K-ent Covers the Heavy Handed Excessive PPL in The King: Eternal Monarch Veering on the Absurd

Do you want lip balm, lots of boba milk tea, kimchee side dish in a bag, fried chicken and beer, ice coffee, and a UV light face mask? Does that all sound so random? It’s as random as it sounds when the viewer encounters it watching The King: Eternal Monarch. When a drama is good the PPL is accepted as an annoying evil to pay the people making the drama, when the drama is bad makes the PPL even worse because there is already nothing good grounding the show before random products are interjected obviously. Kim Eun Sook dramas other than Mr. Sunshine (period drama) always have a lot of PPL, recent hits Descendants of the Sun and Goblin had tons of it (like OMG Subway please GO AWAY!) but those dramas were coherent and fun to watch unlike the still mostly incoherent and definitely mostly dull The King. Because it’s annoying me so much I actually actively do not want to buy/eat/use any of the products used here. When Tae Eul’s cop partner actually held up a bag of ready to eat convenience kimchee during their car stakeout I just threw up my hand and sighed.


K-ent Covers the Heavy Handed Excessive PPL in The King: Eternal Monarch Veering on the Absurd — 82 Comments

    • Lol . I actually feel bad for lmh . His drama post-military had so much controversy .. wonder if he choose different type drama , are the controversy will as big as this and the ratings in korea will be better .

      • Its okay. He always bounced back. Like he did with personal taste and faith.
        Creatives work is not in his hands.he did his job to bring profit for 32 billion won drama pre airing, many brands came on board for drama bcoz of him and initial buzz. But writing and direction isnt his job. Atleast it ended up as profitable.

      • İ Dont Think So. Lee Min Ho İs So So Popular İn Korea. And People Proud To Have Him İ Dont Know Why You Say This But Lee Min Ho İs Biggest Than Korea And Kdrama ?All People Know Kdrama With Him. Respect To Him.

    • I don’t like this actress. How I wish they chose another actress instead of her. I like lee min ho but i can’t stand watching her

      • I cant stand her eyes.. i kno she is more of a natural beauty bt she shud jus have ddid plastic surgery to her eyes..

      • Lakeland, her eyes are fine to me if she is born that way. But her expression is just unbearable. Look at how she puts on lip balm. Does she look attractive to you? Gosh. I will make sure no one buys that lip balm in my circle of friends. That PPL company should demand a refund. Lol.

      • I don’t mind her but I think this pairing is off too. No matter what, OTPs need to be visually compatible.

      • @Lalaland

        She has beautiful eyes and should never have plastic surgery. Her eyes make her a bona fide natural korean beauty so STFU please.

      • I think she is OK.. At 1sy I don’t like her as well.. But i like her acting n they have good chemistry as well..

    • The actress actually good in playing Goblin drama. She has a very good chemistry with Gong Yoo. Still remembered how she mourning sadly. And that scene successfully breaks my heart. But i dont know why in this drama, she doesn’t has that chemistry with leeminho.and the role that she is playing is annoying. Like she continuesly made it obvious that she forced herself to not believe in leeminho. And even after following him into his world, she still behaved annoyingly. She acted disgraceful towards leeminho even tho she already aware that he is the King. I just cannot accept that she continues to talk rudely to leeminho. Like come on when a prince charming and handsome likes you, how come you acts like you that. Unacceptable

      • Lee Min Ho İs Good What Are You Say?! She İs So Looks Good With Lee Min Ho ?İ Dont Know Why You Hate But İf You Dont Like Dont Comments About Him.

  1. I noticed these commericials clear right away while watching the show but aside from that I freaking love the drama. It’s honestly addictive and I am hooked now due to the premise being intriguing. The episode seems to go fast and you end up wanting to know what will happen next. It is a less perfect but definitely a crwod pleaser

  2. Well noone minds easy money. Though it is irritating bcoz it is so obvious. Chicken saw huge sales increase. People now wanna criticise every little thing just for the sake of criticism when 4th week was actually good watch after first 3 weeks. Nearly 50 advertisers were on board and they need to give then screen time. Simple

  3. I figured out what was going on especially in the car where Tae Eul and Jangmi eat the kimichi hahah. It was a funny scene. Hilarious.

    I still loved that episode and the show generally. I am here for the interesting plotline while some are there for the main couple but not me. I am not there for the romance but the storyline has me drawn in and I like how it has progressed so far

  4. The way that the camera man framed the first shot says everything about the drama. An A Lister leading lady would never have conceded to this cheap shot.
    LMH should have never agreed to a first time director for his comeback drama. He probably got paid shitload of $$$. I want to see him playing a character with gray shades in his next drama. The Prince Charming roles he settles for are making him look one dimensional. He has it in him to do better. His first drama proves it….Where did all that charisma go?

    • Agree. I have seen many actresses putting on lipstick in K dramas (all PPL). I can recall clearly the beauty of JJH, SHK, and even not-yet-A lister Kim Da Mi (IC), ISH (Gangnam Beauty) or PMY trying to sale cosmetics in K dramas, and they all look very beautiful. But this first photo is just so unflattering to the point of comedically embarrassing. What is the camera man thinking? This is a joke?

  5. Hahahahaha. Is that Jangmi holding that. I love that character his hilarious. I find myself enjoying this drama quite alot. I like the main couple I think they are cute together but the storyline is even better

    • I second this. He is funny his basically a cop dressed like a gangster slush thug. He looks tough but his the cutest guy there is ever his a great combo.

      I love the romance aspect. I have seen some of the photos of them on the internet they are super cute together

  6. I feel like people are really just nitpicking about everything in this drama. I get that it has a lot of flaws – which in my opinion is largely due to bad writing coupled with bad directing and editing.

    The first few episodes were really confusing and boring. I was honestly rolling my eyes and going – ‘huh? what?’. But I think the last episode is quite interesting, now that the story is unfolding. But people have already formed their opinions and are now just watching the drama to mock it. Which is really sad.

    Also, I don’t think that LMH and KGU are all that bad. They still need to work on their chemistry, and I am hoping that they will show us that, now that they are sort of ‘working together’ to protect both worlds. But up until the last episode, I still think that KGU has the best chemistry with KKN – when they are on the screen together, I actually believe whatever it is that they’re selling. So, am hoping that LMH and KGU can give us that in future episodes.

  7. I am not bothered by PPL I acutlly found it funny other than that I understand why they have to be included.

    I find the premise quite interesting. The CGI execution was at the highest level it seemed like they were in the room at the same time. The storyline progression is also good. They didn’t throw to much at us in the beginning. So slowly build up.

    LMH-kGE are simply cute together and I love the chemistry one of the best scene that I have rewatched multiple times hand in the 4th episode where they takes her with him to his world when they cross the portal on his horse probably my all time favourite scene it just had so much momentum that scene.

    The bodyguard and his double are also another great comedic relief but who will Na’ri date the bodyguard or the clown.

  8. That why i really admire when they didnt make PPL look obvious in drama ??

    But, PPL in kdrama rarely make me annoyed, really different with PPL in my drama country. I mean, in the middle of arguing everyone stop just to eat biscuit. Like… are you for real??? ?

  9. I guess people have started to like this drama. been seeing lots of positive comments lately. earlier all comments were bad.

    • The rating dropped, I guess only people who can tolerate it stays, that’s why it has been mostly positive, people that don’t like it just stop watching which doesn’t seem like a good things

      • Bcoz initial episodes left a bad impression and lost viewers r not coming back. Feedback is getting positive. Even koalas agreed with this weeks epsiodr but damage is done.

      • @yuvier Its world of Married finale week…. its reasonable to assume the ratings will likely drop further because that show is heating up going into finale and Kim Hee Ae has that Daesang in her bag with her latest performance…If they can bounce back post The world of married, the team can still save face. We will have to wait and see. But the reception in SK has been so disastrous and reaction so horrid, everyone involved in this project need to take a hard look at themselves, writers, actors, producers…everyone.

      • Your measurement is way off first of all this place is a cult not mainstream area just a niche blog with with very few traffic or visitors alot don’t even know this place exist. Go to mainstream social media like Youtube, FB, TW and reddit. You will realize something entirely different. The show is being eaten up raw in masses.

        It’s also topping all charts 15-20 countries on netflix consistently this show could very well be KES’ biggest International. Which is awkward her so said flop becoming her biggest International hit ever that is an irony which will technically make this show an effing bonavida hit and alot of people are currently blind to it but this thing is moving mountains and has ridiculous hype and alot of fan following. Definitely a successful show outside on SBS even in SK it’s doing crazy good outside of that channel

      • @Elsa I read a good deal of nate, naver and online portals, korean ones…I am not sure why you guys want to deny the obvious which is this show is not well received in SK. I get that you guys wanted a big, triumphant DOTS level return to tv for LMH and I can clearly see that you guys are less than pleased over avtual outconlme. Facts won’t change because of that. It gets way more negative criticism than positive. I am not sure why trending with negative reception is considered a success to you all. Because lets face it, it has to pick up in next 3 weeks or its going to get a bona fida epic misfire tag. We can argue back and forth as to what or who went wrong. But it has to score double digit by the end of it run. Or this won’t be considered hit, period. They hyped it to the sky and beyond. Considering that, this is not looking good. The sad part would be this has elements that can make a good, interesting story. But the execution…enough has been said, I don’t think more is needed to be said on that.

      • No it’s not.

        Don’t delusion yourself into thinking that opinions that are different from you about this drama (be it negative or objective) are bots.

        Learn to be objective. Learn to appreciate differing opinions.

      • adyjunjihyun

        Or perhaps they’ve been waiting and expecting a great storytelling and well-acted big budget drama from KES that features big-named stars but was disappointed?

        Expecting the same satisfaction that many viewers have experienced watching KES past and blockbuster dramas?

        Ever thought of that?

    • When they did the PPL of the massaging chair and then went, hand me over the water, we’re too much aren’t we ? they basically made fun of the PPL and it worked.

      • That’s how I see it in Eternal Monarch too. I think it’s blatant for a purpose and they were making fun of the PPL placement. So I thought the PPL placement in ep 8 were funny.

  10. Tbh I am probably one of their target market lol. That although I live in London I had the urge to find Kimchee or ice popsicle and I googled that balm and I wanted some milk tea and we’re in lockdown which doesn’t help. I did eat a lot of subway when Goblin aired no joke ?. And now I dream about eating chicken ?

    • Seriously lockdown here and even they are not selling non veg here. And when i see them eating chicken it burns me lol???

  11. I love watching boys love drama, so I enjoy watching Thailand dramas, over there, their product placements is also very obvious but you don’t really mind because it’s more of a fan service and it’s cute and you squeal with joy, like seeing boys feeding each other dried seaweed lol

    But here the product placements sometimes disrupts the story and highlights the cringe dialogue. It’s unbearable. They can advertise the products without the cheese factor. For example, instead of describing how great the chicken is while eating it, they could had said before arriving at the chicken shop, ‘Are you hungry? I’ll take you to one of the best chicken places in the city.’

  12. I love some Jangmi histrionics. His a breakout star in my honest opinion probably the biggest on this show while the 3 main lead don’t count as they are already ethlished names but he broke-out in this role. I wanna see some jangmi movies as the lead post this tv-show. I could see him replacing some of the older action stars in chungmuro to become the new action man we deserve.

    I have binged watch the last 4 episodes as I was working with old people in my area so didn’t have time the week before but once I had time I binged the remaining episodes. I enjoy it alot. Seems like the story has moved and grown on me.

    Would be interesting to see what they have in store for the 9th episode as for the PPL i understand them why so it didn’t bother me one bit. the two Hwan was also interesting to see and the lead couple being cozy with each other

  13. I began watching it late as I didn’t know what to expect but I found it to be pleasantly entertaining. tho it would have been much better to drop all episodes at once as I am use to that nowadays. The suspense and cliffhangers I am not big fan of that. I just bingewatch stuff and this series is bingeworthy. I am considering waiting for it until it ends but sometimes I find myself sneaking into few episode

  14. the best PPL for me was in marriage contract,
    the male lead was getting phone call early morning from someone he doesn’t like, and he threw his phone. It actually goes inside a fishbowl and keeps ringing and still ringing as the caller keep calling, he becomes pissed off, take it from the fish and turn the phone off while looking obviously upset since he knows has to get up and start working.

    I was like “it’s waterproof”
    It’s on my face but I know what they were advertising and how it actually inside a plot.

  15. the drama is alright, I can watch it but I was looking for a drama to pass the time, to watch while cleaning so even if it’s confusing and I think the directing is quite confusing, I can see why people wouldn’t like it.

    If I had to write analysis or focus while watching it, I may have a lot of bad stuff to say but then I am not and it was fun as background drama.

  16. I don’t really care about PPL if it suits the characters and the story. For example, he FL of Encounter eating in a Subway was pretty weird but the fact they put Subway in the game in MoA was pretty smart.

  17. Watching a FL put on lipstick for a date makes sense. A millionaire eating at Pizza Hut with his chaebol mother doesn’t make sense. It takes me right out of the story.

    I want my PPL to either be unobtrusive or absolutely ridiculous and funny. Was it Because a this is My First Life where the guy was riding a Segway in slow motion sucking on some ginseng gel? That’s the PPL I love.

  18. The PPL I love most is in Shopping King Louis. The most perfect drama to advertise anything as the title drama is about a shopping king. My absolute favourite PPL scenes are Louis putting on his goggles to peel garlic, omg, I jut roll on the floor laughing, Louis’ love of Maxim Gold coffee is legendary, him following the scent by sniffing his way to the source and got slapped for it. Just gold. Another cracker is Louis and Bok Shil trying out all the sneakers, sweaters, handbag, sunglasses he bought for her in their god awful permed curly disastrous hair. I miss SIG, he posted in his IG last night that he’s going cut his long curly hair. Hilarious. Come back soon Siggy.

      • @joane, SIG has been laying low since 2018 when he made The Smile Has Left Your Eyes with Jung So Min. The reviews were good, ratings not too bad for TVN’s standard but K-netizens were very harsh and unforgiving towards poor Siggy. Still digging up the issue of him unable to complete his military enlistment due to his foot injury. For some stupid reasons, Koreans think SIG was evading his national duty, try to fake his way out of it. he completed 4 days only when he was discharged by the military doctors. He made one movie called Pipeline last year, due out this year but with COVID may be delayed. So no drama since October 2018.

  19. So you all are just HATERS of Kim Go Eun basically, and HATERS of the Drama. Why the FUCK do you even bother to watch? Oh, I KNOW … to spread your HATRED. And those of you who think you’re fans of LMH – you’re NOT. Don’t pretend to be and don’t go ‘poor LMH’! The GALL of some of you to say that KGE should go and have plastic surgery and you don’t like her with LMH. Who the FUCK are you??

    • were the camera men mad at Kim Go Eu? the first photo was a joke. hahhaha. they should apologize to her. This is the most unpleasanf photo that ive seen for someone who’s trying to promote a beauty product
      I will never buy that product. lmao.

  20. To be honest KGE’s photo alone is like a magnet for people to criticize her looks. I don’t get it really. She is really pretty and that scene where she was using the multi purpose balm was fine to me. Though handing it to Jangmi to use was not my ideal way to promote a beauty product.

  21. Some people here really have no prob criticizing the actresses if they’re not visually compatible with their favs. Will it be ok for fans of beautiful actresses to say the same thing to actors they deem not very handsome?

    • I honestly find it disconcerting how people can openly mock and criticize other people’s physical appearance; and even suggest plastic surgery because they “can’t stand their eyes”. I mean, who in their right mind would think that saying something like that publicly is acceptable? Free speech?! And then they wonder why mental illness and suicide are alarmingly becoming more prevalent amongst Korean celebrities.

  22. Lee Min Ho Drama Are So Good & Perfect. HATERS Go And Watch Youre Flop Drama For Youre Actors İf You Want Or Dont Want Lee Min Ho İs King Of Kdrama. This Drama Are So Exellent. ❣️❣️

    • My fav’s drama skyrocketed in terms of ratings and popularity.And after watching this mess called TKEM, I had to go back rewatch that drama to get my sanity back. With that I decided to drop TKEM mid way through episode 8. Heck atleast I finished episode 8 of MMS before dropping ?.
      Phew !! My internet bill will be saved a bit now.

  23. When using a lip balm is making such a wave it shows people don’t have something to talk about the Drama itself. The picture for me is okay. It is just a woman applying lip balm. You all look like that when doing it with slightly open mouth. Besides it is taken from a Drama and no poster shot. People are ridicolous. Do they want to control how people have to move or look in Dramas? So many Directors in front of the screen *facepalm*.

  24. The actress and actor work hard in their filming…why u have to give negative comments about other hard work… actually their chemistry was so good…this negative comments will make the actress or actor feel worse to themselves… please stop guys..this is like cyber bullying u know..why this people have to appear..

  25. Y’all are irritating as Hell.

    If this commercialization bothers you so much;there’s a simple solution> DON’T WATCH!

    You’ve BASHED this Drama from Day 1 & yet you keep watching just to have something to BITCH about!

  26. Why are you all dissing KGE? She is known as a good actor and has a wide variety of acting roles. That is the best thing to say about any actor.
    However, this pairing is off. KGE has no chemistry with LMH, true. But LMH also doesn’t have an ounce of chemistry with her too. His repetitive roles as the rich love interest with daddy issues also don’t help.

    • The eternal chaebol barely has chemistry with any of his female leads (aside from Park Min Young who is the chemistry queen), but it’s always the females’ fault. I have to laugh.

  27. Some LMH fangirls blaming the female lead, writing, directing, time slot, Netflix, COVID-19, (anything but him lol), and then proceed to talk about CFs/money…lmao same old same old.

  28. Hell! Most of the people dissing KGE for her looks must have some metal issues. Who the hell are you to diss someone on their looks ? Are you the prettiest person on earth who always looks flawless. Atleast she is better than most of those plastic beauties you all admire

  29. Lee Min Ho humiliated by Park Seo Joon and Hyun Bin………….. His acting is so bad in this drama. Too flat , not convincing . He acts not like a King but a Robot..

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