Coffee Prince Reunion Special Brings Back All the Feels as the Drama Becomes an Homage to the Youth of the Cast and the Viewers

It’s here! The Coffee Prince 13-anniversary reunion special has aired so go find the subbed source of your availability and grab a cup of coffee to settle in with old friends. It feels like the cast of Gong Yoo, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Seon Kyun, Chae Jung Ahn, Kim Jae Wook, and Kim Dong Wook haven’t meaningfully aged but have meaningfully grown up, wiser and ready for some nostalgia. The drama remains watchable today, not yet so dated like the super early Hallyu dramas, and candidly I really enjoyed CP but didn’t love it insanely like many of the true diehard fans. What I loved more was the incredibly talented cast with amazing chemistry, the interesting and back then groundbreaking storyline especially when Gong Yoo accepted that he loved Yoon Eun Hye’s character even believing she was a he, that was just an important moment and still resonates today. Boy, girl, boy/girl, alien, not important as love is what is true.



Coffee Prince Reunion Special Brings Back All the Feels as the Drama Becomes an Homage to the Youth of the Cast and the Viewers — 14 Comments

  1. Waoo de verdad de tanta emoción escribo en español. Soy de Perú y como amo a Ardilla, she is so cute. Creo que soy fan de los viejos dramas, y me he visto esto más de 10 veces. Me encantan.

  2. I probably watched the first ep of the reunion 5 times already.

    I can just watch 17 episodes of the cast watching and reacting to each ep.

    • ikr…i don’t mind at all. i wonder why no drama btw gong yoo and yeh after cp..even they just talking and not acting makes me smile like a silly person.

  3. Gosh brought back so many memories n feels just watching this CP reunion…about time I say? Love love love! Definitely rewatching CP again, may be my 15th times….

  4. What I remember that’s so refreshing about the show as well was how they incorporated the aspect of infertility and how it affects marriage. The relationships in the show was dealt with so much nuanced and maturity (though of course there were a ton of immaturity too), but I think that’s what makes the show relatable up until now.

  5. 13 years…how can it be possible ? So much feelings , it was when i enjoyed so much to watch kdramas . I still enjoy it but it’s not the same . I have aged , and changed but this drama with Kim Sam Soon, Goong and my girl will always be my first crushs into this world . I’d like to watch more docu like that . Special ola to Brigitte ( it’s the name of my sister )

  6. Times flies, YoonEH was one of the actress On my watched list last time. Like her cuteness and playfulness role and she was very attractive. Happy to see the castS gathering and they were so carefree to bring back memories. ????

  7. Please where can I watch the reunion, my granddaughter got me to watch CP, that was me hooked on kdramas,I loved Gong Yoo in Goblin,

  8. Watched episode1 on Viki , I loved that drama and where I discovered YEH. On a side note….Chae Jung An Character didn’t catch my eye at that time since I was focused on the main leads . In the documentary , I kept saying that she is such beauty, couldn’t believe she is 43. Koreans really have great skin 🙂 Enjoyed behind the scenes part.

  9. A watch down memory lane. The feels are still there. I did not know this then, but not quite surprised that CP had a female director. No wonder, it hit the right buttons that stood the test of time.

  10. Watched it for the first time here in South Africa on Netflix this year. My first Kdrama addiction. Gong Yoo is hands down the sexiest man alive…

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