Jang Geun Seok Exudes Top Visuals in First Post Military Pictorial for Arena Homme Korea

I’m sorry did a time warp happen or can we erase the last ten years and start afresh with K-actor Jang Geun Seok? He’s back from nearly two years of mandatory military service though he served in the public sector, kinda half and half with stars whether it’s a desk job or an performance gig in the army/navy/air force as very few do active service. I’m glad Jang Geun Seok is back because holy lord is he back with a bang. His first pictorial for Arena Homme Korea made my jaw drop, I have not seen him look this good in nearly a decade and I mean it by styling and aura. I’m not a fan of his rocker days and he really floundered right before he went to the military in finding his right look and acting project. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to start anew and I look forward to his first selected acting gig, please come back with the perfect drama my boy!


Jang Geun Seok Exudes Top Visuals in First Post Military Pictorial for Arena Homme Korea — 21 Comments

  1. May the drama gods guide him in finding a good project. It’s like after “to the beautiful you” I never heard him much. I know he’s acted but he never fully capitalised on the fame comparwd to LMH with BOF and KSH with dream high

    • “To the beautiful You” is the K-remake of Hana Kimi, starring Shinee’s Minho and the late Sulli.

      JGS headlined “You Are Beautiful” with PSH.

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  3. Ageless, a little scary and definitely unfair. It should be required that he keep his hair cut short. He looks hot and beautiful.

  4. I am not used to seeing him conventionally good looking and sexy. I had forgotten he had such viduals because all I recall was his skinnier funky styles pre- MS.

    He bulked up didn’t he? They do look like men post MS.

  5. He does look good especially in the second and last photo. JKS drama You’re Beautiful was my gateway Kdrama. I always remember it with fondness.

  6. “You’re beautiful” JJS! Here’s looking forward to your making up for the past years…fast forward! It’s never too late. I am rooting for you 100%

  7. So glad and happy seeing you looking good and back from your military service. I’ve been your fan since “Baby & Me” movie up until now. Even those years that we didn’t hear from you, I still always checked websites about you just to be updated by your activities. I always checked websites just to be updated about you. Though there are rumors about you and all I dont mind it. Im looking forward to see you in kdrama movies or even kdrama series and get back your title as “Prince of Asia” because you deserved it and earned it already long time before. I just wished yiu good health and be safe as always. Saranghe oppa?

    From philippines with love?

  8. Awww love u so much your one of a kind handsome sweet and so adorable Im from Houston Texas and I love to see u act and most of all to hear u sing MAY GODBLESS U ALLWAYS imyour#1fan ??????

  9. He looks soooo good. I was not a fan of his super thin rocker look. He looks very manly now. He needs to pick a good thriller or mystery to capitalize on the more serious vibe he has. That would be awesome.

  10. oh my god..I love you so much Jang Guen Suk …I really like your Royal Gambler movie I hope you back at drama soon..???

  11. Look so perfect I’m glad back with good health I miss you in your consert and drama many of I have done to watch

  12. JKS forever don’t forget your most loyal followers in Australia ,, especially me your surrogate great granny x ♥️????

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