Park Kyu Young and Cha Eun Woo Adorable in New Stills and Teaser for MBC Fantasy Romance A Good Day to be a Dog

Until I watched Park Kyu Young in one of my fave rom-coms Dali and the Cocky Prince I didn’t find her all that suitable as a romantic leading lady. Afterwards I realized she’s not just a natural at the rom-com cadence but she has excellent chemistry with her leading men, she had it in spades with both male leads in that drama. That’s one reason I’m excited for the upcoming MBC drama A Good Day to be Dog, that and also I’ve a major crazy dog mom so a drama with an adorable pupper that she turns into after accidentally kissing Cha Eun Woo is like a bonus treat. The two leads continue to drop visually top level drama stills and in the recently release previews we’re promised lots of rom-com antics and energy.

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Thirty K-ent Industry Experts Pick Junho as Best Actor Among the Top Idol Turned Actors of the Younger Leading Man Generation

So its a runaway vote win for idol-actor Junho, netting 21 votes to be the top industry insider experts pick for best young idol turned actor of his gen group. Thirty one industry honchos were each given two votes to … Continue reading

MBC Schedules Fantasy Romance A Good Day to be a Dog with Park Kyu Young and Cha Eun Woo for October 2023 Airing One Episode on Wednesdays

So Cha Eun Woo turned down that conceptually weird turning into a chicken nugget drama but ended up doing a less weird turning into a dog drama lol. This one sounds like a webtoon artist plugged elements into a random … Continue reading

Song Hye Kyo Takes Home the Daesang at the 2nd Annual Blue Dragon Series Awards with Suzy Winning Best Actress and Ha Jung Woo Getting Best Actor

Last year in 2022 was the first ever Blue Dragon Series Awards as the awards body until then was exclusively a movie awards ceremony. So this year in 2023 its only the 2nd annual Blue Dragon Series Awards and last … Continue reading

TVing Supernatural Action Thriller Island Releases Compelling Horror Tinged Previews to Up the Interest Level

Now this is what I’m talkin’ about! The new previews for upcoming TVing supernatural with horror tinged K-drama Island released substantive previews that are rollicking good fun. My first thought is that Kim Nam Gil is going back to high … Continue reading

Kim Nam Gil and Sung Joon are Bringing the Intensity in Character Posters for TVing Demon Fighting Drama Island

I judge character dramas on the design, and these look good, but then mostly on whether the actor or actress behind the character is bringing it. It’s half-brung here for the posters of Island, the upcoming supernatural demon fighting in … Continue reading