She can afford to take a long hiatus in between her projects. She’s an S-tier actress, remember? Some SJK fans always shade her for not doing anything but they forgot..after DOTS, she also took a long break. It’s not unusual. Her fans know that.

      • Please many rich celebs all over the world got in trouble for tax evasion. They arrogant to think they are so famous and powerful that they think they can get away with it. Shk is greedy and arrogant.

      • Lol obviously SHK didn’t think she could get away with it. She had no intention to. Hence why she paid everything as soon as she got notified.

        Well if SHK is greedy and arrogant, that means your oppa, SJK didn’t really have ‘good eyes’ for women then. But his interviews prior to the divorce seemed to suggest otherwise. All those praises about her personality. ?‍♂️

      • Well obviously she paid because she didn’t want more bad publicity. She even dared to blame her accountant. And it happened twice. Every rich celeb who got in trouble for taxes always blame others. Pathetic. Liars and thieves.

        People in love tend to ignore the faults of other people. That’s real life. He made bad decision.

      • Lol plz she blamed herself for her ‘ignorance’ and took full responsibility. But of course you won’t consider all these coz they don’t fit your narrative.

        His fans have always bragged about him being smart. I thought someone as smart wouldn’t let his heart take control of his brain. Lol

      • What a crock of bs. For someone who takes full responsibility, why she mention her accountant? And she only did so when she got caught red-handed.

        She’s shifting the blame but in sweet words. Read between the lines.

        You’re a airhead. People are smart and not smart in different ways. Your argument has so much leaks and desperate.

        What a desperate liar. Liar and pathetic like your fake queen.

      • Are you incapable of having a rational argument? This name-calling is so lame you know. I feel like I’m talking to a kid instead which is not that fun. I mean I don’t wanna be seen as a bully.

      • You’re just upset that I present common sense arguments unlike you going in circles and trying to defend her unethical actions.

        You are a bully by lying and looking down on song joong ki for choosing a bad partner. He can’t change or control her.

  17. Congratulations to IU for winning the most comments in KP in 2020 ? Why is @Chi so colorful? I am enjoying all those new icons. Virus is getting into the brains. Keep drinking. Cheers!

      • @jez practice makes perfect. @ady being running loose on this website for a long time. She needs to be shamed and humbled hahahaha I’m not letting her get away with her nonsense any longer.

      • @chi u think u dis something here. Btch i can handle likes of u anyday but koalas put limit to posts. Lmaoo u r the one who is barking like a crybaby btch here. U cant stop me having an opinion and i will keep sharing.
        Rofl u r the one who got annoyed like a btch. So keep using new ids lmaooo

  18. Joker must be so happy because he/she has finally found a friend here.
    Btw have you replied to my comment in the other article?

      • Oh yeah. Well it depends what defines being a Noona. JDY is 1992, SHK 1981, YEH 1984. I thought over 10 years age difference would definitely be considered a Noona or may even be an Ahjumma. Less than 10 years I have my reservation. But if you think YEH is a Noona, fine, I won’t spill my beer arguing with you. I won’t date a woman 10 years older but 8 years & pretty I may consider. Again this is only my opinion. Do not generalize a joker’s preference to create a fan war.

      • What kind of logical argument is that? Older than 10 is noons but 8 year and less is pretty? Lolz, how about JJH will be acting with PSJ in the next drama? Why don’t you say JJH is Noona to PSJ?
        Oh well, of course you back up with “my opinion” ? How about why don’t you bravely just admit you are SHK hater just like @ Chi above.
        At least she is honest to herself and bashing, slamming SHK with all the energy she has.

      • @ ta

        Well shk deserves the dislikes and those defending her are really desperate. They can’t stand knowing that they are supporting a tainted queen. Time to knock the shk fans a couple pegs after boasting to the world how amazing she is so often in this website when in reality she’s a bad actress who is only talented in modeling and cfs. She can’t carry a single drama on her own.

      • @Chi: nah, there are a lot of SHK haters on this site, so no worries you will be able to gain some comrades if you stay long enough.
        You reminded me of another SHK anti fan but it’s been a long time I haven’t seen her lurking around. Lolzz
        And of course what does it mean by fans? Lolz fans means they will always praise, support and boast how wonderful and amazing their bias are just like how you always praise for SJK for his greatness, kindness and gentlemen.

      • @ ta

        If you support a corrupt person, it paints a strong picture of what kind of person you are. Most wonderful if there are more shk haters here, there are more sane people than I thought on this website.

        At least song joong ki for the time being haven’t been caught in scandals. And if he did, I can drop him unlike you people who defend her like no tomorrow. It’s sad and pathetic.

      • People makes mistake and they pay their due. No need to bring the past and condemn them for the past mistakes. Ain’t nobody saint.
        You can drop SJK if he did something bad, that’s your decisions. It’s also their SHK fan to stay and support her.
        It’s like their are PYC fan and KHJ fans who still support them. Well they have their reasons.
        We have no rights to judge them.

      • Stop parroting ady and nad

        If she was seriously repenting, she wouldn’t blame her accountant and got in trouble twice for her tax problems. Repenting doesn’t mean you should blame others for your mistakes.

        If everyone is human then why you people like nad, ady, moonlight, and yourself get so negative toward other actors. Hypocrites. Go forgive everyone and never say bad things about anyone ever again. But no y’all hypocrites and y’all pick and choose. Selective and partial 24/7.

      • @Chi And you’re not a troublemaker? At least I don’t go around mentioning SHK at every chance I get. Lol

      • okay okay girls listen!! My definition of Noona may be different from you girls. I won’t date you with a hundred mile pole. I have NO LOGIC at all. Good Luck in your dating life. Geez!!!! I have told you all not to generalize my opinion. @Ta – Don’t quote me. You go find someone nice. @Nad – good luck. @Chi – you are crazy. Keeping changing your emails. Loser!!

      • @ joker
        You can call me crazy, I’m crazy for justice and revenge.

        But loser, no no. Go focus on the real losers. I’m using fire to fire back at those who think they’re mighty and know it all. Leave me alone.

      • @ nad

        Why I bring up shk? It’s called fomo. Why do people like moonlight Yoo and ady get to have all the fun trashing many actresses in every topic post on this website? That’s not fun or fair lollll I’m returning the flame to their precious favorites rofl.

      • @Chi – SERIOUSLY, I was NOT talking with you. I don’t know where you come from and I don’t care. You gals are crazy flies who come from nowhere. Good luck to your boring life!

      • @Chi Tit for tat, huh? I’m sure they have other favs but of course SHK has to be your main target.
        Well, all the best Chi. I think I’ll just stop now. The name-calling..lol I’m way too matured for this. I said what I had to say. If you can’t accept it, there’s nothing I can do.

      • @chi u think u did something? Lmaool. A crybaby like u can do nothing to stop me
        I can handle the likes of u easily. U r nothing but lame and boring.

      • Rodl forgiveness ? Says the one who slt shamed a woman for dating.
        And i bash and dont act holier than thou like u. U cant stop me crybaby pig!

      • @Joker, you don’t have to explain to me, of course, a kid sometimes gets confused with their emotions, I understand.

  19. @ Chi: oh tran, you’re right. No one can carry drama on her/his own. Who would be so distasteful, disgraceful to make such a bold claims that drama can be carried by one actresss/ one actor alone? Right? ???

    • @ ta

      Thank you for agreeing with me, now go share your wisdom to those people like ady and moonlight.

      Although no actor can technically carry a drama on their own. Certain actors can drag down their partners and limit the potential of good quality scripts and directing and acting from good actors. If shk was replaced in dramas like encounter, the shows would had been better.

      • Exhibit A: hypocrites and liars

        Loud when others attack their favorite but quiet like a mouse when their comrades attack others.

        Juvenile and pathetic.

  20. I read both of your comments; when did I talk bad about other actors? You get eaten up by your own hatre and think everyone is a hater.
    Hypocrite and liars. Nah, I thought you better than this. I overestimated you. Sorry. My bad

      • @ ta

        Your wish just came true. You made it way too easy. On the park seo Joon article you’re against him getting cast in the drama with jjh. You basically said, “ not him again…” the drama isn’t even coming out next year. Hypocrite. You’re the one who put foot in your mouth.

        What a hater. There you go evidence of your bs and hate and lies.

      • @ ta

        I see you don’t even try after getting caught with your gaffe. Man up and apologize for your exaggeration. There are very few posters who don’t hate on others actors on this website, and you’re definitely not one of those innocents. This is just only a small sample. I was just lucky to run into that comment since it’s on a recent post. Like I said before, I’m not going to look at the archives and waste my time.

    • Lolz, keeps being delusional and hatre to yourself, Unless finding some evidence me talking bad about other actors, then you are nothing but a crazy delusion keeps accusing people.

      • I’m not going to waste time sifting through old articles. I clearly remembered. Unlike you, I have a life. Get help.

      • Just found evidence above. It’s going to be interesting how you spin this. Go cry and vomit out more junk. What a fake.

    • why should i stan her? Kim yoo jung is prettier and successful than her. at 20, KyJ has already acconplished a lot.

      KJY has a pure image too.

      • like what? lol IU at 20 already won daesangs as a soloist, CFs in the double digits, and listed Top 3 in Forbes Korea. Stick to hyping your girl instead of being petty on an article not even about her.

    • @ crayon

      IU is a bad actress. Stay jealous and bitter. Yoojung can act circles around her. IU should just focus on singing only.

      • maybe do something productive instead of telling everyone they’re jealous over and over on this site. sorry to break it you, but we’re not. lol

      • @crayon that’s why I have to keep repeating it because you guys are delulu and needs repetition because you slow as molasses.

  21. koala must temporarily ditch its comment section. i see same IDs/ names commenting in almost all recent articles in Koala. no ptoblem with that, BUT most of their comments are Off topis /off subject. Some are even using degrading words just to prove their point.

    this is just my twi cents

  22. @ ginger crunch, ady, moonlight

    Three of the most toxic users on this website. Triple axel of evil. Supreme lords of hypocrite universe! Three fat babies

    It’s both sad and somewhat funny to see grown women act so distasteful and so juvenile.

    • @rofl u r the one to talk who spammed whole post with your toxicity lmao

      Atleast we dont act like a hypocritical btch like u

      And i will keep posting so u will get more bu*thurt. Your meltdowns are hilarious

    • @Chi Wise up! I don’t swear in my posts and I don’t roll other actresses to prove a point so there you go another one using ‘Lords of hypcrite’ along with your @Xuan. Funny you two use the same lingo. Pot calling the kettle black. Far out ‘3 fat babies’ how the and why call us that? I dunno what the reference is all about. Or are you calling us cute?

      We support Kim Yoo Jung and have our own style of reply but it’s unfortunate that you name call yet you don’t see yourself in the same light. I’m not a toxic user an opinionated and staunch one at that but I’m not toxic just because you disgree with what I have to say. Learn to differentiate before you make an accusation like that.

  23. Goodness, this site has become sooooo toxic! It used to be a place of relatively intelligent conversation, but over the past few months the level of discourse here has downgraded. Now it’s devolved into this! Smh!!! Can it get any worse?

  24. There has been a lot of swearing/ name calling on the comments section in almost every koalas blogpost. I’m new to Kdrama land. just started watching in Nov 2019 so im pretty shocked to read all the toxic comments. im just statinv my observation. peace!

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