Big Leaps Forward in Hair Cuts, Pillow Fights, and Running Away in Episode 8 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.744% and 5.634%

It’s midpoint time for tvN Sat-Sun drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay and at this point a viewer is either in or out. I watched with a giant grin on my face through the entirety of episode 8, it was that good. From Moon Young not wanting a mushroom haircut from Kang Tae, to Daniel Choi‘s purposely smarmy and perfect cameo appearance as a “fan”, to the comedic brilliance of Moon Young and Sang Tae’s fight over Mang Tae and the aftermath, this episode shows that this story is more than just the hooks of these broken people finding some positivity in each other.

That’s still happening but their lives are being lived daily with simplicity and in these interactions there are past negative memories that turn out sweetly to be positive and an impetus to break free of limitations and live for once. I said that whenever Kang Tae cries my heart breaks and he cries in nearly every episode because his life is really that sad, but at the end of episode 8 when he ran out of Ok Psychiatric Hospital with that beaming smile to go find Moon Young to run away my heart soared alongside. I can’t wait for more episodes and also listen to the OST in the meantime because the songs in the drama are just as excellent.


Big Leaps Forward in Hair Cuts, Pillow Fights, and Running Away in Episode 8 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.744% and 5.634% — 33 Comments

  1. Still loving this drama!! There was not one awkward actor/actress or scene at all. The way the screenwriter and director and editor unravel the character development of each character in the story is brilliant. They are all broken, but together, they can help each other heal and find happiness that they deserve (aww). KSH’s screen presence is just unparalleled but SYJ and OJ and the supporting characters are right there with him. So happy for the cast and crew for a drama that they can be proud of!

  2. Best drama this year for me so far. As much as I try to look for something “negative” in this drama, there is nothing that I can critique about it. From lead chemistry, character growth, directing, edits, it’s just too good.

  3. This drama is a gift that keeps on giving. KSH is his usual brilliant self and together with Oh Jung Se, Seo Ye Ji and cast deliver powerhouse acting that one hour feels too short. Can’t wait for future episodes. PBIO team fighting!

  4. Seems international fans are loving it more judging from Twitter trends and mdl on another note seo yeji has been going viral happy that she getting the recognition she deserves

      • That too bad then. I like this @ady drama and i also recently watched the King which was also popular to Ifans and kind of liked it i mean it not as bad as some make it to be.

  5. Though I like this drama I must admit that I feel like it is stagnating, there really is no progress. What also concerns me is Moon Young’s violence and manipulative behaviour. I wonder will she ever change? They are both so broken, are they really compatible? I still look forwad to new episodes and love the acting and chemistry.

    • She’s an anti social person. That’s wy she has that kind of behavior.

      Agree, they’re both broken, but they probably can help each other and change for good.
      Both of them need a ‘friend’, who understands their pains and help them go through their bad times and laugh with them in their good times.

      It’s a healing drama. I love how they learn about theirselves more in each episode.

      What i love from this drama is it delivers good messages through the stories.

    • Fully agree with you..I m someone who loved this drama since the premier episode but off lately I don’t feel that same urge and anticipation towards new episodes…I m not properly able to see how as how the character development is taking place .Half of the series is done but it still feels like there is little progression..The aesthetics, direction and acting is undoubtedly very good . But writing seems to be the main problem here. Still I enjoy many moments and will continue to watch it. I guess healing dramas tend to have slow progress..
      Also are right about MY’s violent behaviour..I can tolerate all those things that she did in the past pertaining to her disorder. However,she is not a murderer or a psychopath..I mean she pushed the CEO off the stairs. Had Gang Tae been not there to hold him, he could have ended up being dead. This bugged me a lot and she was easily excused. Also the way she behaves with Sang Tae ,how can Kang Tae leave him with MY from now onwards knowing that she can do anything in anger.
      KSH and SYJ has amazing chemistry but their current position do not make me want to root for them..They need to fix some issues before taking it to the next level..We still have 8 episodes left and I hope we are up for some big revelations.

      • @Astar

        Good points. The drama does tend to glamorize the violent tendencies of MY, but it also glosses over the violence directed at her. I mean…she’s been strangled thrice, yet few people showed concern over her well being on each occasion, merely treated her as fodder for gossip; and slapped once. And this idea that Kang Tae is supposed to take the violence towards him without retaliation is very upsetting. Why didn’t his employer compensate him when he was slapped by the congressman? Their expectations that he should just put up with it as an employee is a good reason for anyone to snap. Personally, I don’t like the violent undertones of the drama, even though I think it’s a beautiful drama. But the violent acts should be addressed and not glossed over. MY is capable of killing a person, she’s pushed men off the stairs twice, stabbed a person and attempted to brain her manager with a heavy lamp. I don’t find that funny at all, even though it was supposed to be comedic.

      • @asdf..I totally agree with ur p.o.v on glamourizing of violent incidents part..I was shocked when Kang Tae was reprimanded for punching that ex-husband but nobody mentioned MY getting slapped..I mean that person hit a woman which is disgusting but still KT had to pay the price for defending her. Even if KT was there to save the CEO falling from the stairs but MY did try to hit him with a heavy vase and it could have been dangerous..So how can one affirm that she won’t harm anyone in the future. I m sure this disorder doesn’t give her a licence to injure or murder people.
        Also in the upcoming episodes I hope ST doesn’t remain as a mere prop which would ultimately lead to a tug of war between the three.
        Moreover the way MY’s acts tends to improve the condition of mental patients doesn’t sit well with me..Her actions in reality could have some serious repercussions on those patients.. Although she was reprimanded for it but everytime she unknowingly becomes the unsung hero fixing them a little with her reckless actions. The writer is actually turning her into a saviour. Mental illness shouldn’t be taken lightly after all.
        Don’t get me wrong..I appreciate the writer for taking such an interesting route to depict mental illness but I have to admit that Its Okay That’s Love gave better justice to mental patients not only to the leads but to the side characters as well.
        Overall I think this drama is indeed beautiful and unique but people have different perception and these were just my two cents. Agree to disagree.

  6. At the half way mark, I’m trying to figure out what is the end game for this drama. Resolving the murder? Finding the missing Mom? KT becoming a caretaker to two people?
    The drama is beautiful to watch and I would be totally ok with the pace if there were 3 seasons. Currently, I find myself fast forwarding scenes with the publisher and his assistant, which, although funny, take away from the mood of the drama.

  7. My favorite scene was the fight between Moon-young and Sang-Tae over Mang-tae. I want to see the behind the scenes on that one.

  8. This drama is all right but talking about the rating, not sure if it’s going to go up. I hope it will.

    Seo Ye Ji’s previous drama Lawless Lawyer got higher rating than this. That drama was not even promoted like IONTBO.

  9. Where to start. I love this drama its my no 1 all time favourite. I hv been reading the comments so far. My thoughts. There is a lot of negativity concerning MY. Her disorder means that she acts and speaks without any filters. If she’s upset she yells if she’s happy she smiles. I am nit glorfying her violent tendencies but accept that such disorder leaves you prone to acting out this way. As far as the complaint that there is no progression. I think that is just not true. Best example is the figjt with ST. She doesnt touch his hair as KT told her ST doesnt like it and there is only 1 person bleeding out and its not MY. To me she is already changing even tho she herself may not be aware that she is evolving into a more thoughtful person and exercising restraint… a foreign concept to her. And she pushed sang in knowing KT would save him frm actual injury. And her coming to the defence of ah reum… would she have done that previously? I dont think so. MY is not going to be ‘fixed ‘ in 16 epi. I would be throughly dissapointed if the writers who chose to highlight the very important issue of mental ilness and disorder decided to do this. The healing process is gping to take longer. The purpose of this show i think is not that KT is gping to fix MY and make her ‘normal’ or vice versa. Btw there is nothing wrong in being diff God knows the world would be tiresome if we were all rhe same. Love does not conquer mental illness or disorder but gives strength to them to deal with their issues with the support and love of the person who can see their true vue and heart, one step at a time

  10. Directors cut is purely brainy…each scene represent psychology of fathomless depth…I’m addicted to each and every scene till 8 episodes..each teaches u best lesson to attain equanimity nd understanding other pple..happiness.❤️frm INDIA ..BEST DRAMA SO FAR IN 2020

  11. about the ratings..let us not forget, this drama is being shown concurrently in 3 different platforms, TVN (cable), Netflix, and online streaming.unlike other drama where it is shown in 1 platform at a time.also, admittedly, mental illness is not as popular theme for a romcom which usual koreans are used to, specially for the older age group. However for me, this is Kim SooHyun’s best work to date, next to Moon Embracing Sun. His eyes can convey thousands of emotions and give you a heart attack. His smiles and little head movements makes you wonder, how the heck can he do that? Its like he is putting you under his spell. He can make you smile, laugh, cry, angry and fall in love all in one sitting. Thumbs up to this drama and to the casts and crew. Great job ya’all.

    • I mean, what’s so wrong with mediocre rating, the drama get a favourable review. Trying to make the rating as “good, excellent” when it’s mediocre, not even bad number and also it’s quite trending looks pathetic.
      Why bend reality when it’s not bad?

      It’s underperformed, that’s a fact but it’s not like it’s bad and on the verge of cancellation.

    • Now that you mentioned Moon Embracing the Sun. I don’t even like Saguek much but I’ve probably watch each episode of METS many times. This drama is one of the best classic kdramas in my book.

    • CLOY was shown on three platforms also. So was Hotel Del Luna if I am not mistaken.

      IOTNBO is not the first show to be shown on three platforms.

      • Lol!! Let them live in their delusions..This drama is good but the fangirls need to call a spade a spade..What is wrong in accepting that the drama is underperforming in terms of ratings.. Atleast it is getting lots of praise unlike the dud PPL Monarch..
        They should stop justifying the low ratings..
        This drama is popular amongst 20-30 age group and doesn’t cater to a wide range of audience. Even Seo Yeji’s last venture i.e Lawless Lawyer fared better than this one.

  12. lol some fangirls here are becoming LMH fangirl level in trying to justify the bad ratings. I like KSH, but it’s a fact that the drama is under-performing big time and is very much average for that time slot. Even flop AC did better. But I’m glad KSH is getting all the praises for his acting. He is indeed the actor of his generation with diverse roles and dramas. Kudos to him and all cast and crew.

  13. This has been utterly delightful so far. I care about each of the characters so much. Well written and performed. It is a credit to the actors and director. It’s petty but I keep getting distracted by Moon Young’s fingernails. They look like cheap drugstore ones stuck on. Her costuming is so very feminine and often flowing. She has such a tiny waist. The wardrobe artist are doing a fabulous job.

  14. Probably gonna be one of the most, if not the most underrated drama of 2020. I will not pretend to know how the investors of this drama would look into its rating versus the positive buzz it gets, nor how SK business industry will look into Kim Soo Hyun as a brand after this drama. Since the writer mentioned that going into d second half people are either into it or not, I would rather talk about how the drama got me. Yeah I am one of those who is into it. I started watching as a new KSH fan but ended up continuing to do so because of everything else about it (still including him of course). As much as I like some fans’cute, witty, at times quirky interactions; I just love it when some fans share some of their academic stance, quoting spice of life sometimes even philosophical lines from the different characters of the drama. It definitely is not for all. No matter how good the director is in injecting humour into the drama, the storyline just bites, that at times adding humour just emphasises the reality of its existence. The writer, though tries to be subtle, the story’s message (either intentional or not, based on the writer’s perspective) of every scene,so far; afer all the flashy distraction of awsome CGI, creative stop motion, smooth transitions, even buzzworthy fashion statements; is at times just too poignant. After this, KSH may then decide if what he said before would still be something he wants. Though I got into kdrama for less than a year, I got curious enough about KSH, to come accross his past interview where he said he wants to be known more as Kim Soo Hyun the actor rather than the star. This script, with the director and d entire production, seems to me, would give, not just him, but most of the cast, just that. As the writer of this blog implies, at this time, if your out, then your out; maybe its best to avoid stressing yourself trying to understand others (like myself) who are into it. The same goes for those who are into it, I rather not waste my time and be frustrated convincing others to go on board. Its Okay To Not Be Okay with this drama. As a fan, I just wish it gets the positive review from the people who matters and have a say in this type of industry. I’ve read good reviews from its pilot episode via Forbes and other reliable platforms; hopefully, they continue to have the same view till its finale.

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