Show Luo’s Web Famous Girlfriend Grace Chow Pens Scathing Breakup Screed Accusing Him of Cheating for the Entirety of 9 Year Relationship

Okay, this is so so so much “pass me the popcorn” level trainwreck celeb breakup dirty laundry being aired. You can say April 23, 2020 will NOT be singer-actor Show Luo‘s favorite day ever in history as his long time and now ex-girlfriend Grace Chow has eloquently dragged his alleged cheating ass through the public ringer. If it’s all true then good for her, and imma cheer her on and follow her on Instagram and give her more eyeballs because this was one AMAZING breakup letter. Grace is not a celeb, in China she’s known as Little Angelababy as after plastic surgery she resembles also had a lot of plastic surgery Angelababy.

She’s amassed a huge online following and is what you would call an influencer. She started dating Show in 2013 and he even went public with their relationship, and she met his mom and everyone thought Show would finally settle down and get married. Well….yeah, that’s not gonna happen and judging from his emotional and mental state probably not what he’s looking for as Grace claimed she checked his phone and found he hooked up with any woman he could from same agency coworkers to chicks in every city on tour or filming. Can’t say I’m surprised but goodness she went to town on this letter heh.


Show Luo’s Web Famous Girlfriend Grace Chow Pens Scathing Breakup Screed Accusing Him of Cheating for the Entirety of 9 Year Relationship — 27 Comments

  1. That is a badass move right there. I love her letter. I would however, like to be enlightened on this one thing, why do women give men too much slack on cheating? She should’ve just highlighted his bad aspects that hurt her so much, she was cheated through all her relationship then why should she remember her good times with him? That is obviously her choice and in a relationship there are definitely good aspects too but I have seen many women do that because they can be easily maybe emotionally blackmailed by the cheater that they only love them or the girl is the only one they need in their lives. And it usually works. Such jerks never improve and it’s never the girls fault for believing them but I’m trying to figure it out, are women emotionally blackmailed by such men?

    • It doesn’t matter by gender, it’s because certain people are afraid that they won’t find anyone else, someone that will value them. Also there’s the mentality that you invest so much time, that you don’t want to feel like you wasted your energy and time to your partner, so you feel you should keep at it. There’s also the mentality that you don’t want to be alone so you’re willing to endure such behaviors. There’s a million of other reasons. Letting go is hard, I know. Personally to this day I still experience heartbreak although it’s been years, and I’m still tempted occasionally to reconcile although I know it’s not healthy. But it was right for me to move on. However, I still feel lonely and haven’t completely moved on from my feelings. Maybe I’ll be like a nun and stay alone forever haha

      • Sending you virtual hugs. I hope you find the one who is made for you and you’re happy with them. Otoh you’re right, gender doesn’t matter, there can be several reasons why people outweigh the good things with bad and choose to stay. Cheating is like stabbing in the back but loneliness, forgiveness and love helps people endure it and get over it but I think if you’re still with the same person it’s hard to forget and hard to not be doubtful everytime. So idk if it’s worth staying. Married people, at times for kids and at times for other societal pressures choose to stay but even for non married couples there is security and a sentiment attached to a person that is hard to let go.

    • I guess by listing the good points as well she seems somehow more credible? If she’d just listed the bad points a reader might think she was consumed with hate and would likely just make up anything to get him hated on?

      • Oh yeah, for a post that was very reasonable to add. If it would’ve been only negative comments then well netizens believe oppas more than their girlfriends. But she wrote this very well and you could feel that she meant it.

  2. Wow what a read !!! They are both very attractive too bad it ended this way …. why can’t people just break up with someone if you are not happy instead of cheating ….. I don’t get it …… I hope he has learned his lesson to not mess girls about…..

    • It’s because of greed and ego. They want attention from multiple people. They want to act like emperors or empresses with harems filled with consorts to the brim.

  3. Unfaithful men arggggg. I’m so triggered. That’s why I can’t watch any project with slag men or women or I have to fast-forward the scenes with them in it. I want to regurgitate. I had to do that while watching monarch because of second female lead, I had to fast-forward her scenes. And that’s why I didn’t watch Mr. Sunshine. And that why I couldn’t watch The World of the Married and other related shows. I just can’t 🙁

    • Until today, i still don’t get it why some people betray their partners and have some an affair behind them.. i mean, if you cant commit, just stop. Dont do that. Leave. Sigh. But we’ve got a dozen unfaithful people. Unfortunately.

      • It’s because for some they get super greedy, some of their needs are unmet, so they feel they need to venture out. They enjoy the idea of having one feet in a “committed” relationship and one feet just playing around. They want to experience both. They’re just slime.

  4. I ‘m almost tear up. To me she sounded deeply hurt, she must have cried many nights. I also can’t understand people( man and woman) , if you love that person why did you hurt him or her in that way? Now I am getting emotional.

  5. Nine years is a long time for a relationship nowadays. She has had enough of his cheating ways. He hasn’t got anything to lose. He is still going to be on shows in China and they weren’t married so it makes it more acceptable. Such a smart male.

  6. She deserves for better man not this jerk! Very lucky to leave him earlier since you are still young & pretty girl. You didnothing wrong, its not your fault for this 9 years! Good job to throw him a big slap!

  7. There is something I read in a book, it said to see men as “as, is” section of the IKEA store. Don’t think of changing them. When you take them you are taking them as is in their state.

    Honestly everyone thinks that they can change someone, they are special, but that rarely happens and maybe that can only happen to someone who is self aware, has self esteem and wants to change himself as well. I feel sorry for her but as she said herself he isn’t worth it. Go live happy you girl. One cheater out of your way!

  8. I love the last part…

    “if you ask me whether I regret it, I don’t…
    … Because I Loved you”
    If you ask me whether I am upset, then no. Because you aren’t worth it at all”

    It encapsulates and epitomises the message that all cheaters should recieve.

    SHE is such an amaze balls human being.
    I did so many fist bumps for that.

    She lives by her choices and got the balls to cut loose and say “your loss, not mine. Goodbye jerk”

  9. Woooowww girl… you rock. This guy totally deserves this long letter haha. Dont think you can change a playboy.. no dear… it cant be healed.

    The last time i saw them when they posted zico’s anysong challenge on his tiktok.

    He was once one of my fave Tw actors… dude… he used to date Selina, right? Good thing she didnt end up with him. But probably, he still had Selina in his heart? Lols, sorry, drama.

    Btw, Angelababy went under the knife? Didnt she and her hubby prove that she didnt? I read it somewhere…

    But everyone wants to be pretty. Show luo oh show luo, you’ve got pretty gf and still want another? Sigh.

    • Yes, although Show and Selina never admitted that they were dating it was like an open secret in the entertainment circle. Fortunately, she didn’t end up with him. Selina and S.H.E have been my idols since 2003. I wouldn’t bear to see her getting hurt.

  10. Wow impressed. At first I thought it would be post about her just trashing Show Luo for cheating but nope. She sounded mature and at peace. She named the good and the bad. It’s a classy break up post if you ask me. Very different from passive aggressive tweets or liking anti posts. Good for her.

  11. Did she really think this letter would hurt him by forcing him recall all the good times or make him regret? No, he doesn’t even care at this point. I know, I’ve written several letters in my time trying to paint myself and our relationship in a good light and naming what hurt me/us. I’ve since learned to just let it go once it ends instead of trying to hold onto the fantasy of me n him. I hope she learns to let go and move on too. No need to waste time and energy on a fake love.

    • It’s not for her to take him back. She’s done with him. But it’s a notice for every woman that would want a serious relationship with the guy. There would be good times but you’re going to experience a lot of heartbreaks because of his cheating ways, so don’t.

  12. Such a classy clapback. I’m glad she chose to leave the toxic relationship for something better. It’s hard to move away from a 9 year relationship, good for her! Looking at the guy’s insta, he’s already getting the backlash he deserves!

  13. I don’t usually comment on these kind of posts but wow that was classy, heartfelt and so moving that I just had to!

    I absolutely love the girl even if I’ve no idea who she is. She sounds like a mature person who knows herself and what she deserves. I also love that she can appreciate the times she was happy instead of only remembering the bad memories. She deserves so much more than a jerk like him. And her last lines summarizes that. She’s gained a fan in me and I’m really rooting for her!

  14. She is 31 years old. 9 years is almost 1/3 of her life. Broken up with him was one of the best decisions she made. Good for her. Once a cheater, he will alway a cheater. She deserves someone better than this jerk.

    • She’s still young. Most people nowadays marry until their late 30s. And with this experience she’s going to find a far better partner.

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