Song Hye Kyo Makes Monochrome Blue and Brown Styles Look Enticingly Chic in New CF Stills

I think the concept was – make the clothes on the boring side so the shoes become the center of attention. This is a footwear CF after all, and modeling it is actress Song Hye Kyo who I don’t know how she does it but she looks good in everything. These new stills are part 2 of the earlier ones released in August where the shoes were boring but Song Hye Kyo was radiant and glowing. The shoes are still boring here but I quite like the outfit concept, the blues are so rich and paired with her makeup and hair style it’s really eye catching. She even makes a drab brown suit look good on her, like a fresh drink of water she’s also modeling. It’s been so hot lately, everyone stay cool and hydrated and start looking forward to mapping out some fall kicks and looks as the Indian summer starts off.


Song Hye Kyo Makes Monochrome Blue and Brown Styles Look Enticingly Chic in New CF Stills — 14 Comments

      • The shoes are the worst part of the look. Her hair, makeup and outfit are beautiful… she is stunningly gorgeous. Those shoes are fug.

      • Yes, this is a footwear CF but her face is more prominent. These shoes do not suit her anyways… Look cheap and do not make her style. Korean fashion is really bad.

  1. You didn’t include the printed mini dress photos that I like so much. Song Hye Kyo’s make up in the blue clothes reminds me of her character in that winter the wind blows, especially the cotton candy scene. I remember my nephew’s eyes were glued on screen while watching shk’s scene there, he is captivated too 😉

    Gosh she is so gorgeous and eye catching in this kind of make-up

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