K-rapper Ravi of VIXX and 2 Days 1 Night Faces Two Years Jail Sentence for Falsifying Medical Records for Military Service Exemption or Downgrade

So this may be one of the toughest celeb military enlistment scandals that I can remember in terms of the severity of the punishment. K-rapper Ravi of the group VIXX and former popular member of variety 2 Days 1 Night was under investigation since last year after a group of brokers were captured by police as running a military service evasion ring and Ravi was one of their clients. The ring referred clients to a doctor in Gangnam who falsely diagnosed each with epilepsy and with that medical record the client was able to get exempt from military service or get downgraded from more active service to public or desk service. Ravi quit 2D1N after he came under investigation and this week also withdrew from VIXX. He claimed to be under pressure as the only money making member of Jellyfish Entertainment hence he was desperate to keep making money for the company, and once the financial situation was stabilized he enlisted for the military as a public servant and did his boot camp training first. There have been countless K-male stars who have tried to evade or defer or lower enlistment level and some like PSY was forced to do it over (so he did 4 years haha). MC Mong with his teeth, Song Seung Heon with diabetes, and of course most famous Yoo Seung Joon who changed his citizenship and was then deported from SK and in the decade since never allowed back (talk about shooting himself in the foot). But no famous person went to jail (yet) so Ravi may be a new punishment high.

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Chen Fei Yu’s Agency Admits He’s the Man in the Recently Leaked Bed Pictures Scandal But Denies it was a Cheating Relationship

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C-netizens Notice Bea Hayden Has Stopped Following Husband Jacky Heung on Weibo as the Couple Has Not Been Seen Together in Six Months Since His Cheating Scandal

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C-netizens Upset that C-actress Zhang Jia Ni is Reportedly NOT Divorcing Her Cheating Husband Even After the Purported Mistress an Aspiring Actress Proudly Posts Updates on Her SNS

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TW-actress Ady An Remains Gone from SNS as Her Casino CEO Husband Levo Chen Formally Charged with 9 Money Laundering and Illegal Gambling Crimes in Macau of Nearly $4 Billion USD

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C-ent Abuzz with Allegation that Wang Yibo is the Kept Man of a Recently Indicted Rich Chinese Company Executive and His Agency Releases Formal Statement Denying All Rumors and Vowing to Take Legal Action

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C-netizens Agree with Li Yi Feng’s Arrest and Cancellation But Wonder What the Trigger Was for All This to Come Out Now When He was Arrested Twice Before This Year Alone for Solicitation

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Beijing Police Confirm Li Yi Feng has Been Detained for Solicitation, His Name Erased From All Drama and Movie Pages, and Over a Dozen Brands End Endorsements

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