Second Episode of The King: Eternal Monarch Remains Consistent in Ratings of 8.4% and 11.6%

It’s episode 2 time for SBS Fri-Sat night drama The King: Eternal Monarch, and there are ever only three ways a second episode could go: up, same, or down. I thought The King would increase in ratings but it stayed basically the same with second episode ratings of 8.4% and 11.6% in half episode increments. I found the world building messy and not properly explained in the first episode, this was a story that needed more exposition and normally I eschew that because I can extrapolate well enough. But the drama does both travel between universes and time travel which are different fantasy conceits and doesn’t explain either one properly other than through a historical artifact of a cut in half flute. It’s also annoying that the baddie ran into the alternate universe versions of his extended family and then killed them all within minutes, that’s just lazy writing. But still, I love me a wild expansive drama and this one promises it, I just have to put my analytical brain away and enjoy the pretty I guess.


Second Episode of The King: Eternal Monarch Remains Consistent in Ratings of 8.4% and 11.6% — 162 Comments

  1. Everything with this show is meh. Cast has zero screen presence, no catchy ost to hype the scenes, bland excuetion, no chemistry, and weak direction. The first epi itself got mixed reviews second epi was equally boring.

    • Its a very different kind of drama and i believe as each episode goes by the suspense will be really exciting …8.4% to 11 6% was even better than Goblin that managed a 6% in the first few episodes to start with n later it picked up fast n please remember this is the same writer who wrote Goblin . So a drama hit is not far off . I have full confidence it will turn out to be sonething out of this world Goblin was

      • Biggest hit of 2019 fiery priest did same number for episode 2.
        Heirs stayed in lowers tens for sometime and hit 20% later and became a blockbuster. King is doing amazing debuting double digit for the weeknd.
        Double digit debut is good lol
        And peaked at 14.7% at one point. Good thing is second half increased very well
        It was top at advertising slot.
        It will picl up the heat by 3 or 4 weeks when story paces up n plot is set. Dont bother about haters
        @wanderers keep hating. It will do amazing

    • True…..Hahhaha…One of the crappiest intro in k drama i hve ever watched..No matter how much Lee Min Ho want to improve his acting…,Kim Eun Suk always give a boring drama to him and make him looks like a stick actor..#Flop

      • Rofl double digit is amazing start on public channels. It already made profit , peaked at nearly 15% and topped advertising slot. it will only rise!

  2. That is great numbers for the second episode. It’s a good start nonetheless. This is just the first 2 episode which was expected and usually they rise slowly

      • it’s a delusion to imply tbat being on netflix affects the domestic viewership rating of TKEM. When the Camellia blooms, CLOY and IC were also on Netflix.

      • ic started with lower than 5% and cloy with 6%. they all are in same ball range. so u think those were less successful ? lmao double digit debut is amazing but expected from u maria aka joane

      • you can’t seriously compare 6% on tvn with 8.4% for the first part on sbs, please stop embarrassing yourself.

      • And you have to take whole episode not just one part. Then i can take peak rating of 14.7% for proposal scene as well if we r gonna use parts. Average is double digit for both episodes. Topped advertising slot. so yes its very good debut. Double digit average debut is never considered bad expect for haters like u. but ur fave had single digit average for debut weeknd. That is bad

    • It is on par with fiery priest which was biggest hit of 2019. It was top 2 in korean netfkix. Top of many asian countries., top 3 in african, top 10 in mexico and india where k dramas r niche. It is already a blockbuster

  3. The king has satisfying numbers for the local market despite clearly being on every single platform worldwide and who watches TV nowadays. All the youths have netflix around the world and the same with SK. It drops the same time for them. I reckon they will rather catch it on Netflix SK library

    • I was thinking the same who even watches TV nowadays. Most youths have Netflix as it’s available Instant espeically in SK

    • Funny because IC, CLOY, etc. were also on Netflix but had much better local TV ratings despite being cable dramas lol

      • Agree CLOY’s achievements are phenomenal both locally and in Netflix. CLOY ranked 4th among tv series across all streams even after having aired two months ago. That list has the likes of Money Heist, Elite,Ozark , Stranger Things etc. Also read an article in THE WASHINGTON POST two days ago which suggested tv series to watch during this pandemic. And for the rom-com section they recommended CLOY. It was the only kdrama in the entire list. The list didn’t consist of only recent shows cause for other genres, even decade old shows were recommended. Major papers across the Globe were posting positive articles about it . Just like Parasite became CLOY has become immensely popular with the western audience.

        I wanted to watch The King too,but now I m having second thoughts. Still LMH is famous and a bankable actor so I will give it a try.

      • What r u even talking about? King averaged double digit and peaked at 14.7%. Topped advertising slot. Ic n cloy did well but they werent double digits in first week.
        Second it is number 2 in netflix korea as well as numbee ine throughout asia. Even top 10 in mexico and top 3 in nigeria. It is huge already

      • IC,CLOY were cable dramas ,so even if they were in single digits,it was still considered a good performance. Regarding the King, yeah it premiered at double digit and it is a good thing being aired in a public channel at prime time. If it maintains its momentum and manages to increase the ratings linearly with each episode just like CLOY or IC then for sure the ratings can easily surpass the 20 pc mark. Cable dramas should be multiplied by a factor of 2 before comparing with a public channel. The top 10 rankings in Netflix was started in mid Feb,just after CLOY ended but still it is going good after months and competing against famous english US tv shows across all platforms.And sure LMH is a Hallyu star and it is already given that his drama will trend in Asia and Korea while airing. If the story is gripping enough then it can surely fit into CLOY’S shoes by competing with other international shows.

      • I know cable dramas multiplied by 2. So king is on par with ic and cloy they r in same ball park.
        I m just finding it funny people using it to discredit king.king second half had 11.6% already anf its peak was 14.7%. So it doing well already.
        Internationally it is already huge fron ther very start. Cloy took time but king started already dominating overseas

    • I am relieved that the numbers are good locally but it’s quality is above any imaginative numbers. It’s geninuely a great series that is enjoyable.

      I recall watching You 2 season couple of months ago and after Delilah died I had some rough withdrawals as she was my favourite character on the show. How can I ever get over that sexiness on the screen. But hopefully The King can slowly bring me back to tv in generally. Haven’t watched anything since You 2.

      As the movie industry is basically down currently and we are in lockdown it’s nice to have someone like LMH come along in this period of time.

      forgive me for my irrelevant off-topic rant I truly loved the The King: Eternal Monarch as it has some interesting elements and premise that is screaming explore my universe I am full of mysteries

  4. Episode 2 was even much better than episode 1. It was a pleasant watch and high production value. I enjoyed all the characters and the premise

    • My exact sentiments. I share mostly the same opinion. It got even better even tho the first episode begin very strong but the second episode it just got even better.

      I wanna find how they will connect the timelines and the multiverse which is a quite intriguing aspect of the drama aside from it’s lavished cinematography and scale. It was a pleasant surprise overall that it had all the elements come together nicely in order to meet it’s high expectations which it more than enough did. I am usually picky and hard to satisfy but this really did it’s intended surprise on me. This makes me also wanna check out other works of KES and see if this is a one of thing of her work or not.

      LMH is quite a subtle actor himself and did the handsome prince justice and the same goes to the cop female lead as things stand we get intersting clashes of personalities..

      Its a pleasant combination of several things that makes it overall charming and intriguing at the same time. Can’t wait for the next weeks episode as there is many questions that need answers

  5. Okay. I won’t lie I am loving the time-travel narrative in this one and there seems to also be some superpowers involved as well. Next week can’t come faster for the the king’s 3rd episode

    • Pretty much this. I loved the show entirely while having low expectations going into it. I was thinking okay entertain me. I was testing the waters sort of but than it happened. It started with a bang in the first episode and it grew on me further as the episodes continued in the second episode.

      Another character I found great was the male cop partner of KGE. He was a great cast addition in my opinion. The dialogues seems to be interesting with less histornics. They kept the dialogues short and meaningful and trying to be more real life as possible with the dialogues. I love the fact that it’s doing it’s own thing of experiment in this drama.

      What I wanna see is more screen time for our couple hence I love there inter-actions. I loved the hug it begin with bang all of sudden.

      As of right now I need to explore this universe more. I loved the fantasy universe that exists. Can’t wait for next weeks episode

      LMH was as awesome as ever. I loved him in this drama last time I saw him was faith but I gotta say I love this drama. Its so far so good

  6. Yes ep 1 is super messy! Thats why I prefer ep 2. Ep 2 is easier and more enjoyable. But there’s many problem with this drama. LMH acting is so limit, He has no charisma just visual. I have problem with KGE acting too, but she still better than LMH. WDH and JEC are so weak. They dont fit their role. And no chemistry between main leads, the bromance felt so awkward and force. The PD is not good too, he ruined ep 1 for me.
    But still Im curious with the parallel words, so I will stay watch this.

    • My sentiments exactly.

      Something was missing both in ep 1 and 2. I dunno what but it’s not like KES’ work. But yeah, ep 2 is slightly better but zero chemistry and no charisma from both leads.

      Kes and her team should cast some ‘fresh’ actors instead of the same old names. She hasnt casted Kim Soo Hyun… it would be great to see him in her drama and i bet, it would get more powerful impact since they havent worked together before.

      But leeminho is really handsome lmao. Despite of having no charisma whatsoever, he has the royal presence. But he needs more than just visual.

      • KES change her PD. She working with PD Lee eungbok since dots, maybe this is the reason. I’m not really impressed with the current PD.
        The actors is pretty weak lol, I already know it when I saw the teaser. LMH is handsome but I prefer charismatic actor than just the visual. But it will so much better if KES cast a pretty actress like KJW or KTR, so at least they will match visually.

      • Yeah bunch of same people lmao who says the same thing. Why am i not surprised?

      • The same people? Did you check other place too? Lol
        You really satisfied in his acting in there? Just watched gongyoo in goblin, thats what I called charisma and great acting.

      • @tiani the same people saying it over n over@ l a h u wish! he is deal with i

      • @tinai nah i never liked it not him. Only place i like him in was train to busan. he bores me

  7. I do agree with mostly the sentiment echo’ed here. Loved the drama to bits. As for the rating it’s great for a content that is on netflix. Everyone has netflix around the globe on there tv’s, laptops and even phones especially a place like SK. These with smart-tv would rather opt for netflix as the graphic is much better than station channel

  8. Just finished watching epi 2. It comes of like a fresh concept altogether. As said previously the content is obviously big budget. You can tell the effort put is amazing. I love the way they set up even the small details. I had great time watching. Waiting for more I wanna see how they will resolve the story-line and how it will develope further. Getting familiar with the cast is great. 9/10 from me

  9. I agree second episode was rather disappointing.

    I think the ratings are decent. I’m a huge fan of Lee MinHo but I’m not going wallpaper the ratings and call it a huge hit. The explanations of it being on Netflix and youths can view it on different platforms doesn’t excuse it because how would you explain domestic rating hits like cloy, ic, and hotel del luna? It is a fact that the show is a hit but not a huge one at the moment. The next several weeks will be the de facto determination of it being a huge hit.

    I look forward to next week despite the flimsy writing and lack of chemistry between the main leads.

      • Yes. Next week is crucial. Most of the past KES’ drama peak by episode 4. As to CLOY, yeah, I agree that it was also criticized for low ratings and one of the excuses is the Netflix’s ratings. Nevertheless, it started to peak at double digit by Episode 8. So, TKEM has still a great chance to prove that it is a huge hit in the making.

      • @ thylane

        Your intel is correct. If we are to follow kes drama history, monarch will gradually become a mammoth super hit haha

        Crossing my fingers for the writing to tighten and better interactions between the main leads in the next several episodes. It has a story but it’s still ultimately a romance driven drama, so I desperately need more oomph from the main couple, if not possible just alter the ships or focus more on the story and decrease the awkward love scenes.

      • @Laura

        I wish all nothing but the best to TKEM team. I know there is something in this drama that KES prepared. So, I will just enjoy the drama together with my other favorite, TWOM and stop the nonsense hating, if applicable.

      • @ thylane

        I think you’re right, I think there will be a handful of interesting and terrific surprises kes will throw at us along the journey haha

        Yes keep doing you, some people on this website go beyond the limits because of ulterior motives. I like your spirit in sparring against those who are out of line 🙂

    • I agree. But CLOY was also criticized for low ratings and Netflix was also blames for such. Nevertheless, it still made to become a huge hit. As such, I still have trust to TKEM to be a huge hit. It’s too early to judge it based on first 2 episodes.

      • @ mr. lim
        Yes it’s too early to say, KES dramas tends to take time to catapult to higher ratings.

        The writer behind Cloy doesn’t have strong consistency, so it’s not surprising it started average ratings-wise. Also the teasers and promo posters were horrid. Star power can only carry so far. Word- by mouth is a crucial factor to the success of a project.

      • CLOY started with 6 pc which is a pretty decent start for a cable drama and its ratings were consistently increasing with each passing episode until the hiatus that ruined the rating momentum few times. Also the drama before CLOY, which was Melting Me Softly ended with around 2-3 pc ,so it required some time for tvn to draw audience in that time slot.
        There were other good dramas such as VIP, Stove League ,RDK2 etc were also airing.
        However it is still too early to talk about TKEM ratings as it is only two episode old. However,agree with Koala that it is constant and should have increased.

      • @ Liz
        You’re right, I forgot cloy was on a cable network. So its premiere number is pretty strong. You’re right Melting Me Softly probably cause audience to lose some goodwill for that time slot.

      • Because it wiĺl give the team a daesang. With high rating, their portfolios will look decent. Their salary will get higher than before. They’ll get more cfs. And of course, more money and fame. Plus, it will be written in tv history.

        I bet the drama team wants to be remembered as the drama with high rating instead of low rating.

        Even tho, some people said that rating isnt everything but who doesnt want to get daesang? Money? Fame? Status in kdrama history?

      • Ratings are imperative not just because of bragging rights alone but for the investors, they need good ratings so they can get paid more money from advertisers and to recoup their investments.

      • @ady
        I was explaining to tiani why ratings are important to dramas but it’s great that monarch is satisfying advertisers.

      • I mean the rating just drop a little and people acted like its already flop. We just in ep 2, the drama is not bad, its good. There’s many interisting parts. I’m sure it will up in next ep or maybe in the middle, like how KES drama always did.

    • Its ratings r on par with fiery priest which was biggest drama of 2019. Heirs stayed in lower tens for long time before it became massive. It was in top 2 of netflix kor3a but started with double digit. Second half ratings are nearly 12%. And peaked at 14.7%. Topped advertising slot. What mor3 u can expect.? Double digit in todays age n time espeically for debut week is amazing. Ic started with less than 5% and cloy with 6%. So it is on par with those 2 dramas
      There is nothing to sugarcoat. Its average is in double digit and that is good debut for any drama

      • CLOY started with 6 pc which is considered quite good for a cable drama premier specially at that time during December .Cable dramas were going through a downfall back then. And the ratings could increase only due to its story and acting. Before CLOY, Melting Me was airing which was a disaster .So I believe it also had some effect in the premier ratings. And those were very bad times for tvn with its multiple dramas underperforming. IC also picked up its pace due to its acting and unconventional script.Hi Bye Mama’s premier ratings were also higher than ICs but it failed to improve its performance unlike IC.It was Kim Tae Hee’s comeback plus got some push from CLOY as well,thus initial rating was good.
        I think people are complaining about the King’s rating because they expected explosive ratings due to the various shining factors. What it got in the first two episodes was indeed very good but only with respect to a regular drama. People expected more as so many things were attached with this highly anticipated project. Plus due to COVID issue many recent shows were enjoying higher ratings ,so it was assumed, it will be cakewalk for the King. However it is too early to comment on the ratings. I think it has fair chances to improve.

      • @liz i have to disagree fully. when u have hyun bin and son ye jin promoting you, 2 megastars in korea, ratings was good. so was ic which is based on famous toon. King debuted with double digit so they all are in same ball range. So excuses for one and to throw other one under the bus is just double standards here
        King ratins are amazing and it second half increased by 3%. Its peak rating was 14.7% at one point Already topping netflix many countries
        If some fans were expecting it to to debut with 20% they are just dumb. Heirs took time to hit 20% and went on to become huge success.
        Double digit is good start and with plot being setup in coming week, ratings will start increasing with time

      • covid isnt helping other dramas at all. so if people wanna watch they will. if not, they wont simple

    • Laura btw it is massive on netflix asia already even making top 3 in nigeria top 10 in mexico. It is already a success

      • You can disagree with me but I was just defending CLOY’s stance by replying to some comments which said CLOY’S initial ratings were poor. Where did the double standards come from?Read my comment carefully.I didn’t make excuses for CLOY while downplaying The King. There was no comparison. DID I SAY THE KING’S RATINGS WERE BAD? NOPE,right?

      • @ ady
        I agree monarch is a hit internationally but not currently a hit on the levels of kes recent past dramas but it can be in time. It really depends on the writing and if the chemistry improves. Kes has mostly a good cast esp with lee min ho as the lead, so it needs to focus on utilizing the cast talents more.

      • check netflix ranking. it debuted amazing worldwide so how it is not big internationally ofcourse it has 7 weeks to go to see full success. Heirs has same trajectory laura. And heirs become hit overseas midway. King already has started topping netflix rankings in asia, even making top 10 in mexico
        I guess we have to disagree

      • As in recent I was referring more to descendent of the sun and kes dramas after that. Netflix wasn’t too big during heirs era. But yes internationally, monarch is doing pretty good.

        But yes, monarch ratings can improve immensely. Although ratings is important, I care more of the quality of the story, I hope writer kes do her job well. She made a huge mistake casting female lead.

  10. What with the comments here? Being available on netflix is such a excuse for low rating. Haven’t anyone read reviews about first two epi. The drama is receiving mixed reviews from knetz . Cast and the development of the plot is been critized. Its getting better respond from inetz but nowhere at the level of goblin or dots.

    • The ratings are not low, it’s a decent start

      However, I agree on the exaggeration of some of the posters here by blaming Netflix and other streaming services. Because then you will have to look at other recent hits and they are also in Netflix. I don’t like people stretching the truth.

      The writing isn’t the greatest esp on ep 2, but I’m all here for my bae lee min ho ?

      • Laura u need to understand double digit rating is no bad at all. It is on par with fiery priest which was massive show. It is ur expectations which are unreliastic. A drama.making double digit average in debut week is amazing and its peak was 14.7% and increased in second half. It is doing great. It was in korean netflix top 2 and still did double digit. So amazing

      • @ ady
        When did I say the ratings were bad or low? I said it was decent and that it is a good start.

    • They’re LMH fans, that’s why. Itaewon Class (and several other hits from last year) was also Netflix but it didn’t affect the local viewership ratings. IC had an impressive rise in ratings in early episodes and ended with double digit average despite being a cable drama and not being backed by KES.

      • Ic is based on famous toon and debuted with less than 5% and took time to hit double digit. so have no point here?
        King increased second half by 2 % and peaked at 14.7 at one scene. Only idiots like u can call double digit debut bad when ur fave is incapable of it

    • Who is making excuses? It debuted with double digit rating and averaging double digit. On par with fiery priest the biggeat hit of 2019? So ur point here?
      Heirs also were in tens for long before it become mega smash. So there is no exvuse bcoz double digit rating is amazing is u guys who r making narrative and international hit matters . It is already top of many countries

    • LMH never had a drama outside of the main three channels so it wasn’t as hard for him to reach a double digit rating. The ratings would have been a total disappointment if it wasn’t for sbs.

      • @its okay
        It’s difficult to get good ratings in public channels for the past few years, so monarch is doing pretty great.

      • if and what doesnt counts. Its ratings woulld be on par with ic n cloy if it was on cable. so all r in same ball park
        And ratings are not disappointment at all. It was ur fave drama which did single digit average on sbs whereas king did double digit rating. Double digit rating average is considered great debut for any public channel expect for haters who have no logic
        cant wait when show will grow bigger week after week and u haters will burn more

  11. Lets dive into this shall we.

    There is so many things to talk about here but the most important thing is that I am loving this. Are you kidding me this is a proper show. Maybe I am spoiled but I am use to watching series that take themselves to serious something like You 2, the Witcher etc etc where the production value is big. This just meets that criteria for me. KES gets it. I feel like this is perhaps KES biggest drama bigger than Heirs and DOTS. Scenary is beautiful and the trees and visuals etc etc. For me with a big thumb up. I am also loving Lee Min-ho and KGE Both wonderful cast

    • I agree. I dropped way to many Kdrama’s last month except the Kingdom and The King: Eternal Monarch and I am loving them for the same reasons. There is some effort and seriousness and scale to it. The cast is great all around

  12. I binged both episodes last night and I got drawn in by the hype. I was not expecting much to be honest but I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t believe I am hooked now. I loved the way they build the Corea world. I am not familiar with KES but this was great. The actors are also good

  13. O’Right folks here we go..

    I heard much about KES but admittedly this is my first series of hers that I am watching now.

    1. What I liked most about this drama is obviously the way small details and settings look awesome even in the hall where the villian attempted to kill the kid. intense moment but it really got me hooked

    2. Lee Min-ho at his brillant best. The man is flawless visuals and charisma wise. He shines out of the screen. His acting is great.

    3. Kim Gu-eun is great in here as well and comedic sometimes but they compliment each other well

    4. The wait for the next week is gonna be harsh

  14. Lee Min-ho never cease to amaze. He got me into Kdrama. Seventh drama of his I am watching. The myth, the man and the legend himself. I can’t believe I watched him for two episode. It was a great watch

  15. I enjoy it more than I thought I would. I knew there was alot of hype and buzz going on around and I feel like this is one of the rare occasions where a drama meets it’s expectations and hype and in this case I think it has performed even better than it’s own hype. The acting is good but that is not what made it good but it’s mostly the production team for making this a great content. It’s top notch international standard show. It’s a massive production

  16. Honestly, the first two episodes were kinda confusing and there were dull moments. Woo Do Hwan and Lee Min Ho’s chemistry is almost nothing compare to the bromance of Goblin and DOTS. There are no BGM that suits the scenes making it more unsatisfying.

    However, with Kim Eun Sook’s formula…the drama will be more catch up on the half-way…but with “The World of Married Couple” becoming more exciting with each episodes, I hope that this will keep up with the rating game. Even “Once Again” drama got 21-26% ratings yesterday.

  17. The first 2 episodes have been boring and the cast together lacks chemistry, which I find rare in KES dramas. I do love WDH here though and think he’s shining the most out of the entire cast.

  18. I couldn’t watching in friday because it was not on the Italian netflix but catched it on other platforms. Watched both episodes.

    I am already shipping the main lead. Lee Min-ho looks the most handsomest I have seen him. His borderlining illegal territory. The acting was great from both leads and the minor casts hack even the villian looks good visually.

    I loved the whole premise of the portal exit and entry thing. It had such an intense start that this is one of these dramas you gotta finish it no matter what

  19. I had a blast with it. Watch it on netflix had to use VPN to access the US Netflix to get my hands on it and I did it.

    Where do I begin. LMH! the king his PHENOMENAL. I loved the beginning of how things started and the drama got just hell’va interesting once he appeared. KGE was amazing as well. KES really brought her a game. I am looking forward to next week

  20. I thought the villian mad for attempting to butcher that kid but aside from that I loved everything about. I was yelling at the TV in that moment.

    Lee min-ho Big fan of the man, myth and legend. He did great as usually crusie-controll. LMH doing LMH and at his best element.

    Kim Gu-Eun She did great and much better than Goblin but as for Goblin it was due to character being shitty cause I have seen some of her other works. She is strong actress

  21. Watched it here early today. Just binged both episodes at once. I am freakingly loving thus far. Strong start.

    Lee Min Ho? he needs no introduction I enjoy him greatly and his acting was great. The Kim Gu-Eun I enjoyed her equally. I love the chemistry and I wanna see where they take this one

  22. I’ve watched kes dramas since forever except for Mr. Sunshine and I must say that the first 2 eps had been underwhelming so far… Though most kes dramas start out average, you always kinda sense that it will be a hit regardless… My problem so far with the king is that there’s no extra factor yet… The plot’s abit confusing, acting’s not been great, bromance isn’t there yet, ost is cringe (I wonder if you heard how they’re trying to make the ost sound like stay with me from goblin)… But like many other kes dramas before, I’ll stay until the halfway mark and hopefully kes surprises me again…

  23. I just wanna touch on the time-travel aspect and also the superpowers because both Lee Gon and his villian uncle can stop time. I found that to be quite interesting and this sets up one big clash. I think the Flute is not magical but supernatural somehow

    I don’t wanna give out to many spoilers but I thought that was awesome and intriguing

    • I loved that aswell. As awhole I love sci-fi genre and time-travels and intriguing mysteries. Both episodes seems to have ended rather quick or time just went by fast. I loved the suspense aspect that it brings

  24. I actully thought it was alot better than It would be. The production value really did it not only justice but gave it unique and prestige. I normally drop if things get boring. But After this 2 strong episodes I will see this drama out

  25. It was a good start. I won’t complain.

    I loved the cinematography, setting, scenary, forests, CGI, acting and executing.

    – LMH is just a wonderful actor not a fan of his but his a great actor. He dose great in this drama.

    – KGE is edgy in this one and dose great job. She has a great charm

    – the rest of the cast is also good

    – I am loving the new concepts they are using in this drama


  26. The set was lovely, the actors are fine but yes, the plot is moving a little slow. I just couldn’t help comparing the scripts and OTP of Legend of Blue Sea and The King. I find Legend has a tighter script and pace of suspense compared to the King. And in regards to OTP, I find there’s more sizzling and heartfelt interactions in Legend. Well maybe The King is a slow starter….

  27. I agree with the netizenbuzz article.. both leads and supporting actors don’t fit their roles and so far have weak performances. The directing is messy as well. Makes one appreciate the acting and production quality of Mr. Sunshine cast/crew. Despite sometimes messy writing, the actors/actresses of past KES dramas were able to hard carry their shows to success. Not sure about this time with so many of them miscast.

    • Heirs fiery priest did same numbers and we all know how big those 2 blockbusters ended up. Lmh carried it. It debuted with double digit which is amazing. Ur fave debuted with single digit. It will end up as rating winner but ur fave cant carry drama. Even lee seung gi couldnt carru drama for ur fave. Lmh will take it to success and u can keep hating
      Already international blockbust34

      • Suzy is more popular than LSG. He didn’t carry anything for her. This is not 2013 anymore. She has more CFs and her name was more buzz worthy than him based on GoodData and SNS. Just accept the fact that your fave is not much more popular than Suzy like you believe when his drama only 2% higher than hers even with KES backing lmao.

      • sns? didnt u cry that day when i said jennie is way bigger star bcoz of her sns? and second lee seung gi isnt sns star. H is nations son in law and remember ur fave in 2013 needed himf or hit. uR fave so called hit while were you sleeping only averaged single digit. she has zero star power . she need men for everything

      • Are you seriously kidding??.LSG is known as the triple threat in Korea. He is respected and very much famous. Go look at his filmography. Almost all his dramas were hits and he tries various roles. He has got numerous accolades both for acting and singing.

    • @astar this same woozie fan once said sns doesnt mattee when i said jennie has moee followers n internet buzz. Lee seung gi is tv star with hardcore tv audience as his fans. He is way bigger star than woozie will ever be

  28. I have already heard one OTS waiting for the another one as I couldn’t find it.

    Friday somehow feels a long shot distance now. Why why! Yssh! I waiting for you to release them. Heres to hope that from now on they drop all the episodes on Netflix for us binger-community so that we can binge it to kingdoms come.

    This goes out to you binger-community. Last tv-show I binged was The witcher and the kingdom zombie series. I would have loved to binge The King: Eternal monarch.

    someone told me the other day that the reason it’s called ”Eternal Monarch” is because they don’t age with the flute so the king can live forever. Interesting it also explains why his uncle is 70 years but looks like someone in his late 30s

  29. I am actually honestly disappointed. I had such high expectations, considering I love the writer and both the leads. But I don’t know, something is missing!
    The leads, for now, have zero chemistry! They are individually charming, but together there are no sparks at all.
    The OST is nothing special.
    The cinematography is beautiful yes, but that alone can’t hold the drama together.
    I really REALLY hope it gets better, but the only time I am actually invested in the drama is when the bad guy is on the screen.
    I was literally was sad by the end of the 2nd episode, because it just didn’t deliver.
    Oh drama I had such high hopes for you, I wanted you to be atleast half as good as Goblin!
    I will keep on watching the drama for now, will judge it after watching a couple of more epis whether to drop it or not.

    Meanwhile I will patiently wait for thursday to come. Hospital playlist ❤

    P.s. off topic but completely entranced by JJS’s Aloha OST for Hospital playlist ? it has been literally been on repeat!

  30. To be frankly honest. I loved it. I think the premise was great and the setting obviously.

    I basically it was well executed and smooth. Easy to watch and enjoy. I found it to be heavy in the beginning episode but once the main leads appeared it got light and great.

    I am suckers for interesting plotlines and suspense. The aspects of the time-travel plus the double universes did it justice.

    I can only say that I loved it and can’t wait for the next eipsode and I wanna see where it goes from here on out.

    It pulled me in from the get go. Hype was justify on my books

  31. The first 2 episode is decent, considering the competion is against The World Of The Married. Come On, It’s hard to move or switch channel to an already familiar on going crackstatic drama who has many follower, heck even if it’s a KES drama.

    I really think they should just delay it 2 more weeks so the rating will be benefit in the scond half of the drama when the world of the married end. It’s not the first drama when KES facing a HIT drama before. Remember The Heirs competing with Secret Love which also become A Hit when the heirs start airing? The Rating get higher when Secret Love end and even The final episode suprassing Secret Highest rating,

    Despite My Biased dislike towards KES, I really hope this drama will be do well for KGE’s Sake.

    • I was told that the world of the married is not direct competition to monarch because the world of the married is supposedly aired 50 minutes later than monarch, so there’s only a 10 minutes intersection.

      I could be wrong but that’s why I heard.

      • second half clashed with world of married for like 30 minutes. Bcoz between 2 parts advertising slot exists.
        so king grew to 3.2% from first part and did better is good sign including peak rating of 14.7%

      • I think it’s still has affected. Even if only 1 hour separate. Considering it’s considering a national drama. People tend to follow the eforia.

        I stand to my point it will be better received if it’s no TWOTM eforia.

  32. Not the biggest kdrama enthusiast normally watch western netflix shows but I thought it was great series that chellenges some interesting storyline. I will happily put it into my shopping pin and take it with me and see how it goes.

    first 2 episodes were fantastic but the question is can it keep up or will it drag. But so far it’s great in my sincere opinion. As echoed here over and over again the cinematography is stunning. I am also loving the wardropes and dress design. Especially what the kind wears looks rather awesome to my eyes.

    We will have to wait and see how it develops but I can easily tell you that this is great. Highly recommand it to anyone who frequents netflix and has subscription. Warning it airs twice a week ago fri-sat. Go for it

  33. So much to say that I don’t know where to begin. But lets take it slow shall we. This drama was rather enjoyable and it keeps you coming. 2 seemed to short for me as I wanted more and more. I was left wanting more.

    Pros and cons’

    Cons. I thought it went to fast forward in the beginning and pacing fast. Other than that I didn’t find any cons as of yet.

    Pros. Cinematography, setting, acting, visuals, background setting, world building, and plotline. It has way more pros than cons. I would say and you can tell as others said above it truly is big production which I loved that alot. The villian is overpowered and the same goes to the hero he seems smart IQ wise and stuides alot which sets us up for a great clash of egos

    Aside from that friday seems far away now and I am lowkey low on popcorn. I am also thinking about just watching them both on next saturday together so that I can binge them both at the same time. killing two birds with one stone

  34. CLOY, Itaewon Class, Hospital Playlist, Hyena are all on netflix….all the shows I mentioned increased in viewership each week in and they were and are on Netflix. King stayed the same, streaming services has nothing to do with this….its because I think most people found story, acting, chemistry of first two episode messy, lacklustre and frankly boring. 17 years of popularity and Lee Min Ho is still exactly the same, no gravitas, no growth. World of Married meanwhile will likely break 30% before it finishes airing and has more critical acclaim and exciting story telling. But who knows King May still grow.

    • And it is first week for lord sake and second part of second episode increased 3 % , peaked at 14.7 % and had highest rating for 4 parts from 2 episodes. It is increasing. It is first week. Fiery priest heirs r mega blockbusters and they did same numbers in first week and grew slowly.
      There is no excuse. It is number 2 on netflix kor3a and debuted with double digit. Cloy , ic debuted with single digit. Ur point here?
      It is already doing amazing and iverseas it is number one throughout asia, top 3 in nigeria , ev3n making top 10 in mexico where k dramas r not big

    • Boy you really worship the ground Lee Min Ho graces with his feet, don’t you? FYI, your boo has not hard carried a drama since City Hunter…Heirs…okay lets keep aside the fact that it was a show panned by everybody, every single critic…now the ratings…Hwang Jung Eum and Ji Sung were moderately well known actors back them with not much fame but they acted so well and had such good chemistry that their show gave Heirs..the show that had not one but two Hallayu international sensations a run for their money for 6 whole weeks…it only picked up when Secret was done running…that is his track record of Lee Min Ho going neck to neck in competition with seasoned actors. Those tall claims, its a bit early to make them.

    • @gem i m a girl not boy. second fyi he has carried every drama and only drama where he has equal footing was lotbs where he brought so much profit overseas that they dont have to use product placement and producers r already releasing articles thanking him fro 30% profit fot this drama and future profit from advertisers who selected this drama to promote bcoz he is the one to carry it. so ur point is moot. park shin has no star power and kim woo bin was nothing during heirs. He carried it al and who cares about critics? noone and those senior acrors have no bankaibilty. ur point is moot. King has debuted in double digit and will become a hit. so stay haterr

    • secret noone cares! lmao and fact is heirs remained in double digit and story went ahead when pace picked up.Psh was no hallyu star before heirs ended. It was only lmh. she has zero star power. His power is to bring double digit ratings and after that story is the reason drama works. so no amount of reasons to discredit him gonna work. He brought double digit for 2 episodes and h has done his job. He has brought profit. that is why he get lead roles in top productions,
      Heirs is mega success but secret noone cares about that drama expect sp called edgy critics

      • You are plain delusional to even suggest Park Shin Hye wasn’t famous back in 2013….I know girl can’t act all that well but this is a heresy to suggest that…He has always had famous leading ladies pivoting him minus City Hunter, BOF….always…this is funny. Thanks for the laughs….And sweetie Secret…I knew you would ignore its success because you would not have a comeback. Had Secret aired for the entire Runtime of Heirs…Heirs would keep staying in 11 to 12% range because the other 12 to 13% was being farely taken up by two nobody’s at that time because they acted that better. This is the exact same scenario…I will take all of this back if he can manage to beat World of Married for the first place. Lets see if your boo can do that.

      • @germ the World of marriage is national drama and might even break 30%. even my love from star, fiery priest, heirs, coffee prince etc never broke that mark and those r bllockbuster hits. There can be 3 or 4 blockbusters in same year and one national drama. Unfair expectation from an anti when even fans only want it top more than 20% and reach on par with fiery priest which is last biggest hit on sbs. U wanna bash this drama even if it crosses 20% bcoz it might not match twom
        And second if n what dont counts. U made no point , so i have nothing to make a comeback to begin with. Heirs was pan asia blockbuster and grew naturally into 20s with times. secret ended ess than 20% and overseas no match at all. so no comparison. u can use many ifs n what to discredit success
        PSH was no hallyu star before heirs, r u serious lmao? she got pan asia fame with heirs and her leading lady record was nothing before heirs unless u count stairway to heaven. Her dramas were no where near BOF level. so yes lmh carried heirs, bof, this drama, faith bcoz kim hee sun was fopping for decade. ONLY 2 dramas he shared equal footing with female leads son ye jin and jun ji hyu. PSH cant carry a project on her own which is proven many time. LMH doesnt need actresses to carry a project. His new drama made 30% profit pre airing and is debuted with double digit rating. PSH no way. she is joining woozie in star power which is zero

      • VIP already did 18% this year on SBS, lets see if the King can get that while World of Married Runs, if this show and he is as good as you claim, they will be able to do that while World of Married airs… I said I will take it all back if they can reach 20% while World of Married airs nationawide.

      • Doesnt matters when it gets 20%. 20% will be tag to blockbuster whenever it gets it if it is finale. Only antis have their criteria of blockbuster. Channels want 20% whenever it comes. Lmh power was to bring double digit opening and he did it. Its now upto writing anyways! Star power can bring double digit debut and advertisers which he did. And made profit. Now next weeks trajectory depends on story! Thing that matters is it should end with 20%
        Fiery priest reached 20% finale in last episode and it was biggest sbs hit of last year. that is target king wants.
        If n what doesnt counts. That if twom is ariring it should reach 20%.
        People care only about final result. In the end.
        If it reaches 20% in end
        People will remember it as 20% dramas. If n whats r only used by antis who doesnt matter in end result

      • So if its a hit that is Lee Min Ho’s credit but if it flops its everybody else’s fault…interesting…and by the way you keep deflecting, just say it…you have no confidence in declaring that this show can get 20% while World of Married airs. You fan girls truly are amazing. Oppa can do no wrong….I told you…its up to your boo to prove it.

      • @germ ur hypocrisy amuses me. Star power is bringing double digit rating opening and selling the rights and making profit which lee min ho did. After first week story decides where drama will go not the actor. Actors bring initials which he did
        Second like i said using hyperboles to discredit the drama if it reaches 20% whenever it, womt take away from its success. Only antis have their criteria
        I am in right mind. Fiery priest only did 20% in last episode and that is todays blockbuster on sbs. Camelia blooms did the same for one episode 2 biggest dramas of 2019. Why will i make my expectation unrealistic ?
        Ur criteria is to feed ur ego and discredi dramas and lmhs success when it touches 20%. Like is said twom might cross 30%. Even my love from star never did. Wasnt it a blockbustee?
        4 or 5 bloxkbuster can co exist in year.
        But i see u have ur mind to discredit it. I have confidence it will do 20% in its run but i am not dumb to claim it will do 40%. Channels cares about end results n9t ur hyperboles n criteria of success. People gonna remember the success not ur ifa n whats
        Fangirls is lame comeback. It is sexist comment and shows ur mentality.
        U r a hater then n sexist pig as well

      • And boo my oppa has proven it already. Double digit opening. Selling 30% profit boo.
        U haters r hilarious
        Building up their criteria using if n whats to satisfy their glass ego lmaoo
        Ur criteria doesnt matters to investors n channel. All they care if it touches fiery priest numbers. Fans never make such claims.only antis build up their criteria
        Wait this person discredited my lobe from star coffee prince heirs gu family book etc all in same line bc9z twom is on way to 30% and those drama never did that. I mean anything to make an argument using hyperboles shows ur hypocrisy anti. I have nothing to deflect at all. 20% is blockbuster whenever drama achieves. Timelines n if whats r criteria of antis not investors channels n public
        No need to take ur words back bcoz they dont matter for anyone lmao

  35. Objectively , I thought the second episode was better than the first. Although LMH is a capable actor when he chooses to be, his performance depends a lot on the script. To be honest, when you compare this drama to Goblin, there’s nothing new or original about the first two episodes. Nonetheless, it seems to be a drama written to improve with each passing episode, and in the end, like all KES dramas will end up being a hit. I thought LMH and KGE showed more chemistry in the second episode, and I liked WDH’s acting as well. Word of mouth is most important with drama ratings, and the drama right now is facing stiff competition. It might just end up like Heirs, the ratings soared after the drama Secret ended.

  36. All of you say that rating remain the same… but is it just second episode? ? i mean, guys, it still early to judge TKEM.

  37. It is performing exceptionally well internationally espcially on Netflix sitting top in most asian countries. Africa and India good numbers for them as well. We finally have gigantic hit on our hands. It has already reached that milestone after it’s premier weekeend. I mean can you believe that after just one weekend

      • Netflix is the “New China” now. So, yes, haters gonna hate, but The King is already a huge hit with just two episodes.

  38. I liked it alot and it’s mainly due to KES. I like how she takes her projects seriously and puts in the necessary work that needs to be done. Couldn’t be more happier for her.

    KGE is also one of my favourite actress have watched her in several projects and find her here pleasant addition.

    LMH is always a must see TV. He shines with great charisma the man is mesmerizing in his own rights.

    The Villian is doing a great job even tho his overpowering at times but his doing a great job here.

    The Kid actor was a pleasant surprise as well thought he was great addition

    • We are not using any excuse. It is double digit debut. So what excuse? It is on par with last years buggest hit fiery priest and heirs did the same numbers. We arr happy lol. Only haters are using excuses. N yes it was top 2 in netflix korea and still did double digits. It is number one netflix asian countries, even top 10 in mexixo and top 3 in nigeria. It is doing even amazing overseas

  39. His ex fans want it to flop but carry on.
    Fiery priest had similar ratings and ended up as biggest drama of 2019
    Heirs started same range and we all know how huge it became
    Kes many dramas started in rangr but oicked up midway once the plot is set.
    Its average is double digit which is good for any drama on public network
    It is number 2 on korean netflix and still have double digit.
    It is number one all over aisan netflix ranking. Internationally it is already slaying

    • Top 3 in nigeria top 10 in mexico it is already mega hit overseas and doing fiery priest number one in kor3a. Double digit average is amzing debut. People meed to get reliastic here

      • I consider myself as one of the neutrals. I saw it on twitter an hour ago that it was sitting on number 1 in most asian countries. With Great Numbers in Africa, India and Mexico. Definitely a megahit currently and only in the first 2 episodes

  40. Ms Koala, I couldn’t get a grasp of time travel mixed with parallel universe concept as well. But I found my answer in this episode when he mentioned Albert Einstein.

    Beside his Quantum Physics that is mentioned briefly here, Einstein also had Relativity Theory. If we mix these two theories together, it’s become very easy to understand.

    Possible spoiler alert:

    I think the gist of the whole story is that future officer, whom we haven’t seen yet and is in love with the king, goes through the crack of time and space to save him, when he is still a crown prince.

    • @Sahara – that’s my thought as well. Which begs the question- which event really happened first? She goes back in time to save him so he knows who she is, and he looks for her in the present in her world because she rescued him in the past in his world; this which came first, chicken or egg question results in a loop scenario one of the conundrums of the time/space continuum: from a science perspective, an infinitely interesting but mind boggling question.

    • Oh my God, Einstein theory of relativity and Quantum Mechanics do not get along…It is one of failures of Modern Physics that these two concepts which have been proven time and again do not at all can be meshed or connected. String theory exists to reconcile the two but has not been proven to be accurate, its a theory. So, you can’t mix the two…Relativity deals with large objects, Quantum deals with subatomic particles…that was bull crap line much like Marvel movie dialogues.

  41. Overseas numbers
    Number one in
    korea number 2, and amde amazing double digit debut as much as haters burn to accept
    number 3 nigeria
    number 7 japan’
    number 9 mexico and 10 india
    china despite ban watched by many people from illegal sites
    And it has just started!

    • Wow. The power of LMH is really something. After all these years, people still watch him. He is the undisputable Hallyu King. Haters gonna hate but topping Netflix’s ranking is gigantic as China.

  42. I think the writer is trying to do too many things and failed to explain things properly..well at least for now it appears like that..and the parallel universe rule is inconsistent..lee min ho character mentioned Albert Einstein theory of relativity..does that mean he exists both in his and kim go eun’s universe??? That doesn’t make any sense at all..

  43. We can agree or disagree. But as far as I remember, most of the initial comments and predictions were negative for CLOY,even though HB and SYJ starring in it. There were major nasty comments in naver which were upvoted many times and predicted it will be a flop show.From the synopsis I rarely found anyone interested. People were sure it will underperform just like AC and Melting Me ,and even those shows couldn’t gather much audience for the pilot episode. Still it managed to save itself by getting a decent premeir record only due to the star power . For the next episodes story was enough. And we all know preceding dramas do have some effects for the upcoming ones whether it could be bad or good. Did I say that The King ratings were bad. NOPE right. And I was just stating that CLOY’S rating could have been higher initially due to some factor. I had to come and defend CLOY because people were saying it got very low ratings in the beginning whereas it is not true. Carefully read my comment,I was only explaining CLOY’s stance and replying to some comments .So from where did double standards come from. I didn’t compare the two dramas . Regarding my words on The King ,it was just what I think most of the people are thinking while whining about its ratings.

    • yes let’s have patience for writer to setup plot. She ups her game after 2 weeks and suddenly ratings start seeing spike! Happened with heirs as well

  44. Also HB and SYJ are huge stars but initially they had to face lot of hate for the drama. Netizens commented on Naver that it will be a flop show and underperform just like MMS, AC, VB. Infact these shows also couldn’t garner much audience despite having high anticipation and positive outlook. We all know that preceeding shows indeed have some impact on the upcoming ones whether in a bad or good way. MMS and HBM are good examples.People were waiting for CLOY to fail so that they could mock at it.I rarely found someone much intrigued after reading the synopsis initially. I was just showing that it could have better premier ratings.However the decent rating whatever it garnered in the first episode was solely due to the star power and for the rest episodes the story and acting was enough.It is similar to The King trending internationally due to LMH.

    • Ok astar or liz. U told me above and i thougjt we had finished this.
      And how i found out u r astar
      Bcoz u guys have same dp which appears when u same same email for both ids

      • Yes you are right. Actually I was having difficulty in posting comments here because it would disappear suddenly. So I thought to use a different username. But suddenly they appear again resulting in multiple comments . It is really frustrating ☹️

  45. Why are some comments here placing the blame on Kim Go Eun for the lack of chemistry? It takes 2 to tango. Tbh the cast is lacking in both chemistry and acting performance so far compared to KES more recent dramas. But it’s only the first 2 episodes, so maybe they will show better. acting as the series progresses. Wish them all the best.

  46. The story isn’t my cup of tea . 10 years later i still prefer City Hall . The chemistry was electric . Here , i don’t feel nothing . Sad, another kes ‘drama that i have to drop . Sad because i like Lee Min Ho. I’ll wait for the next ep of Hospital Playlist…great cast and great chemistry .

    • I’d like to see KES letting go the fantasy thing and write a ” basic romcom” . Even “The big bang theory” friends wouldn’t be able to explain her concept !!! After all , in one episode, they fight about “Back to the futur” time line !

  47. King’s updated netflix rankling. A huge debut everywhere
    Number 1 – vietnam, philippnes, malayasia, hingkong, singapore,thailand
    Number 2, india.korea, taiwan, number 3- nigeria, number 5 -peru, number -7 japan, number 9 – mexico.
    Great debut!

  48. Amazing visuals and the plot on parallel universes really sold it for me. Episode 1 was a little bit slow, but the pace picked up in episode 2. I know the writer is trying to do both parallel universes and time travel, which are tricky subjects & bound to be critiqued by armchair quantum physicists, but I hope it doesn’t get too muddled in the middle.
    I am already a bit confused which timeline and universe the bastard prince is living in.
    Already looking forward to how the portals work and who can activate them.

  49. I really didnt like ep 1 it had everything I hate in a drama including: big budget spent on unecessary action sequences, a child actor doing crying scenes that were grating to my ears and lacked any depth or emotion (no Im not going to give a kid a free pass just because they are a kid. There are plenty of children who can act so why cast one who cant?) And lastly a awful soundtrack ost! The second ep was watchable simply because I am a fan of all the actors cast but will drop if if it continues as is. Theres just something lacking in this drama, nothing that hooks you and makes you care about the characters. It must be the writing/Directing becuase all the leads have proven themselves as good actors, they are just working with poor material. As someone said earlier i cant believe this is the same writer of City Hall, one of my favourite dramas of all time.

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