K-ent Discusses Last 4 Year Netflix Success Through K-dramas Culminating in 2020 Global Hits Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and Itaewon Class

An article in K-ent is making waves this weekend and just in time for the finale episodes of It’s Okay to Not be Okay. The article (click here) looks into the Netflix investment and expansion into its K-drama offerings starting from 4 years ago, a concerted effort to license dramas to stream and get into the co-production of dramas so it owns the streaming rights as well for perpetuity. That strategy has fully paid off in 2020 with COVID-19 leading to more people watching shows at home and no movies to watch. The big hits in the first half of the year include It’s Okay, Crash Landing on You and Itaewon Class, for example that article said that on Netflix Japan’s ranking as of August 6th, three K-dramas were ranked in the top 5 (Crash in 1st, It’s Okay in 2nd, and Itaewon in 4th). Also this week It’s Okay landed in Netflix worldwide rankings at #6.

The article further discusses how even countries that have issues with South Korean, such as Japan, find viewers saying they have issues with Korea but they are watching the K-dramas. Compared to the episodic style of US shows and even Japanese doramas, viewers like that K-dramas well one continuous story through all episodes. Mainland China has also lifted the restriction it placed 5 years ago, and is allowing airing of South Korean shows starting from varieties and that also helps spread this new generation of Hallyu entertainment. Netflix head of Korean content discussed how they make an effort to product a wide genre and different variety of K-dramas from romance, thriller, slice-of-life, fantasy, to even zombie horror, and is pleased that hit shows are even getting the US adaptation treatment such as Hotel Del Luna.


K-ent Discusses Last 4 Year Netflix Success Through K-dramas Culminating in 2020 Global Hits Crash Landing on You, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, and Itaewon Class — 91 Comments

  1. It’s funny you will rather kill yourself than mentioning king’s success on nrtflic because it is highest ranked top 12 or 10 year end worlwide netflix ranking, and studio dragon shares has risen to highest. But now u all will jump on me.,
    Stay bitter koalas and her minions!

    • Please take a chill pill, jeez. You are totally missing the point of the post because of your apparent obsession with the King drama. Koala simply chose to mention few examples from the article, it’s not like she listed them all and deliberated omitted your beloved drama.

      I have to say I’m really disliking how fans of that King drama is acting online and it’s making me dislike that particular drama even more. If that was your original intention, then you’ve succeeded.

      • @vise u can dislike anything u want bit king is highest rated kdrama and most watched this year . It was like top 12 overall worldwide year end ranking last month and was on way to top 10. So pointing out op’s well intentioned bitterness
        So dont lecture me here.

      • Are you drunk? TKEM the most successful k-drama on Netflix????
        Nobody even talk about the drama after it ended. People probably talked most about it during its airing just to discuss how bad it was.
        Get over your obsession. It was CLOY that is dominating and the front runner of all k-dramas on netflix.

      • Studio Dragon released a report 2 days ago saying The King Eternal Monarch was it’s biggest earner of the year since 2018 and have earned alot and something to note both It’s Okay and Cloy are also with Studio Dragon. Coming from the horses own mouth which means what we all know already

      • @Evenical you mean the report that only goes up to June? You do know that IOTNBO only started airing in late June, right? Of course you’re not going to mention that fact, since it wouldn’t fit your narrative. Don’t be so dishonest. It only shows your desperation.

      • @bubbles

        Dragon studio actully said they recieved the highest sales ever for TKEM. It means technically it was its highest sales ever profit wise this pretty much ends this convo as far as I am concerned

      • I will leave the source in case you ask for it.

        And all this was kind expected based on it’s performance and we didn’t even need to see this report everybody knew about it’s monsterously performance especially it’s okay fans knew this as they were tracking their own drama.

        But it’s okay also did perform significiantly great and overachieved by it’s own rights and couldnt be more happy for It’s okay cast and production team also.

        TKEM and OKay fans shouldn’t argue over this at the end of the day as they both overacieved here and look forward to their next projects while hoping more success to both of them and let this act as the final conclusion to this

      • @evenical and do you have any sources for that? After a quick Google search, the only place I can find that kinda supports your claims is… A lmh Facebook fan page lol (and even they don’t go as far as to call it studio dragon’s most profitable drama ever)

        Every other news source attributes the studio’s recent success to the re-opening of the Chinese Market as well as the investment in many successful dramas (tkem, cloy and begin again, among them). But do go on. Keep on lying. Everyone can see your desperate attempt for what it truly is…

      • Bruh what is going on I left the link for you in the above comment because I knew you would ask for it. It’s in original korean link. Don’t watch kdramas that much by the way and I am an avid viewer.

      • @Evenical “bruh” if you looked at the time stamp, you would notice that I posted my reply 2 minutes after you posted the link, so I was obviously already typing said reply when you posted again. I don’t expect logical thinking from lmh stans tho, so it’s okay.

        Once again, even in that link it doesn’t say that tkem had the “highest sales ever” only that it was one of the contributing factors for their record profit. Please stop already. I’m sure you can go to many fan forums all over the internet where you can all worship lmh all you want without the need to go to any rando blog out there and start stupid debates just because other people don’t feel the same way you do. You don’t need other people’s approval to like whoever or whatever you like. Just don’t make up constant lies to make it seem like something/someone is more successful than they actually are. Especially when there’s proof otherwise.

        Now shoo. I already filled my quota of rabid fangirls delusions of grandeur for the day.

      • Seems like they have really gotten to you this so-called stans hahaha this is hilarious. I am not even a fan to be honest or one of them. I am neutral in all of this and I am pretty sure it says largest global sales ever but aside from this it seems you are gotten to koala. peace

      • Alexa u r drunk here? so now u gonna give it success to people wanna see how bad it is? it is ranked higher than cloy on year end ranking netflix. g n do ur research dumbhead

    • What’s nrtflic? Is that a new streaming service no one’s ever heard of? And do you have any sources for that garbage you’re vomiting? You know, besides your delusions. Let me guess, oppar came to you in a dream and told you that his drama is the bestest and most successful drama to have ever existed in the history of kdramas? lol Gotta love good old delulu fangirls. Don’t be so bitter because oppar still hasn’t noticed your pathetic existence…

      • u slayed noone here? do ur research dumbass
        And now i dont need him to know me but u r so idiotic dying for my attention that u have toi change ur username marie

    • Chill. The article in Hankyung (The Korea Economic Daily) that Koala is talking about doesn’t mention The King: Eternal Monarch drama AT ALL. Read the article yourself. Even Netizenbuzz posted something about the article.

      • With all the arguments here, it does matter that the King is a very bad drama. Regardless of the traffic it got or it didn’t get. It wasn’t even boring or mediocre, it was simply a bad drama.

    • Hello! I do think that koala didn’t deliberately omit the king’s name because the original article didn’t even mention the drama. And have a nice day 🙂

    • you know I actually noticed that too. I know for a fact that the king was successful in Netflix trending #1 when it was airing. I was waiting for it to be mentioned as to give contrast that it didn’t do well in SK but it did well in other parts of the world. Like to just give credit when it’s due. I’m not hating or a blind follower too. I just thought it should be fair acknowledge even those dramas she didn’t like. I thought Cloy was mediocre but I understand why it had such a great success, like that for example.

      • she once mentioned in kings article3 netflix dont matter. Now same netfix matters for her faves dramas. such a biased writer. Accept u hate lmh n moveon aunty

    • Lol, why are you SO damn desperate for Koala’s approval?! I find that more hilarious and telling than anything. You hate her opinion, yet you keep coming here. You dislike how she feels and yet you beg and plead for her to acknowledge King. That’s funny lmao.

      Anyway, it was an article so makes sense why she didn’t mention King. Why? Because the K-media didn’t lol. You can shout at the top of your lungs (you already are) but go you’re barking up the wrong tree ?

      • i just pointed our her hypocrisy. i will come here if i wish to. minion of koalas

      • When stupidity rules ady’s head again. Koala obviously take the article from a newspaper, since she started eith “An article from ke-ent”. WTH.

      • teri maa ki fuddi. abuse me in local language. now take this. apni maa chudao tum sab!

    • Yes tkem did well during their airtime but its now forgotten.. its nt even on the top 10 now. If u wanna talk about success is CLOY , its stil on top 10 in some countries even though its been 6 mths.. everybody have preference..

      • king is among top 10 worlddwide year end ranking not cloy. so who d hell r u to tell me that it is forgotten?

      • @ady.. don’t gloat over Flixpatrol data..
        CLOY definitely ranks high in Netflix most watched list.
        Just give me the top 10 trends on the months of January, February and March..You won’t be finding any on Flixpatrol.. that’s why CLOY got lower points.
        We will wait for official Netflix data towards the end dear.

      • @hhh i will go with such official numbers than ur personal opinion and where did i say cloy is not massive? Dont put ur words in my mouth. Even if cloy is bigger, king is massive blockbuster on netflic as well.
        Dont cry if king make top 10 worldwide year end Ranking. Not just korean

    • This article is from knetz blog why are you blaming someone else for it? They made this list and the news agencies picked up on it. Don’t overreact.

    • Lol, that’s what I said too. The more accurate information is “Crash Landing on You”, “The King:Eternal Monarch” and “Its Okay Not to be Okay” ? But this writer or blogger has something against TKEM, and I’ve seen it since before, during and even after TKEM. This is just so funny to me ???

    • “Rather kill yourself” … what a mean statement. And @day as usual gets to say this. The King no matter what netflix rating/view it got was a very very bad drama. Bad, you get it. It’s not even mediocre, it’s bad.

      • yup she hates lmh and only post negative articles. she was the same persob who said netflix doesnt matter in one article

  2. Regarding the article itself, it’s good to hear that it’s paid off for Netflix to invest in Kdramas and hopefully this trend will continue 🙂 Also most have been good choices except for some exceptionally bad ones like Abyss, but one always have to make mistakes in order to improve!

  3. Personally, I like more feel good rom-coms to be produced but Netflix sadly isn’t heading into that direction. I miss the certain innocent charm and good old values/virtues dramas like Secret Garden, Full House, Weightlifting Kim Bok Joo, Shopping King Louis, Because This Is My First Life, Oh My Venus, etc. I even enjoyed the darker themed dramas before Netflix like Hello Monster (nature vs nurture psychopath) and My Shy Boss (suicide). Time to say goodbye to two decades of K-drama golden years and hello to Netflix’s darker themes which still entertain a different crowd and uplifted them in different ways. Anyhow this is just my personal thoughts, different strokes for different folks.

    • Yes I missed the good old days when the story was the focus. Queen Seo seok, Jumong, dae jang Geum to name a few. Nowadays is all about webtoons and weak plot. In comparison, HK drama prime days are gone, is hard to compete with Korean drama.

      And with so many good looking boys in the industry, I guess K drama can still survive overseas for a long long time.

  4. I know, some people will feel bitter with TKoM didnt get mentioned. But im seriously asking why? I thought it was a big hit on Netflix back then. The same with Hospital Playlist, no?

    Im glad It’s okay doing well. When KSH came back from military, he had 3M followers on IG, now he gets twice. Yay.

  5. IOTNBO deserves it all! Funny how the article didn’t mention that flop eternal chaebol drama.. they’re absolutely right not to! IOTNBO, CLOY, and IC all had great acting to back up the popularity overseas unlike the other which is embarrassing and mediocre at best.

  6. @ady

    Learn to accept that no Korean article will positively talk about TKEM because the hard truth is, it is a BIG FLOP.

    Even BSR, which got negative backslash in the beginning, have higher finale ratings than your TKEM. So, girl, if ockoala does not approve your sentiments, you are free to go this site.

    • haha. BSR was a tiny drama that flopped inside Korea btw it hit only 10 once? While TKEM hit it 4+ times. It has higher average rating also but the thing is BSR is tiny drama that flopped inside SK and died there period. Where as TKEM went on to become a Money Heist type of hit Internationally. It’s like comparing an old toyota corolla low on fuel with tuned up 2020 Ferrari. Apples and oranges

    • Should say the comment section really gets intresting once the king fans come here for approval…..even though they keep saying they hate koala
      You know there are many dramas that some personally like and was never anybody else’s favorite…why can’t we all just live with it?

    • myra studio dragon earned its biggest profit and king is number one k drama on netflix. which u boast abput when ur fave drama love alarm barely made top 10 korea whereas king is top 10 worldwide. then ur fave is megaflop. stay in ur lane. ur fave is d lister

    • u dont order me around Studio dragon earnbed biggest profir from king and it is among year end to 10 worldwide. Whereas same netflix u sohyun fans boast about, ur girl drama barey made top 10 of korean netflix lmai. KIng is bigger than anything ur D lister has done so far in ur career. stay in ur lane

  7. TKEM is top 10 most watched drama this year. A massive hit on all metrics.

    Tho It’s not important whether this article mentions it or not because it could be another pointless article or mediaplay because we already know everything but what is concerning is the length and biasness and toxic environment kdrama reporting is hitting towards that part is truly sad and unfortunate negativity. We are clearly moving away from ”ART” and acting is not anymore viewed as an art but rather I see alot of Kpop mentality into this where some people are being competitive even in a lost cause and trying to jump over dramas when everything is said and done and we already know the end and their respective rankings.

    There has been alot of other articles highlighting TKEM but the reason Koala and Netizensbuzz picked this specific one up is because they are part of the ”Kpop” Mentality of competitivness but they forget this is the acting community. All of this competitiveness is unnecessary and pretty much unwarranted. I see it sort of taboo

    • Lol Of course. Everyone and their mom is on a crusade against oppar and his failed drama. Only his rabid fangirls know and speak the truth! Everyone else is just jealous! Mediaplay! They all do mediaplay, except oppar, Oppar doesn’t need it!

      Now take a moment from your outrage against the world and ready what you wrote carefully. Whose fandom is constantly going into a random blog on the internet and start ridiculous fanwars in every post that doesn’t even mention oppa’s name? Whose fans are constantly looking for approval from people who clearly don’t care and getting angry when they don’t get said approval? That said, whose fans have that “kpop mentality of competitiveness” you mentioned? If your reply is anything other that tkem/lmh, then you better seek some treatment because your delusions might be starting to affect your real life.

      And you wanna talk about acting? Every drama mentioned in this article has been praised for the acting. You have top performances from every single lead actor/actress and supporting actor/actress in these dramas. The same cannot be said for tkem. Get over yourself.

      • Don’t try to spin this you are seeking attention nobody is seeking approval from you koala you constantly writting about things you don’t and seeking attention from irrelevant fans. Stop this mentality it’s not good for you and the competitiveness it’s not good for the acting community. focus on things on things you like and I mean as in general what you write about

      • Avoid the negativity and write about things you like and your passion don’t write about constantly what you don’t like seeking constant attention. spread positivity. Focus on that you likw but don’t waste time on irrelevant fans they are nobodies. This type of competitive mentality you are showcase is unwanted in the acting circle it’s just taboo and don’t waste your precious time

    • We know in the number of countries they have ranked and for how long they have ranked in these countries netflix provides official ranking for each country as official. We get a good picture of a dramas reach of audience and for how long it has ranked in these territories. Go to flixportal it collects the data but don’t look at the point system they use that part is unofficial even tho it gives you a good indiction. Example TKEM was a hit in about 50 countries in a long period of time ranked in top 10 in these territories and It’s okay around 30 countries while for the others less territories. The King and It’s Okay are the two biggest and not that it’s important in this aspect but the social media traffic also points to that (As just an extra metric on top of the territory rankings and the duration)

      • Thankss..So i went to Flixpatrol ..but they don’t have the trending data for the months of January, February and March??..Thus it baffled me that how come they decide this year’s ranking even if they don’t have the data for the first quarter of 2020..
        Ahhh…It makes sense..if you omit the first three months .. that’s why Mystic Pop Up Bar ranks above IC and CLOY..
        Sorry but I won’t take this site as a credible source…
        I loved Mystic Pop-Up Bar but it s ranking is beyond my understanding..
        I will wait for Netflix Official data then..
        I tried searching up any articles regarding Netflix most watched series for 2020 but only got the previous year data.

      • However I agree that Its Okay and TKEM are huge international hits but i don’t believe in Flixpatrol ranking system which says these two are in top 10 or whatever worldwide cause as I said Flixpatrol DO NOT have the data for the first THREE months of 2020.
        I mean there were so many hit Western series in Netflix which were shown to rank below these in Flixpatrol..so I don’t trust the RANKING given by that site.. Nonetheless PBIO and TKEM were popular and really big hits internationally in kdrama category .

  8. It’s like leaving Avengers Endgame out of the top 10 highest grossing movies. Which is mostly ludicrous and invalid as it gets not even TKEM fan but this is invalid as clear as the day light is

      • How come it seems like you are the one who sounds desperate here. While clearly being the one hoping for a miracle here. All series have concluded and naver released bunch of articles on this matter and addressed it properly. This is classic mediaplay nothing to see here

      • @Jonas – aweeee, there there. It’s okay. Don’t burst a vein now! Believe what makes you sleep better at night 😀

      • @Jonas – did you think I was hiding the fact that you’re being trolled? Aweee, your bad LOL

  9. I genuinely enjoyed CLOY, IC, and IOTNBO and think they deserve all the hype they received. The actors were all great and it’s nice to see them receive some recognition in other countries.

    • Lol I agree that fanwars in this site is ridic but so is your comment? LOL not sure if you’re trying to be smart with that comment but I don’t think it makes sense.

      Doesn’t matter how much any of us made… this isn’t about us.

      • Exactly and your comment is more nonsensical ad contradicting. While you agree is not about you but you reacted as if it’s about you.

      • Errr how lmfao. English must be your second language. If so, it’s okay. You’re excused; adios!

      • You don’t sound like English is your first language either.

        Besides, whether English is my first spoken language or not is none of your business and it’s irrelevant to the topic.

        If you don’t have anything sensible to say, why waste your time and aggressively trolling someone.

  10. Thanks for mentioning BSR. I didn’t know it already ended because IONTBO completely overshadowed it. Anyways, it is slap to KYJ and JCW fans because it did not touch “nationwide” double digit ratings and its a BIG karma for them.

    And eventhough it touched double digits, it’s average is only 6.3%. Ewww. That is so low for the so-called hallyu stars JCW and KYJ. Hahaha.

    They are delusional at the very beginning for thinking that it will be the biggest Kdrama of 2020 and will hit 20% ratings. Hahaha.


  11. Am I the only one who watched all of the TKEM, even though it turned out to be hot garbage? Sure, I watched it, since the writer had such a good track record, but doesn’t mean I liked it nor was it ever a critical success.

  12. It’s funny but none of these shows are my favourite : CLOY, IC, The King or It’s Okay. They’re not bad, I liked them but they all started great and ended up being kinda disapointing.

  13. To adyjunslayer (This is a reply to your reply)

    I know the truth did hurt you Koala but you tried to spin everything I said. Nobody is sitting attacking you personally or cares about your approval or in that matter you but it’s the other way around you seek the attention of this so-called fandom and obsessed with them. Why even write about that celeb constantly like you always do? For how long have you been on his coattail 10yrs+ do you really think that is healthy for a grown person to be this obsessed with an unknown celebrity. You only look at something irrelevant such as fans yada yada. These fans are nobody but you have to first and foremost look at the human beings that you are constantly at their throats for no obvious reasons while for you it may be just a game or time passing but not the celebs you are writting about. I am pretty sure the celebs have done you no wrong in any shape of way to aquire this personal and hostility that has last for decades. I find it to be bizarre and honestly You seek attention and you provocative some irrelevant fandoms and individuals who just seem to be passing thru time at this moment and there is no guaraantee tomorrow they will be around. As for the article as whole it doesn’t mean anything to me but I was addressing the actions behind the action which is making acting into a toxic environment where art has becoming the biggest casuality and like Kpop groups who are at each others throats which is entirely incorrect concept for the acting community so take easy.

    You are very competitive with them and I have seen you breed grounds for toxic environment and competitively motivated which is kinda strange but all in all. Write about things you like and stop seeking attention and the provocations. Take peace in your life and write about something you like and in return stop effecting others with your negatively who wants no part of it and everybody knows about your 10-yrs campaign it’s not a secret which is shameful because it’s public knowledge. Alot of newbies would think this is something new or reoccuring but we have known each other for a very long time past a decade. This conversations have also come circles. Take peace in yourself and move on with your life to something you actully care about and passionate about. Don’t waste your valuable time on this

    • Did the voices in your head tell you that I’m Koala? Hilarious! And 3 replies and a long essay (I didn’t bother reading past the first sentence btw), to let everyone know how much of a deranged nutcase you are! Sweety, don’t do drugs. They mess up with your brain and will make you believe that there’s only one person in the world who will ever dare to *le gasp* criticize oppa and his psycho fangirls!

      P.S. If the voices ever tell you to start shooting every infidel who doesn’t like oppa dearest, please ignore them. It might get you in trouble in the real world. May you find some support to help you deal with that mental disease of yours. Truly.

    • I’ve just realised many psychos running around in koalaplayground? ??. agreed with @adyjuslayer, this one mental is another level.lol

  14. Among the dramas recognized in the article, IOTNBO is still ongoing (finale airs tonight ICYMI) and is yet to be released in other NF region. I trust that IOTNBO will receive further recognition and continue to soar higher in global rank.

  15. Its CLOY? overAll. One of the nicest & eyeComfort drama that struck the heart & soul of viewers worlwide. Some wud even dare to break the BinJin wave pathetically lyk a stupid thief in the night spewing black smokes to make a spell. But halyu fans are always there to break & block these envious souls ?

  16. I saw all of those Dramas. I have watched a lot of kdramas. CLOY was my favorite but I just finished Its Ok not to be Ok and I liked it and could follow the unique story line. I watched lee Min Ho for the first time and liked him but overall did not like the drama. South Korea is blessed with some wonderful actors but CLOY touched a cord all over the world for a lot of reasons.

  17. Hi I am not here to knock any kdrama cause they each have their own fans who love their favourite series. I am here to say that this year that the most successful kdrama is TKEM money wise and ratings wise. Statistics don’t lie it will finish the year as the only kdrama on Netflix in the top 10 dramas the rest of the series in the top 10 will be American produced. So no other Kdrama will crack the top 10. Now of all the kdramas produce by studio Dragon TKEM was the most successful in making the studio money it made the most money for them. I am not here to knock the other dramas but facts speak for themselves The King eternal monarch when all is said is done will end up number 1 kdrama this year. Now to the writer of this article a bit of advice when you write an article about something make sure you follow facts for your article cause no one will take your article serious. I don’t know you personally but it’s safe to say you have a hate on for TKEM cause not to mention them in this article is either hater for TKEM or you are a lazy writer who doesn’t due their research when writing an article either way it’s no good on your part. I will leave you with this thought of of those people on this site or any other social media site who hate this series most likely there will be a second season of this series either next year or 2022.

  18. I think you forgot to put in this article what is the most successful of them all. For the information of someone who published it (maybe you forgot how to do a proper research). The King: Eternal Monarch is the most successful drama in Netflx. It even reached top 8 in most watched series in Netflix 2020. It is a global hit period and maybe to all those people who don’t like the drama are just too shallow minded and cannot comprehend the story.

    To the one who publish it, are you just insecure of TKEM’s success so you are neglecting its power or just sabotaging TKEM to praise your favorite drama.

    I hope most of the time ppl will use their brains.

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