SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie is Off to a Rocky Start in Ratings and Reviews

I…..kinda enjoyed the first episode of SBS Fri-Sat drama Backstreet Rookie but that goodwill mostly dissipated in the second episode. Starring Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung, going in with zero expectations and just a love for the two leads, I only hoped that this drama wouldn’t suck. That’s a low bar and so far it doesn’t 100% suck but it’s really problematic in so many different elements it takes me out of trying to connect with the two leads and get on the bandwagon of watching them bumble their way to a happy ending. Foremost is male lead Dae Hyun having a girlfriend already but female lead Saet Byul is basically barging into his life as a part time clerk at his family convenience store because she likes him.

She’s a cool cat but the underlying emotional cheating on his part and boyfriend stealing on her part cast a pall on their romance however much I think they are adorable together and probably better suited. And don’t get me started on the incredibly offensive approach to supporting character webtoon writer with a reggae predilection Dal Sik, if the drama adaptation could cut the adult themes it probably should have excised his character since its such a hot potato. The ratings are low to start with premiere 4.8%, 6.3% and second episode 3.7%, 6.8% and I may have to drop it on principle alone next week if the red flags aren’t corrected.


SBS Fri-Sat Drama Backstreet Rookie is Off to a Rocky Start in Ratings and Reviews — 157 Comments

  1. Neither of them has an eye for picking scripts. This drama is offensive on many levels. Hard pass and I hope it gets cancelled like everyone is demanding.

    • I pity you!!im pretty sure your not a happy person because your a joy killer.Nothing but an annoying Bully who dont deserve to be happy.

    • y are u a hater!!! God will not spoil our happiness cuz d drama bring much fun and laughter. Dies kaola doesnt have anytin gud to write than criticism.

      • I love so much the Backstreetrokie Drama!It was indeed a very interesting Story!The actors are excellent in acting!I like the scene,the sound effects!I will watch and support till the end!we laugh so hard while watching this Drama.We could not wait for another episode specially we miss KJY & JCW!God Bless.Dont mind the Haters.They are nothing but worshipping loyally to their bad idols.Fighting!!!!

    • why do you want to have it cancelled? dont watch if you dont like it. No one is forcing you to watch and like it.

    • Dont watch it why cancel because there are many who really wants to watch it unlike those who dint even watch the drama but come here and comment just reading some comments

    • The actress has good eye for scripts she became famous doing saguek dramas
      She could have played it safe continuing to do so
      But proud of my girl always challenging herself and trying new roles to b a good actor rather than popular one
      But ofcourse always criticised
      Reason obvious haters scared shell surpass their respective idols
      So finding every opportunity to bring her down
      Kim yoo jung and ji chang wook
      Haters will keep on hating but ur fans always der for you

    • I suspect you are more just a hater, you could be a malicious Basher/Troll, going around to sites with different names and purposefully made malicious comments so to feed your sick intentions. If you do not like the drama, don’t watch it. Do not be tempted to read articles regarding it, do not comment on it. But it seems that you are obsess with it, cannot help but participating in the destruction of it. Truly sick!!

    • I agree. This drama is ?. And the web comic it’s based on…???? Who read that and thought, let’s make this into a romance drama? Then along with completely objectifying barely legal (yeah they made her JUST old enough to be legal but still be a high school girl?) women, they also thought a racist character was a great idea??

    • Offensive is something subjective. What offends you doesn’t necessarily offend others. To me, this is a good quality production. It’s got a manhwa feel and the quality of the CGI don’t look cheap. And love that the PD inferred from scenes of old movies eg Sunny to create the rooftop fight scene. Really clever!

      I like the realism presented in this drama but admit some could be too raw for public consumption. But other than that, the intro of social divide and prejudice is taking shape very quickly in just 2 episodes.

      The acting is top-notched. Nothing cringey unless you’re an anti-fan. In that case, you shouldn’t be watching.

      I have confidence in the PD to make good of the script. But can understand it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Even The Fiery Priest that did well wasn’t liked by all. It just depends on preferences.

      • It was indeed telling and showing us about the current issues we face today including stealing, misunderstandings, prostitution. I dont see anything wrong about this drama.

    • Where do you find it offensive? It naturally tells something about what is happening nowadays and there is nothing wrong about it. Let us not judge the drama because it is still in it’s 4rth epesode and who knows there would be alot of plot twists that maybe satisfy yourself. But hell sake why the hell would they cancel it? Many people enjoy the drama and for your information no one wants you to watch it, if you don’t then don’t

      • Isnt it?.I know you hate her because she is soooo pretty and soooo sexy.hahahah.Get annoyed till the end.Happy for you.

      • Haha too much u have said. U just watched 2ep dont be so quick to judged. Itaewon klass FL fight for d man she loves despite the fact she knew he loved someone. So y ar u bitter on this. Are u an anti fan. Eat sometin swit ok.

      • Abby- in IC, it was only a one-sided love and the ML did not have a steady girlfriend. There is no comparison in storylines!! You are wrong.

      • The Haters really find time to criticize.They are so jealous with kim you jungs capability in acting and talent and most of all her goddess beauty and good genuine personality.

      • I think you are the worst person in the world with your big mouth nothing but to find time and work hard to criticize!

    • let’s be honest here. this backstreet rookies particularly in the 1st ep really bring down kyj images. i quite feel pity on her choice of drama. i think the main reason she chose this drama is because of the pd since the pd has a phenomenal drama previously. and i wonder what her fans feeling on this. After all, they have been chanting and proud about ‘QUALITY over QUANTITY’ previously.

      other than that, i think the koreans were mad and raged on the 1st ep was because of the pd. he stated that he wanted to create a drama that can be watched by all. and this became a big joke by the knetz since there were several contents that can be regarded as a pg18 rated. hopefully the upcoming episodes will no have these absurd scenes anymore. I just felt bad with the leads’ reputation. staring in a r18 webtoon adaptation already gave a bad reputation to the leads.

      other than that, i want to voice out my curiosity. i wonder in all of the criticized scenes, why no one mentioned about the naked mosaic shower scene? this is actually one of the most disturbing scenes for me aside from the moaning. i was shocked when watching this particular scene, on how they shoot the scene in detail. i was like, what? is this really suitable to be watched by family? lol.

      lastly, i just want to say that i really dislike this type of leads character. both male and female. for female lead character, i see her as seductress for trying to seduce male lead to like her. for male lead character, i despise him for falling in love with the female lead while he already has a girlfriend. he is a scumbag if he broke up with her gf for female lead. i felt pity and bad for her gf. for those who thought that the fmale lead is confident, no. she is the true definition of a 3rd wheeler. but this is already expected from a crap webtoon.

      • Lets be honest also.In your own personal opinion.But for us!Theres really nothing wrong with choosing these Drama.She nailed it well and also the male lead.Excellent hardworking actors for a very realistic funny drama that many people lost there stress in watching it.Better watch fiction china drama.wherein you can fly in the

      • @marr KYJ literally said she accepted the drama because she liked the role, on the other hand, JCW said he liked to work with LMW and he thought he wouldve fun playing CDHs role.

      • If we talking abt honesty just keep ur hand on your heart and answer truthfully if the female lead was someone else would this drama be really criticised soo much
        Seductress seriously ?1) what did she do to seduce the male lead
        Becoz i watched both the episode twice and i dint find anything
        2) apart from her dint anyine wear short dresses in korean drama ? Even the uniform skirts r short
        3) when kim soohyun went shirtless its wow but when ML friend taking bath its eww really
        Whos being racist here
        If u guys dont want to watch dont watch dont nitpick negative only because no drama is perfect but u have prb only with this drama
        Sorry its not drama its actors u hate ans just grab whatever opportunity to pull them down
        I feel sorry because the drama is not bad ur mind is dirty
        Watch without bias mayb ull like it

    • and ppl her fans find it cute and confident and can’t wait daehyun to break up with her gf.. pfftt.. this is basically a 3rd wheeler! wonder will they be happy if their bf meet someone like this. and dont compare it to kim dami! her character is no way the same with saetbyul! she did it while park saeyiri has no gf!

      • I cant also wait for them to break up, maybe some circumstances would happen and then they would realize that they are really meant for each other

    • Heard many comment abt Fl being a stalker
      Seriously did u even watch the drama
      Watch and then come back
      She met him after 3 years
      The plot abt how she knew abt the vacancy is yet to b disclosed
      Dont make ur own assumptions
      This proves how biased ur opinions are
      She dint even knew he had a girlfriend
      Would a stalker not know such an impt detail
      Plz watch the drama and comment

      • i just read a sentence in a novel. woman should have a self respect. don’t go chase for a man who is aready in a relationship. i think this should be applied to saetbyul. respect her self first.

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  3. BackstreetRokie is not a usual korean story wherein the female lead is a princess demure type & the male lead wherein a knight in shining armor,like a Prince or a CEO.Its a different interesting story wherein the female lead is strong and independent.I find the Story touching realistic and fun.Specially the actors they portray so well beyond what is needed.I appreciate the view the sound effect the cast and the story.Its true its a very warm story i laugh so hard while watching these Drama after a long time.I will support Backstreetrokie till the end.I know the story is amazing.God Bless

    • She slaps his face when he is sleeping because he was calling out his girlfriend. Strong, independent female leads do not do that. Watch what you want but don’t try to justify things that are not real.

    • lmao…. the princess demure type in primetime dramas have rare nowadays. you’re stuck in old kdrama stereotype.

    • Hypocrite. End it with god bless but you keep blasting those with opinions. Yes it is great to have a female lead with a strong badass personality . But it should still be in good taste. It os great to be different bit this plain cringey, cartoonish and corny. It is very painful to watch. Support the actors even if this is a lousy show blindly for all we care. But some people just like good shows. The reviewer is a fan but not a blind one.

      • Then do not watch nobody force you to watch then become a bitter person.Your taste is surely as bad as hell.Like very ideal lead female and male.Soooo even you is very bad person with your bad big mouth

      • Your big mouth and personality are surely lousy dull and corny.Nobody force you to watch it.Stay away you bitter person.

      • It’s an adaptation of manga comic dude! Do you really understand what comic is? Hahahaha you should educate your self ?

      • A basher with many disguise, you are so determine to prove a point. There are many whom enjoyed watching BR. If you don’t, do not watch it. You need to move on, go take some medicine.

  4. Saet Byul’s friends compared the one guy in the drama with dreadlocks to Australopithecus which is a monkey and said and I quote “I thought they were extinct, it feels like we are in a musuem”….also Saet Byul refers to him as “This”…one guy, one guy in the drama who is whiter than snow in reality who has a tan with dreadlocks from which flies keep coming out…is that all coincidence?? Does nobody see the issue and racism in blatant display in this show?

    • They thought he is a cavemen because he is unhygienic and didn’t take care of himself, not Monkey but australopithecus.

      • Don’t….I know enough of black stereotype and history of racism, slurs to judge here. My city has burned last month. Please do not justify the obvious.

    • Guys chill!!! because we have on watch 2 episode and I guess their going to be amazing character development we should not judge drama so quickly

      • Exactly there are so many judgementals out there like wth why don’t you just support the drama since they both said that they enjoy filming it

    • Dont watch it why cancel because there are many who really wants to watch it unlike those who dint even watch the drama but come here and comment just reading some comments

      • Exactly ofc we all have different taste of drama and this drama suits the teenager ones

    • It’s racism, blatant. They’ve used reggae references and Rastafarian colours for that character. WHEN THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE CULTURE AND OUR BLACK HAIR. Then they depicted locs as being smelly and dirty. It’s extremely disrespectful

  5. I’m really disappointed they wasted my girl
    talents in this mediocre project.

    Her agent needs to be fired.

    I can’t root for their romance because she is going after him while he is still in a relationship. Red flag! How can I support their relationship?

    And I also don’t like her insensitive, out of the blue kiss and her hitting him when he was sleeping 🙁

    • Sidus should better be sued. They are not giving Yoo Jung the best projects and she was not heavily by her agency. Instead, it was Hye Yoon who is well-loved by that agency today. In the past, it was So Hyun (thankfully, she left).

      • Idk what you’re talking about Sidus always gave Yoojung nice projects with well known Co-stars where as Sohyun was starting in low budget dramas with newbie actors most of the time (Im talking about lead roles not cameos). As a lead role, the only well known actor she Co started with before she left sidus is Yoo Seung Ho.

        It’s funny when KYJ’s dramas are popular her fans claim that it’s because she has good eye for works but when she picks bad dramas it’s 100% the agency’s fault. She’s an adult now she shares partial responsibility for the dramas that she stars in. She read the script and decided to be on this drama.

      • You Kim yoo jung stans sure live in your own bubble. Kim so hyun is loved more than Kim yoo jung but she left the stupid company?

      • I disagree. So Hyun is kind of discriminated in Sidus. Yoo Jung was heavily favore back then. Thankfully, despite of giving low profile dramas, So Hyun managed to become extremely popular at home and abroad. In fact, she has a larger fan base than Yoo Jung nowadays. Leaving Sidus is the best decision So Hyun ever made. If she did not leave, she won’t be banking on a Netflix drama which is super popular nowadays.

      • So Hyun don’t only have a larger fan base than Yoo Jung. She has the largest among her age group, making her the hallyu queen if said group.

      • Yoo Jung projects (as lead) weren’t nice to be honest. She got lucky only in LITM (because of PBG) but the rest CWPFN and BSR were/are flops/future flops. Yoo Jung should better start her agency like So Hyun because Sidus is not prioritizing her anymore.

      • KYJ got the worst ML (except PBG). Why pair her with ahjussi’s?. Hye Yoon has two flower boys in EY and now in talks for better projects.

      • Dont you know that kimsohyun appreciate KYJ so much.He said in previous interview that he find KYJ daring and intelligent.So bullshit dont stain their closeness and friendship

      • Wow…I thought this article is about Backstreet Rookie, how did it become a platform for So Hyun’s (ex sidus) fans to boost about her and her “achievements” Gosh!! It begs the question, are these the same people that are bashing and condemning BR because they were jealous because BR or should I say Kim Yoo Jung is getting attentions more than their bias at moment. Such shameless acts!!

    • @myrrana

      why kyj fans always blames sidus and others for her super bad decision? i agree with all. she is favoured heavily by sidus back then. now u see she made a bad decision, now u blamed it on hyeyoon. previously yj fans blamed it on sohyun. I’m not hyeyoon fans. but i felt bitter when she was accused being favored. i remembered back then she only has a small role as compared to your youjung. just accept it that youjung make a bad decision. don’t blame on others! it’s enough already how u guys did sohyun dirty by accusing her being favored like this. while youjung get many important roles either in movie and drama. praised her ‘QUALITY OVER QUANTITY’

    • You saw her hitting him but u dint see her waiting for him to wake up before leaving the store
      U dint even see her helping him in his difficult time
      U worried abt the girlfrd who just wants a butler at her beck and call
      A boyfrd comes to have lunch but she leaves with her colleagues
      Calls him for dinner to confirm that he still belongs to her
      Order food which she likes despite him saying otherwise
      U know why becoz u have no intention to watch the drama you just want to ruin it for others so u only picked the negative

  6. You may have your own opinion. But whatever happen in the drama does happen in real life, and you gals can’t deny that just by canceling the show. I love the drama and will continue to watch it..Not all want the show to be cancel.

  7. I think this kdrama Backstreet Rookie is good apart from the part of Dar friend who was sketching . I didn’t like that scene but the rest it was funny . Think we have to give it a chance to air and we really couldn’t prevent bashers to comment. This is a free world anyway . I like the tandem of JCW and Kim . They have a good chemistry on screen. Whatever was shown on the two episodes can be seen in daily life of people. It is really happening . So guys let us support this kdrama ?

  8. Even without all of the controversial topics the drama itself has no real plot and not written well. And what was up with that fight scene. Absurd. The drama is trying to be slapstick funny and failed at its execution. FL is written very annoyingly and she’s basically his glorified stalker who doesn’t have any maturity.

    I think the drama would have been more enjoyable without the romance … I like the leads individually but there isn’t any chemistry there and you can tell they try to make her look older with the makeup and heels.

    JCW should Reconsider romantic comedies for a while and try to do more serious roles Even if they’re supporting roles. Better than being in these messy dramas. I also think that KYJ herself and her agency want to get rid off her child actress image as soon as possible but it’s backfiring. JCW and Co-Star from her last drama look like her uncle. Hopefully she will get casted with more age appropriate male leads next time.

    • The actress has good eye for scripts she became famous doing saguek dramas
      She could have played it safe continuing to do so
      But proud of my girl always challenging herself and trying new roles to b a good actor rather than popular one
      But ofcourse always criticised
      Reason obvious haters scared shell surpass their respective idols
      So finding every opportunity to bring her down
      Kim yoo jung and ji chang wook
      Haters will keep on hating but ur fans always der for you

  9. Where are the people saying that this will premiere at high ratings and be one of the highest rated drama of this year. Where are you now? Stop pretending that you are JCW-KYJ fans. You are full of pretentions!

    • U ar the one making a stories when the director doesnt want to predict d rating while would others tink so he just want pple to enjoy d drama go and watch d press con.

  10. This drama is silly and hella problematic but seriously which part timer wears heels to work? How is that even close to reality? The director is just dumb on that part and she is stalking him is another thing especially when he as a girlfriend, am I suppose to like that kind of FL especially when I just found out a creep coworker keeps stalking my boyfriend even and sends him nudes.
    She is not a strong character but a deluded and annoying one. She is free to pursue him if he is single and not try to ruin his relationship and don’t even get me on the adult webtoon guy with dreads. This drama is trash and the 6% ratings they got is way too much for the garbage they are dishing out. Kim yoo jung and ji chang wook just wasted their talent on this and I’m disappointed its fiery priest on this.

  11. I surprisingly love it so far. So enjoyable. The director is a talent director. This might be low budget drama, but man he is a genius telling a fun stories. I agree though for bothering this love story when we know the male lead has already has a girlfriend. He seems tried do hard to enjoy with his current relationship, but doesn’t get any in return. I really like the prejudice and social status they bring up into the picture.

    Overall I’m more inclined towards this drama more than it’s okay not be okay who still confusing. But I w

  12. the 6.3 and 6.8 %ratings were not so bad for a very low budget drama. and it will continue to increase every episode. The very good thing about this drama is the exceptional acting of Kim Yoo Jung and her very gorgeous face. i had so much fun while watching the first two episodes and the leads chemistry were exceptional.
    It’s just episode 3 next week so people should chill. there 15 more episodes left.

    • low budget drama has nothing to do with rating. the rating will exceed its predecessor?? pfffftt. u become a clown, Joanne moonlight yoo. stay humble next time. don’t be so over confident and full of urself like u always did

    • Is not about budget only. JCW and KYJ are not nobody and without competition on Friday (no other drama), I do expect better rating than this. If you average out the 2 epi, is only about 5.5. SBS has been doing reasonably well with their Fri-Sat slot since they started it last year but these slots don’t seem to work for them anymore.

    • the drama rating is increasing and it will continue to increase in the succeeding episodes. So Relax. Back street Rookie still have 14 episodes to attain double digits.

    • I’m not even gonna waste my time on this one. So,Joanne how does it feel to have your fave actors and show getting a lot of negative feedback to the point they are trying to petition to cancel the show. All you do is talk about other actors and shows negatively. At least these people are giving their honest opinion on the show and not just saying negative stuff about actors, Pd or the show. Sometimes life has its way on teaching us a lesson.

    • exceptional? am i the only who felt cringed with the fighting scene? too childish for me. at least, make the cgi better like in it’s ok to not be ok. the edit in BS it is too unprofessional.

    • It is 5.5 and 5.3 averaged for the first and second. It is quite low for an hallyu star. The underdog When The Camellia Blooms rated higher with less known stars. The second ep was hard to watch i do not think ratings will go up.

      • Dude, gong Hyo jin and kang ha Neul is an underdog?

        Since when? GHJ has always gets high rating that camellia was criticized for poor early performance while KHN is a sweetheart that everyone loves.

        Don’t bring camellia into this .

  13. and besides, even if this dram will not be commercially successful, she is only 20 years old. 20 she has time to pleanty of time to choose better projects in the future. so chill it’s not the end of the world for her. she will still get good projects

    • ok if it makes u felt better after all of the boasting that u have done on this drama. u felt bitter with all of the hates on the drama right? that’s why, stay humble next time ok? don’t to be so boastful on your idol. hahaha

    • Exactly she is just 20 acting with a 32 year old in a raunchy drama with bad action scenes and with no plot. Embarrassing that her fans don’t find this problematic.

      • the fighting scenes is really funny for me. i seriously laugh watching it. but it’s funny not because the scene is good, but it’s funny because it’s cringed.

  14. I love Kim Yoo Jungs acting in this drama. The first two episodes were able to show her acting range. she was so good. Her acting is phenomenal
    Her acting is unbeatable.
    and shes drop dead gorgeous and a joy to watch.
    Both JCW and Kim Yoo Jung are so good looking on screen..I love my beauty couple / My Jelly Couple

    • Good for you, Joane aka Moonlight Yoo aka Shinse Anyang whatever multiple accounts you have.

      But most audience who watched BR hates BR and that’s why they demand this show to be cancelled. This is why your show has low rating.

  15. Done with the drama especially for its portrayal and depiction of the friend with dreadlocks, it’s even worse than I imagined it would be. Just completely unnecessary and I will be avoiding the writer from now on. KSJ and JCW good luck here and in your future works but personally, I will not get excited anymore reading they’ve signed up for a new drama (and no it’s not just because of this one but I’ve not been impressed by their last few dramas).

  16. I haven’t watched the show yet but I don’t get why people are already judging the show to be doomed. They hate the character because she’s trying to steal a guy who has a girlfriend in the story. Like common, The World of the Married was much worst but a lot of people were turned in and love the show. IT’S A DAMN DRAMA! THIS IS NOT A REAL STORY!

    • The question you have to ask is were the viewers condoning the behaviors in WOTM? I did not watch that show but from what I heard, they did not receive happy endings for most characters.

      Why should we root for characters to have an affair even though it’s fictional? Maybe you find it enjoyable but I don’t.

      • It’s a comedy, he didn’t think what she did as real and actually really suspicious of her behaviour, he keeps an eye of her.

        Really, this is why comedy genre is dead now, no one can take a joke

      • because it is aired in a cable tv channel. and it’s already warned as a R18. meawhile, for BS, the pd stated that it js a family friendly drama. it’s aired in national tv cable. no one warned the knetz that this drama has explicit contents. that’s why knetz felt angry with this. it’s like u r cheated on

    • 100% agree with you. Such a tough crowd to please! The drama has barely 2 episodes in and some want to even cancel this. Like seriously. I wish this was in Netflix. I don’t get how they write off a series with just a couple of episodes.

  17. Haven’t seen the show but male lead falling for female lead while in arelationship with the 2nd lead…isn’t this the story of so many dramas!! (My Girl, My Name is Kim Sam soon and so many others)

  18. Sad to say, too many anti in the entertainment industry and using harsh words to belittled someone. If you harber negative or I’ll feelings of the leads, whatever drama he/she picked, you will magnify every little details on the drama. If you are a genuine fans or viewers,there should Constructive feedback.

  19. It was really a fun episodes. I like they kept the manhwa’s vibe with the humor, the fighting scenes, the set-up.

    I don’t understang the hate againt KJY’s character :
    – She was a bad student who fight and smokes, like a lot of male characters;
    – She’s confident and not shy, why it’s a problem?
    – She’s not stalking him, she was hired by him and works with him. She doesn’t follow him in his personnal life, watch his phone, etc. I think it’s funny after Born Again, when the ML installed an app to follow the FL and read her diary…
    – She’s in love with him and assumes that, but she’s not really trying to make him break up with his girlfriend neither. When she kissed he was single (just be dumped) and since she did nothing. The ML of Love Alarm did worse every girl swoon over him…

    So when people will stop hate women who are confiddent, young and pretty?

    • I personally do not have problems with the age gap, they look great together and close to age but the problem is that the kiss was without consent. She kissed a drunk man without his permission. Furthermore, she made innuendos.

      Actually it’s a fact that she is trying to go after the ML in the second episode when he does have a girlfriend. She only decided to work at the convenience store just for him. Her friends even try to match-make them. She was infuriated that he called out his girlfriend name and her response was a fury punch. How can we cheer for their relationship knowing how it started? I wouldn’t want to break up a relationship of the boy I like just to be with him.

      And we cannot sweep the ML friend under the rug. It’s distasteful and offensive. I was sweating bullets when our girl first signed on this project but I was somewhat comforted with the article of the PD promising to cater the show towards families. I was somewhat relieved. The PD did not keep his promises. Yes it was toned down but not enough. The ML friend is so shady and ickyyy.

      I’m really sad that she signed up for this project when she is worthy of better projects, I think we can both agree on this.

      • There are so many dramas where the man kissed the girls or vice versa without the consent… I don’t say she was right, she wasn’t. But she was young and did a lot of stupidities at this age.

        For the girlfriend, she has feelings for him and expresses them but she never put herself between him and his girlfriend. How many dramas start like that, the main character is in a relationship when he/she met the main lead?

      • But that is what she is doing. She is only working at the store for one reason. To obtain him. Her wingmen friends confessed to him what she is doing. And when he was knocked out on his chair. Her friends told her that they told him everything , and she even asked, so how did he respond.

        Expressing your feelings is putting yourself between him and his girlfriend. She is taking an active role in the driver seat by putting herself in situations where feelings can happen.

        How would you feel if a girl did all of these actions around your boyfriend? No one would like it. Just like the line she said on episode 1, “I feel sorry for your girlfriend…”
        Imagine hearing that, I would be upset.

        I love my girl but this role isn’t it.

  20. Although there were uncomfortable scenes, there were also sprinkles of good moments. I think my favorite scene is the dancing scene of the leads. I thought it was so cute that I watched it like three times. My girl was so adorable, I couldn’t stop smiling.

    I’m considering if I should drop it or if I should just fast-forward to the cute scenes only, because like I posted earlier, the romantic relationship between the two is going to bother me so much because I can’t tolerate people cheating in real life. And obviously the friend of the ML makes me shudder.

  21. I feel like shaking KYJ and firing her entire team, same with JCW. KYJ is young, she should be pairing up and being with people here age, while still in her youth. I don’t know what’s happening in her agency but they honestly don’t have taste. I gave it a chance cause who cares about age right ? But right of the bat a high schooler kisses an adult, that’s so wrong. I was okay that she came to work so she could win him over but dude tells you he has a gf and yet you still insist *smh* not to mention that disgusting deadlocked friend who is just offensive to Africans and black people as a whole, flies in his hair ? That’s enforcing the negative images people have on people with dreads.that entire writing scene was nasty and totally unnecessary. I never laughed once. Either the writers and directors fix things now while viewers are offering feedback or this is going to be another taint in JCW and KYJs young career

    • Thank you for bringing up the dreadlock stereotype that was included. I have seen few comments that bring it up and many that ignore it.

    • I agree. JCW’s previous dramas have not been good, and for someone as exceptionally talented as he is (I thought Empress Ki showed an incredible range of acting), you want him to act in dramas that do justice to his talent. And I totally agree about the “a high schooler kisses an adult, that’s so wrong”. I was struggling to get my head around why I just feel chills down my skin every time I think about them kissing and see them kissing, a young girl, not much older than my younger sister, or just me a few years back (and then I’d consider myself still very young, impressionable, vulnerable), kissing a man who is of the age that he would usually get married, have kids, the age of many of her teachers in school. Even if we step out of the universe of the drama, KYJ being 20 and JCW being 32… IDK there’s something about that age difference that feels icky to me, imagine being so young, fresh out of high school, and putting your arms around a man for the sake of acting who is way more complex, experienced, much older, could be your uncle, than you. I probably won’t have the same feelings if she were 30 and the ML was 42, but 20… 20 is incredibly young, and the high schooler age in the show is even worse, say at 18. 18, 20 – we were all so young then, I recall still not really finding my style then, going to the library, hanging out with friends before I knew what the “real world was like”. There’s a kind of innocence in being 20, or 18, that makes it oft-putting to see a 20 year old kissing an ajusshi.

  22. İ Love Drama And Love Ji Chang Wook Oppa And Want To Say Oppa Fighting. You Are So Beautiful And Drama Are So Fantastic. Love You Forever ❣️??
    İm İnternation Fan From İran ??

  23. Haters Shot Up & Go Away
    Coz Oppa İs So Popular İn Korea So What?! We Support From His Drama And You Dont Do Anything?Oppa Fighting Your İnternation Fans Are Here?

  24. Honestly, the webtoon alone is really a meh… I’m hoping the drama will step up but for now the production team just minimized the toxicity of the characters, however, the mysogynist undertone is still remained. Watching 2 episodes, I feel that the PD lied on saying that it is a “warm family drama”.

    Hopefully, PD will step up their game bc it’s a disappointing to waste the talents of Kim Yoo Jung and Jing Chang Wook.

  25. I really like the drama is cool and nice if you watch all kinds of drama and this is one of the best story if u compare the story to others country , i like this type of drama you can hardy see in real life from a anime , the ending from the start is like a love story , and mix gene i can already feel the ending will be happy ending , i hope it make till full story i like the 4 char8 , i really hope to know the ending is like what , if u dont like it means you dont watch many of this type , of movie , not many people same like you

  26. I’m not a fan of both but I enjoy the two epi series. Im not sure whats your problem but as the partime worker, what she predicted is gonna happen. The lead man tho he’s expecting his relationship with the gf go deeper but he’s not so in love with here. The mere fact that he didnt forget what happrned 3 yrs ago is a big factor for Saet to have the feeling mutual

  27. The issue with some of the fans, they became obsess and posessive with the male lead and dissect the lady partner for any small negative thus being bias so they failed to enjoy the show no matter what. Give her a chance… she’s quite good even eith the flick of her eyes… besides, its not her own doing. She jusy follow whatever the director aska her to act.

    • i think we have a second lead syndrom here. I think the character’s personality that we dislike here. I also dislike the female lead in this drama. her personality i mean. this is also happened when i watched other dramas. for instance, iljimae. i preferred the 2nd female lead. in sungkyukwan scandal, i prefer 2nd male lead yoo ah in. in moon embraces the sun, i prefer the queen over han ga in. in jang ok jung, i hate kim tae hee there and so on. i think we suffered from 2nd lead syndrome.. hahaha

  28. I enjoyed the 1st episode but not the 2nd, there is something that disturbs me but i can’t say what it is ? As a french, i don’t have the same culture i like the badass side of her character but not the ” over sexuality” of it . I don’t know if you , english readers will understand what i mean ! Ji Chang Wook is not the problem either as he is handsome and has good chemistry with the lady, but his role makes him look like as some kind of pervert, drooling over the feminine attributes only ! I hope that the drama will have more than that to offer, if not it would be for me a regression for these 2 actors that i like very much !

  29. Omg, this hit an all-time low of 3.7%, meaning a 1.85% in cable tv. They are really the royalty of flop dramas. Wahahaha!

    • that the star power of Kim Yoo Jung, the nation’s little sister, natiOn s girlfriend and Ji chang wook, two of the most popular actors in korea. Sorry it should be THE MOST POPULAR ACTORS IN S.K at 3.7%

  30. What is happening to Ji Chang Wook? hahhahaha. I didnt find him funny in the 1st two episodes of BSR i was just shaking my head watching him., Sorry. his acting in this drama is the worst. Hes doing visual gag in BSR. What a waste of his acting talent. . I just cant find the right words to describe him and his character in BSR.
    IMO this drana is worse than MMS. MMS had low ratings but the drama was not criticized this much. and MMS did not make me uncomfortable.
    The 1st episode made me unconfortable in so many ways. Im temporarily dropping the drama. will just wait for the feedback and recaps.
    To me, this is your worst project so far. . …

    • Hope you pick better scripts in the future. Take your time. Dont Rush.
      If you want to do ROM COM in your next project please pick better projects. Projects/ Drama with Plot (shaking my head).
      and youre acting cutesy and weird during your promo. Sorry, but in my opinion, your actions did not suit you anymore. You dont need to those silly stuff, for you are already popular Sigh.

    • Wth is wrong with you? You call yourself a fan? Why dont you support him since it was the role that he needs to portray then help youself. It was just the same role like it was when he was the main role at empress ki where he acted like useless one. Just support yo bitch, they are actors and they just act the role that are given to them and fyi JCW accepted the project cause he wanted it and he enjoyed filming to with KYJ

  31. Haters are so obsessed with Backstreet Rookie. You cant contain your jealousy with Kim Yoo Jung because shes Young, Intelligent, Pretty, and Super successful?. Keep on commenting until the comments reach 500.
    No matter what the netz do, this show will not be cancelled and its rating will continue to increase. Stay Jealous People. My Queen Rocks

  32. Say whatever you want to say, but Yoo Jung wont be bothered and she will keep on getting more good projects in the future. Her acting is incomparable and the best in Backstreet Rookie.
    Some of you will be breathlees and speechless when you see the kissing scenes between Yoo Jung and Chang Wook. You will all be jealous
    Stay Insecure and Jealous of Her haters,

    • lol. you are worst than haters. Lee Min Ho and Kim go eun were severely criticized/bashed but i did not see their fans saying what you have just commented
      These actors Fans in Not so convenient drama/ Bactstreet Flop are the worst fans. I ve seen them on twitter and Instagram, and they are so Arrogant. So arrogant Boastful.. thats why i will never like their faves because of them…..

  33. What’s with these very aggressive fans? Just so you know, everyone’s entitled to watch this drama and so as their opinions!

    If you can’t accept criticism specially for your favorite, don’t you think it’s time to stop visiting this site? Smh

  34. The shows stupidity level is at -10000x to the infinity so im not watching it anymore. I just checked it out for Ji Chang Wook. I will not be wasting my 14 hours watching this racist and sexist drama and Icant take The FL character is so annoying. This drama is źzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz to me. Born again and meowwwwwwww is so much better drama than this

    • samee… i love ji chang wook and that’s the reason i started this drama. but this drama has so many problems like racism and negative stereotypes, and that shouldn’t be accepted. i will continue to support ji chang wook if ever he has more projects in the future, but BS is quite problematic. the female lead is quite toxic, she punches him when he’s drunk when he says his gf’s name, like what tf does she expect? and she kisses his w/o consent like wtf is that

    IT JUST A DRAMA. SO PATHETIC AS TO BRING THE DRAMA DOWN AND LET OTHERS SHINE … It’s getting out of hand. Where is the humanity?

  36. Fans of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung must Calm down. Chill. Relax. breathe. if they are not happy with the drama, let them be. You cant force everyone to like what you like. To each their own.
    You will only look so pathetic trying to defend your favorite.

  37. finally some sensible interpretation by someone who argued that the premier started with a low rating. I’ve read many interpretation from other pages that the rating was solid as a starter. I mean come on.. we need to analyze what the slot and channels that the drama airing. this is a fri sat slot, and airing in sbs. 6% rating in this sbs time slot is considered as low. unless you are airing in the mon tues or wed thus time slot, then u can say it as solid starter. but in this time slot, it’s not solid. i agree with ockoala

  38. This is acting for God’sake why are we taking this seriously.Guys let’s not judge the drama with only two episodes let’s watch the other episodes before judging alright. We all love kdramas so let’s support them.

  39. this drama is an adaptation of the manhwa, and that comic have some rated 18 scenes, violence or any scenes that may not appealing to the public audience, but at the same time aside from those scenes it has a good plot. This drama is just starting, I hope it become good as the episodes goes on.

  40. Ji chang wook and Kim too Jung are amazing. Please don’t critisize them!!!.BTW they both have done many other popular dramas. I am sure this one will be one of them too. Always a fan

  41. nobody cares what you think lol the show is going on whether you watch it or not. why do fans think they’re somehow so important and have an effect on these actors’ lives and decisions? i find it hilarious! lmao

  42. KSH has 9.0 million followers in IG while KYJ has only 3.4 million (not to mention, she’s more active). So, I guess there is nothing to be jealous about YJ’s current negative popularity.

    • Your favo may have more followers but how come her fans are still so very insecure and jealous with Our Yoo Jung? Threatened? insecure with her Cfs and successes and her visuals?

      • thanks to her agent sidus she got many cf. and yet her fans still blamed her agent and now hye yoon that she got discriminated in her agency. I’ve read a tons of business entertainment novels. all of endorsements and resources will go to agency first. then agency will choose and decide which endorsement will go to which celebrity under the agency. now yj has 6 cfs. can’t u guys see how well sidus treat her? yet u guys still not satisfied and blamed others like hye yoon. can’t your fandom grow up and matured please?

    • @thy
      I know you’re a fan of KSH, but why bring her here when it’s already chaotic in this article?

      @joane aka moonlight
      YJ may have more CFs rn and she’s a beauty alright but not a single fan of sso is jealous of her visuals. And that’s a fact
      Let’s talk when BR reach your delusional 20-30%-will be the highest rated blah blah blah drama of the year

      • moonlight? the poster above. sorry. im not moollnlight.the above commeneter obviously likes Ji chang Wook and TBH, im not his fan and will never be. Dont like his acting. and he is too controversial. YJ is the only reason why im excited about BSR.

  43. I watched the first two Episodes of Convenience out of curiosity. I find the Female lead overacting. her acting so exagerrated, so animated. . and Her character, SB is annoying as well. and the fight scenes, is this kungfu hustle? its over the top, hot me thinking if it’s fantasy that im watching. Shes not good in the first two episodes. (Maybe shes good in her previous drama thats why they are saying thats she a very good actress?)
    Not continuing anymore, NOT MY CUP of TEA. Both the FL and the story.

  44. I am a fan of JI CHANG WOOK. I hope others will not make a bad person here, its just my opinion. Out of the Kdramas made by JCW, I think Backstreet Rookie doesnt fit the acting capability of our idol. Hes such a good actor that his role in this drama is not as interesting like his other dramas. The story is also not that interesting. I’ve watched it from Episode 1 until last night but the excitement to watch the next episode is not there unlike his other dramas. I hope that JCW will have another Kdrama after this like the K2, The Healer and Suspicious Partner that all fans of him really loved and both performance of the cast and the story are really good. But still good luck to JCW and continue his good acting. Hes such a talented actor. Hope to meet you soon…

    • It was his will to accept the project and he was hoping that fans would like it but why the hell are you not showing support? They are called actors for them to portrey their roles just sit down and look for someone to fuck you

  45. The drama is very interesting. If you are not interested in watching it nobody is forcing you. It is unfair that it should be cancelled because of some fake prudes. The issue is korea is making their actors lead fake lives. Instead of controlling who they see, how they behave why not just leave them be and watch their movies. Nobody is asking you to be invested in their personal lives. Instead of making you IDOLS fake, accept them with their flaws. If you are truly supporting someone then support then in full. Stop lying to yourself. Obviously they have to live their lives too, meet who they want to, date who they want to.

  46. Lala it’s just a drama okay.And it’s actually pretty relatable to some happenings in real life situations too. They are just displaying it with a fun concept. And about the female lead character, for me she’s just doing great.She is not being seductress but just being funny young blooded. Yes you’ll oversee it because you’re really a serious overthinking hater. If she really mean to take the male lead away from his gf she wouldn’t hide that she caught the theive and madethem pay for all the stolen things with an apology letter rather she would be showing everything she is doing for him to make him fall for her.And that would be an actual intentionally bad. And that would also be actual losing of self respect.She loves him without expecting back, for an example when she ends up in the police station she had low confident. And just pretends to be confident infront of ML in the store. And it is yet to be disclosed why he’ll fall for her at the end.
    I just want to say, it is just a drama. So keep things simple. Don’t overreact and oversee things.You sound like a Grammy who is complaining her grand childrens. Even Grammy in this era don’t complain about simple things, you must be from a different time. Oh you talking about how it’s gonna effect the teenagers, part timers and overall the society. No my dear they are all already effected by many things they experience in the real life. This drama just shows it in a funnier way. And I donno how you see it displayed in the leads characters while the bad characters are displayed in the side roles.
    And you’ll not die if this show is not cancelled. So go eat, drink and stay chilled. Watch what you think is good. Byebye

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