Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop Confirmed for K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon True Beauty

If there was a pitch perfect casting of manga/manhwa/webtoon character to real live actor/actress then True Beauty (Goddess as Descended) wins the prize off the bat. The drama adaptation of the same name webtoon is heading into production and the leads are confirmed as Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and rising newcomer Hwang In Yeob. To say each looks like their drawn counterpart is an understatement lol, but then acting requires more than looking like a character and I hope to see great chemistry between the leads. The plot seems wafer thin, an ordinary girl learns expert level makeup skills to render herself a “goddess” to the public and while the premise seems problematic that’s a landmine in K-drama concept land anyways. What’s promising is the PD just did Extraordinary You last year so has a great sense of webtoon adaptations, not to mention his other well directed dramas include Mama, Dong Yi, and Cinderella Man. True Beauty airs on tvN towards the end of 2020.


Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young, and Hwang In Yeop Confirmed for K-drama Adaptation of Webtoon True Beauty — 19 Comments

  1. Ugh the casting for the female lead. I mean she is meant to be pretty without makeup, just lacking confidence since she has troubled skin and does not meet typical beauty standards. They should have at least cast an actress with monolids though. That’s kinda basic. The actress matches the after, so how are they gonna make the before? Oh right, unflattering clothes, messy hair and glasses. ??

  2. I hope they won’t ruin the drama by going out of their way to uglify the female lead. I agree with the comment above that she is still pretty without make up and only has acne problems. I wonder if the WEBTOON has been completed in Korea. Anyway I’m curious who will play Selly.

    Hope it’s a fun drama as it is a webtoon

  3. Cha Eun Woo is seriously just too pretty, I kinda feel he needs a scar or a wrinkle to add character to his beautiful face in order to be considered a serious actor lol.

  4. I don’t think it’s a good idea that CEW said yes. The story is very similar to My ID Is Gangnam Beauty and his role too. It’s like he did twice the same role. I didn’t really like in Rookie Historian but at least it was different role.

    I like MGY she was great in her last drama.

  5. i used to like the webtoon.. but not anymore. i felt uncomfortable reading it, after knowing that the female lead just look like the author. to be honest, i felt gross with it. and another reason, i felt grossed that when the jugyeong and suho already confessed that they like each other before suho went to oversea, but then suddenly she hooked up with seojun. it’s a betrayal on the suho side, even they didn’t declare anything. i felt grossed and cheated. now i don’t want to know anything about this webtoon.

    • Ive dropped the webtoon for a different reason.
      Its actually understandable for the FL to move on once the ML just lost touch with her voluntarily. Its not even the part where he moved to a different country, its the pary when ML just cut off all contact.
      She waited for about a year. She lovws him, she missed him, she longes for him, she felt pain, she went through sp much for him and then she move on. There was really no signs of him coming back. Plus he also tried to move on and date someone else but sadly for him, he was not as fortunate as her to close the book on her cause he has many regrets.

      its selfish to ask for someone to endlessly wait for someone who clearly didnt even give a proper explanation of just cutting her off. She is at the prime of her life, their were no promises made or commitment done. So why not move on.

      The thing i hated with the webtoon is that now that she is with SJ. She turned into a weird FL i cant seem to root for. The romance with SJ actually made sense when they started, but now that SH is back, the webtoon artist made her so irritating and is making SJ a jerk to make SH the ultimate ML material. That is sad, cause SJ was quite a good character..
      Also with the webtoon now yet done, there is a possibility this will be like cheese in a trap 2. With a very weird hanging ending for a drama.

  6. I like gayoung since tempted and enjoyed her chemistry with everyone she’s paired so far. I hope this one will have the same chemistry levels!

  7. Cha Eun-Woo is great Actor.The production of this drama is amazing as they potray Extraordinary You so well. This drama gonna be well. The character Lee Suho is different from Do Kyung Seok, I think no body can play these kind of Characters except CEW. He potray Yi rim as well as MJ in Best hit. He potrayed Do Kyung so well in MIIGB.His acting skills is soo good as a young actor. Moon Ga Young is also a good young actress. Figers cross!! Think Positive,everything gonna happen for good. ?

  8. Cha Eun Woo Cant Act. He is just a pretty face with no acting talent. Im not a fan of Moon Ga Young acting, Bland actress. and she looks way older than Che eun woo is this a noona romance?

    • It’s funny how a lot of people give him a pass for his bad acting skills because OPPA IS HOT, but then bash female idols like Suzy who are also known for their visual. He’s actually one of the worst idol actors.

    • Whaaaat I cant speak for him because i havent seen him act in many dramas (that’s why I’m gonna watch ID Ga. Hehe) but Moon Ga Young would be perfect as the main female lead! The webtoons reminds me of EXO Next Door and she was great at playing that role! I’m really surprised that you arent a fan :O but to each their own, I respect it

  9. Chaeunwoo is a good actor i like his acting especially from my id is gangnam beauty and as for moon ga young shes a great actress i love her acting hwang in yeop also is a good actor but not that good but it is true moon ga young is older than chaeunwoo but i dont see thats a problem also i agree that jugyeong has kind of cheated on suho after he went overseas but its okay because she was tired of waiting i guess and she can date who ever she wants to i hope i get i am just writing my opinion

  10. That’s quite harsh.I think he’s actually hard working and focuses on self improvement even more after each drama.I know from watching some of his interviews before. MIIGB is actually one of my fave dramas.Every actor started as an amateur at some point in their lives and worked to better themselves throughout their career.As for MGY…I find her naturally pretty even though she’s not the actress I envisioned playing the role of Ju Gyeong originally.I’m hoping she will excel in this drama. Also, she’s only a year older than Eun Woo.That’s no big deal whatsoever. I don’t think she looks way older than him at all as you mentioned.

  11. But isn’t the character Cha Eunwoo playing actually based on BTS’ Jin? I read somewhere that the author based it off him?

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