Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon Confirmed for jTBC Rom-com Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick

It’s confirmed now so let’s hope for the best. Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon will be the leads of the upcoming jTBC K-drama adaptation of webtoon Sunbae, Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick. I don’t blame solely Won Jin Ah for the inexorable mess that was her last drama Melting Me Softly but it’s hard to shudder when I hear her name attached to a drama right now. I guess I need a cleanse and its totally possible that Sunbae will be adorable and fun especially with male lead Ro Woon who did a lot with what is essentially a background two-dimensional written character in his last drama Extraordinary You. Sunbae will premiere this October and will have the luxury of airing on jTBC which is the current network du jour of successful projects.


Won Jin Ah and Ro Woon Confirmed for jTBC Rom-com Drama Sunbae Please Don’t Put on That Lipstick — 29 Comments

  1. Please, Drama Gods, have mercy on my son. He did not build up his resume with great supporting roles and clear talent and potential to have it all torn down if this project goes south. He’s on a roll from Extraordinary You, his idol career and his CFs, so please, PLEASE let this be an even bigger breakthrough for him. My child DESERVES this win!!!!!

    • Yes i saw his cfs these days r in good amount. Extraordinary you must be big hit among youth if not ratings ti get all these days and he is handsome

      • Yeah. With the influx of youth dramas these days, it is really hard to be a standout. If my memory serves me right, the last youth drama which became big hit among youth was School 2015 which catapulted So Hyun and Sung Jae to stardom.

  2. K-actors are gonna have some duds, especially someone who probably isn’t getting the A-list offers (though, as we’ve seen that doesn’t always work out). Most of the time the duds are directly related back to the crap writing, not the acting. I don’t know why this gal is getting so much crap for one drama when she’s been solid in other ones. People can do as they please, but hate watching a drama is on the person who decides to do it. Hopefully neither actor is miscast and the writing is at least coherent.

    I’ve been reading this website for 5 or 6 years. Even back when we were spazzing or not as the case would be, over Scarlet Heart people kept it pretty respectable. You could have a nice discussion and respectfully disagree. Now the threads turn into a mess of people fighting over ratings.

    Anyway, I’m meandering so I’ll stop now. Just thinking it might be time to move on.

  3. Koala is right.
    Won Jin Ah didn’t shine in Melting Me Softly. So was Ji Chang Wook. I only barely finish one episode of that show.
    Let’s hope for the best in this show. Usually Kdrama actors fare better in web toon or maNHwa adaptations.

  4. If the project becomes a success, rating wise, Won jin ahs popularity will definety increase. but if this dramas rating goes south, most likely,99.9999999^ she will be hated by rowoons fans.

    what im saying is this project is a gamble for won jin ah. its risky for her.

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  6. I was really hoping that he will pass this one. I liked him in EY, he was good. But adaptations from webtoon rest a lot on the look of the actors, they have to look good, the scenes are filmed prettily, etc. and he already did it with EY. I think a different kind of drama would have been a better choice.

    For WJA, she looked awkward in the comedy part of her last drama. She’s good for serious roles so I hope she will be able to do better for a rom-com.

    The PD has good works so it gives me hopes. He already worked with SF9’s Chani and Inseong.

    • Worst Female Lead, Won Jin Ah. Her acting was awful in her last drama with Ji Chang Wook.

      i was hoping that she would decline.
      Poor Rowoon, this is another Failing Me Softly

  7. In Extraordinary You, Ro Woon’s character was two-dimensional.
    But the actor is so bad that he made him a one-dimensional character.

    • I don’t agree. The description of his character in the synopsis was just one line. He had no background to help him to create his character, no family, no friend, no dream. All the world of Haru was about Danoh. He had a good chemistry with Kim Hye Yoon and their couple was super cute. He was pretty credible as little puppy in love with Danoh and more charismatic with Baek Kyung.

  8. I wasn’t able to finish Melting me softly mostly because of the plot, so silly. But Won Jin Ah was great with Junho in Rain or Shine though, her performance shines there. Given how I’ve seen her range in that drama, I actually am more worried about Rowoon as he was kinda stiff in Extraordinary You, I was mostly swayed for the 2nd male lead, and that’s just me. So I have opposite feelings as Miss Koala.

    Maybe you should give her a 2nd chance in Rain or Shine and Life.

  9. it’s still No for me if it’s Won Jin Ah. she looked so awkward in melting me softly. She and Ji chang wook failed generate chemistry in that FLOPPED DRama. will this be another flop for won jin ah?

  10. Quite excited for Rowoon actually. I think he’s got potential. He may not be exceptional but he’s good and have potential to be better. I’ve watched his previous roles before Extraordinary You and he has never stuck out as a bad actor for me. He improved in Extraordinary You. I mean for him to be able to portray a character without much of a written setup i think he deserves a pat on the back. and he seems to have a lot of chemistry with anyone he has worked with. So if one of Won Jinah’s problem in her previous work was chemistry, then hopefully she would have it with Rowoon this time. I say, give this a chance before claiming that it will flop. I thought My ID is Gangnam Beauty would be a flop but it still did well despite the mediocre acting. I just hope the story won’t be shallow, and hopefully would have more interesting backstory within it rather just a plain typical fluffy office romance.

  11. Yeah. With the influx of youth dramas these days, it is really hard to be a standout. If my memory serves me right, the last youth drama which became big hit among youth was School 2015 which catapulted So Hyun and Sung Jae to stardom.

      • Yes, Moment at Eighteen averaging 3-4% at JTBC, a very decent rating for youth drama in a cable channel. Acting is very solid and story is realistic with a serious message (definitely not cheesy). I enjoy it very much.

      • But I think I will pass on this one. Story does not sound too engaging for me. And I do not like the leads. Unless it turns out well with exceptional reviews. I have been watching more J-dramas and animes lately… And Netflix Japan has good ones 🙂

  12. I will pass on this one. I will just wait for the next project of Rowoon for i’m not a fan of Won Jin ah. I tried watching the three dramas that she was in but waaaaaaaah, i stopped watching them because of her.
    Her acting in life, Just between lovers and Melting Me Softly did not resonate with me. and I also find her voice manly.
    and what about her chemistry with the Ml? no comment.

  13. have to be brutally honest, i dislike Won Jin ah. Dont like her Manly voice, she over acted in MMS and bland in life, boring acting, i dont find her pretty (not my preference), shes not good in comedy, she lacked lead star appeal.
    well let us just wait and see. This drama smells Flop.

  14. I dont like her acting. Shes super annoying for me and i her manly voice is ..Ugh so i will pass on this drama even if i like roowoon.

  15. So many Fans of won jin ah (lol) because shes not popular and pretty? lmao.

    i’ll pass on this one. Im not a fan of the leads especially the ML
    I saw him in Extraordinary You and his acting was so meeeeeeeeeh. as in meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. what a one Dimensional actor.

  16. This thought suddenly came to me… I wonder if Seo Yea Ji (or is it Seo Ye Ji) would have been a good choice for this noona romance drama. She’s solid in acting, charisma and visuals…. and seems really adaptable in matching her co-stars. However, she’s now moved to a higher league… so this drama wouldn’t have been offered to her. Anyway… it’s too late and let’s hope for the best.

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