Production for School 2020 Ultimately Falls Through Weeks After Leading Lady Switch

Guess karma caught up to the production team of KBS drama School 2020, with so much tumult this ultimately isn’t a surprise. K-ent is reporting that the production for upcoming School 2020 has fallen through, which means the drama as we’ve heard won’t be made. Starring male lead Kim Yo Han, transitioning quickly from idol winner of Produce X 101 to rookie actor, the drama first signed Ahn Seo Hyun as the female lead before dropping her and courting Kim Sae Ron. The female lead switch was a he said/she said for why it didn’t work out with both sides pointing fingers at the other but long story short this was probably for the best. KBS drama look to reboot its School franchise another year with an entirely fresh new beginning.


Production for School 2020 Ultimately Falls Through Weeks After Leading Lady Switch — 15 Comments

  1. Definitely for the best, that production team should be avoided and black-listed at all cost. Kim Sae Ron and Kim Yohan should avoid this unreliable group of people. Poor Kim Yohan and Ahn Seo Hyun, they both spent at least a year preparing for this role 🙁

  2. @ Ma

    I second that. i guess the decision not to continue with School 2020 would be the best for everyone , at the moment, specially with the teenage girl.

    they are still young and im pretty sure that there will receive casting offers in the nearest future.

  3. Hahaha.. as expected haters will bring KYJ name in this article. Such a dedicated hater.

    Lols. They even bring bts and blackpink, they know exactly how to kill KYJ’s image. Im not a fan of KYJ, but i really feel bad for her.

    I hope to see Kim Saeron in another good drama. Fighting.

  4. What’s the point of bringing up SYJ and CLOY? Absolutely inappropriate. Hahaha. Why just bring something from YJ which is comparable to So Hyun like her latest CWPFN drama in 2019 and SH’s TTON also in 2019? Lol!

    Further,IG following is a criteria of international fame. It is one of the basis why many celebrities are paid for because of large of following. You just can’t present any reliable basis on measuring hallyu popularity.

    Furthermore, YJ has currently 3 brands she is endorsing. So, stop bragging as if YJ has more than 10 brand deals. Lol!

    Finally, eventhough LITM had higher ratings than SH’s dramas, it is only popular domestically. LA is a bigger international hit than LITM. Not to mention, the memorable School 2015 and LFG. That’s why SH is hallyu queen of her gen.

  5. uh its not even funny anymore.
    first it was just KSH
    then comparing KYJ to LMH which was nonsense.
    then we have what?KYJ better than JJH,SHK,BTS and black pink?
    I just see them as “hi im a KYJ hater,glad to meet you”
    you enjoy ruining plps image for others?serioisly why?

  6. I was actually thinking KYJs comparison with LMH was the craziest
    you suprised me with bts and bp, I dont think anything can ever top this sick joke

  7. lmao they also credited her for moon embracing the sun success discrediting kim soo hyun and hangain. Also dong yi like han hyo joo doesnt exist lmaoo. Nationwide moonlight rating is 23% not 26% btw!

    • @ady
      yep I saw. as I told u in JCWs recent article thery are trying to ruin KYJs image and fandom reputation like this.
      by provoking other fandoms.anyway..
      even covid19 isnt that mean!!!

      • I like KYJ but I’m going to bookmark all those braggings that this convenience store drama with Ji Chang Wook of all people, is going to cross 20, 30 percent and other such claims. Let’s see what these “fans” say when the actual ratings come out.

        As for School franchise, the best one by far is School 2013. I honestly prefer it when high school dramas don’t shove in a romance, like S2013 or Solomon’s Perjury (really good drama btw).

      • @royal We
        dont bother dear. They are not even fans. Just trying to play with other users nerve.
        So whatever happens to that drama they probably wont show up. Or maybe will and blame pd,story,etc.
        I hope best of things happen to this drama but im not wandering around bragging about its ratings. I just hope it ends up to sth I and others enjoy watching.

      • @artemis good thing. We all want out faves to be successful but i am not even making 30% prediction for king. Even my love from star missed 30% mark. It is very tough thing especially todau. Last year camellia and fiery priest 2 biggest hits on public channels peaked at 22 and 23%.
        So better to keep expectations real

      • @ady i see ur point here.
        30% at this time may not even happen once in a blue moon.
        Better to stick to reality as u said.

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