TW-actor Kai Ko Makes Massive Career Comeback with Fantasy Romance Movie Till We Meet Again Which is the Second Highest Grossing 2021 Domestic Movie in Taiwan After Just 4 Weeks

This year in 2021 is exactly the 10th anniversary of hit Taiwan movie You Are the Apple of My Eye. It rocketed male lead Kai Ko to stardom and he was poised to get big and bigger until his arrest in Beijing for smoking pot at a house party with Jaycee Chan. His career was derailed but he’s been slowly making comebacks in the last few years. But this latest movie confirms that he’s successfully made his comeback, at least in Taiwan, as his romance fantasy movie Till We Meet Again (Moon Matchmaker) which opened on November 24th in just four weeks has become the 2nd highest grossing domestic movie this year after Roy Qiu and Tiffany Ann Hsu‘s mega hit movie Man in Love where they went from reel to real. Who knows, Till We Meet Again may end up surpassing Man in Love in overall box office haul so it’s great that this year has seen the domestic industry produce excellent movies even in the pandemic.

So back to Till We Meet Again, Kai Ko and rising young actress Gingle Wang play dead people who become matchmakers for the Moon God and he endeavors to matchmake for his still alive crush played by Vivian Sung. There is humor, action, fantasy, and lots of bittersweet memories and hope for the future, plus apparently a big dog angle, so I feel like this movie hits all my kinks haha. It’s directed by Giddens Ko from yet another of his novels, much like You Are the Apple of My Eye. And to top it all, at the end there are easter eggs with picture of people who made the movie with their pets and it’s apparently tear inducing. And one of the funniest lines in the drama says that a dead person needs to get twenty beads to reincarnate as a human, so successfully matchmaking earns one bead each time, but with 19 beads you reincarnate into a dog and with 21 beads you reincarnate into a cat. Lolol, all you cat people must relate.

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