Born Again Ends with Low Ratings and Complete and Utter Narrative Crap as Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk Swan Through the Crazy

If you give Patrick Stewart or Ian McKellen the phone book to read the consummate thespians would make it sound interesting. That’s the true test of an actor or actress, to rise above crap and still come out smelling like roses in a terribly written or filmed drama/movie. Such is the case for Born Again, the recently ended KBS Mon-Tues drama that is best described as a dumpster fire of everything wrong in writing a story. It’s so so SOOOOO bad I want to hear from fans tell me why it’s good because that’s such a fascinating point of view I need to read. I watched it all because it was so bad I couldn’t stop and each episode got worse and I couldn’t stop even more because I was flabbergasted this drama got green lit. LIKE, who thought this was a good idea. The reincarnation, the serial killing, the general WTF-ery in what all the characters did and said, the only thing worth my time was Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk and it was purely out of curiosity as to how they could say their dialogues with a straight face. Jin Se Yeon was actually not the worst part of this drama even by acting along, the serial killer ex-fiancee is like the worst actress EVER. If you’re in for a hoot check this out.


Born Again Ends with Low Ratings and Complete and Utter Narrative Crap as Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk Swan Through the Crazy — 115 Comments

  1. Lols, guys, as much as i loved the earlier episodes but trust me, never give this one a try. NEVER!!! I used to like it very much, but then it got terrible and horrible. The plot was weird.. not to mention those actresses’ acting. Even tho i had no problem with JSY’s acting, i mean, it was still acceptable, but the 2nd female lead was lmao.. i couldn’t even describe it. I couldn’t take her acting seriously.

    The story was the problem. Duh, i feel so bad for the male leads.. they deserve better scripts with those appearances and acting skill.

    I tried to continue but sigh… it was hard. And i was only up to ep 12. Lols.. i heard from my friends that it aint got better.

      • If you think it’s good, go ahead. It’s not an insult, i just gave my review after watching 12 episodes. The fact is this drama is so ABSURD. if it wasnt then the rating would be 10% not 1%. Got it???

      • Giving honest opinion, even if it’s different from your own, is not insulting, yaar. It’s called “ post your comment”. You didn’t know, ji?

      • Not really where im from we have a musician who was convicted of multiple murder but he is still making and puting out music.

    • The overall idea was really good and the first 2 episodes got the viewer attention.. Actually the actors and actresses didn’t do anything wrong. but their roles, conversations and events were constricting to their ability to show the character they were playing. The main problem was most of the seens where weird. Like when hyunbin remembered his past life and when hawan remembered her life. They expanded a little more in Jong bom character

    • hehehe

      I praise you for even managing to brave through this trainwreck till whichever point you ended up with. It took me a bit of effort to actually watch this drama till the end and as much as the ending hadn’t turned out as bad as I feared (I’m somewhat amazed that somehow Soohyuk’s conclusion was actually good, bless LSY and the director who probably had contributed in at least make Soohyuk’s plot bearable compared to the other leads. Cos I feel that it’s only plots that revolve Soohyuk/Hyungbin that was the sanest. The rest was just crazy.), I still ended up running to the toilet going sick on the stomach at the ridiculous ending.

      I’m actually surprised if anyone in their right mind would consider the ending as a ‘really happy one’. As if that very last scene could ever be called ‘happy’. Or good.

    • I STILL DON’T KNOW IF HE DIED OR NOT WHAT HAPPEND to JB after the surgery did he die or did he lose his memories?

      • He died. He in the bookstore was just Sabin’s hallucination. Many of Jang Kiyoung seems cant accept this fact and kept saying he’s alive.

      • I also wanted to know about the ending.. Is it really Jong Bom did the heart transplant to Sabin and the Jong Bom that Sabin see at the bookstore at the end of the episode was just the hallucinations? And her uncle and her colleague just agree with her that Jong Bom was still alive? Srysly??

  2. Worst drama ever. IT started not bad but then the writer went crazy. They butchered the fl, turns her into such an egoistic, hypocrite, illogical and unloyal altogether. I want to b*tch slap her so hard. not even bother the mystery part, such a joke. The only thing good was LSH and i’ll stick by him til the day he gets that HE he deserves.

    • You think she is the bad one for ending up with JKY’s character and act like LSH is some kind of saint? He’s already engaged in the “second life” so I don’t understand this rage of yours..

      • he had his past life memories after engagement dude and he did cut off his engagement later…but even after knowing that JKY killed LSH how can she end up with him bruh

  3. Really bad…. I mean, the ending which I did not even have the guts to watch was stupid and ridiculous, from what I read in the comments. I watched the show for the two male leads but I am sorry for both of the actors for choosing such a bad project. The female lead’s choice is beyond comprehension. Do not recommend watching!!

  4. Really bad…. I mean, the ending which I did not even have the guts to watch was stupid and ridiculous, from what I read in the comments. I watched the show for the two male leads but I am sorry for both of the actors for choosing such a bad project. The female lead’s choice is beyond comprehension. Do not recommend watching!!

  5. I can’t, for the life of me, understand what’s the whole point of this drama? It just does not make any sense at all. I feel like I’m watching a drama that’s on drugs due to how nonsensical the storyline and logic is. It’s so sad that Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk had to waste their talent and time on this. Hope they have better offers after this one.

    • I can’t be the only one laughing every time they show scenes of Jin Se Yeon talking, touching and staring lovingly at a freaking skeleton, right? Like wtf was that all about? I just can’t. LOL

    • Her stalker. the story went downhill after ep 10. Sabin is the worst character on the planet. The only thing keeps me to watch till the end is Lee Soo hyuk. I skipped all SB and JB scenes. I hope soo hyuk get better script next time

    • @Mel and Yeemoneric I guess stalkers won’t loose hope! You can steal her private diary, put secretly an tracking app on her phone, meet her “by chance” and she will still love you!

  6. Pls don’t you ever try to watch this drama. I’ve been watching k-drama for almost 2 decades, but I found myself cursing over a drama for the first time! Oh, Gaaawd!!!

    • I simply have to concur with all the comments given. Bad storyline, poor acting skills, expressionless facial from lead actor..duh. Such a boring show!

    • All I can say is I’ve cursed over many a Kdramas. It’s like the writers or directors, or both just throw a crap load of complete nonsense in a show just to drag it on and on with no thought or care about what they’re doing. So unprofessional. Love my shows but really, they need to provide some better quality dramas. I’ve seen wonderful ones so I know it’s possible.

  7. I 100% agree with Koala! It was so bad, I couldn’t stop watching just to find out how they would wrap up this shitty drama. LOL!

  8. I 100% agree with Koala. It was so bad, I couldn’t stop watching just to find out how the writers would wrap up this sh***y drama. LOL!

    • It’s better to donate his heart n other two should marry…cos it’s their wish frm previous life….they r born again to fulfil dat if not den they will born again???

      • Lmao then it ‘s never ever end the story because they keep reborn.. Haha.. But I don’t think sabin can live happily with soo hyuk after get the heart from jong bom.. Yeah of course after sabin married with soo hyuk, sabin will always missed and remember jong bom badly because she got the heart from jong bom..

  9. At first earlier eps this drama considered okay. Later it getting bored, the lead actress is a professor and work at forensic but she didn’t act like one. And towards the ends it’s getting more bullushit, what the heck suddenly Cha hyung but n became the reason Ha Run parents died. Gosh this is not a thriller anymore.KBS please feel and someone who is creative like When Camellia Bloom writer or Crash Landing on You. No wonder most of best writer turn to JTBC or TVN

    • Seriously the reason/cause of her parent dead didn’t even relate atall. I was like they are just looking for a reason to make prosecutor Kim not be for her.

      • Yeah I agree with you.. Kim soo hyuk just chase the culprit and not at all he caused the accident.. But why so sudden she can’t accept it.. Hahaha..

    • What a wasted opportunity for choosing this mess-up drama…he’s even the 1st choice for that role that Park Bo Gum’s role in Record of Youth and obviously Park So Dam is waaaay better for the female lead in this.

    • You know actors just get synopses right? And usually they put so much effort to make the synopsis sounds so good, there’s even a specialised synopsis writer. After that there’s manager decision, team leader decision, even company decision. If the actor is big enough, they can choose whatever they want, but usually it’s the company that decides it.

    • Very poor choice. This drama may set JKY career path back by 10 steps. Too bad… Have to appreciate PSJ’s sharp eyes for good scripts (I don’t intend to compare, just using him as an example). JKY has good acting skills but he has been picking stupid scripts like Kill It and now this one is even worse. I like him in Go Back Couple with Jang Nara and he shines in My Ahjussi, both being supporting roles. His lead role in Come and Hug Me is ok but the FL is weak. Search WWW is ok but it is female-centric. When and How can he learn to choose a good script?

      • Its a good story though the ending is not satisfying…the ending is unpredictable and a.k.a Sabin there did not end up with any man,what I mean she did not yet choose. So I think this series must have season 2. And it deserve that. People bashing like this is bad. You are dismayed not because of the ending but because it failed your expectation.

      • No thank you. A 1.5% rating drama does not deserve a season 2. Definitely not with the same FL. She should stick with sagueks. A season 2 of Search WWW may be a better option for JKY just my opinion.

    • Its not like he didnt want it. He turn it down because of schedule conflict. Youth record supposed to be air in may.

    • because his role in youth record was not lead but second lead role which is now passed to byun woo seok. The lead role was bogum from the beginning. TVN never confirm Jang ki yong news about his character but media press released assume that he got the role of bogum’s while PBG that time was still wait to confirm his own news. it’s a bit confusing

  10. I had the same experience with Eccentric Chef Moon! I could not stop watching despite it being so bad. I wanted to stick till the end. I felt so bad for Eric. Hope he get a good project next time.

  11. JKY is one of the best actor of korea… But im watchibg it now im at the 8th episode and i am so worey what happened to the previous episode…. It suddenly scrambled and changed¿

  12. I little bit didn’t like their ending because of life ‘Chun Jeong Bum’ after surgery or during his coma….and after that it’s continued with clips of ‘jung sa bin’ and ‘chun Jeong Bum’ at the end…it’s very sad but it’s like incomplete ending…I hope this drama have another season..Thank you.

  13. I watched it and just totally didn’t get the ending. I watch mainly romance dramas and like happt endings. For the life of me I didn’t understand the ending.

    • This kdrama started slow but was able pick up its pace after few episodes. I love it. I’m also stumped with the ending. Prior to the last scene (i.e. Jeong Bum lying in a hospital bed as Sa Bin cries), we find Jeong Bum sitting and reading a book in Sa Bin’s newly-opened bookstore. Sa Bin then approaches him. So, I’m confused–is this scene supposed to be the end? That finally Jeong Bum remembers and utters Sa Bin’s name or is the ending supposed to be Jeong Bum lying in the hospital and Sa Bin crying as if Jeong Bum died ?

      • After re-watching the last scene from the episode, I’m able to discern the ending. Lol. The last scene showing Jeong Bum lying in the hospital bed is like a “flashback” of the scene wherein you see Jeong Bum in Sa Bin’s bookstore and suddenly recognizing her from the window and uttering her name. This concludes that he did undergo surgery (i.e. the flashback scene in the hospital bed with Sa Bin showing him stuffs in an attempt to wake him up) but temporarily lost his memory before recovering it again at the last scene in Sa Bin’s bookstore. It’s a happy ending for those rooting for Jeong Bum and Sa Bin. =)

      • Kathreen, so you means that Jeong Bum did the heart transplants to Sabin and the last part when Jeong Bum reading the book in the bookstore was just Sabin’s hallucinations? And the uncle and her colleague just agree with her because they don’t want Sabin to be sick and sad? Srysly the ending is just like that??!! I’m curious lmao..

  14. The worst of worst drama award goes to Born again. I really didn’t understand the character of Jung Sa Bin. I wondered how come to she forgives Ji Chul but not So Hyuk. She was ok with what Ji Chul did right from secretly installing Tracking app to kiss her without permission. And don’t forget he actually stabbed So Hyuk in previous birth. The character build-up of Sabin is worst. While from a cold, powerful and strict character of So Hyuk turning into a weak one sided lover is disastrous.

  15. If the paramount sin is that of Hyung Bin (how can we conclude otherwise from the ending?) for accidentally causing the death of Ha Eun’s parents, why wasn’t this loss given any emphasis during the drama? The drama writer is obviously giving the middle finger to someone with this ending – I just can’t tell if it’s the network executives or the audience.

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  17. My exact feeling horrible for beginning to end. The story plot horrible, putting an inexperienced actress to be the serial killer laughable. For me the main actress I have never like her acting. And in this drama she is between the two guys deciding who she loves. Dragging them all the time . I blame the writing but also her acting.

    • And I blame your English for how it tried to project your hate in an illogical way…
      the girl did her best with the meh script and now you’re blaming her for being in between two guys(i.e for acting out her script)sigh

      • I agree with you.. All the actress actors were did their best in making the drama.. Maybe you don’t want the plot or the way they acting but please even appreciate what they did and I know it’s not even easy to acting beyond our ability but I admit they deserve better..

  18. What a waste of talent but then again KBS commissioned or approved of this drama so someone obviously saw through all the flaws to allow it to show. Knowing my luck I’ll most likely want to see what the fuss is about and end up enjoying it because it’s so bad I’ll actually see good in it. Mind you it will be during a few glasses of wine and FF scenes. Now if the FL ends up securing a lead role a few months from now then it goes to show she has a serious and well connected backer. JKY needs to redeem himself as a Gumiho and take that role before enlisting. LSH needs a good hearty LOL rom com and see brighter days.

  19. I was so hurt to see such talented actor in such a poor drama. I got what I expected from the fl, you nailed it on her acting skills. I almost didn’t watch it because she was the fl. What can you say, the writing sucked.

  20. I was so hurt to see such talented actors in such a poor drama. I got what I expected from the fl, you nailed it on her acting skills. I almost didn’t watch it because she was the fl. What can you say, the writing sucked.

  21. Very poor drama…script with a nonsense story.Such good actors and actresses with a disappointing script.Hope the author take a lesson from this drama and don’t repeat it again.Sadly the outcome was poor ratings from.the public.A big waste of budget making this drama…The best of all the story was only the Prosecutor Kim
    and this was only the reason why i watched it till the end.

  22. I like how it turned out… Prosecutor kim got what he deserved. I knew something was fishy about him, he wasn’t really charming at all… Doesn’t know what her woman’s likes… Unlike jung bom is the one who really save her all along… Only that the end part wasn’t convincing enough or didn’t show enough romance i wanted to see more of Jong bom and the lead actress.

    • Lmao what kim soo hyuk seemed fishy to you but you are rooting for jung beom who killed two people in his previous life and not to mention persuaded someone to kill the prosecutor too. And you actually approved of a relationship that started with stalking and kissing without consent. You are sick in the head. Please get a professional help.

  23. I like it in the beginning. Sadly the story went down the drain. It’s just an eyed-candied drama and nothing else.

    • I like it too but how could you know the ending? I just don’t understand the ending.. Is it Jeong Bum end up did the surgery and gave his heart to Sabin? And if he did that, why Jeong Bum was reading a book in the bookstore at the end of the episode? Is it just Sabin’s hallucinations? Please explain to me sob sob :'(

  24. Yes, prosecutor Kim is the best amongst all actors/actresses. He looks hot & handsome.

    But it’s a sad ending & I hope that this drama could continue & at least I can see Sabin & prosecutor Kim end up happily since they can’t make it during theit past life.

  25. Hope that Malaysia’s event organisers can arrange Lee Soo Hyuk to meet his fans in Malaysia when Covid-19 is over.

  26. I had so much hope for this drama because of LSH and the idea of “Wuthering Heights” as the model for the story. JKH was also a very pleasant surprise, as I hadn’t seen him before. However, I’m both disappointed and upset with both the writer butchering not just the story and the characters, but Logic, and the FL, both character and actress.

    Equally the female lead is miscast completely. She’s unable to show emotion, has no depth in her acting, and she doesn’t have the skill to rise above the awful writing. In fact, she makes it even worst. I don’t know what her, the writer’s and the director’s idea is of a college professor is, what they gave us isn’t how college professors are or act. As a college professor myself, I cringed each and every time I watched a scene where Sa-Bin is supposedly in her academic role.

    The final ending is HORRID. She chose the man who killed in both his lifetimes. He even killed her fiance in front of her in his first life, and he’s a psychopath, a stalker, and a killer in second life. But because he killed his first person because of his love for her, to get her a donated heart, and that woman was evil, that’s forgivable to Sa-Bin?! What about the woman he killed in his present life? That woman was evil, too, but killing her in cold blood is still murder. The writer and the characters seem to have forgotten that murder entirely. (Face-palm emoji needed here)

    But Sa-Bin finds reasons to not forgive the fiancee who loved her unwaveringly through two lifetimes, who hung on through death, clutching her wedding band in his hand, until he found her again, and who actually redeemed his errors in BOTH his lifetimes, AND he put EVERYTHING – his career, his future with her, even his life – on the line to clear the name of the man who killed him, stabbing him to death. He even feels remorse
    and apologized to Kong Ji-Cheol for getting it wrong (although KJC actually DID kill a woman). Somehow, she stopped loving him?! This is the DUMBEST, worst, most psychologically- twisted characterization and writing. Throwing in the connection between Detective Cha’s methods and Ha-Eun’s parents’ death in the last episode, totally out of left field, is ridiculously bad writing, not to mention that the criminal is really the one at fault, ultimately.

    Anyone who says that Prosecutor Kim/ Detective Cha deserves losing Sa-Bin because he is guilty of falsifying information is ignoring the fact that the people he kept in prison were already known hard-core criminals who escaped the system and he was trying to prevent more victims – like the children who were molested by the gangster’s brother, in the second life, and the other serial killer in the first life. Not the right methods, maybe, but his motive was to protect more innocent victims.

    Finally, the writer’s butchering of “Wuthering Heights” is truly unforgivable to me. It’s a novel I know well, I’ve taught to students, and had analyzed and written about in my doctoral research and dissertation. The drama’s writer does not understand the novel nor the character of Heathcliff, beyong the very superficial. It’s like the writer only skimmed over a summary of the novel, not the actual novel. Heathcliff’s description in the novel, his looks, his behavior, and his personality, all fit LSH as both Cha and Kim. Heathcliff is NOT a killer. However, although Gong Ji-Cheol isn’t the Yellow Umbrella serial killer, he IS a killer in both his lives, and he killed in cold blood in both lives. So even though he is able to feel emotions after his coma and the return of his memories from his previous life, he isn’t really remorseful of the killing he committed (except for killing Detective Cha, but only because it hurt the woman he wants). So that tells us he’ll continue to kill if he thinks it’ll benefit Sa-Bin.
    It’s like the writer made each of the two MLs part Heathcliff, part not. The FL isn’t like WH’s Cathy at all, either.

    I watched this drama for LSH, and hoping for a right ending that makes sense. The actual ending is AWFUL and is just wrong in every way.

    The only redeeming qualities in this drama are the performances of the two lead male actors. I’m not sorry I watched it because Lee Soo Hyuk and Jang Ki Yong were worth watching every minute. But even these two amazing actors couldn’t overcome terrible writing and plot structure.

    • I totally agree with you! Nicely put! Murder is still murder. N he did it with intention too. Seeing this drama makes me want to throw my law degree into the bin!?
      I watched it coz of LSH! He’s just mesmerising to watch.?

    • I should’ve stop watching this shit since long time ago.. ? What a waste of good ost.. The only good thing coming out from this drama is the ost. Other than that, the plot is a such a trash ?%.. Please stop making any drama dear scriptwriter. Its like watching a real life fanfiction. And dear producer, stop producing any drama from this scriptwriter too..?? The worst kdrama ever!!!

    • I totally agree with what you said this drama had a potential but was ruined by the writers when they decided to make the Fl fall in love with a psychopath and a killer. They did all nonsensical and illogical scenes to justify Sabin falling for Jongbeum but whatever view you look at it still it’s insanely and half-baked done just to satisfy the pairing they intend to. They removed all right morality in it at the same time they dissected the characters especially Sabin/ Haeun to rationalized the ending. Although the actors and the actress did great in portraying their roles but the poor writing of the plot and character development made everything crumbling. It’s just like they did it for fun without proper deliberation. I hope Lee Soohyuk will get a good role and a good drama. He’s talented and he deserved a leading role also Jang Kiyong and Jin Se-yeon.

    • The drama was confusing to me too, but I think people overreact here.. I mean no one forces you to watch it.

      I liked that she chose the one who always took care of her. It seems that he overcame his horrible up-bringing in previous life and worked hard in current life to empathise, altho he had no feelings of his own, and don’t forget he was also mistreated in this life too. I understand he did some pretty bad things but I think how he ended up is far better than how anyone else in his shoes would.

      Remind me please, who did he kill in his current life?? It seems like I’ve missed something, as I don’t remember him actually killing anyone but instead he was shot by our prosecutor.

      The police officer/prosecutor was a nice guy but kind of boring. Simple minded and not at all a bright mind. I find his character developing to be satisfying with the help of our main lead of course^^ I came to love him towards the end~

      The only part I didn’t like was the stalking.. I reasoned it out telling myself that he didn’t know how to interact with other people apart from his lunatic mother and weird family, but it still doesn’t fit. He did stop it tho after she told him to. so.. yeah >.> I don’t know..

      As for the ending it was confusing, I think the kind of ending that lets you decide what happened.. did he really live? is he a hallucination? is he a ghost? everything goes XD

      I just felt the need to share my opinion, as I really came to love this character that had everything against him and yet didn’t loose his humanity.

      As for murder is murder.. to me it’s simpleminded. Sure it’s punishable by law but circumstances are what put some people behind bars for life and others not. I mean I want to hurt a person when he/she abuses an animal let alone someone who abuses a child.. ugh I feel nauseated even thinking about her.. anyway sorry for the long post

  27. I’m so traumatized with this drama, it was so horrible that it makes me cry! This hell hole makes me want to give up on kdrama after years. The only bright spot is Lee Soohyuk and Lee Soohyuk only, both the character and the actor. It doesn’t make you cry, mad and sympathize because it’s a good drama but because it’s so horrible it shouldn’t be aired at all! The writer just butchered her whole career and to this THIS is her first work is a terror. I wish her the best.

    • OMG such a drama queen XD LOL

      Hope you’ll get over your trauma soon!

      I am with team Jang Ki Yong <3
      Lee Soon Hyuk the actor was great but his character in the drama was "meh" to me. Female lead also "meh".

  28. Covid 19 crashes… A piece of your mind, Meow! The Secret Boy, Fixed You(2020), I Find you on a Beautiful Day, … and now this…Borned Again…
    Next The King Eternal Monarch. All great Starred…

    • I haven’t watch the others but I think A piece of your mind and when the weather is fine is targeted for niche audiences thus the low rating. They both have a slow pace, focusing on character driven story, and especially APOYM has a depressing tone from the beginning since it tells the story about grieving. If you look the reviews they have 2 strong sides, the one who really loves the story and the one who finds it boring, no in between. And I talked here the reviews from them whom really watched based on the story not the casts.

      • For me both of them have a great storyline and I learnt a lot about life after watching them

    • A piece of your mind and I find you on a beautiful day were great dramas! With interesting characters who had a trauma, lost someone, etc. They were healing dramas and the peace was slow but it really suited the both stories. They adressed differents themes like mourning, abuse, bully, abandonment, etc. The actors were great in their role too.

  29. I agree with the comments. This drama is horrible. I liked it at first, even recommended my friends to watch it, but I have to retract my suggestion. It gave me a headache. I feel so sorry for LSH that the writer butchered his role. He is one good actor and I liked him. I hope he gets to find a new and better role, fitting of his acting skills and looks. I might as well boycot the writer of this drama.

    • I agree with the comments,the film is not recommendable for people to watch in my own view….it make me sleepy….

  30. What is left to say that other commenters didn’t rightfully vented out on? I started watching for Jang Ki Yong because I enjoy his acting and mesmerizing looks. Also, I had hopes for the story in the beginning. There was a potential for a deeper story development, somewhere. But. The writer missed all the warning signs on the road to disaster, took the wrong turns, and as a result, plunged the bus with the whole drama team off the cliff. I hate suicidal writers and directors the most (looking at you, Eternal King writer and director). My favorite Jang Ki Yong couldn’t save this lunacy of a drama, he had no choice but to show his best acting skills, and the hell with the rest. Unfortunately, he is already getting typecast as a sexy psycho killer in most dramas. Hope he gets better roles and scripts.

  31. LMAO, u guys just made my day. Nvr thought a time where koala and her reader will unanimously agree on a drama. It has always been divided opinion.

    Now, I was actually planning to watch for the sake of male leads but i’m having second thoughts with all the warnings. Hahahahaha

  32. I m still wondering that did she forgive killing hungbin by that stalker …. The writer never give a things about this one . Or was this killing worth nothing to her …

  33. ACTUALLY the last ep was better n that’s coz of touchy acting skills of the leads… What made this drama to keep going on air was coz of the actors!

  34. During the first episodes Ji-Cheol had said that he wanted to be reborn as Hyeong-Bin. And I was surprised when he was reborn just as himself. Probably during the shootings they decided not to switch the male actors. That’s when the story started to fall apart. And I don’t think that any writer would want a 2 time murderer to “take the girl”. IF both male characters were reborn within the body of their nemesis (as I do believe was the original written script) many confusing developments would have not occured in first place. The 2 lovers would find each other again (albeight their souls, the male body looks different) and the killer… well, as the very ending was so blurr, it is impossible to guess what the writer might have written. The final was for me the biggest disappointment.

  35. This was a brilliant story line! AND i HOPE nobody insults my opinion here. This Drama is deep, is not for every one clearly! I’ve seen thousands of Dramas in my life. This one will have a special place in my heart forever!

  36. This drama confuses me, it is bad but also good at the same time. I questioned the logic and weired conversations but I couldn’t stop watching. I enjoyed the acting of the main leads.

  37. Eu gostei, amei a história, achei muito intensa …. algumas coisas deveriam ser mais explicadas mas fora isso achei muito bom ….. só fiquei curiosa por algo? se vc achou tão porcaria assim, pq não parou logo no começo….pq ser tão incensivel em seus comentários ….se alguém te dissesse que vc é um lixo de ser humano, uma porcaria e bla bla bla o que vai sentir? ….o que não é bom pra vc talvez seja bom para outros….. é sério vc não entende Nada de críticas

  38. OH MY GOD! I really really… love this drama. She really choose the right one. I am happy that she follows her heart. It was confusing at first episodes but if I keep watching u will really love it. His love for her is Unexplainable. Hers too. Even of he is a killer, love is forgivable, trusting…. I dont know what to say, I think No words can explain it. It has amazing features. I really invite you to watch it. I LOVE IT. I really love the 3 Characters and I this they really show its flaws. Any way I really like it. I know everybody has different opinion, view,…. I love it ❤?❤???❤?❤❤???

    • Love may be forgiving an all that if they didn’t remember their past and all, but they remembering their past puts Chun Beom at a disadvantage..

      1. She was his professor and so falling in love with her at first was confusing for me but I let go coz it’s a movie..

      2. She had sworn to find the detective whenever she’s reborn and they would continue their whatever.. the writer forgot this part in the movie..

      Overall the movie is just Bad, the love between Sa Bin and Chun Beom is just forced and should have just been a friend kinda relationship. She trusted him and he misinterpreted her kindness and she also misinterpreted her compassion as Love.. yuck
      An emotionally unbalanced person who knows no emotion suddenly knows what love is??

      So many things to say, this is just like Start Up, great beginning terrible ending..

  39. I actually so relieved when I see all your comments guys. I’m so grateful for you all saw how Lee Soo Hyuk putting effort so hardly to his job. He is always that kind person. Doing his best. Yeah drama was not a masterpiece of course but still I’m happy to see Soo Hyuk as a main character

  40. I watched this drama out of curiosity. I thought its a bad drama since most people who commented on this page tells us not to watch.
    How come i ended finishing this drama for 2 days. Why? Its because this one is MUST WATCHED series guys!! O come on!
    For those whose tellin us not to watch this, SHAME ON U people!

  41. I am very happy with the ending, I was going through this drama with gritted teeth and patiently waiting for the ending and I love it!

    I hate LSH because he is like a racist. His blind hatred for his egoistic idealism is the root cause of all this tragic events. He is the real murderer who has almost killed JKY in past but being killed in self defense and turned JKY into beast. In present, he was overlooking the evidence and blindly targeted KSY
    and ended up shooting in his head.

    I would hate this drama completely if JSY ended up with LSH the egoistic murderer.

    Thank you writer for the happy ending after those crappy heartbeat shit between LSH and JSY.

  42. I know everyone have their own opinion and their own feelings toward this drama.. But then we can’t blame each other because they did their best on their own.. In my opinion, at the beginning of the drama I think Sabin should just get married with Soo Hyuk because yeah love each other from beginning and they are lover from begining, and Jong Beom is just a person who came suddenly in Sabin’s life.. I know Jong Beom love Sabin because her being good with him and it’s the first time to him being treated like that.. But after all, I think Sabin need to choose Jong Beom because his past life and afterlife were sincere loving Sabin.. I know all the viewer wanted to see Sabin with Soo Hyuk, but then Soo Hyuk just messed up everything.. Soo Hyuk blame Gong Ji Chul for no reason and no convincing evidence.. And in afterlife he also shoot Jeong Bom and make him died at the end.. If Soo Hyuk didn’t do that of course Jeong Bom can live with Sabin forever.. Ahh I’m very into this drama and wrote this comment with full sincere and emotions hahaha and now it’s already 2.26am! Hahaha and now I can sleep calmly after watching this drama just for 2 days..

    • I want to laugh at your logic JB and Sabin are the worst character in the whole drama the writers did so wrong to prosecutor Kim Soo Hyuk and Cha Hyung Bin I feel like you are really into stalker ?

  43. Gutter boy and Trashy girl ended up together ??? seriously how can some crazy people like this drama they got no moral values

  44. I have never seen such a ridiculous ending. is it dream or real? what happened to the prosecutor is love and his dead? the girl got betterand sacrificed for the killer? Suppose the patient is spying on her friend, but isnt it unfair to the prosecutor? Did the screenwriters lose their logic while writing it? İt was very bad finale.

  45. I watched this drama bcz of LSH..Drama was knida boring and also the ending was the worst ever.. I still can’t figure out jeon beom is dead or alive..ofcourse I feel sorry for kim so hyuk..He didn’t deserve that kind of ending for his pure love. Such a bad drama I’ve ever seen !!!

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