Suzy on the Cover of Vogue June 2020 Edition and Achieves All Kill of Being on Cover of All 6 Top Women’s Fashion Magazines in Korea

I don’t think Suzy is the only K-actress to have landed the cover of all 6 of South Korea’s top women’s fashion magazines but she’s likely the youngest (25 years old) to have achieved this feat. Magazines don’t put top stars on their covers close to each other, there’s an unspoken scheduling rule to rotate so that for example Jeon Ji Hyun isn’t on three magazine covers the same month and siphon away buyers for each, etc. This June 2020 Suzy makes the creme de la creme Vogue Korea cover and completes the six-fold of landing covers for that magazine along with W Korea, Bazaar Korea, Cosmopolitan Korea, Marie Claire Korea, and Elle Korea. Impressive. Advertisers continue to love using her for the younger demographic so she’s not competing with the top veteran actresses a decade or more older than her, and in her own age group she’s basically solo other than for IU really surging the last year.


Suzy on the Cover of Vogue June 2020 Edition and Achieves All Kill of Being on Cover of All 6 Top Women’s Fashion Magazines in Korea — 40 Comments

  1. Soop ent did their best to promote her, still I hope they’re not forget about other actresses in their management

    • Suzy is the only k-actress to have achieved that so far since Jennie is an idol, the second Korean female star to have done that after Jennie did that on March this year.

    • She was from popular girlband in Korea (Miss a), so she have her own fanbase. Her debut drama doing well (dream high). Until then she got cast with super popular oppas (gongyoo, LSG, KWB, LJS), the rating maybe not that high, but because of oppa’s name, its created alot of buzz, thanks to that, she can mantain her popularity. Don’t forget she’s pretty.

      • Her first hit drama “Dream High” there was no popular oppas, KSH was an unknown new actor at that time, her second huge hit movie “Architecture 101” also no popular oppas, she made her own name without popular oppas, she started to act with popular oppas after she became really popular not before she became popular.

      • I like her alot and everything so I am not criticizing her. But I remember one of the reasons she became popular is because she dated Lee Min Ho.

      • Only mediaplay can’t make someone going so far so popular and well loved by Korean public, she got beauty,hit projects, talent, great personalities, good promotions, luck, star potential etc to back her up.

    • She is pretty, not just pretty but a natural beauty. Korean loves natural beauty face because plastic surgery is severe there. That is enough to make her super popular ( see another example : kim tae hee )
      Suzy doesnt have any remarkable talent or filmography, so yeah her face is the only thing that her popular

      • Popular because of oppas??? lmao nah. Her first big hit was Architecture 101 (where’s the popular oppa there) where she took majority of the buzz from the adult leads and became the Nation’s First Love. Afterwards, she rightfully received the best drama offers with the best production teams/male leads. Not her fault that she herself is a brand and the biggest idol actress.

      • She’s the visual of her group, but she’s also a good singer too. Her 2 solo pre release songs got all kill at all music charts, her collaboration song “Dream” was huge hit, she already sang more than 10 osts,all charted very well, she has talent not just beauty.

    • Combination of being pretty, good media-play or branding and luck. She’s serviceable at best with her acting, but since she has already build a name-brand hence her getting casts in establish projects. And this will allow her to continue to be on good projects, and fingers cross that somehow we get to see improvements. If you think about it, some of the 30s-40s representative visual actresses have had questionable reputation as good actresses during their younger years, but for most they were able to reverse it in recent years

      • Her acting skills in Her recent movie “Ashfall” and drama “While You were sleeping” got many praises, so I’m looking forward to seeing “Start Up”.

    • Suzy has got the look koreans (and the world) love. Girl is a great model, singer, dancer and actress. She’s got the world at her fingertips and she’s only twenty something. Some girls just have “it” whatever that is.

    • She is known as the nation’s first love. She an idol,an actress, dancer and a model. She is known for her humble character. Some of her popular movies are, dream high, architecture 101, vagabond and gu family book.

    • Suzy became nation’s first love because of the huge hit movie “Architecture 101” in 2012,she becomes really popular and well loved by the Korean public since then, she started dating LMH in 2015,her popularity has nothing to do with him, she’s much more loved by public than him in Korea.

  2. Suzy is the only k-actress to have achieved that so far since Jennie is an idol, she’s the second Korean female star to have done that after Jennie did that on March this year.

    • Suzy’s debut had a huge buzz in Korea because of her stunning visual,her group Miss A also very popular at that time, then her concecutive 3 huge hit projects “Dream High”, “Architecture 101”, “Gu Family Books” made her became a top star in Korea since 2013.

  3. Suzy might be top-tier for an idol, but for an actress… not so much… JYP definitely mediaplayed her to stardom.

    I saw her once on the Blue Dragon Awards in 2012 and in front of her was Go Ara. In terms of visuals, Go Ara absolutely annihilated her. I do not know what happened to both, because since 2012 Go Ara got way uglier and Suzy actually better looking. To say that Suzy is a natural beauty is bullocks in my book. She definitely made some subtle tweaks. Perhaps not with a knife, but definitely with needles and lasers. Her cheek fat was massive back then and she was already skinny. So it is not that she could lose face fat by lowering her body fat percentage further. She definitely received some fat dissolving injections to achieve that result. She also corrected her hairline. To be fair to her, I think every actress receives some help throughout their careers to sustain or improve their looks. But I think her visuals are definitely overrated and not comparable with top actresses…

  4. Suzy’s popularity was never from kpop (because Miss A was popular but never huge) or even Dream High (KSH was the breakout of that drama) so I don’t know why the commenters above are saying that. Her major break out was actually Architecture 101 where she played the younger version of Han Ga In who had a double breakout around that time with Architecture 101 and METS breaking charts around that time. After Architecture 101 she became the nations first love and her acting career took off after that and became what it is today while her kpop career slowly went away.

    I would say both IU and Suzy are both the top of their age group and pretty close in popularity at this point just in different fields of entertainment. Right now Suzy is the nations first love and IU is the nations little sister. Suzy is the most popular in tv/movies and that is where her fame is, IU is the top solo in korean music, literally everything IU releases tops the charts ever since her high note in good day years ago blew up in S.Korea. Although between the two only IU is popular in both segments of entertainment with her only major criticism by the public being her looks not being up to par with Suzy. Honestly between the two, Suzy can get the higher acting pay, but IU is overall more natural and stable on screen.

    • I would say IU’s visuals are on par with Suzy. I think IU has prettier eyes even. Suzy is a wonderful singer so I can see her music career coming back too.

      • I also think IU is pretty and on par with Suzy, but k-media tend to hate on her looks whenever she is up for an acting role which is why I made that point. I think Suzy can come back as a singer because shes a decent performer but I don’t see her music career every being as respected and popular IU’s, Suzy’s fame will always be primarily her acting career and her looks. IU’s popularity as a singer is no joke, she is that big in Korea.

    • IU is more popular because she is really good singer and in her acting career she chooses her roles presiley. All her roles became popular. Scarlett heart ryeo or Hotel Del Luna. And above all that though Suzy is beautiful iu has got this innocent and strong aura.

  5. Absolutlely undeniable beauty..She is gorgeous and stunning and loved by millions our Suzy. Lovely shots of her captavating beauty.??

  6. I am neutral neither love or hate her. I think she is plain but her looks is versatile with make up & dressing up. Or what some said some tweaking. There are much more prettier actresses. Not sure why she is so famous In a gist she has the support & luck apart from hard work perhaps.

    The same for Son Ye Jin, she is also plain & had undergone nose surgery as reported. Her fans claimed it’s natural beauty.

  7. Her pr game is strong
    Remember the days when she used to say she is cf queen over kim tae hee bcoz she had chsap cfs anf even dared to say she got paid more than kim yuna and kim tae hee????. She looks like gangnam plastic monster

    • She’s really the cf queen with Kim Yuna and Jun ji hyun lmao and she’s the most paid artist already so s*ck my ass and shut up

  8. I first discovered Suzy in Running man, and I disliked her because she reminded me of these girls who fake to be innocent and cute just in order to get what they want from men. I know that it’s a game, but I get this vibe from her.
    Now I admit that I find her pretty. Not as much as Song Hye Kyo or some others but she has something and at the same time I don’t find her that special ; I get the hype, but I don’t get the fact that she tops every poll. Especially because in my opinion, she’s a very good model but not an actress. So I get really upset when, every year, she wins a prize of best actress whereas her skills havent improved for the past years and there are soooo many lesser known actresses who would deserve this recognition.
    I don’t get her fame. But I’m a bit obsessed by her face haha (especially on Vogue and Elle covers, Cosmopolitan is meh).

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