When the Camellia Blooms Wins Best Drama at the 2020 Korean Broadcasting Awards and Kang Ha Neul Wins Actor Award

This year’s 2020 Korean Broadcasting Awards is actually the 47th annual so is quite a long running and established critical body. This year’s live ceremony will be cancelled due to COVID-19 but next week the winners will record their acceptance speeches and be able to virtually accept their awards. Taking home Best Drama is When the Camellia Blooms, with a narrow vote win over Stove League. The Actor Award (can be given to actor or actress) went to Kang Ha Neul for Camellia as well. In 2019 Best Drama went to The Fiery Priest and Kim Nam Gil won the Actor Award, in 2018 it was Fight My Way and Kam Woo Sung for Should We Kiss First, and Nam Gong Min and Chief Kim won in 2017 for the respective categories. Congrats to Camellia and Kang Ha Neul this year!


When the Camellia Blooms Wins Best Drama at the 2020 Korean Broadcasting Awards and Kang Ha Neul Wins Actor Award — 25 Comments

  1. Congratulations to KHN. I watched the first 2 eps of this drama and he was very good. I just couldn’t finish it because oc the lead actress. She was so bad on this drama, so consciously acting as if she was watching herself in the mirror as she acted. It was a terrible acting.

    • Really?? You are the first one I come across that she’s an bad actress! Everyone else are like “ooh she is one of the best actresses in korean industry!!”

      I haven’t watched any drama of hers (yet) so I can’t give any opinion.

      • I have seen this actress in many dramas and have really liked her. I love The Master’s Sun for example. But I have to admit something didn’t work for me with her performance in this drama. I felt like she’d done this type of character too much. Nonetheless, I dropped the drama because of the writing and I wasn’t jibing with the serial killer storyline. Still don’t know who dun it.

    • To me, gong hyo jin is one of the best. I have watched almost all her dramas and she never disappoints. In When The Camellia Blooms, her character is a calm, non-reactive person so she had to act that way.

    • Same! I loved her in the Master’s Sun and The Producers but I didn’t like her performance in this one so I stopped after episode 2 too.

    • Her character was that of a timid no confidence young woman. What you saw as terrible acting was in fact the finest, she played it so well that If you’ve watched any of her movies before you would be shocked she could play such role. They all did a great job and it was a lovely drama.

      • I agree with you. She is a great actress. Everyone just doesn’t like the character. In 2020 women refuse to be like that now and don’t like to see it. It got on my nerves as well but since i have seen all her works i know that yes she acted very well.

    • Best actor I’m ok. But best drama? It wasn’t watchable. GHJ was so full of herself, for the lack of better description, in this drama. She wasnt able to engage with her character because she was just thinking about how good she was. That’s what I got when I watched the 2 episodes. I was so conscious about her delivery that it got me really upset. Like I was watching her watching herself act in front of the mirror. That kind of feeling. So no, worst drama for me.

  2. Didn’t enjoy the drama at all. Wonder how it won the best drama! Actors and script aren’t fantastic. Actress is a watershed. There are better dramas which could have won the award.

  3. Congrats to the WTCB team! So many great dramas in the past 2 years. I wonder who will win Daesang which will be announced on the day it airs…

  4. I watched this drama along with many others and this drama did not leave a lasting impression on me like Crash Landing on You did! I have been disappointed in the awards show. They seem to like ordinary and fans like something unique!

  5. I finished this in 2 sittings. Yes at first it looks unintresting and dull. thats bcoz of the setting. but as u go on, u will feel like u r in everyone’s character. the actress did her part well together with his son Pilgu. it was not heavy acting coz that is really she is as portrayed. But I fell in love with Haneul, he nailed it. Their best part is when they split at the train station.I cried so much. Watch it till the end and you’ll see

    • That’s my favorite scene as well. I watched that particular scene several times and wow Kang Ha-Neul really can act, you can feel his emotions and made me cry. He is very deserving of the best actor award. 2020 is Kang Ha-Neul’s year!

    • I can relate with your comment. Im not a fan of gong yo jin but started this drama out of boredom and becoz of haneul.and i really loved the story.i also love pilgu and kim ji seok’s role.i dont like the plot about joker but i love their neighborhood and the plot about pilgu.love the kid!

  6. Kang Ha Neul is the best in this drama. His eyes alone can deliver emotions! Such a brilliant young actor. All the best for the upcoming seoul international drama awards Ha neul!

  7. Those who are into teenagae cutesy romantic drama with handsome and beautiful actress studded dramas wont like it i liked this drama very much

  8. I want to know something. Why do the young women in these comments and forums continue to tear great actresses down? The comments are so toxic and extremely anti-female. It’s baffling to me that a bunch of young women are so insecure or so full of themselves that all they do is fangirl over mediocre male Hallyu stars that never do much in these dramas to hold the story line together except “have good visuals” or whatever that means. I’m not talking about Kang Ha Neul though because I think he did a phenomenal job in this drama. But so did Gong Hyo Jin. This was my first time seeing her act and her acting was so good that it made me look for some of her other dramas and projects. Young ladies, please grow up and stop bashing these phenomenal female actresses for the sake of boosting their male counterparts’ ego’s. Or for the sake of making yourself feel relevant in the comments…because Karma! You’re doing it to yourselves (making it harder for yourselves as women). I like to enjoy the actors for their acting skills so I don’t need this kind of anti-female negativity in my life.

  9. I loved this show so much that after one episode I got so attached that FINISHED the entire series in 2 days. And m so happy that Kang Ha Neul got the best actor coz his acting was just amazing.same is for the main lead Gong Hyo Jin I loved her in master’s sun and even loved her acting in this series. Kudos to the team for such a captivating storyline and all the actors for giving life to the story….

  10. I loved this drama! It got better and better towards the end. It was the drama I looked forward to every week that time it was airing and I didn’t expect to like it so much. Pil Gu was my favourite and Son Dam Bi shone in this drama… Everyone was great actually!

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