Suzy Radiant in All Black at Lancome Skincare Event in Seoul

The way to wear all black, including with long sleeves and turtleneck and long skirt, is by being young hahaha. Seriously, the older ladies get the harder it is to pull this darkness off without being vampy and looking like Elvira. Suzy has youth and gobs of it on her side and looks wonderfully radiant and fresh at a Lancome event even with the all black. Her lily white complexion paired with gradient red lips and an effortlessly chic low pony brings the look alive rather than looking dead. Less is more and when she’s born with a lot more in terms of beautiful looks and a great physique she’s a winning CF model for the brand to shill it’s youth serum for sure.


Suzy Radiant in All Black at Lancome Skincare Event in Seoul — 113 Comments

      • Your comment made me laugh ! Haha
        I was so surprised to read a positive word of Suzy coming from you. For one moment I thought that someone had hacked your pseudonym haha

      • I liked the styling lol. and lipstick shade to be honest. but when i looked at her face, it horrified me as nightmare with nose hair sticking out

      • @ady – awww come on, she doesn’t look bad here. Her looks are her main point anyway, the lipstick shade is pretty and I see no nose hair.

        I have no problem with her as a cf model, it’s only as an actress that she sucks.

      • @ ady
        Seek help. your obsession for your not so king (the king who cannot act) is turning you into a something else.

      • Ur obsession with king is hilarious. Ur insecurity after seeing topping worldwide ranking is bothering u bcoz ur queen is 1% rating D lister. Joonr wanna watch her act

    • @jaone u r the one to talk. King already made 30% profit pre airing and is double digit debut. Smashing worldwide
      U should worry about ur D list fave whose limit id 1% . Remember lmaoo. Noone wanna watch her act at all

  1. After years of media hype, I wonder why she can’t topbill a drama without a popular co-star/s. Can’t she carry a drama in her own name. Or maybe Koreans are after brilliant acting after all. She should be a established actress by now.

    • Give her time….she hasn’t been an actress that long….idol and cf yes…but actress not a lot of projects to hone her craft yet

      • She is actr3ss for 10 years and cant carry a project on her own. If you are making excuses after ten years then yes she is just flowerpot needing men for hits

      • “Give her time”

        What, MORE time after 9 years since acting debut and 8-10 acting projects already?

        “She hasn’t been an actress that long” ??? how many excuses do you guys come up with for her? She’s pretty and by all accounts a nice person but she can’t act, even with a scriptwriter who tailors drama roles specially for her.

      • @royal most idol fans do that. ur fave gets everything on platter whereas actors have to earn it by playing smaller roles over the years and then also expect to not to criticize

      • Actually she was on top in doctors honey in your infos beside don’t drag other actresses in not related articles

      • KRW top billed Doctors which is why they changed the name of the drama. They rewrote the narrative after he joined.

      • Gorgeous and Beautiful our Suzy as usual. Her poularity sets a high benchmark for her peers.She just keeps doing it…beautiful?

      • Popularity for being a showpiece lol. Benchmark? No A list actress want to be flowerpot or mere decoration lmaoo

      • @JJ- Please check the billing on Flower Boy Next Door, I think you will find your statement is wrong.

      • JJ. R u a PSH hater and a Suzy stan? Why bring PSH in this post. Why?? Your intention is obvious and very disgusting. Stay with the Topic.

    • She’s the most popular 90s actress. She doesn’t ride on anyone’s popularity unlike some others her age. Not her fault that she gets the best offers with the best co-stars.

      • Y’all find whatever reason to badmouth Suzy and then praise the likes of KGE, Yoona, IU, PSH when none of them can top-bill their projects lmao. Suzy is the most awarded among them and the most popular both domestically and internationally. Stay pressed.

      • Rofl working in multi cast movies and playing flowerpot roles in lee byung hun movies r not best projects lmaoo.
        She doesnt even have most cf deals.
        She is jot kosy pppular of 90s gen unless ur popularity is endorsements bcoz i can tell many actresses with better offers. 6 star movies not gonna cut it

      • @Marie

        Your statement is the biggest ever lie I ever heard. Lol! You must have a hard face to say those things.

      • lol Marie, all of those women you mentioned are ahead of her now. those are the facts, not delusions.

      • @Marie Yoona has more awards than all the women you mentioned combined including Suzy. Stop with your blatant lies.

      • Agree 13 million instagram followers..She wont be too worried about a few dillusinal haters ?

      • lol Marie, full of statements opposite to reality as usual.

        Park Shin Hye and Kim Go Eun have both been female leads in Kim Eun Sook dramas (the biggest scriptwriter in Korea, with the biggest hit dramas) that scored high ratings. IU is a bigger name/more popular than the male leads of both her last two dramas.

        Meanwhile, what were the ratings of the great Suzy’s last drama again?

      • @royalwe suzy’s so called hit which her fans boast about, while were you sleeping, only averaged 8.3% on sbs back in 2017 and they call it hit drama lol. And we all know her last drama’s tragic rating as well

      • To be fair, KGE has not proved herself beyond Kim Eun-sook’s dramas. I am starting to think she only accepts KES’s dramas as she cannot land a hit drama if it does not have KES’s name attached to it. It’s just like how Suzy only does PHR’s dramas because its the only way her acting would be called decent.

      • Cheese in the trap was a hit drama for cable dramas back then when those were great ratings for cable drama and created a lot of buzz. Kim go eun stole the show there and won baeksang award for it

      • @Daisy – Kim Go Eun was widely praised for her debut in Eungyo, and also for her first drama, Cheese in the Trap which was a hit on tvN in 2016.

        She might be best known for the KES dramas now but she would never have got an offer for Goblin at all if she hadn’t already proved herself as a lead actress first.

      • Kim Go Eun won The Best TV New actress award for CITT meanwhile Suzy also won one Baeksang for WYWS.But her award was for the POPULAR award categories which is voted by fans and not critics. Other award holders are SHK(autumn in my heart,DOTS), PSH(Heartstrings,heirs),Yoona,Krystal,IU(My mister),Yoo Jung.So if the dramas are popular ,it is not difficult to get one popularity award.

    • Rihanna right. Many 90s gen girls r ahead now. Kim tae ri is number one withour any doubt. Kim go eun gets movies all d time where she has something to do rather than being showpiece. And best dramas whenever she comes back. Yoona is already ahead in movie land. Even iu. Kim dami is alr3ady movie darling and npe top drama debut too.
      She doesnt ecen have cf deals like before which was her only thing.
      Dont know why some delusion think thay she is ahead when she is just acvepting all showpiece roles to save her sinking ship

    • just like LMH can’t carry a project without big names to back up. At least his flowerpot ex gets invited to chungmuro.

      • He did a movie and won all awards. He went to army and accepted a drama which ur fave can never land lmaoooo. ANd he said after this drama he gonna do movies and he will do main lead roles u know. Not just decoration like ur darling. she gets invited bcoz they pds know she will accept anything , she is that despo. He is not despo like her to do useless roles lmao
        And he carries his projects. His project has already made profit and debuted in double digit, topping netflix worldwide and will only rise
        whereas worry abut ur darling whose next drama looks tragedy after last one, even lee seung gi helping her, was a tragedy/with no news of sequel anymore.

      • aww slt shaming woman when ur fave was the one who warmed his bed? that is ur level .

  2. Suzy is very pretty here! Is this from the same event where her shadow became viral?
    If I could only put the all black ensemble without looking like a witch lol!

  3. She often wears this combination turtle neck/long skirt and it really do suits her, surely thanks to her height, white skin and face.
    Her face is quite unique, especially her eyes. in my opinion, she doesn’t have the best body : flat ass, no 8/hour glass silhouette, no chest.
    She has a special aura. But it’s not enough to make her a convincing actress.

      • Yes I know but these past few years, I’ve noticed a change. Koreans seem more and more sensible to curves (well really thin curves lol), I mean hour glass silhouette. It doesn’t necessary mean having big chest and big butt, but just a more feminine silhouette, with a small waist and defined hips. There are a lot of polls about this subject now (who has the best figure/thinnest waist).
        I think that Suzy is only a face.

  4. She and LMH are match made from heaven,both are good-looking and have perfect propotion but have boring acting,just good to look at,like flowerpot,i think if she’s the FL in his current drama,maybe the rating will be better because ppl will be curious how the real chemistry of them is lol

    • Not really, Korean viewers really frown on casting unmarried couples or exes together in dramas, they see it as unprofessional and ‘mixing business with pleasure’.

      I mean, look at the reactions to rumours of Hyun Bin/Son Ye Jin in CLOY or Park Seo Joon/Park Min Young in Secretary Kim. These are all popular actors in their 30s and still getting flak for dating rumours on a drama set.

      • Koreans usually don’t prefer couples working together in a project. They think stars are milking money as well as enjoying their time. This appears very scandalous to them. Whereas in my country,it is totally opposite.Producers like to bank in the real life chemistry and generate tonnes of money meanwhile casting them in multiple projects. Hope the scenario changes in SK soon. I don’t know about their real life equations but I badly want to see HB and SYJ together onscreen again. Their chemistry was incomparable.

    • LMh is main role. what r u even talking about? he is main focus of every project unlike woozie who takes every show piece role and please her megahit drama wwys averaged single digit. she is ratings poison
      and king ratings average is double digit which woozie is incapable of

      • Your level of hate for Suzy is disgusting. Why bother commenting so much on the person you hate instead of focusing on someone you like/love. Trying to drag someone down so hard wont make you happier. At the end of the day thats what we all want in life. To be happy. So please.. Ignore the person you hate n focus on the ones that you like.

      • @iris i will do wjatever i feel lime. Its not my fault plastic doll cant act. Hope she learn some acting bcoz she ruins everything
        And keep ur preaching to urself

      • I am not a Suzy fan but you and people like you are idiots. You wait with bated breath for someone to mention Suzy just so you can hate. Something is seriously wrong with you all.

      • Rodl she is public figure who uses her looks for career. That is part of being a model. ur looks being judged. modelling is shallow business and she is selling the product to customer. Dont be a model if u cant handle comments and u r a fan who is pissed that goddess is getting bashed

      • JJ. Do not call people an idiot if you don’t know any better. You are clearly putting your foot in your mouth here. Your ignorance shows. You can express your likes same as others expressing their dislikes.

      • @mary thanks. I keep it to actors n these fans get personal with me first . I dont start personal attacks but if fans gonna do it, i will do it worse

      • Where did she get surgery and Botox ?
        I’m curious but I can’t find anything about it. Do you have any information ? I already asked you last time but you didn’t answer.

      • There is no proof for anything. I see changes over the years. Most idols get it esoecially jyp and sm. U can checn her old pics

      • Buddy i can just imagine how absolutely hideous you must be to be to overcompensate for yojr jealousy by hating on random korean women day in and day out. Get some help. You truly need it.

      • @xprex i never boast but u r confusing ur uglieself with me. I am a natural beauty who worked in music videos, and only once participared in university contest and won easily. U remind me of those jealous women i have faced in my life time to time. I never needed attention bcoz it comes automatically to me.
        U must be so ugliee that u need ps from woozie’s doctor so u can become next plastic monster

    • she’s a Suzy obsessed lee min hoe, who’s still mad her oppar dated “woozie”. She feels better by bashing her up at every opportunity and call those who don’t share her opinion woozie fans.

      • Rofl u r surely her fan creepy lowlife creature and lmh can warm anyone’s bed. I dont care about his personal life at all .
        And yes u r her fan. Always get pressed when someone bash ur untalented idol actress
        I just find her untalented golden spoon served on platter bcoz jyp gave her a career which she never earned

      • I have way wonderful life creepy creature. U shoud worry about not catching crona as u r actually a whoree big time! you might suck a crona one who knows!

      • And I wish you will stay safe at home because I wouldn’t wish a possibly deadly virus on anyone.

      • Dont twist words! U called me hoe and all i said u r one big whoree so take care that u dont suck crona one. For ur safety. Dont put ur narrative here

      • And secondly doesnt matters anyhow. If u go low blow with me u deserve same type of replies. I dont care what u think here! U slt shamed me. U will be given worse in return

      • I think it just cannot possibly get worse if you wish someone to get sick like that. So I won’t ever wish you that.

      • Na i didnt. Twisting the words not gonna work with me
        Second when u started slt shaming me. U crossed the limit. And when limits r crossed, i cross mine too and i dont care

      • @ady

        You are so jealous and obsessed of suzy. Get over it. Lolz. you are one delusional fan.

      • @joane i have nthng to be jealous of plastic mannequin. But i will give hee that she is not 1% rating disaster D lister like ur fave lmao

  5. I must say the 80s gen actresses were at another level be it from acting or beauty standard.For example ,I would like to cite some Baeksang Best TV actress awardees who achieved it when they were in their early or mid twenties.
    1. Moon Geung Young-21 yo(Painter of the wind)
    2.Yoon Eun Hye-23 yo(Coffee prince)
    3. Han Hyo Joo-23 yo(Dong Yi)
    4.Son Ye Jin-24 yo(Alone in love)
    5. Ha ji won-25 yo,she was not from 80s though(What happened in Bali)
    Many veteran actresses Such as Kim Hee Ae and Kim Hye Soo have won it multiple times. I may miss some from older generations and there are many other actresses who did some great acting but I mentioned these as they were able to prove their acting mettle at such a tender age. These awards were given by critics that includes dramas from all stations whereas the popularity awards are voted by fans.So if a drama is popular then it is likely that their leads will get higher votes and win the popularity award.Some of these actresses are still doing well while some are not but one cant deny their acting prowess.
    Meanwhile I dont see that kind of spark from 90 gen actresses.They need to work hard so that they could be projected more than a pretty face. However late 90s kids such as So hyun and Yoo Jung are still young and they have enough time to shine and excel.

  6. I dont see the acting spark in the 90 gen actresses as opposed to the 80s ones. For example, Baeksang best tv actress awards.
    1.Moon Geung Young -21 years(Painter of the wind)
    2.Yoon Eun Hye-23 yo(Coffee prince)
    3.Han Hyo Joo-23yo(Dong Yi)
    4.Son Ye Jin-24 yo(Alone in Love)
    5.Ha Ji won-25 yo though she was not from 80a batch (What happened in Bali)

    • Many veteran actresses such as Kim Hye Soo and Kim Hee Ae won this award multiple times. While there are other actresses who did great but I mentioned these because they proved their acting mettle at such an young age. Some of these are still doing great while some are not but no one can doubt their acting prowess.

      • Also these awards were given by critics and included dramas from all stations. Baeksang is like kind of Golden Globe for Korea.Whereas popularity awards are voted by fans so if a drama is famous or has high ratings then it is likely that the leads will surely claim the popularity award .90s actresses need to work hard to prove that they are more than a pretty face.However late 90s kids such as So Hyun and Yoo Jung are still very young and have enough time to show their talent and shine. A true actor’s calibre should be afterall judged by his/her work and not only by the visuals.

      • Baeksang is lke the golden Globe of Korea. The above category awards are given by Critics. Whereas popularity awards are voted by fans so if a drama is famous with high ratings then it is likely that the leds gonna win the popular award.90 gen actresses need to work hard to show that they are more than just a pretty face.After all an actor should be foremostly acknowledged for his acting and not only visuals.

    • i wonder what happened to moon geung young. she had hit movies, dramas and was cf queen even before she hit her 20s. and she could act
      Yoon eun hye will always be best idol turned actress. Coffee prince alone>> and she faced the serious hate like getting her eyes damaged by idol fans

      • yeah Moon Geun Young was so talented ever since she was a child actress and even as an adult actor she was great.Painter of the wind was immensely popular and loved by the critics as well.My first Korean movie was “My Little Bride” and MGY slayed it. She was so pretty in it and great acting.The movie is still close to my heart.I read somewhere ,not sure though that she was dealing with some physical or mental issue

      • Didnt know that she was an idol before.I was thinking that idol turned actors are not good at acting as we see in many 90 gen actresses. So this is not the reason I guess. There may be other factors as to why they cant act properly.

      • she was the real victim of hate. she got so much hate during those years . Yoon eun hye history is very sad

  7. Something is really wrong with koala. My comments disappear and when I again post it,the other one also appears making it repititive??

  8. Suzy is not a good actress period but we should stay away from dissecting her physical features even if she’s a public figure. Before a celebrity, she’s a human with feelings. We can be critical on acting because people can improve on their craft, we can be critical on their clothing style because they can change their outfits but we shouldn’t be critical on their physical features because although they can change it through procedure, it’s not healthy and it’s expensive. But if they do alter through procedure, good for them. Whatever make them feel confident.

    Truthfully, she looks good here. Physically and her style are great.

    • Disagree. If she is not taking product endorsement and only doing acting i would have agreed. the day she start taking endorsements for skin care, to preach women about what makeup we should use to look beautiful, skin care they should use, clothes etc. she put herself as product to be judged bcoz she is selling product using face and body. If an actor takes product endorsement telling people how to look good using makeup, then why won’t they be judged? that is con of CF deal

      • I guess I see where you’re coming from but we could be more tactical with our words and say that she doesn’t look good with the product on her. We can say the product and her are not suitable.

      • If you are selling a product as natural beauty but filled with botox and fillers, when idols r known as walking plastics, then people have right to judge the person because they are spending huge amount on expensive products . Customer reviews can be harsh or good. That is part of business

      • That’s makes sense but is it a fact that she used Botox and fillers? If it’s undeniably true then I will agree more strongly with you.

      • @laura no celeb will ever accept if they have ps. I see subtle changes over the years . That is how retouching is done time to time.
        And i understand u think differently. we all see things different way

      • Haha okay, I guess we will have to agree to disagree. I don’t want to use something against someone unless there’s concrete evidence in my hands.

    • Fair comment. But if the model is selling a serum which is not cheap, I think consumers are entitled to dissect the model’s look to see if the product is effective. SK is full of decent by altering looks (including skin) by PS and Botox. I am not pointing only at Suzy but just a general comment of product reliability to achieve a non-wrinkle look. This is quality testing that any laundry detergent or hand soap has to pass, isn’t it? Same with skin product. If Botox is the reason, then why is she selling a serum? Go sell Botox instead, or just the red lipstick, or the nice earrings (which I will like to buy).

      • @maryanne
        I also see where you’re coming from. Products are expensive. I believe we can say the product doesn’t look good on her rather than focalize on her physical body.

        I may be in the dark but had it been 100 percent proven that she had work done? Did she admit it?

      • I don’t know and I cannot tell from the pictures. I will buy the serum if someone other than Suzy is selling it. Why would a 25 y.o. need to use Serum? Waste of money in my opinion. Do people have too much money these days or what? What is her clientele for selling this serum? Not for those over 40 I hope…

      • I’m poorer than a church mouse haha but I guess everyone has an expensive hobby where they indulge. Some people like to spend a lot of money on food, or golfing, or clothes. So I guess there are some that like to splurge on beauty products hahaha

      • I mean over 40 buying a product sold by an 25 yo is deceiving. Look into the mirror and know what is right. I remind myself everyday not to spend excess money to go back in time.

    • Agree, suzy is not a good actress, but insulting someone physical is too cruel. She is an actress judge her as an actress.

      • She is a model here so it is only reasonable to judge by her physical look. Nothing different from commenting on a mannequin in window displays. It is only an insult if her character is being bashed.

      • Insulting someone character is so much better, you can insult every criminal in this world. But bashing someone physical is not right. No one commenting a mannequin lmao, people judging the product not the mannequin.

      • She decided to sell a product as splesperson. She uses her face to tell women that they should buy this expensive serum so theh can look good loke her. If she is puttinf out her as product her looks will be judged. She is using her physical to sell product. That is part of modelling. So no cruel

  9. That’s what marketers like to do, advertise beauty products to convince consumers that their product will make them youthful like a 25 years old hahahaha
    Trust me, the older women I know like my aunties believe in this nonsense LOL

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