Kim Tae Hee Makes Triumphant Drama Return with Heartfelt tvN Drama Hi Bye, Mama!

Two months just flew by and the mama has said her final farewell this past weekend to viewers. tvN weekend drama Hi Bye, Mama! finished with an average ratings of 5.473% which is solid plus for a cable drama, Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food had average ratings on jTBC of 5.468% for comparison. What’s more impressive is the across the board compliments to female lead Kim Tae Hee‘s performance, and I knew she had it in her after her transformative breakthrough in Jang Ok Jung, Living by Love years ago but she didn’t remain consistent at that level since. Everyone’s acting was great in this drama which also had the consistent feedback of being a tear generating factory, everyone watching just cried buckets because death, mom, daughter, pain, grief, absolution, moving all – it’s all so tender and heartbreaking. I’m thrilled for the success of this cast and crew and Kim Tae Hee really dug into her own personal experience as a mom of two daughters with husband Rain to BRING IT.


Kim Tae Hee Makes Triumphant Drama Return with Heartfelt tvN Drama Hi Bye, Mama! — 32 Comments

  1. Cried buckets for this drama. I’m so impressed with Kim tae hee, she’s so gorgeous and really good. Hoping she will do a drama once again with romance perhaps and a happy ending.

  2. And she shut everyone who calls out her acting. Even at start of her career she played negative role in stairway ti heaven so good. It is just her beauty and her cf queen title always become talk of town. Last decade she did different roles and justified them. Have a great wonderful personal life as well
    And with this show she made me cry so much. Hope third decade goes good as well. And good start to third decade

    • And in iris she showed how to play great role in action drama and how to bring ratings as well. Her visuals there were just amazing

    • Yes, now i realized she did diverse roles in her dramas. Not those same-same type of character. And her beauty still stands out.

      • That type of beauty will always going to stand out no matter what
        That beauty might overshadow her skills for some but it also opened doors for her to be one of richest actress and endorsements deals.

  3. I really wanted to watch this drama but I knew it was going to break me at the end. Having to say good-byes to love ones in my life is hard enough, so I couldn’t bare to do the same thing in dramas.

    Regardless congrats Kim Tae Hee on your hard work! I always liked her since my princess although I didn’t like the latter half of the drama. I hope you sign up for new projects soon.

      • I just can’t ? I watch dramas to escape realism not to trigger sadness and heartbreak at the end of the series ?

    • Honestly it wasn’t as heartbreaking as I originally thought. In fact my tears are not heartbreaking but more of a heartwarming. To see how happy she was to have her wish comes true & how grateful to get something she thought she would never had a chance to. For me its a satisfying ending for everyone. And how I love the genuine bonding, friendship & trust between Yuri & Minjung, even more than their relationship with their husband. Kudos to all actors, especially Kim Taehee & Lee Kyuhyung. They are reall amazing

  4. I hope this drama series Did not end soon.keeps me waiting for the weekend to come so I can watch.hope Kim tae hee will Make Another one

  5. It felt less organic to me in terms of story telling than Go Back Spouses, maybe because Go Back Spouses just let the character fit back into the picture and at that time the characters didn’t know whether they wanted their old lives back or just make a new one from scratch. They naturally found their way back and it took them back. Here, I believe the supernatural element and all the rules just complicated and took away that feel. But it was a good show. I liked how they handled at the end anyway, I felt like it was fitting way to end things and anything more sugary would be worse.

  6. Indeed she is plus factor KTH a good background blessings with Family,daughters, Rain God Bless always.❤❤❤

  7. I wonder if kimtaehee’s not exhausted with all the crying scenes. Shes beautiful even crying. She can choose a popular actor to be the husband if she wants to. But instead she doesnt relied on that plus factor. All of them are good in HBM they carried the whole show even theres some loopholes with the writing. The last episode had me crying from start to end. Bittersweet ending

  8. She is angel as well. Lee honey she says she owes her career to her as they were in same unuv and she set her uo for her auditions and land toles, in a industry where actresses are always at cut throat competition. Also said crowds used to gather around when both walkee but kim tae hee steal the show even before she become an actress. She really set new standards of beauty in Korea

  9. Correct me if I am wrong but KTH never recorded a flop project during her entire career. I know her dramas are not DOTS and MLFTS’, level of success but they are still hits.

    • Iris was huge blockbuster with average ratings more than dots n mlfts. But those shows r bigger impact wisem as they were hallyu blockbusters.

  10. SK #1 beauty for a true reason. This role is not easy to act and she has done a really good job. Cry beautifully, Act well, shed good light for a kind and caring mom. Nice drama.

    • The emotional scenes require such good acting. Only son ye jin could move me with tears and kim tae hee also did that to me. She deserve to win some awards for this

  11. Kim Tae Hee is so beautiful. Her acting has improved alot. Really adore her. Goodbye Hi Bye, Mama. I really like this drama. I will wait for your next drama Kim Tae Hee. Hopefully she reunite with Yoo Ah In again in another drama. Love them so much in Jang Oh-Jung.

  12. She improved. And her comeback choice was good. Truly she is a beauty with brain.
    Among the three beauty of korean industry, she tried diverse role and that’s really interesting. I hope SHK can choose something challenging and interesting next time. Seniors should fly freely coz they already have loyal fan base. So, explore the acting world, beautiful Ladies!

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