It’s Okay to Not be Okay Hits Ratings Highs of 5.567% and 6.492% in Penultimate Episode 15 as the Big Bad is Vanquished and The Road to the Healing Begins

I think it’s natural viewers are confused and it’s a bit polarizing in It’s Okay to Not be Okay that female lead Moon Young’s psychotic and sociopathic mom is back, but the writer paved the way from the very beginning so it’s not one of those last minute scares. Moon Young is so messed up she didn’t just grow up in a ordinary abuse level of family abuse, and the Moon brothers running away constantly from their mom’s murderer is a key component in how they grew up. Neither can truly heal unless those two issues are resolved and it’s both tied with Moon Young’s mom. So the healing we’ve watched up until now is the two leads trying hard to find happiness, but the drama is finally giving them the catharsis and freedom to do so now with full knowledge and truth between them. I love that. Moon Young grows empathy, putting Kang Tae first, and Kang Tae learns to take what he wants and the happiness before him inside of restraining himself. The two have changed positions and this whole episode was like replaying the early scenes of the drama with the roles reversed. But for Sang Tae oppa his growth has been one way only, the way of maturing and being the catalyst for all that is good that happened to Moon Young and Kang Tae. No wonder Dr. Oh said that Sang Tae could one day save Kang Tae. He has certainly saved them all.


It’s Okay to Not be Okay Hits Ratings Highs of 5.567% and 6.492% in Penultimate Episode 15 as the Big Bad is Vanquished and The Road to the Healing Begins — 17 Comments

  1. I love and enjoyed this episode. I cried almost all throughout. This drama is definitely on the top of my K-drama re-watch list. The growth of the characters truly manifested in this episode.

  2. KP, are you not going to talk about BSR’s finale? It received good reception in its final episode with 9.5% nationwide ratings and no. 1 ranking in iQiYi.

  3. why do people always demanding KP to post about BR that she clearly doesn’t
    have interest with it? this is her she posts according to her preferences!

    anyways, looking forward for IOTNBO’s finale tonight!

  4. Personally, I don’t feel Head Nurse was convincing enough in her role as big bad mom and I wish they had chosen another actress for the role. She did a creditable job, but my brain always associated her in roles where she’s a good person, and it simply doesn’t accept her as Ms. Big Bad – her theatrical, over the top performance went over my head. I’d have preferred psycho patient in that role. I always thought that there was a very simple reason why MY’s mom killed KT’s mom and my suspicions were proven right. So I feel bad for the conspiracy theorists and their complicated ideas. Both MY and KT need serious therapy sessions before they can be a couple so I hope the writer doesn’t sweep this under the rug with a ‘Love conquers all’ theory. Might be a good idea to separate for a while before becoming a couple again – because the truth was traumatic for both of them and they need time to truly heal.

    • Right? The maniacal laugh, twitching eyebrows, losing her cool…she looked more like a bad copycat emulating the original. Even Ok-ran was a bit more convincing.

      I saw some theorists on Reddit speculating that the hospital director was gonna run a DNA test on the blood from Head Nurse to prove she’s not really DHJ. They still don’t buy she’s the mum and I don’t blame them. I still have a hard time believing it myself despite everything.

      About the therapy, I think KT began with his session in the episode.

      But why isn’t anyone talking about that illegal cliffhanger ending? ?

      • I know right? The chemistry was sizzling. But they should have completed the kiss, right??

  5. Truly, I love this drama but personally the climax fell short of being more twisted/exciting then I had hoped for…it’s like when the tornado was suppose to come, but only a light Rain shower came instead. At the end, it’s understandable why they made the appearance of MY’s mom so short, this is about MY and the Moon brothers from the beginning.

    • Yeah, I get what you mean. It felt anticlimactic and it didn’t help that the nurse’s acting felt forced, like she’s trying so hard to be this scary psycho. The original DHJ seemed scarier.

      But thinking about it, I realized it’s symbolic of how we feel so much fear for the impending arrival of the monster but when they finally come, we see they’re not really as terrifying as we thought and it was our fear that made the monster seem powerful.


  6. Kim Soo Hyun, you did great in choosing this as your comeback drama.
    It’ll be hard to let go of this drama, with its approach to increase awareness and understanding of mental health concerns through the journey of of the main leads, support and patients.
    KSH, SYJ and OJS are just brilliant in portraying their respective roles allowing viewers to feel emotionally invested in their characters. Pdnim and writernim so far have exceeded expectations, and I trust that they will be able to tie up the loose ends in the finale.
    The cast and crew deserve every recognition for their great work in this drama, including wider, global success.

  7. WOW,WOW, is all I can say. The heck with the ending, the Beginning, Oh my God, that kissing scene was it for me,& bed scene. Thank You KSH & SYJ you too are a match made in heaven,Thank You Writers & Directors for the almost x-rated kissing scene, you don’t see too much of that on K- drama. For me this the Best Drama so far.^.^

  8. Best among the best. Kim Soohyun you made it again and proved that you’re a multi awarded actor for nothing. You always nailed it. That’s why you are called a phenomenal actor. No matter what others may say, you are gifted with a natural talent and give justice to whatever role you’re in. You can play any role and give life to it. Seo Yeji and Oh Jung Se were also very good. The trio has the best chemistry I have ever seen so far. Their acting were undeniably super duper good. How I wish they will be given another project be it drama or movie! I love the drama and it has inspired me especially when dealing the tough times. It has so many powerful lines that you realized that IT’S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY!

  9. It was overall a good watch for me but I could have done without the makjang mom back from the dead storyline. I also thought the overlong episodes hindered the pacing after the halfway point. But everything involving the three leads worked. The drama was at its best when it focused on them.

  10. I’m experiencing withdrawal symptoms. What to do now with my weekends??? Fortunately, Stranger premiers next week on Netflix.

    • I certainly went through same with The king…. and promised myself that i wasnt gonna let myself go again for a show. It was bad for me to the point that i couldnt eat. So i understand where you are coming from. Cheer up, you will be fine
      Now back to its okay not to be okay..
      Wow what a master piece,i honestly enjoyed every episode of this drama, i laughed, cried, got fustrated, angry and felt all the emotions with the trio. The drama so far is the best among the best of dramas this year and deserves to win all the big awards.
      I really hope to see thpe main character’s future projects. They were fantastic allthrough.

  11. I really love this, all casts complimented for the success..congrats to the writer but Oh Jung Se’s acting is a winner ..looking forward for his best actor award.God bless and can’t wait for season 2

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