jTBC Weekend Drama The World of the Married Breaks 20% AGB Nationwide Ratings in Episode 8

Now it’s just a matter of how high can it go, as jTBC Fri-Sat drama The World of the Married crossed over the impressive and vaunted 20% ratings mark on its episode 8 with 8 more episodes to go. Sky Castle, the current network and cable ratings leader didn’t break 20% until episode 18 and holds the crown at over 23% ratings for its final episode. I have to give viewers props for watching this drama not because it isn’t good because by all accounts the acting is fantastic and the writing/directing is top notch. My blood pressure goes up just seeing drama stills, I want to bitch slap the mistress chick and cut the man parts off the cheating husband, and honestly no character seems decent anymore in this drama and it’s all about one-upping each other without anyone just apologizing for fucking up and asking to just move on. Argh, marriage shenanigans are the worst because it hits so close to home and unlike thrillers, horror, and fantasy elements can happen to anyone.


jTBC Weekend Drama The World of the Married Breaks 20% AGB Nationwide Ratings in Episode 8 — 42 Comments

  1. Yayy, I am so happy that veteran actors are winning… you need acting and script to be tight. Look at Kim Hee Ae, Kim Hye Soo…they are all giving stellar performance and/or ratings hit….Kim So Hyung is doing great in Nobody Knows, Kim Sun Ah continues to hard carry dramas, Kim Hee Seon has her drama with Joo Won coming….so many Kim’s all doing great….I think people are more picky about dramas these days, you can’t put a bandaid on acting and sell pretty faces anymore. Can’t wait for Lee Bo Young and Yoo Ji Tae’s dramas to air…Also koala Hospital Playlist is breaking double digits with an upward trend in ratings each week so another show to look out for.

  2. This is the best korean drama that i have ever seen. I stopped watching CLOY in episode 1, i am not interest to continue it. But world of married is really make me addictive to it.

  3. Once i completed episode 6, i felt huge discouragement to continue and went to read about the ending of Dr Foster season 2. Upon reading it, i had zero motivation left and decided to drop this World of Marriage drama. Dont the korean viewes search for the original as well? Because i really cant understand how anyone can still continue watching such a show even how well-made it is.. Dont you feel mad and stressful watching it? In contrast to you Koala, I dont feel relatable to the story at all. Its designed to be so dramatic that its illogical.

    • It is very stressful drama and i know how i keep pausing it time to time. But it is just very well made and i can’t skip even a single scene. Cast is just amazing. I think we need to watch some hard hitting works time to time

    • Actually starting from episode 7, the Korean plot drifts away from the British one. Though there are some subplots that are kept, the whole story is heading to a different stage… Which makes sense because many things that the FL does or the characters around in the original version would never happen in Korean society.

      Also Doctor Foster ended on a cliffhanger so it’s legit impossible to know how ‘The World of the Married’ will end.

      • @Candyheart thank you for this info, I was wondering if there were going to be differences from the original.

    • I only just started the drama, not sure if I can continue but I don’t think adaptations need to always follow the original plot exactly, I think certain aspects can deviate.

    • This drama has taken off on its own the past two episodes. Season 2 of DF was different. While I won’t be surprised on the ending being similar, the Koreans are adapting well with their elaboration on families & cultural background. The directing is great and acting of all casts are top notch. It is stressful watching but it is the whole premises of this drama which make it so entertaining. Drama does not need to be logical, it is not a reality show.

  4. Kim hee ae already have amazing career, han so hee is already having huge hype in korea and landing cf deals. But it is male lead i am happy bcoz he was supporting hero for years and this drama opens new doors for him as leading man

    • I just knew him from Arthdal and he was my fave character in Arthdal, that’s why im kinda reluctant to watch this drama but im so happy for the male lead. Chukae ajjussi.

      It’s about time they’ll get more recognitions.

      • Holy sh-t that’s the same guy who played Mubaek in Arthdal Chronicles?!

        I’m impressed by the range even if I want to poison his TWOM character lol

  5. It’s a well made drama but my heart is on fluffy mode,

    I legit rewatch put your head in my shoulder after this drama.

  6. It deserves the high ratings and praise.

    When you watch it, you feel like everyone is giving their best and not holding anything back. Even the director isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

  7. Have to say she’s going about it all WRONG though – AGREE with her son about how humiliating it is, the way his Mom is handling this.

    It’s embarassing charging into this party trying to grab your son.
    Your son walked there of his own free will – he was NOT kidnapped.
    Give him some freedom and space to make his own choice … even IF you feel he is coerced. At that – his dad raised him, that counts for something (even if Ex is a douchebag).

    Her parenting style will ironically push her son away. NOT to mention create psychological issues – stemming from HER too.

    The high speed car reaction too – OMG, as a divorced mom who has gone through the challenges of an uncooperative spouse (esp during Seperation) and then also with his 2nd wife … I was so shaking my head.

    • I dont agree on how Sunwoo handles the divorce things and how she takes care her son’s issue (she got to chill a little bit or make the matter worst), but I like it because it makes her character has flaws. It humanizes the character. I think some of people facing divorce, act the way she does, but it is okay. It is okay to be imperfect, we’re working out from that.?

    • It is amazing but if only you can handle hard hitting dramas
      It leaves me feel like tensed bcz u will feel like u r in the room whenever confrontations happen in show . I dont know how many times i paused to get relaxed lol

    • I havent watched it yet.. but just saw some clips and got my blood pressure went up. Lols. I’ll wait once this drama ends. I need to take care of my immune first cuz covid19 is still around. Watching this drama will give me more headache lol.

  8. I am watching World of the Marriage even I know it’s stressful. LOL

    The tension and and the behaviour of every person in WOTM awes me. Everyone cheating their spouse and lying behind their friend back. I am also divorced and single parents, so it’s make me heartbreaking seeing Junyoung get dragged into his parents shit.
    Just let the kid alone.
    I might feel heartache for Sunwoo because her Ex-husband cheating. But she kind also have a mental issue, she sleep with her friend husband. And she crack down everytime she seeing her ex with currently wifey.
    Why can’t everyone just move on and live properly.

    But hey, this just drama.
    Kudos anyway for all actress and actor for their drama high ratings, surely they acts really well, and this not another idols drama which is good. ?

  9. This drama is a psychological thriller and really go into the darkness of human mind. I was really stressed watching this, esp the first 6 episodes, and was even reluctant to continue at one point. Acting is excellent, same for the cinematography and directing. But I thot they could have dialled down the orchestra music bit though I know some viewers like it. It was a bit overly used after awhile. I actually read the synopsis of Dr Foster just so I can prepare myself before watching next episodes cuz I couldn’t stand the tension – it even made me a bit depressed. But ep 7 & 8 started to digress a bit from Dr Foster and you can see more kdrama/ korean culture being built in more. I actually liked ep 7 & 8 more. I think this drama will become #1 ratings by next week. It’s not a genre everyone will like, but it’s well-made and also have a very fresh take on the impact of infidelity between married couples, esp in Korea. I think a lot of married couples in Korea might relate to the emotions that the characters go through, esp the wife, son and mistress. I hope the men will take note cuz they are usually the ones who stray and cause havoc for their wife and family.

  10. This drama is a monstrous hit not only in korea but also out of korea. I have never saw this much hype for drama of this genre.

    • The way it’s spreading by word of mouth actually reminds me of Sky Castle, only this is even more intense (I only saw 1 ep but wanted to slap so many people, meanwhile in Sky Castle I was just like wtf @all the adults).

  11. it’s seriously so good. but i think i’m going to wait until it finishes airing because i’m too stressed to see the husband rich and winning in the most recent eps.

  12. When you watched these drama.All you feel is anger because of the husband and the mistress.People can relate because of married life.People also are curious if what can you do if this will happen to in your married life.Some are curious what if,what if.That’s why many watch it because people can relate.But if you want to add another stress in your life and you dont have strong emotion better stay away from this drama.Anywayz its a good drama coz you can really learn from it.

  13. Highly highly recommend this drama.. At first I was skeptical since I was never a fan of extramarital dramas and I thought this would prob go like any other dramas with the same subject matter (e.g. VIP, etc) but I was proven wrong, totally 200% wrong.. It’s been awhile since I am so blown away by a kdrama.. Can’t even rmb the last time even and I wasn’t even this excited over Kim Eun Sook dramas lol

    • Kim Eun Sook dramas are big hype and look cool but not really much plot tbh. But this definitely looks exciting even if I think it’s too much BP rising for me!

  14. I watched just one episode and my blood pressure is already boiling….how are you guys doing it?? this type of drama isn’t my style at all normally but it’s really good, the only issue is if I can handle feeling so frustrated at the husband lol.

  15. More amazing moments will come especially during 5th and 6 th episodr. Watch it!
    And bcoz maybe i am single thats why i can digest?????

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