Song Hye Kyo Glows in New Jewelry Pictorial and Shares Her Emotional Trust in Family and Close Friends

K-actress Song Hye Kyo has had a quiet 2020 so far, good for her as her 2019 was tumultuous in personal life as 2020 akin to what it has been for the world this year. She’s long since grown out her very short bob from filming 2019 drama Boyfriend (Encounter) and traded the stodgy straight laced outfits of her character for a return to a trendy and ladylike look. Her latest pictorial is modeling delicate jewelry and she also gave an interview where she opened about a little about her personal life, mainly sharing that as she’s aged and experienced life she truly leans on family and close friends she had through thick and thin as her rocks. Don’t we all, but of course I like to believe she’s still a long ways away from calling it a day in terms of making another long term romantic connection.


Song Hye Kyo Glows in New Jewelry Pictorial and Shares Her Emotional Trust in Family and Close Friends — 29 Comments

  1. I’m glad to know that she has a good support system to help her get through those difficult times and it’s also nice to see her looking so much happier lately. Hopefully this is a sign that she’s ready to make a comeback.

  2. She’s so beautiful and is forever classy. Her grace and strength as a woman who face all kind of bullshit were well inspired. So happy to see her glowing and happy lately. Waiting for her drama comeback.

  3. I think she is in her way to recovery. Gone are the melancholy eyes we saw last year. I’m glad she has the support of family and friends who were with her through her most difficult times. I hope she finds a second chance at happiness and genuine love.

    She is very beautiful and elegant in the new ad. After what she’s been through and the way she handled it, SHK does embody the jewelry’s line- grace and character indeed. Cant wait to see her in a project soon.

    Actually, i want to see her in a project with Won Bin to celebrate 20years of autumn in my heart, the first hallyu stars. Ha! 🙂

      • Ilove SongHyekyo she’s so beautiful inside and out. I wish she make drama or movies with Hyun Bin or with Lee Dong Wook Kim Rae Won Jo Ji Sub Lee Joon Gi and Goo Yoo. Looking forward to happen. Iam a forever fan of Her. God bless.

    • She is very popular but honestly, she is a mediocre actress. She is not Won Bin’s level, that is why she isn’t in Chungmuro. Won Bin has not acted a long time. So if he is really to make a comeback, the project must be top notch all round including his co-stars.

      • She doesnt need chungmoro or whayever when she makes morr money than any movie actress expect jjh. And have most expensive cfs, real estate.kdrama r bigger than movies by the way.

      • Won Bin is not at her level. He doesn’t even have the balls to do any acting for over a decade, whereas SHK has consistently been working on great projects despite all the bullshit and hate she’s had to deal with.

    • Lol delusional and dumb shippers. Because of people like this, she always get dragged into baseless rumors. Stop linking her with him. Just leave the woman alone. You can go ship him with whomever you daydream about.

      • This fake ady is not a shipper but is sl*t shaming her indirectly. Bitter ex’s fan most probably

    • Get out of the queens’s article, crazy shipper. She’s not dating your Hyun Bin oppa, so you can continue being delusional over BinJin.

      • SHK is miles above SYJ. Besides, the rumors with Yuri of SNSD are more credible than BinJin.

    • This kind of rubbish and irresponsible comment (linking SHK with HB) reflects on the immorality of the individual. Stop adding to the plague of the current time i.e. fake news. Such a shameful comment taints the reputation of both SHK and Hyun Bin. Learn to exercise self control over one’s desire and tongue. The tongue can be used for either evil or good so choose that which is good, true and noble.

      • Jeez, can’t you take a joke? Even if they are not dating right now, they have dated in the past… So… Is it rubbish? – Not necessarily…

    • Totally unnecessary! SHK’s already dismissed the rumors so you might wanna stop implying that there’s something going on between her and HB.

  4. She is queen. She is on such level that she can chose to comeback whenever she wishes to.. I hope she is happy in personal life.

  5. Stunning. The most ethereal Korean actress. Kyonatics will wait for her comeback no matter how long it takes, but for now, hope she is resting well. Wish her all the best.

  6. Will patiently wait for your next project. Long time SHK fans got used to the waiting game:) For now, rest if u must unni and come back with another awesome series or movie…

    Been wishing for a project w/ Won Bin since Autumn tale but looks like its too impossible…Gong Yoo would be perfect too…Pleaseeee drama gods!!make it happen..

  7. I love you forever. You are so beautiful and intelligent. You are the real jewel and diamond. Your eyes sparkle and face glows more beautiful than real diamond!

  8. Song Hye Kyo is very blooming nowadays. Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin are really dating if you compare the denial they have on the rumors its quite weak. Mark my words. It has become an open secret now in Korea.

    • Actually no.. nobody in korea even heard of the news when the crazy chinese delusional shippers made the rumours few mths ago.. until the media stir it up n made it big..

      I dun even think the agencies need to deny bcs the rumour was absurd n irrelevant. I think u guys shud stop w this binkyo shipping as they mentioned the rumour is hurting n affecting the family members

      Pls stop tarnishing and damaging hb n shk’s reputation and image.

  9. The photos said theyre protected! Cant get a good visual of those jewelries! If shes modelling them, its a failure! Annoying itsy bitsy promo!

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