C-netizens Can’t Get Enough of the So-called Training Camp Agency for Aspiring Rich Wives With Top Successes Marrying Aaron Kwok and Now Wilber Pan

This the most entertaining C-ent news story of the week, probably of the month for me for how embarrassing it must be for the rich men involved and the ladies unable to deny the exact same pictures. Like, the picture above I’ve now seem three different women in the exact same shot and that poor apple! The whole table is probably plastic food and fruit making this even funnier ahahahah. Anyhoo, this whole mic drop started from one post by uber rich Chinese playboy Wang Shao Cong, who personally partied in the past with these ladies, revealing that both Luna, wife of Wilber Pan, and Moka, wife of Aaron Kwok, were the top lieutenants of a “Amy Jie” (Sister Amy) and clapping at the success of Amy Jie in getting those two married off so well.

Turns out Amy Jie runs an so-called agency called PUA (Pick Up Artists) Training Camp that runs the same four step method for ladies marrying top stars: (1) plastic surgery for the same look that we see so much nowadays all over Instagram, (2) curate an SNS profile that is classy, kind, and a little bit dorky, (3) attend charities and parties with celebs, with agency assistance in responding to texts once the connection is made, and (4) release the information to the media once the couple starts dating. Voila, instant celeb wife. Aarok Kwok’s wife Moka, young than him by like 25 years, was apparently the number 1 success story, though the couple have 2 daughters now and seem happy so I’m thrilled it worked out both ways. Marriage is like any contract, as long as both parties are in agreement we bystanders just need to marvel at how “packaged” it is these days.


C-netizens Can’t Get Enough of the So-called Training Camp Agency for Aspiring Rich Wives With Top Successes Marrying Aaron Kwok and Now Wilber Pan — 28 Comments

  1. Meanwhile a whole genocide is happening in China and women are being forcefully sterilized. But Netizens are are focused on this nonsense

      • Get real about watch? When the government was lying about the coronavirus people spoke out about it and defended the doctor that was the whistleblower.
        I found your whole attitude about this interesting actually the fact that people are being held in detentions, sterilized and being killed. All because of their religion And ethnicity. But it bothers you more than I’m criticizing the netizens for focusing more on gossip.

    • @Lololol Netizens only speak about this kind of stuff because it’s a “light subject” even if it speaks a volume about our society . Women who are ready to do anything to be a trophy wife.When i think that women are still fighting all over the world to have the same rights as men ! No comment . But i’m well aware about what’s going on in China, and it’s only the visible part of the iceberg unfortunately. But in this blog people write about entertainment . Trying to escape during a few minutes the horrendous sight that exists in the world . MAD WORLD ! by Gary Jules. a beautiful song.

    • It is a successful business. Men don’t seem to mind as long as the women are trained well and look pretty. Why change?

  2. If theses rich men are happy with their life ,good for them . Perso, i find it pathetic . All theses girls look the same . Can’t they be different beauties a la Keira Knightley, Eva Green, Sophie Marceau, Gianna Jun , Penelope cruz, Julia Roberts, Park So Dam, Barbie Hsu, Rainie Yang,…

  3. I am seriously entertained. But also can’t tell the difference between these women. I am Chinese and all I see is the same look.

    I need to go google these women now. I couldn’t find the other Instagram star mentioned in the other article. This is too funny.

  4. I got nothing against them, as long as both parties are satisfied. How is this different from matchmaking agencies, and online dating sites anyway, just the scale is at another level!

    • Hey Jeff Bezos ! Wake up guy! You should add this kind of item on Amazon too, and only prime members will be able to get a refund if they are not satisfied with their so called wife !

      • ur sarcasm is lame. His wife was with him when he as nothing. No comparison with these gold diggers

  5. I think there’s nothing really wrong with “upgrading” yourself but I’m just LMAO at how the pictures are like duplicates to the point of what they are wearing! I mean the company or training centre should be a little more creative or is it a package deal? Wahahaha it’s also a little embarrassing for the girls

  6. I guess I knew on a very distant level that services like these existed but to be slapped in the face with something like this is just LOL. The same EXACT poses, backgrounds, and clothes…I just can’t even. Come on. At least be a bit more creative. If I was a client, I would be embarrassed and feel ripped off – even if it did work, I would definitely feel mortified that I was caught. LOL.

  7. Ngl I feel for the woman who have gone through this (and likely a paid fortunes for it, who knows if they are all rich or what they needed to do to get that money) and haven’t had the success that Luna and Moka have. There must be many more and we all know that the men who seek these women won’t be interested once the women reach a certain age so thus they only have a limited time to plan their attack and succeed. It’s kinda sad.

  8. it’s not sad…once they snag the big fish, they will have a great life of no work and luxury. In asia where there are at least a billion women who are competing for the same 100 wealthy men, you just have to do whatever it takes to stand out.

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