US Time Magazine May 2020 Article List 10 Best K-drama Dramas to Watch on Netflix Including Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, Kingdom, Mr. Sunshine and More

Even influential US news magazine Time is getting on the K-drama train, and timing is about a good as any for the medium to get broader exposure thanks to “Netflix and Chill” being the sole source of visual entertainment for the last two months in many countries around the world. Time magazine this week posted an article listing the best 10 K-dramas to watch available on Netflix. It’s heavily skewed towards dramas that premiered in the past year (April 2019 to April 2020) with a new slightly older dramas. I’m listing in the order its mentioned in the article: Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, Mr. Sunshine, Kingdom, When the Camellia Blooms, Hi Bye, Mama!, Signal, Prison Playbook, Secret Forest, and the Reply (Answer Me) series. I think if the writer of the article went back further there are also slighter older series worth watching including Misaeng, Another Oh Hae Young, and That Winter, the Wind Blows. Of course not every K-drama made is available on Netflix but there is plenty of modern content to hook new viewers for sure.


US Time Magazine May 2020 Article List 10 Best K-drama Dramas to Watch on Netflix Including Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, Kingdom, Mr. Sunshine and More — 30 Comments

  1. Yet another established news outlet praising CLOY. The total number is in the dozens at this point, lol. I haven’t seen such renowned worldwide acclaim for a kdrama for years now. Gives me hope that it’ll win big at Baeksang 2020 so fingers crossed!

  2. My favourite are Mr Sunshine, Signal, Prison Playbook and Secret Forest 🙂

    For typical Kdrama with good love story, I don’t think they chose the best ones but just the most recent ones.

    • Netflix offers a lot and the list comprises only the recent ones, neglecting some excellent K Dramas, like, My love from the Stars, Goblin, Pinocchio and Healer. Definitely, there’s much, much more.

  3. Secret forest is a masterpiece.And there is a recent Netflix drama called Extracurricular which is dark, unique and well written. I didn’t have any expectations when I started then I just couldn’t stop watching. I’m pretty sure it’ll be added to that list one day 😉

    • Yeah. So sad it is underrated outside Korea due to unpopularity of the cast. Hope word of mouth will help it achieve success.

      • Secret Forest/Stranger is not all undderated internationally because it was ranked at top 2 tv shows released in 2017 by NYT critics. It was seen best of the year around the world by those critics. It just international kdrama fans are just like Korean fans they mostly care about popular actors like Hyunbin making another lame drama.

        I think as fan of kdrama, other tv shows Stranger is the best in recent years. In Kdrama I haven’t seen a drama that great since Ahn Pan Seok’s Secret Love Affair. I have seen most of them usually they aren’t quality, serious drama look like Stranger.

  4. Itaewon Class is a masterpiece and will live on for generations, mark my words. It is now not only my favourite korean drama but all time favourite series. Its Brilliant take on classic themes and well constructed plot really sets it apart from all the usual dramas.

  5. That is kinda of hilarious as to how I never thought TIME of all the magazine to put out a list like this .. during the current pandemic everyone is turning into a COSMO lol!!

    Ableit that, I’d say most of the recommendation is a good way for the newbies to take off in the k-dramaland only on the basis of the HD quality and cinematography to keep their interest piqued. Have to say personally though , I couldn’t get past the first 5mins of IC, I don’t know why, maybe I will get it a second try some other time however I do agree with my fellow commentors that Tunnel and Voice should have been included, such underrated dramas … OCN needs to up their game in marketing their shows I swear!!

    • I don’t know why people say “I couldn’t pass 5 minutes” with so much proud over their “opinion”… You literally saw just 5 freakin’ minutes. What was there? A title? Yi Seo talking with her therapist? lol 5 minute is not enough even to finish a bottle of water, yet to form any opinion and pass as something important on internet and try to drag down a show, by acting like you “couldn’t last more than 5 minutes” lmfao 5 min lol

  6. So happy that Joo Ji Hoon oppa is back to the track. He used to be so popular during Goong era, experienced a career slump due to drug scandal and resurged through Along With The Gods. And now, he is finally back because of Kingdom. I am so happy for him. Hope that the same career resurgence happens also to Yoon Eun Hye

  7. Considering how many dramas SK produced in past years it’s impossible to fit everything and everyone in top 10. There will be always people who wants “my show” in this kind of list. But I have no objection over what they choose, almost all dramas good and interesting in their own way. Some I personally enjoyed more than others, but quality is still there and different people will enjoy different things. All dramas have something unique to offer and genre don’t repeat itself. From cheesy rom-com, to youthful revenge drama against big conglomerate with some historical dramas and detective list basically included everything korean dramas loved for.
    Btw, I’m glad, that they included Itaewon Class. With more dramas focused on female gaze and taste, it nice to have drama, that includes male audience too and gives them a hero that is not defined by his love and big gestures for female lead, but has a lot to offer beyond that, even if love is not entirely out of picture.

  8. Gotta thank Netflix – Back in 2012, Netflix introduced me to Kdramas and there’s been no looking back from there. I hardly watch American or British shows anymore, nor am do I follow western entertainment news. I guess I’m now a certified Kdrama and Cdrama junkie. On a more serious note, there are underrated pearls like Voice, Forest of Secrets and Tunnel missing from that list. But these are slightly older dramas (which have been remade) and not hyped, so it’s not completely surprising they are missing from this list.

  9. I was hooked on “Eternal love” “Ashes to love””just another love story “.It opened the door to another world, thank you. SLJ

  10. CLOY kingdom and IC were wonderful series to watch.
    IC should have been split into two seasons and editing improved for dramatic effect.
    All terrific casts. Highly entertaining. ❤

  11. By far Itaewon Class hasn’t let any other k-pop series surpassed my most favorite list. Love how all the character played out their own story perfectly. 16 episodes seem so less for this drama.
    Looking forward to more of Park so joon in the coming drama/movie wold.

  12. i hope give more love to i can hear your voice, dream high, the princess man, gaksital, my love from another star. they really stands out for me and kept comparing the new shows with these gems..

  13. I don’t think Korean shows hold significant market % in the US.

    Except those produced by Netflix, all Korean shows are no longer available in my region.

  14. After watching Stove League , I have very high expectations in drama in 2020. It’s okay that’s love is forever a gem too

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