TW-stars Go For Glittery or Oddball Looks at the 2020 Taiwan Film Awards

This red carpet for the just held 2020 Taipei Film Awards feels like a wash, I mostly hated the outfits but enjoyed actually seeing some because it’s pretty unexpected. Like, Joanne Tseng‘s lace pantsuit is on par with historical epic fails in every way from cut to fit to sheer fugliness. I don’t know why Ariel Lin decided to come as a modernized version of Elvira or why Lin Chi Ling‘s entire pink sequin dress only looks good from the back. Ivy Chen looks like she has a growth on her chest taking over her entire body and only pulls it off because she’s so petite and has Roy Qiu as arm candy lol. The good news is that things truly are normal in Taiwan as this awards ceremony was not socially distanced like K-ent had to do back in May for the Baeksang awards.


TW-stars Go For Glittery or Oddball Looks at the 2020 Taiwan Film Awards — 6 Comments

  1. i love ariel’s look she’s seriously pulling off the gothish look. it’s a simple dress but it fits her really well she looks like she just walked out of an addams family movie

  2. Dresses definitely look more colorful than the Koreans, but the styles are just weird. Lin Chi Ling will look much better and younger with a mini-dress (ditch the chiffon) because she has long slim legs.

  3. Most of the looks were… interesting. I really liked Janine Chang’s look, though. I don’t normally like those kind of metallic dresses, but she pulls it off with aplomb. I loved her hair and earrings, too.

  4. Except the lace suit all other dresses are okay for me. Ariel Lin doesn’t look good in black, never has, but the cut of the dress is interesting. Imagine it in red with glitter stripes woven in instead dropped on. There can’t never be too much glitter.

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