Time Travel Logic Works in Mysterious New Ways in Episode 15 of The King: Eternal Monarch as the Penultimate Episode Brings in 5.9%, 8.1% Ratings

I don’t even know where to start in discussing episode 15 of The King: Eternal Monarch. If I didn’t continuously want this drama to get better I wouldn’t have continued watching with the hope that it would make sense and coalesce in the second half. It hasn’t, sadly. Time travel logic as viewers know it from so many sci-fi movies and novels doesn’t present itself here, it’s neither a loop where the characters keep repeating itself nor does it feel like new split time lines where each action or change in past action through time travel creates a new time line. Memories remain and suddenly new ones emerge, and I’m just going to forbid Kim Eun Sook from ever tackling this genre or subject matter again.

Episode 15 had Lee Gon run 26 years back to Tae Eul wearing the same outfit and then showing up with zero intensity so his travail never felt like it had real stakes. No one thought he wouldn’t make it. Luna shiving Tae Eul gets a nice payback in a resounding and much deserved punch which was the highlight of the episode along with Jo Yeong and Eun Seob hugging their doppleganger hearts out at their separation. Shin Jae ends up being just a plot device, sad because Kim Kyung Nam gave the best male performance in the drama, so maybe he’s the human version of the magical flute lol, there to serve a purpose. Lee Rim’s machinations hit multiple snags in this episode and yet he soldiers on like an undead zombie with more plots popping up that he’s set into motion already. I did like making the Prime Minister witch pay by switching out her mom except I liked her fishermonger mom and hated that she was collateral damage. Oh well, Lee Gon with his sidekick Jo Yeong is going back to Da Night once again to once again change fate. My guess is everything goes back to unicorns and roses in all time lines.


Time Travel Logic Works in Mysterious New Ways in Episode 15 of The King: Eternal Monarch as the Penultimate Episode Brings in 5.9%, 8.1% Ratings — 56 Comments

  1. This was quite an interesting episode but i failed to understand one thing. The Lee Rim who had created quite the network of swapping people for almost twenty years was killed by his other self in the previous episode. This new lee rim from the timeline coup scene wasn’t even aware of the two worlds seems to know perfectly who his minions are plus master and execute each move like it was nothing new or surprising to him. This just proves that its possible not to just visit different timelines but also get that person from there. Anyways from the preview it looks like the whole thing is being reset which changes the past present and future. I know someone has already said it but it very much shows that the plot angle of current Lee gon and Tae eul of all these 15 episodes was mostly driven by love on photo sight. Even with the most intriguing backstory of the two leads the drama simply can’t change the above fact.

  2. Can someone please explain to me why Lee Rim wanted to use Park Ji Young, the pregnant rich lady? I’m so confused. Why does it have to be her to get into the car accident in LA to kill the grand daughter/in line to the throne Lee Sejin?
    Also I watched episode 11,12,&13, I didn’t see the part where Tae Eul meet the prime minister Seo ryung while she was buying shoes as they mentioned it. Which episode is it in? Thanks!

    • Apparently pregnant lady was BFF with Lee Se Jin, so who better to convince Lee Se Jin to ride with her in her car to the party? Of course, LL doublecross pregnant lady by messing with the car so everyone dies.
      As to why, exactly, her? My guess is she is the only one with a very desperate ROK doppleganger willing to to anything to get out of ROK.

    • so true .even playing brother sister hv more chemistry den these two. they shud hv made dem audition together to see dere chemistry. this is wut hapeens wen u chose ppl blindly.this drama proved that everything that shines doesnt mean it will worthy

      • They had chemistry. They’re adults for crying out loud,they obviously knew what they wanted and went for it. Y’all expect them to spend 16 episodes repeating the same high school love.

      • They are adults and most importantly, Lee Gon has a kingdom to run. What do you expect when he never stayed put long enough in ROK to show the chemistry?

  3. This is the biggest Flop of 2020. 5% Rating for a very expensive drama. What a waste of resources.
    I’m Glad that this is ending soon so I can watch better drama.

    • Joane On every TKEM article you always manage to say the same thing about TKEM being a flop which it isn’t why can’t you just see the big picture you’re just too obsessed with SK’s ratings to know that only ratings do not determine if a drama is a flop or not. Even with all your rant about it being a flop you still followed every episode. If you don’t like it then don’t watch it. Writing bad comments about it ain’t cool. TKEM fans already said the drama isn’t for everyone. Moreover you’re in no position to determine if it is a flop or not.

  4. It’s a convenient drama, let’s make everything convenience so the hero can wins and our fans will fill the plot hole anyway.

  5. But what about Lady Noh since she’s also from Republic of Korea? Doesn’t that show that someone else have traveled before Lee Gone and Lee Lim? I’m sad about Shin Jae too. I thought his role was very important that I even once thought he’d be the one to save the King. I agree his acting here was amazing that I wish he gets more roles in the future. I’ve not seen him in other dramas yet. I also wished that the prime minister or Lee Lim were used well as a villain. I discussed this with my friend who really enjoyed Ep 15 while I was slightly disappointed of the wasted characters, and scenes and I was one of those who from Ep 1 was rooting for this show so this was written with careful consideration regardless of how I feel about the actors. I still think the writer is a good writer and hope to see the next one and hopefully they all come back with better drama and performance. ? Here’s to hoping for a good happy ending for ep16.

    • I think Lady Noh’s case was different. Lee Gon’s grandfather used the flute to travel through time when it was whole so it might not have been a problem. Problem now is that it is halfed and that it js being used wrongly.

  6. After watching this and with only one final episode left… I’m so confused and thinking that “is this all?”

    I don’t usually have high expectation on dramas and I ignore negative reviews…but this is the 2nd time I’m so disappointed in a drama after Hwarang.

  7. Lee Min Ho as Ji chang Wook made the wrong choices as post military dramas. But they are popular so i don’t worry for them ! Hope that KSH will have more chance with his .

    • We all make mistakes. The point is learn and then move on.
      I hope ppl don’t be hard on him after TKEM.
      He should change the basis of his choices for future projects, take risks, try new roles and challenge himself for his own good.
      There are thousands of characters he can take and it really doesn’t matter if he portray a character that has trouble in paying his rent.
      he needs to take his time and decide what direction exactly he wants for the rest of his career.

      • I think Kim Eun Sook will be more affected than the actors… LMH just have to choose good project for him to gain his popularity like Hyun Bin… while Kim Go Eun can focus more on movie and rest for dramas in a while before going back.

      • @Artemis, i agree . And people shouldn’t be hard on him . He signed for a KES’s drama , the queen of ratings . A lot of actors would have sell their soul to be able to work with her! He was unlucky .

  8. I liked this show. Despite all the flaws i really liked this show. In fact this was the only kdrama i was watching currently.

    And then the last 2 episodes happened and everything went into the gutter. Everything was bloody useless. Luna, shin-jae, old lady, the mother, prime minister – everything was damn useless. The uncle’s plan was stupid. Our King’s plan to counter the stupid plan was also stupid. We spent an entire episode on stupid memories being created which did nothing to the main plot which was also stupid.

  9. I liked this show. Despite all the flaws i really liked this show. In fact this was the only kdrama i was watching currently.

    And then the last 2 episodes happened and everything went into the gutter. Everything was damn useless. Luna, shin-jae, old lady, the mother, prime minister – everything was damn useless. The uncle’s plan was stupid. Our King’s plan to counter the stupid plan was also stupid. We spent an entire episode on stupid memories being created which did nothing to the main plot which was also stupid.

  10. I don’t understand why people say actors make choices. They are not the only members in the productions. While some story are good in papers , it’s not a guarantee if it’s going to be good in visual.

    I don’t think KES previous dramas were any better DOTS to Goblin to Mr Sunshine than TKEM.

    Hyped and big marketing budget worked in her previous dramas, people get tired too and viewers expectation will increase.

      • Agree..But this time it didn’t work cause you can’t use the same formula always.

    • Honestly, direction, execution and actors’ chemistry made huge impacts on the popularity of her previous projects that lacks in TKEM.

      …maybe also changed in preferences of general public, most of popular Kdramas nowadays were relatable to viewers or slice-of-life theme. Fantasy and cinderella-theme seemed to be not a trend for this year.

  11. On top of the reset that is happening on the last episode, Can I also get a reset for my mind, to wipe away 8 weeks of misery?

    I think the most random thing I saw this episode was the palm reading scene between Yi Rim & Nari, why? What’s the point of telling us what we already know?

    Tae Eul is such a horrid daughter, she’s ready to abandon her father with a stranger so that she can have her fairy tale life.

    Why is preg lady important again?

    There is no real stakes involved in this show, I feel like all the characters are just going through the motion.

    This last episode made me tired. Yawn

  12. One more episode and I still have this tiny hope for the drama to display some semblance of logic and cohesiveness. Most probably it will not happen but I’ll stay on until the end because I need to see LMH’s face. Most probably it’ll be along time before he touches drama again. I do enjoy reading the debates though. Will always laugh whenever I see people accuse the other person for not being ‘intelligent’ enough for the drama. Oy vey.

  13. This drama is stealing thunder from Backstreet rookie. this annoying and boring drama caused the delay of Backstreet Rookie premiere ???

    • I’ve seen you comment this way in every TKEM posts. I’m a kim yoo jung fan and also waiting for her new drama but your comments always make me uncomfortable. If you don’t like this drama, it’s your choice. Do not drag Backstreet Rookie into your hate comments. Both TKEM and BR don’t deserve this.

      • very same here. Im a JCW fan and I just saw other posters expressing anger and frustration over @joane’s posts on the recent article about JCW. many of them said they want BR to fail in ratings or they became KYJ anti because of @joane’s consistent bashings of other actresses,actors and dramas.
        seriously, dunno if you are a hater of KYJ and this a modern new way to cause hate over actors, or you are just her fan. either way, please stop.

    • I agree with Joane it took it’s thunder but BR didn’t have that big budget to become a massive global hit like TKEM in my opinion. They are talk of the town and as JCW and KYJ fan lesson is learned to not air any drama post LMH or KES dramas they tend to create a fanfare and craze. BR could have a good ratings on SBS but that won’t be enough. I agree with joane completed this drama should have come out in November or December

    • @Joane I know you are not a KYJ fan but you relish the idea of rubbishing the fact that BR will be a massive hit – (let the Korean viewing audience decide that with the 16 episodes) whilst you go about being potty mouth at KYJ expense. You did the same thing on the It’s okay post so I’ve waited for you to re appear and yes you do have fans following and agreeing with your silliness and I’ll say this. There are a lot of commentators on KP and they’re intelligent to know you are purposely doing this to up your anti on KYJ because there is a rhythm to way you write your post and if you’re 95% oblivious and couldn’t care less then I guess the other 5% are calling you for your antics including me. STOP IT because you’ll most likely be the common denominator to jinx BR and I am a die hard KYJ fan and want her and JCW to do well regardless. Thank you.

  14. If you can’t understand the time-travel method being used here you either Have very low IQ or simply a dimwit. There is no way around it

  15. The only thing I got in the last 2 episodes was Lee Gon didn’t shower for four months. He had all the opportunity to shower in the hospital but even then, he didn’t. He stinks!

  16. Stopped watching this after the 2nd episode. I’m usually into this genre.
    But the lack of chemistry a between the leads, and the annoying lead actress
    made me stop. This is one LMH drama that I’d never watch and not recommend.

    • Yes, agreed with you. Total lack of chemistry between the lead. I think it is not LMH fault. Because in Globin, there is obviously a lack of chemistry between the GongYoo and KGE. But the chemistry between GongYoo and LDW is amazing.

      This shows KGE cannot act in series. She is a lousy actress, not capable to display chemistry with her colleagues. Not sure why she can be lead actress? She should go back to 2nd lead as her acting skills is not there yet.

      Maybe fame has gotten in her head. She thinks she is so good that she stopped improving herself. Her recent works really sucks

      • You can be critical without being personal. The personal attack towards KGE is not acceptable. She is doing good in this drama, so don’t blame her for something which is not her fault.

      • But it’s true fact. KGE acting really not very good especially on series. She really unable to act well. She is more suitable to be 2nd lead actress.

      • @jenniejoon please be fair with your assessment Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean she didn’t act well. She won’t be casted if she can’t well. Her scenes in goblin were heart rending and she did justice to the role of a high school student. You may not like her but Let me inform you that veteran actors Like in canola, coinlocker, etc she co starred with have only praises for her and directors. Lousy actress? No chemistry. Is ur name also Joanne? Both your comments are the same tainted with the same hatred. Try to find it more about her she’s more down to earth than you think. She’s friends with all her co workers. Park bogum went to her fan meeting and goblin cast sent her coffee and still hang out with her. And everything I’m telling you you can look it up. You can google it online. Your comments are dripping with contempt yet baseless argument. One of those people who will just say hateful things just to say something. I know I’m wasting my time on you but in this world kindness is so much better than hate. Hate will only make you miserable. Btw, just to add, KGE and Hae in gave gifts to their staff after they filmed tune in for love and they even said she’s very generous and that’s how I became a fan not just of the actress but the person that she is.

  17. Not only the script, but the direction is quite bad as well. I’ve yet to see such lack of chemistry between the leads. I don’t think it’s just the actors’ faults. The story never builds up their romance so we didn’t buy it and from that point on we are not sure why we need to care that much about anything. Imagine if this story starts with two parallel worlds, each have LMH, KGE, WDW happily being friends and in love – one as commoners and the other as royal, one day the relationships turn crazy because this bad uncle is messing with the time portal and somehow the six of them figured this out are trying to stop the uncle together. It’d have at least create some stakes for the viewers despite the common plot. What we have here is instead confusing and messy.

    • The yoyo boy represents a mystical creature ,he is a god.The flute seems to withold god’s power,if we go with the legend Lee Lim narrates in ep 1.And it seems to be true,as in ep 15 the both pieces put together opened the portal of eternity and infinity.That is why Lee Lim traveled to the past.He wanted to warn his past self about young Lee Gon stoping him from getting the flute.Only half of it is powerless .But as expected,Lee Lim doesn’t even trust himself.The yoyo kid says in ep 15 that he needs to become whole.

      I know it would sound crazy but KES used sources of inspiration such as religion,myths ,legends,tales and poems.And the most proeminent I can depict is the christian faith.The christian God has a name which is ‘I am’.In ep 11 yoyo boy uses it for himself when he tells Tae Eul ‘I am one in both worlds’.And the most crazy thing is that LMH’s character ,Lee Gon, is based on that of Jesus Christ in the Bible.Except for the love story ,of course.But one has to be familiar with the Bible ,to be able to see it.

  18. All i have to say is Koala blog is all things anti #TKEM.
    However i will say that the actors all put in their best for this drama and i applaud them.
    I will keep rooting for them anytime anyday.

    • @mag not all I support tkem and the actors. I am open for constructive and fair comments not personal attacks on actors, screenwriter because that is how they grow and be better in their craft. What is not acceptable is body/face shaming or comments that is just pure hate. ?

  19. After watching 10 episodes, I still dislike the drama and its ads… Nothing makes me want to keep watching and I watch in hope it will get better but it doesn’t.

  20. @jennie joon how does ur comment become a true fact? ? First of all for it to be true there has to be evidence not based on opinion hence what ur saying is an opinion. Not a true fact. You’re not an expert on acting or part of the drama award acting body to pass your comment as fact. You can say, in my opinion. But still ur opinion is still lacking in proof as there more proof that she is a good actress hence she got awards and casted with good cast like Lee Byung hun Jeon do Yeon. Kim hee seo, Gong Yoo and so many more veteran actors. Just admit it you hate her that’s allowed but to pass on ur comment as a true fact is insulting to the korean entertainment industry who recognises her talent. Your comment is completely just bashing her.

    • It’s not your blog why are you writing so much, all you do is to force your opinion.
      Go to her insta if you want to talk so much about her.

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