Kim Ji Hoon is Scary Sexy as the Serial Killer in Flower of Evil Whether Digging Holes or Post Coma

I have to commend the casting director of Flower of Evil, to convince a male lead like Kim Ji Hoon to join the cast as the big bad was a stroke of genius because you need an actor that’s able to match Lee Jun Ki‘s intensity and charisma onscreen. Basically all our worries that Hyun Soo was a serial killer ended up being true for Hee Sung, so I still have to sacrifice one of my male lead faves to being supremely evil and Kim Ji Hoon plays it so well. He’s a combination of slyly naive and cold blooded cunning. And he’s so hot despite having to rock the bleach blond mid-2000’s style or the long stringy hair of the post-coma awakened patient. I love the production for sharing the stills of him filming the hole digging scene. He was going to dig a hole and bury wuri Hyun Soo ALIVE!!! Bad boy, Hee Sung you are a very very bad boy and imma be so happy to watch Hyun Soo take you down.


Kim Ji Hoon is Scary Sexy as the Serial Killer in Flower of Evil Whether Digging Holes or Post Coma — 18 Comments

    • I’m sorry but this is NOT a spoiler. If I posted it the moment it was revealed perhaps, or if this was the twist at end of the entire series then for sure.

      But that he was the accomplice was revealed 3 episodes ago in episode 10 and news has been reporting on it and covering it and even the production has been releasing tons of stills of him as the Big Bad. It’s like all anyone watching the drama is talking about.

      That would make this case not a spoiler for me to write about it.

  1. Whaaaa!!! He’s dripping with malevolence; every half smile, every stare are just creepy. I will tremble in fear in case I will be in a secluded, abandoned house with him.

  2. Underated actor, remember that he used to be more often a lead actor ” Love marriage” 2008, Why did you come to my place ? 2008, Pick up the stars 2010, … He’s doing great with this character.

  3. The first time I’ve watched him in a Kdrama was in Flower Boy Next Door. At that time I thought PSH suited him better visually. I hope this role would make him get more drama offers again.

  4. Ah no wonder I thought I saw him before but don’t quite remember where. Because pf long hair, blonde and that creepy aura. Ah that’s him in love marriage. That guy really just great actor.

  5. One more plus to an already well made drama is the casting team. They really got everything down to a T. The child actors, the teen actors all match the adult actors. I never thought I would see an actor who resembles LJK in this lifetime like the teen Hyun Soo. The teen actress for Hae Soo was a good much. The teen actor for Kim Ji Hoon is not exact replica but the way they act is similar. The voice and creepiness.

  6. I dont think it took too much trouble to convince him either. He has a history with LJK. They were and are still buddies because they served together in the army. Probably just a phone call with cutesy voice from LJK inviting his hyung(KJH is older by a year) to join the drama did the trick. Of course, we thank the casting director too. He chose the right person for the role.

  7. I think I am very late in boarding LJG’s train. This is my first drama of him and OMG!! this guy has a stage presence and charisma in big bold capital letters. With THAT jawlines AND expressive eyes throw in, it’s just WOW

    • Y’all don’t pay attention if this is a spoiler. The scene of him burying something happened like 2 episodes ago. If you paid attention you would know it was a flashback of him when he hit Hyun Soo with his car then took him to his house to bury him even though he was alive.

  8. He’ll get more projects after this role, I think. I too never really paid attention to KJH (had to google his past projects) but he’s doing great with this role. Expressive eyes too.

  9. I like Kim Ji Hoon since Love Marriage or Star Falling from the Sky…He plays as villain here make the drama more appealing for me..

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