Su Ae and Yoo Teo in Talks for Romance K-drama Now, We Break Up

I love it when an up-and-comer gets the spotlight and this guy has been on my radar for the last year thanks to three notable supporting performances. K-actor Yoo Teo is in talks to join Su Ae as her leading man in the K-drama Now, We Break Up. It’s Su Ae’s first drama in 4 years and she really suits pairings with strong mature guys and Yoo Teo totally fits that bill. He was one of the Neantal in Arthdal Chronicle, followed up by being the hot as heck baddie henchman in Vagabond, and then as the sweet and gone too soon ex-boyfriend in Chocolate that brings the OTP together. Each time he’s a totally different performance and I can’t believe the cold heartless plane hijacker is the nicest selfless boyfriend. The drama will be from the screenwriter of Misty and the PD of You From Another Star so really a powerhouse combination. I can’t wait!


Su Ae and Yoo Teo in Talks for Romance K-drama Now, We Break Up — 8 Comments

  1. Hooray for Yoo Teo. Like Koala, I have been cheering for Yoo Teo since his appearance in AC, Vagabond and Chocolate. I have to say honestly, I watched Chocolate for Yoo Teo and after his character was written off, the show deflated for me. So happy he’s finally getting his big break as the male lead. Totally deserving! Love him in Seoul Searching the movie too. Again he transformed himself into an innocent dorky nerd. Love low-key underdog actors like him. Bring it on.

  2. Been following him for years and am glad that he’s finally getting the recognition in Korea. He’s been doing independent films for years in the US and Germany before moving to Korea. Also love a talented man who can speak at least three languages.

    He was great in Serebennikov’’s “Summer”.

  3. Love Soo Ae! And Yoo Teo has been on my radar for a while, he’s super talented and underrated. I’m so glad he’s getting a leading role!

    • He did steal the thunder from Go Soo in Money Game. There are more fan-made MVs of him with Shim Eun-kyung than the she with GS.

  4. He was great in Money Game. I prefer Go Soo as a character because he was saner but Yoo Teo was very charismatic. So different from his role in Chocolate!

    I’m happy he gets offers for a lead role!

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