The Cast of The King: Eternal Monarch are Chummy and Chill in Netflix Promotional Stills

I came across this week Netflix promotional stills featuring the cast of K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch. The drama is streaming an hour after it airs on SBS every Fri-Sat so that’s fast consumption for online and international viewers. I still think the cast of Lee Min Ho, Kim Go Eun, Woo Do Hwan, Jung Eun Chae, and Kim Kyung Nam on paper and in theory is very solid casting mix. Too bad it doesn’t work onscreen (so far) and in reality, probably one of the biggest disconnects I’ve seen in a long time in K-drama casting. The opposite would be everyone laughing their heads off when Yoona and Lee Bum Soo was cast in Prime Minister and I, the age difference, the lack of height difference, the acting ability difference, it was all primed to fail and yet worked magically and strangely well. Writing tanked that drama but the chemistry was lovely, and here there is no chemistry and the writing is nonexistent. It’s like Kim Eun Sook forgot how to write dialogue, headdesk. So much pretty, so little substance, and overall a waste of a conceptually great cast.


The Cast of The King: Eternal Monarch are Chummy and Chill in Netflix Promotional Stills — 67 Comments

  1. i think chemistry is very subjective and you cannot just tell there is no chemistry koala lol. There are some who would say they have amazing chemistry and some would differ. That’s one of the reason I have to roll my eyes reading your posts. :/ You always tend to generalize. Rather should not you rather ask us, what is our opinion on it?

    • Since it’s her blog, she can write how she feels but you can disagree and write how you feel in this comment section, so essentially that is asking our opinion of it haha

    • I agree with you @sky. The chemistry is great and they match perfectly which is what is keeping people going. Honestly the single most greatest event on this weekend is the FRI-sat when this drama drops two episodes

      • @ady..
        It is a matter of opinion. Your opinion says koala’s posts are facts. My opinion is that her posts Re her opinions.

  2. It is subjective but it’s a fact that a super majority of the viewers believe that there’s no chemistry and what is worse than that is the romance isn’t organic and doesn’t flow naturally. Because it’s what the majority think/feel, then generalization is okay.

    —for example, many people may enjoyed watching, ‘the wizard of oz.’ And think it’s a classic, but there’s a minority that doesn’t like it. But because a majority enjoy it and think it’s a classic, it is known as a classic. That’s generalization.

    • But it’s not a fact that a super majority of viewers believe that there’s no chemistry. Where do you get your statistics? From online commenters? Not all viewers are commenting.

      • Comments from netizen and negativity from majority of the sites gives you a clear understanding.

        —of course not every viewer will comment, that’s the same when they do polling or sampling for politics. They can’t poll everyone in a nation asking them how they feel about a certain thing or someone. But you get at least a general idea.

      • laura hug scene today scenes trended. Dont use likes of dbs n nb to say netizens hating it.

      • Agreed, and if we’re taking Netizens’ word for it, I firmly believe the opposite. They can’t give a positive review to save their lives, and if they hate something it’s on principle only and not backed up with any facts. The truth is they wan the Min Ho from Heirs, and BOF. He’s not that guy anymore.

      • @Laura
        Statistically accurate polls use a random sample. Netizen comments are pretty much the opposite.

    • Laura, I agree.
      I tried. I really tried to see the chemistry. I should be able to since I have no problems with LMH nor KGE. I can’t see the spark & episode 5’s dead fish kiss confirmed my feelings.
      Even in these stills, they look awkward. It seems KGE isn’t comfortable with the skinship because I find her leaning away from LMH or looking stiff. Even that shot where her head is on LMH’s lap, she looks stiff like her head is barely making contact to his lap.

  3. I am actully digging this drama hell’va alot. I think your alone on this Koala. You can catch other things on TV. just move along and search for things you like. No need to repeat yourself in 100 articles we heard you clear and loud on the first time you already expressed your opinion

    • hahaha thanks Jonas! Yes my point exactly, I think we got the message loud and clear from her that she doesn’t like the drama. Don’t understand why she needs to repeat it time and again.

    • Exactly I enjoy the drama and exciting on sat to watch two eps, if you watched the drama you would know that the main girl hasn’t even fallen in love with the male lead yet, next eps there be more feels

    • This is Koala’s blog and she can write anything. You do not have to read it. The King is a good click bait so why not keeping on writing. I support Koala.

    • I have been a visitor of koalas blog.and really enjoyed it and Honestly I havent watched the drama ,and even i thought after watching a few scenes that they have no chemistry-which may be wrong if I give it a chance
      But even I think that koala is repeating her dislike towards drama again and again,I know it’s her blog ,but we get it that the drama is not good ,casting is off why repeat it everytime there is a low rating? Now even when there is just Netflix photoshoot you repeat the same thing ,can we moveone to positive things??

      • I think koala? is targeting us ( fans of LMH) to give comments here, the more comments her vlog, the more she will think that her vlog is successful. Dont like to give her that satisfaction. Dont you notice, maybe 90% or more of commentors here were defending lmh and TKEM. This is my first time and last time to give comment here…dont want to give koala? satisfaction. And this will be the last time ill read her article

  4. I beg to differ on this. I love the chemistry thats what is keeping me going and I also love the drama entirely. It has been a pleasant drama to watch. waiting for the weekend to arrive

  5. Love the chemistry. It takes time to build. The last hug scene when he comes back to korea even trended on naver. So disagree.

  6. I adore the main couple together they are so cute to together. I am loving this drama more than I thought I would. I also love the other casts. It’s great overall.

    I also love the premise of the drama with the parallel worlds and time travel invovled. It has alot of exciting elements. It’s just like a magnete if you begin you gotta finish it type of drama and you don’t know what is next and keeps you on your toes

  7. Maybe KES and director are the biggest culprits, but actors are doing bad job too and I wouldn’t call them “a case of wasted potential”. They’re not even trying to connect. For example, I saw the strong acting chemistry between Hwarang actors, so for me an actual case of wasted potential by weak writing and chopped up cheesy style directing look like them. Despite all the minuses the drama had those guys survive it and no one actually criticized their acting (except Go Ara) because they were all solid and alive in their roles.

    • Interesting that you brought up Hwarang. PSJ never disappoints but I will not advise him doing another saguek, he does not look good with long hair. He looks more sexy with his shirt off in FMW or his very short hair in IC. The writing is sure poor in Hwarang. And I cannot unsee Go Ara’s single thick eyebrow…

      • He looks okay with long hair, just production screwed him over by giving N-number of strange and cheap looking wigs lol Also there are plenty historical dramas periods that are not revolved around “long hair” look. His historical acting and how manly he holds himself in them actually very nice. He should definitely try historical drama in the future, but something in a more serious theme.

  8. Apparently two writers left her team one of whom was responsible for a lot of the witty dialouge and had a lot of fresh ideas that kept the drama engaging in her recent dramas.

  9. Netflix posted a video of the main cast answering questions, they were all joking around and laughing, looking beautiful, chemistry and camaraderie all around. LMH and Jung Eun Chae were joking so freely like good friends and LMH had a cute vibe with Kim Go Eun and they seemed quite comfortable with each other. Then the cameras start rolling and they follow the script they are given and it’s just mostly flat.

    • I noticed this in YouTube videos as well Deb. I see the chemistry behind the scenes when the camera isn’t rolling but when I watch the actual drama on Netflix, the chemistry isn’t there and the dialogue is choppy, scattered, and messy.

  10. I found myself enjoying this show quite alot. I loved the chemistry and I think they are extremely cute together. I also loved the storyline which is one of the main things that is keeping me so hooked on this show.

    The cinematography and the modern setting is also absolutely gorgeous plus you have Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun romancing each other what could go work. Nothing really seems like everything came together good at the end. I am just waiting for the episodes to arrive

  11. I personally think this is KES at her best and its due to the premise being somewhat very interesting. You can tell that she wanted to set the par high on this series and you can see the effort made is not of small matters which is one of the main things that is interesting. As for the casts chemistry and there storyline is very good and one of the thing that shines through here

  12. I only began watching it last night and my intention was to watch just one episode a day but guess what I found myself going thru the entire 6 episodes in 6 hours. I binged it on one sitting just like that and time went by real quick.

    Before going into it I didn’t know what to except and I guess it’s the intrigue of the parallel worlds and the love story that just grabs you by the neck somehow and you gotta finish it. For these who want to binge it once it’s finished don’t click on the first episode because you will end up binging this thing to kingdom come avoid the urge to begin

    • haha. The same thing happened to me few nights ago funny you mentioned it now. I heard alot of it and didn’t think much of it until I set down and watched the damn thing and I can easily tell you is addictive. I also regret starting on it because I love to binge dramas when they are finished

  13. Lee Min Ho’s visuals is simply illegal territory. I also found KGE in this drama she was an actress I didn’t know previously she is cute. As for there chemistry I loved it really much. I think they match well and in the same age-range. I loved it and I am currently watching

  14. The drama dosen’t has different layers such as rivalry hence the villian is cunning and has put alot of plans in motion by changing people from different places with each other and his minions. Then there is the cop storyline which is somehow different from that storyline and then there is the love storyline. Everything come together perfectly and you can kind of sense that there is a broad world with multiple story arcs and the same time which makes the viewer think rather than just watching flat-out romance with just two people. It wants to chellenge your way of thinking.

    I enjoy most of the story arcs but the one I enjoy most is in Lee Gon’s world story arc I think that is beautiful and also I love the love story arc.

    They have travelled thru both worlds now we have them in the Repulic currently and it’s Lee Gon’s second time of being there currently.

    I won’t mind if this show became to adult you know what I mean but I think SBS won’t allow nor the sponsors.

    But aside from all that I am loving it and I think is good show and keeps you hooked somehow. Once you in there is no exit. We will also have the kings bodyguard cross over on the coming episode that is gonna be exciting

  15. the story isn’t that bad, just badly stitched to make is unnecessarily convoluted. For chemistry, yeah, I don’t feel it. I wish I can see them feeling “in love” more than “I like this person” since the narrative is that they already in love.

  16. I watched it with my sister who obviously loves everything LMH and digs KES dramas normally as for me not much but I honestly loved this drama. It’s very interesting. The chemistry is overload cute I like it

  17. Wow! LMH and KGE, as well as the cast, ooze so much chemistry in these still pictures though. Yet, in the drama it’s the opposite. Such a waste!

  18. Hahaha, it’s funny that most comments here saying it’s good, even saying there is good chemistry ??, there has been no drama that generate completely opposite opinions. It is interesting and intriguing indeed.

    • People said it’s good cause they lost a lot of viewer already. People who criticse and don’t like has turn off so it comes to the “one-note fan review comments section again”

      Also polarising chemistry happen many times, goblin and hotel del Luna has the same varied opinion.

      • What I meant is there has been no drama that received opposite opinions completely from script, acting and chemistry.
        Other dramas maybe lacking this or the other, but this drama is totally opposite in every aspect. That’s why it’s interesting.
        But like you said, maybe the people who don’t like already walk away.

      • I don’t think they lost viewers if anything it’s the opposite they are still trending on Netflix top charts in Asia and Latin America. TKEM has a seas of fans and viewers to the point it may make the top 10 worldwide in Netflix for 2020. The viewers were always there like the giant ice titanic ship didn’t see just below the ocean

    • @selvin
      many will watch for this drama has LMH. his fans havent seen him on screen for three yrs. and his fanbase contains a considerable number of ppl from different places. just because they are watching the drama for the sake of missing him (which is ok to me) doesnt mean the drama is doing well. dont twist LMHs fandoms support with quality of drama.

      • The drama is already a hit internationally it’s not just LMH fans but regular viewers tuning in. What was meant to take off and can’t be forced down. This drama was just meant to take off it certainly has

      • ur opinion does matters. it is blockbuster overseas and even number one on VOD koreas highest paid streaming site, do ur research before u spew bs

  19. I love it to be honest and also the chemistry is just cute. If you don’t ship these two you have a black-heart period. They are just that much cute together. As for the whole drama I love the premise and the fantasy elements being used here. Lmh is looking mighty fine here.

    The build was also good it didn’t just throw everything at you but gave it bits and pieces and build a realistic chemistry which I adore.

    I ship the main couple together. They define cuteness together

    • Shippers are the worst. Other can have their opinions. To me, these two characters don’t match visually, don’t match in personality, and don’t even match in time zones. Your black-heart period is a total turnoff to humanism.

  20. Agree with Koala. Casting looked so promising I decided to give KES’s drama a try. (And I’ve never gone past 3 episodes in her previous works except Secret Garden, can’t endure the cheesiness and the slow pace setup) Too bad the writing, the directing and the acting turn out not well put together.

    The lines are so unnatural I find it weird to be from KES. LeeGon’s interest towards Taeeul in the first eps is unreasonable. They might look good together in stills but logically it just doesn’t feel believable to me these two are falling for each other. I believe they both are capable performers because I’ve seen good works from them. But no skills can save them from poor scripts and lack of ost, and bad cg, and bad supporting characters. I came to dislike Jungeunchae’s character with a passion because of her lines and her facial expressions.

  21. I liked this video but you can see they’re not so much chemistry between them because of the structure of the drama, they didn’t act together yet. The villain didn’t have any scene with them for now, poor actor acting alone :p . For the BTS, the cop’s ones are my favourite. Yangmi character adds a lot of fun.

  22. What are your bases/indicators that a majority of the viewers don’t find the chemistry between the 2 leads? Have you done a study/survey of all viewers to support your claim? That’s a hell of a research to be done for such a conclusive statement. Now, can you do it? Hahaha

  23. This is not a love story. It is a sci-fi / fantasy drama of parallel worlds with a tinge of love thrown into it to spice things up a bit. It is about one man’s lust for power & his elaborate scheme to overthrow the King across two universes. And one man’s revenge to defend his throne while protecting his presumed saviour. And I think the castings are good & they have great chemistry together.

  24. “So much pretty, so little substance.” You are so right. I’m still watching for KGE and KKN though. I’ll watch until the very last episode is over just to see these two.

  25. Can’t Believe I am commenting on another TKEM and how many are there anyways. It seems like a little to many to me.

    But aside from that. I think there chemistry is absolutely great and one of the things that got me into the drama

  26. The story is good. But it is a little cliche.The concept of parallel universe was introduced first time but still something felt like going through the loop. And the start was really slow. The villain could have done a better work.
    It was more anticipated because it was Lee Min Ho’s return rather than a really good plot. Though they took the best actors the co-ordination between them is not that good.Something feels missing. And the writing can be done in a better way. In all I think it is not that bad but not too good either. As for as the chemistry I won’t comment. The show has just started. We will know the real chemistry only later.I even wish for a better bromance. I really thought that Lee Min Ho and Woo Do Hwa will do that part great. But that one is not good at all. I hope that it will end differently than it started.

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