2020 Baeksang Award Nominations Out and Popular Dramas Crash Landing on You, The World of the Married, and When the Camellia Blooms Lead Drama Side

The 2020 Baeksang Awards held on June 5, 2020 will take place without an audience for the first time in its history but at least it will take place and be broadcast. The nominations were released today on May 8th and there are a few surprises of who was in and not in but mostly I am really pleased! The Best Drama nominations went to When the Camellia Blooms, Hyena, Crash Landing on You, Kingdom 2, and Stove League. I’m surprised not to see Itaewon Class, The World of the Married, and Hospital Playlist there but the latter hasn’t aired enough episodes so may be eligible next year. Best Actor nods went to Hyun Bin, Namgong Min, Joo Ji Hoon (for Hyena and not Kingdom), Kang Ha Neul, and Park Seo Joon.

Best Actress is STACKED oh wow even K-netz is saying this is the toughest race – Kim Hee Ae, Gong Hyo Jin, Son Ye Jin, Kim Hye Soo, and IU, and yes IU feels like the young outlier and I wouldn’t have nominated her this year for Hotel Del Luna as she really should win more for My Ahjusshi. I’m thrilled for so much love thrown at Crash as supporting roles there also got nods – Seo Ji Hye and Kim Sun Young both in Best Supporting Actress, and gruff Yang Kyung Won for Best Supporting Actor, and even Kim Young Min got a Best Supporting Actor nod except its for Married and not his role in Crash.

Baeksang Nominations – Television:

Best Drama

When the Camelia Blooms (KBS2)
Crash Landing on You (TVN)
Stove League (SBS)
Kingdom 2 (Netflix)
Hyena (SBS)

Best Actor

Kang Ha Neul (When the Camelia Blooms)
Namgong Min (Stove League)
Park Seo Joon (Itaewon Class)
Joo Ji Hoon (Hyena)
Hyun Bin (Crash Landing on You)

Best Actress

Gong Hyo Jin (When the Camelia Blooms)
Kim Hye Soo (Hyena)
Kim Hee Ae (World of the Married)
Son Ye Jin (Crash Landing on You)
IU (Hotel Del Luna)

Best Supporting Actor

Kim Young Min (World of the Married)
Yang Kyung Won (Crash Landing on You)
Oh Jung Se (When the Camelia Blooms)
Yoo Jae Myung (Itaewon Class)
Joon Suk Ho (Hyena)

Best Supporting Actress

Kwon Nara (Itaewon Class)
Kim Sun Young (Crash Landing on You)
Seo Ji Hye (Crash Landing on You)
Son Dam Bi (When the Camelia Blooms)
Yeom Hye Ran (When the Camelia Blooms)

Best New Actor

Kim Kang Hoon (When the Camelia Blooms)
Ahn Bo Hyun (Itaewon Class)
Ahn Hyo Seop (Dr. Romantic 2)
Ong Seung Wu (At Eighteen)
Lee Jae Wook (Extraordinary You)

Best New Actress

Kim Da Mi (Itaewon Class)
Jeon Mi Do (Hospital Playlist)
Jeon Yeo Bin (Be Melodramatic)
Jeon Ji So (The Cursed)
Han So Hee (The World of the Married)


2020 Baeksang Award Nominations Out and Popular Dramas Crash Landing on You, The World of the Married, and When the Camellia Blooms Lead Drama Side — 45 Comments

  1. My guess :
    Best actress: Son Ye Jin
    Best new Actress: Kim Da Mi ? ( love this cute girl)
    Best new actor : Ahn Bo Huyn
    Best actor: PSJ
    Best supporting actor : Yoo Jae Myung

  2. Best new actress is the hardest one.

    Felt like Camellia Bloom or Stove League will win the Baeksang since the world of married isn’t there.

    Perhaps this time Park Seo Joon Will win, namgoong min is spectacular, kang ha Neul makes the characters endearing despite being so positive all the time, Hyun bin just alright, he will not win based on acting alone, Joo Ji Hoon is good but feels like Kim Hye Soo and him plays the same type and she is better.

    Best actress probably Kim Hee Ae, I mean world of married??
    or Kim Hye Soo , probaby gong Hyo jin since dongbaek ia such a character, polarising but real, she exist in real life. Son Ye Jin and IU have no chance.

    I secretly wants Kim Kang Hoon to wins since he felt like a bratty kid that is confused about the whole adult love life but then Yoo Jae Myung is amazing.
    I want Jeon Mi Do to win but Han So Hee is everywhere and Kim Da Mi is great.

    With this nomination, next year will be The World of married Vs Hospital Playlist.

    • I don’t think TWOM and HP will be eligible for next year cause this time they are already included eventhough both the series are still airing.
      This time all the dramas that aired between April 1 2019 and April 30 2020 having finished atleast 4 episodes were eligible.Due to covid the deadline got extended to 30th April from of 31st March. Otherwise TWOM wouldn’t have been included this year.

      • that’s true. you can’t be eligible for 2 years. And even though they have not completed the series on air, the network submitted the entire episodes to Baeksang for review. But yeah, i’m also a bit disappointed for Hospital Playlist and TWOTM nominations.

      • @rjei I don’t think that they need to submit the entire episodes.Cause TWOM and HP may have completed the series shooting but what about those dramas who are still shooting and have aired more than 4 episodes.

    • Son YeJin has no chance? You are hallucinating, right? She wins the best actress award yearly in major award-giving bodies like Baeksang, Grand Bell and Blue Dragon and she showed ultimate versatility in her role as Yoon Seri (comedy, melodrama, thriller and a little antagonistic side… you name it). If anything, she’s the one to beat here. I like The World of the Married too but it’s not original, it’s a remake and it’s not the of drama I will watch over and over, unlike CLOY. Kim Hee Ae is a good actress but she almost has one expression as Ji Sun-woo. CLOY has made a lot of non-Kdrama fans around the world to start watching Kdrama and for that, it should get Daesang. For best actor, I think Park Seo Joon has a great edge in his role on Itaewon Class.

      • Beat actress should go to Son Ye Jin for her versatility! Name it all she got it perfectly portrayed! CLOY made kdrama famous worldwide! Even here in the US! And it should be the best drama! Best actor to Hyun Bin as well… he was so great in portraying his role as a North Korean soldier! Well it would be safer to say all of the nominees from CLOY drama deserve to win! ???

  3. My guess,
    Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae
    Best Actor : Park Seo Joon
    Best Drama : When Camellia Blooms
    Best New Actress : Kim Da Mi (this is a lockdown)
    Popularity will likely be won by Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. I hope Seo Ji Hye and Yang Kyung Won win in their respective categories.

  4. Wow!! This time it is such a stiff competition..
    Camellia-9 nominations
    CLOY-8(Missed out in new actor category)
    This year has been a blessing for kdrama with so much good content that went insanely hit.

  5. Is it sad that I haven’t watched most of these dramas?LOL

    Who I think should win base on the dramas I watched on this list:
    —Best Drama: Crash Landing On You
    ^did not watched other dramas lol
    —Best actor: Hyun Bin
    ^I finished CLOY. I watched only two episodes of IC.
    —Best actress: Son Ye Jin
    ^only watched cloy and hotel del luna
    —Best Supporting actor: Yang Kyung Won
    ^i don’t remember who he is lol but thats the only drama I watched listed.
    —Best supporting actress: Seo Ji Hye
    —Best new actor: Lee Jae Wook
    ^Extraordinary You was the only drama I watched on this list. Why is Ahn Hyo Seop on this list? He was the prime time main lead for Abyss last year.
    —Best new actress: Kim Da Mi
    ^i only watched two episodes of IC but that’s more than other shows listed lol

    Who I think will win based on buzz:
    —Best Actor: Park Seo Joon
    —Best Actress: Kim Hee Ae
    —Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Jae Myung
    —Best Supporting actress: Kwon Nara
    —Best New Actor: Ahn Bo Hyung
    —Best New Actress: Kim Da Mi
    —Best Drama: Crash Landing On You

    • Regarding Ahn Hyo seop being in best new actor category,I think there is this criteria which requires an actor to have starred in less than 3 main or supporting roles..I don’t remember exactly.

  6. Best Actress and Actor a no brainer – Kim Hee Ae and Park Seo Joon.
    They are outstanding in their respective roles.

  7. Hyena should win best actor and actress. They were too good.
    New actor: Hospital Playlist

    I hope my 2 favourite drama of the year wins.

  8. It looks like there were only few dramas in 2019-2020…And they just took the ones with big ratings…
    Han Suk Kyu in Watchers, all the casting of Be Melodramatic, etc. there were underdog dramas that deserved recognition.

    • They got big ratings for some reasons..All good dramas may not get high ratings whereas nowadays,especially in 2020 a big rating drama means it is indeed a full package.Audiences are no fool. These nominations were chosen by experts from various departments.Just because our faves are not recognised,it doesn’t mean others are not good.
      Besides,Be Melodramatic has a nomination too.
      Underdogs are there but their performances fell short than those mentioned above.For exa- Just look at the best actress category filled with veteran actresses..No one can challenge that ..

    • Actually surprise Han Su Kyu Doesn’t make it since he has Watcher and Romantic Doctor. Both has high rating. OCN has struggle to gain the same rating in the same timeslot since watcher!. Might be the amount of buzz take into an account too.

  9. I think

    Daesang: son ye jin
    Best actor: hyunbin
    Best actress: kim hee ae or kim hyesoo
    Best drama: crash landing on you

    Kim hee ae is also in best actress for film, she can win that too and gv best actress to son yejin..

  10. Though I will choose Yoo Jae Myung as best supporting actor, I actually so happy Kim Young Min make it, despite his role is not that big, sadly. He is always appear in popular drama I have watched, From CLOY, My Mister, and now the World of the Married. And always like his performances. The roll I really love of him is as DOng Hoon rival in My Ajusshi!.

    Love Ahn Bo Hyun Performances in Itaewon class too. And surprise about Kwon Na ra Performances, since she is not this good in MY Ajusshi.

  11. i’ve never been torn for an award show. I’ve watched Camelia, CLOY, and Stove League and i’ve enjoyed those three… I guess may the best man/woman/drama wins :))

  12. is there a rule for Best TV Drama in baeksang that “remake” is not eligible like The World of The Married is a remake of BBC’s Doctor Foster?

    • Best TV Drama: When The Camellia Blooms – it’s not a typical or ordinary kdrama it is something new that’s why it was nominated no doubt for that. Deserve to win.

      Best Actress: Gong Hyo Jin – versatile actress can do romcom and drama. She perfectly portrayed her role in When The Camellia Blooms

      Best Actor: Kang Ha Nuel – same with Gong Hyo Jin, he amazingly portrayed his role it’s no a usual role there is something uniqueness in him.

  13. Oh gosh, When Camella Blooms and Gong Hyo Jin … I hope not. She was so off and unwatchable in that drama. It’s like when she was acting her scenes, she was doing it in front of a mirror and gushing over herself about how great of an actor she is. That feeling. Very self-aware, in a kinda full of herself way.

  14. Kim Hee Ae will win Best Actress for Film (I am delulu) and Daesang for TV. So the other actresses can fight for Best Actress for TV.

  15. My guesses
    Best Drama – When Camellia Blooms
    Best Actress – Kim Hee Ae (WOTM)
    Best Actor – PSJ (IC)
    Best New Actor – Ahn Bo Hyun (IC)
    Best New Actress – Kim Dami (IC)
    Best Supporting Actor – Yang Kyung Won (Cloy)
    Best Supporting Actress – Yeom Hye Ran (Camellia) or Seo Ji Hye (Cloy)
    Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will get popularity awards.

    • Suzy is still most awarded idol actress, more CFs, and more relevant domestically and internationally. Stay pressed.

      • Hmm, disagree, hahaha, IU is more relevant, her show is like star stud, she is well respected for her talent, she can sing, can write and can act.

  16. Rooting for:

    Best Drama – Stove League
    Best Actor – Kang Ha Neul / Park Seo Joon
    Best Actress – Kim Hee Ae
    Best Supporting Actor – Yoo Jae Myung
    Best Supporting Actress – Seo Ji Hye
    Best New Actor – Ahn Hyo Seop / Ahn Bo Hyun
    Best New Actress – Jeon Mi Do

  17. Daesang or Best Actress: Son YeJin – she showed ultimate versatility in her role as Yoon Seri and CLOY has made millions of non-Kdrama-fans start to Kdramas. Kim Hae Ae is a strong contender for best actress too but I’m just bothered with her “one” expression in light and heavy scenes.

    Best Actor: Park Seo Joon of Itaewon Class (Hyun Bin has his strong acting as RJH too but he has a few ‘flat’ moments too. I think PSJ did really great as Park Sae-ro-yi)

    Best Drama: CLOY- It’s original and a mixed of fantasy, melodrama, action and romcom.

    Best Supporting Actress: Kwon Nara of IC and Kim Sun-Young of CLOY are strong contenders.

    • Omg i totally agree w u that kim hee ae only have 1 expression, either she is shocked and no expression.. i hope son yejin can get daesang if kim hee ae got the best actress and anyway she is also nominated for best actress in film..

      I hope Hyunbin for best actor!!

  18. I’ve only watched CLOY, Kingdom and IC,

    But for best actor: Park Seo Joon was really convincing in his emotional scenes but I was not convinced by his affection towards neither of the two girl leads… not sure if it was due to the writing more than the acting though.

    Hyun Bin displayed heaps of micro-expressions as a stoic character, and also had to learn the dialect and performed action sequences. HB and SYJ also played very convincingly as lovers. I’d say the off moment was in ep 16 in the paragliding reunion scene, probably because it was pre-filmed. But apart from that… he did well.

    I thought Park Ji Hoon would be nominated for Kingdom than Hyena. He was a strong male lead there.

    I’ve heard good things about the other actors nominated so yeah I have no idea! They all had their great movements in the show and I wish they could all win. Haha.

  19. It’s a shame that they snubbed the cast of Hi Bye, Mama. IMO, Kim Tae Hee, Lee Kyu Hyung, Kim Mi-Kyung and Dong Mi Shin all deserve to be nominated.

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